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  1. a big problem with such armor is most data is still classified.
  2. Dude leave this section! its for "Rumors"! Furthermore stop whining about german TT, Germany keeps getting better vehicles and people keep complaining! Its not all about germany and its not all about you. Btw it shows you have never played the chieftain, else you would know that the chieftain tense to bounce on russian Tanks but even on leopards! If you dont like something in the game, keep it for yourself, make a bug report or go and make a suggestion but dont spamm on this section! Sure there are problems with germany Tanks and whatever but its not a giant problem as you think. Most people play leopards like t62s they rush in and blame russian bias and bad mm when they get killed by something frontally! NOW LEAVE THIS SECTION OR STOP ARGUING ABOUT NOT (for this section) RELEVANT THINGS!
  3. C Chieftains use APDS and HESH...its all fine people just need to git gud
  4. 2 leopards with heat fs and hesh 2 ATGMS and the Gepard.... thats a great lineup! Germans need nothing! and btw 1.71 Rumor Round-Up and Discussion
  5. ....? you are joking right?
  6. have you even played the last 2-3 tests?
  7. dont forget the Attacker is called attacker for a reason.
  8. could you link it please?
  9. wirkt noch alles sehr "beta" aber ich kann mir vorstellen dass das echt geil werden kann.