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  1. One of my best games recently, trying to get the best out of the Charioteer on a close quarters map. Commentary focusing on map positioning and shot placement, mixture of showcasing a game I am proud of and trying to help other players that might be struggling, through either the gameplay or the commentary. Feedback/C&C most welcome.
  2. Spawn points are really off for a lot of maps tbh, although really there needs to be another river point to cross on the west so that regardless of which way they go both teams have to cross a bridge. Slightly off topic, there are other maps where one nation gets a fixed spawn too that I can think of, Axis always get the north on Mozdok Domination, the southwest on Stalingrad Domination, and Russia always gets the south on Port Domination. There may be others but those are the only ones I'm certain (or close to certain) on, with Port it really frustrates me because the south has a way easier time of reaching/holding the C cap.