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  1. i was looking at the T-Ch-1 Chung Hsing. anyone have any idea about the load for the attacker role? so far all i got is 2x hard-points and no offensive gun which seem very bad to me.
  2. i made a lot of ressearch on the ground force too. i actually start by it. but it need to be updated since a while. i stop working on it a while ago to let Slayer_1914 do some ressearch on his side but he went silence since a while. i am about to take it back but i am also very busy here so it will wait until september. Gaijin dont want political figure in the forum. Mao should be avoid.
  3. this plane is an IL-10 with the modification of 1971, the modification was related with Chen Liyun, a commisar with of the airforce of the military distric of Zhejiang. Chen Liyun was the one behing the modification of the plane but he was charge of conspiracy the same years with the goal of assassinate Mao Zedong. Chen Liyun "disappear" the same year and was never found. the plane was never mass produced. it would be fit for premium. let's call it something like Chen's Il-10 or Il-10 mod 1971,+Zhejiang&source=bl&ots=dQrOSYp2Yw&sig=_euOhB4g49bXTZx2AFyqFVInopI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiG6drS2aDVAhVk44MKHckhAacQ6AEIKDAB#v=onepage&q=Chen Liyun%2C Zhejiang&f=false
  4. like i said, the Xp-2 wasn't yet release but there is mention of it. i don't even know where the design was when they cancel it. i never saw what the plane was like at all. so i have no idea what i may find (cargo, recon, fighter, early jet,) and of course i would ask about it and any other plane that i may have miss. i would also ask about the C-0101, the replica i show you is right now near of Beijin in an old military complex under a mountain (like cheyenne mountain complex) converted in museum. they may have more infos about the proposed variant of bomber. just keep in mind that the C-0101 is a American designation for a plane who had already a name. i also plan to ask about the type-3 and the f.u Hsing (if i say f.u without dot i get censored.) and your picture was the one from the Type 61 SPAA and not type 87 SPAA. they should had make the type 61 into the game instant of the Type 87 the type 61 SPAA was based on the Type 61 hull and never entered into mass production.
  5. A new version of the tree is now published. there is still some plane who are missing, it include the Captured Japanese, the Manchourian and the Late flying tiger. there would be 5-6 planes to be added, probably all in premium. most almost every fighter are introduced in the main post, the Attacker and Bomber are on the work,
  6. the XP-1 and X-Po do can make it to tier 3/4 but with a low BR. just like the Italian with the plane who are out tiered with a very low br. the BR is what decide the level of the match, not the tier. the tier only use for the task and not doing too much unbalanced research on a single line (like unlocking 5 plane and already have a jet)
  7. there is one tank that was design after 1975 only, it's the top Japanese SPAA and people complained a lot about it (so next? the T-72 and M1 Abraham) the planes tree usually doesn't even have planes over 1965 for balance reason. the Tu-2 is also exposed in Beijin, i plan a trip around there in 2018. i will check it out and hope to also gather more info on the C-0101 and other. and the trouble with the afterburner is the acceleration is too high, the climbing is often over 60m/s and would out maneuver most of the other plane very easily. while the door is not totally close for the afterbuner, Gaijin don't want to introduce it in any close future. so topics suggest that the after burner and the missiles could be added in a new tier 6 with a BR from 9.3 to 12 without raising the timeframe. i plane to add the J-6, J-5A Q-7 in an proposed tier 6 for the eventuality they implement them someday. there is also the eventual Tier 0 that i will also get some slower and weaker plane that is by far unfit for the game balance. such as the Type 3, O-2 and the Gamecock and other plane from the 20s even worse.
  8. china was designing plane with what they had in hand. the X-Po was a mix with CW-21 and Hawk 75 with some improvement. the Xp-1 crashed in his first flight and was apparently late in the war. some source said it was 1943 other 1944, the date may be uncertain due to the chinese calendar and the fact the chinese count the year past starting from 1 (for exemple a new born is already 1 year old at birth) i also got a lot of issue to figure out the date. this is hell of a good reason. i would also love it.
