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  1. chieftain mk11

    Doesn't need HESH to kill in that spot, been killed there by both 128mm and 100mm APHE, likewise with the cupola.
  2. Let's be fair... even with the same gun, in a lot of cases the Brits would be worse than majority of Russians. At low-mid tier there's no armour and no reverse speed (or decent - but still inferior armour, as it's not sloped - and no speed in any direction).
  3. Agreed. I mean, what are the chances that these vehicles would have ever been issued with the low end rounds? I find it highly unlikely considering what newer and better rounds were available when they went into service, there would simply be no reason to decide 'well we have a new tank! better send it out with subpar ammunition first before we know it's worth the good stuff!'. I understand them not starting with APDS, but requiring it to research every round that even the Archer has to go through??
  4. I have definitely noticed. Even though it occasionally happened before, in the past week I have had far more shots into the side of a T-34 cause only fuel tank damage (in many cases simply yellow damage as well) than ever. The US 76mm I used to find pretty damn reliable for one shots, but now it's probably reached as much as 50% shells that do what essentially amounts to nothing. I've also had a shot into the Tiger's UFP cause only 2 crew to go yellow, and an 85mm IS-1 round into the front of a comet only yellow the driver. None of these are a case of overpenning or anything like that, it's simply straight up causing no damage. Rear of a turret and not killing a single crew member despite penetration etc. I certainly feel APHE is overperforming, and unlike most players I would actually like to see it nerfed instead of just massively buffing solid shot to perform similarly - not massively mind you, but nerfed enough that you actually have to think about placement, not able to knock out entire crews with a cupola hit or hitting the edge of the tank etc... still forcing you to at least hit the crew compartment. But if this is an actual attempt at nerfing (as opposed to a bug, or some weird mass coincidence), then I have to say it's the wrong way to go about it. I don't think people mind having lower damage on a shot, what is wanted is consistency, when that shot connects you want to know it WILL cause damage, then you can plan accordingly. Currently you poke out into a situation that often comes down to "if this doesn't kill, I'm dead because they've seen me", only to have it go against you via RNG rather than you screwing up.