  9. the Xp-2 was never built, the project was cancel with the crash of the XP-1 also the XP-1 was tested before the Chinese built the X-PO. the name Xp-0 if a unofficial designation that probably come from a misread mistake. this mistake since to be common in the westerner side and less in the Asian side. sadly china hardly release those document. supposedly they still exist. i got a bit over 2000 archive paper that after 300pages told next to nothing if not some serial that shown useless. what i gather about it was that the plane was meant to carry a small load of bomb (no torpedo) and was unarmed during the test phase but planed to be armed without specification of what armament.
  10. it's not XP-0 it's X-PO the PO like POtato. the XP-1 was not related in the name and also a different project in another factory. there was also the Xp-2 but that one was never built and i am one of the hundreds people who would like to look at the blueprint. For the XP-3, i checked many time, there was indeed an internal bomb bay of 500kg and probably from the DB3 but nothing about hardpoint on the wing. the wing may not be strong enought to have that load of bomb since they are partially made of bamboo. so without further info, i will no claim to know the plane was carried more than the internal bomb bay. and i am block to edit Wiki since i change the battle of waterloo to explained the french lost the battle because their soldier was reloading the M1 garant a the same times and the British was always charging after they hear the "CLICK" of their 500,000 empty mag. i also changed the fact that Alexander the great design the Churchill tanks to fight the Persian Tiger H who had in that time the name of armored rhino. (it was all a prank) it was funny but my IP is block for any edit. also, i dont want the info from Wikipedia but the source of their info. usually a picture is always a clear lead. this is the best i hope for.
  11. This link mention a production of 700 plane in china. they do mention the XP-3, C-0101 and other. they also mention some 30 i-16 in Nanchang Central Aircraft Factory, Kunming, first aircraft factory 22 trainer plane base on the I-15 and 30 I-15. i don't have much info about the SB but the book i previously show said the I-16 and SB 2 was to be produced in Dihua, now i found some source that there was I-16 and I-15 assembled in other Chinese factory too. for the model, there was various source that said there was the I-16 Type 5 and 10 produced in china and Type 17 sent in china with the Russian volunteer group.
  12. here some additional info on the 28-90FB here they clearly said the A-12 was part in attack group. also physically there is no way they could aim without dive. the XB-3, my GF told me that this 斯勃 mean Sibo, it's a Chinese Way to said SB. i think it may be suitable to Call it Sibo-3 to differ it from the American XPs plane and the only mention about his bomb is 500kg internal bomb bay. they may be external hardpoint but the plane was made partially with bamboo. while bamboo is hard to break, it's not so hard to bend, i dont think there was hardpoint on the plane and there is no mention of any hardpoint any where. for the b-25H, i have a link but it's Wikipedia, i found a lot of xxxx (bull's excrement) there.
  13. why Thailand? they was on the Japanese side you know? the Bellanca is better armed than most of the Br.1.3 and also faster than all. they also carry a nice amounts of bomb and have defensive armament, it would just outmatch them all. the B-0101 was called the ZHONGYUN 1 HAO (according to my GF translation) and it wasn't from Dihua. the top speed of the XP-3 is unknown but should be around 450, still the 500kg bomb is a low load for the BR.3.0 as bomber. why should the Boeing 281 be a 1.3 while the P.26s is 1.0? while been used as front line bomber, the A-12 was used in a dive tactic and was a light bomber, i think it's more like a attacker/dive bomber than actual bomber. the Chinese Tu-4 had different engine than the Original Tu-4 used in Russia (the russian later upgraded their Tu-4 with the same engine as the Chinese) maybe you should check the lead of the B-25H used in china. they had a 75mm. i try to find more info about them, they would be a nice attacker tier 3/4 as far i know the Boeing 247 was used a VIP transport in china, a flying gunship would be useless without offensive armament or bomb load. the Tomahawk and KittyHawk was used in the Flying tigers. the Chinese was actually using the Hawk 75 and I-16 in their main army. if you are to put the American plane in the tree, dont forget the Russian one. they had an important role in china.
  14. the B17 used in china was B-17E used in the 7th bomber group under the tenth wing. the wing was USA expeditionary forces sent to support china in WW2. they was lend lease vehicles and some report said the B-17 was also used temporary in the 8th bomber group (composite group) but there is no real info on the b-17 in the 8th group. this is what i need to check take note that the B-17 was to be move in premium in the next tree
  15. they didn't owned it. they used it. the crew was american and was lend lease/volonteer. the B-17 from the CIA was taiwanese and a surveillance plane meant to spy on the telecom and those kind of thing.
  16. japanese

    done. now we just need to clarified the name Hiro or Jiro. i just dont want to put a name that would be the same for the sister tank with the desing that was similar to the German Elefant. i would rather avoid to put Experimantal 120mm. maybe a production code name or something that would be unique to this thank.
  17. maybe they had bigger bomb after ww2. but China was mainly using the bomb on the small plane, i presume they had 50 and 100kg most the time. what i want to check is what bomb that the USA and USSR was sending to china for their usage. it may change the BR of some plane and make other plane less copy past when they cannot used certain bomb. The C-0101 didn't survive but it was a replica made for the museum, it was identical from the original plane who was made of bamboo and wood. as far i know, the Professor Tung hua Lin was also involve with the built of the Replica. i presume the plan have survive. so i guess we can say that the replica most be really accurate. the Professor Tung hua Lin was with the ROC and not PLA, he worked on Jet in the USA and UK after the war, he die in 2007
  18. a thing that may be very useful to find is what bomb the Chinese used in those plane. i need to find out what they produced and what their receive from the other country. that may mean to me too actually go the Beijing's museum to check that out.
  19. it's a C-0101 (american designation) it was the first chinese made airplane. it was to be a wooden twin engine. made to transport and bomber in 1944 by the Chinese professor Tunghua Lin. the only plane ever built wasn't armed but they planed to have it armed for the bomber version (it would probably had been called B-0101 by USA)
  20. japanese

    Ok i was wrong. so Schneider it is. better start with official refference from the start I did a mistake and now i up-dated it.
  21. japanese

    on that picture we can clearly see that the recoil spring is a single and big one centered, the Schneider had 2 smaller spring. the Type 41 did had the same size of spring tube and centered too. so unless the Japanese got the Schneider gun, modified the spring, elevation gear, and muzzle, produced the shell that fit with it and put it on that tanks and only on this tank for experimental use than i will change it but not before having clear prove of it. until them it will remain unchanged because i am pretty sure it was the Type 41.
  22. japanese

    the recoil spring on the gun of the tank is clearly centered and way bigger that the one on the Schneider. Plus there is no record that the Schneider was ever found in Japan. all those picture drawing which could be interpretation or hypotheses from someone who is for me Unknown. keep in mind that so far you don't show any evidence of that gun was ever in Japan but only your word. i will need something more than that. just admit that the Type 41 is more alike the gun on that picture than the one Schneider. For the name, i know there is no official name but more a name that was needed to refer as this tanks. Experimental 12cm could be any tanks with a 120mm. HIro and Ji-Ro is two name for the same project. there is reference of that same tank under the both name. it doesn't matter how you see it. So far i address you with all due respect and i would be happy if you keep it the same way. you don't know my back ground, you don't know my knowledge and you don't know anything about me, you may don't like me but to arguer is healthy for the mind. no need to make personal insult.
  23. it's more because UN didn't recognize that the Chinese PLA was china, they rather wanted ROC to take back china from the PLA. they didn't recognize that there was 2 country there. In any case. for the next tree Update, i wanted to put the National Revolutionary army Flag for the Chinese plane that was prior the end of the WW2 and i will put the actual Chinese flag for the plane that was used after WW2 by the communist government. another update was to put a simplified tree with the minimal plane to play, an extended tree which incorporate a few purchased and lend lease plane and an complete tree with all plane and prototype. i also wanted to anticipate the Tier 0 and Tier 6 with additional plane for them. i will just add the Taiwanese plane with the Taiwanese flag in the back. there will also be the Manchukuo flag for the the future premium plane that will be added. so it would make it clear where those plane was used.
  24. Italy had did well during the Spanish Civil war. Spain was allied with Italy, they just decide to remain neutral during the war. after all, they was not ready to go in war (Neither Italy but they really wanted to claim some french territory in Africa).
  25. well, you got a point for the German gouverment change but in that case is more an split of the country himself and who was in war with each other. Cold War East German vehicles would be better in the Russian tree than the German tree.
  26. this is where i am stock. there is little infos on the Dihua Factory, only research made by some historian and published by Oxford. i try to dig up where his info come from to try to get more. the thing is the Dihua factory was co-owned by the Russian and the city of Dihua was renamed Urumqi since. there is chance that the Dihua factory was actually simply assembling the I-16 that was sent by truck to China. the book is available online and all my source are show in the original post when i put the infos there. i didn't review all plane i plan to put in the tree but once they are review, at least a source is show. I didn't check closely the Chinese early jet yet. i just put those who was well know. there will probably be some addition later. For the Taiwanese, it doesn't all make sense since purpose of the tree is to have a communist alliance. almost all Chinese plane that was used by ROC was later taken by the Red Army. after 1950, Taiwan officially became his own country apart than China as know today. Taiwan is more pro-USA than Chinese. this is why i keep them apart after 1950.
  27. japanese

    No it's not. that gun doesn't match and wasn't found in Japan. the picture is more like a review of the gun from some Japanese magazine to me. the crew is clearly from the French Navy in the early 1900s the gun doesn't even match. it was a type 41 12cm here some comparison to prove the match. the Type 41 was produced in Japan and was used as coastal gun and naval gun. the gun can have a recoil spring which is perfectly matching with the gun on the picture. the British QF 4.7inches was the original gun which the Type 41 12cm was based on. the British gun was also used the AP shell. It also have better match with the Type 3 120mm 11years that was used in Japan for coastal defense. the muzzle, the collar and recoil spring match but the collar is a little far from the shield and mechanical part on the side doesn't match here there is also the Type 10 12cm dual purpose that have a matching muzzle, spring and mechanical part on the side but not the collar. the Type 10 was also used as AAA
  28. i try to avoid to have any Taiwanese plane. however the Chinese also used the Yak-17 and mig 9 as early jet for the bomber side, China did produce the ZhongYun 1 Hao in 1944, it wall 100% chinese made and designed but the plane was not as good as the American and it came late near the end of the war, the gouverment simply said it was too expensive and not good enough, the plane was ready for mass production but they was talking about the addition of defensive armament for his bomber role. as far i know, there was no defensive armament put there yet. the plane was scraped but a replica was made and is exposed in the Datangshan Museum the Chinese was also building their own license built bomber without Modification know in the Dihua factory. they was building SM planes there. probably only the SM2 M100 and M105 only. they also built the I-16 in the same factory, it was claim that the factory was to buil 300 fighter a year but there is no evidence that they reach the yearly production. the I-16 produced was probably limited to the Type 5 and 10. there was built in agreement non-aggression pact between china and Russia that was including secret term of military support against Japan. the etablisment of the Dihua factory was one of the term. China had many smaller factory that was built to repair and maintain the many planes that flew over their sky. the thing is there was so many different plane that make it become hard to find the right part for each plane. this give birth to some hybrid plane wich who i hardly find clear data. ammounts of them was a plane that was entirely built out of different pieced of broken plane to give birth to a totally new plane. the chinese Xp-3. the Chinese XP-3 was a plane that only china ever built. there was no license and no agreement behind it. the Chinese engineer simply took the part of the DB3 that was still good and the part of the SM2 that china was already locally build and with a bit of work and planing, they came out with a all new bomber. the bomber was flying well, it was to be armed with a nose turret and a dorsal one but no guns was ever put there. the plane came in 1944 and flew 3 times all over the center of the country. sometime for long distance. the plane was found good to be used but just as the ZongYun 1 Hao, the army was not in need to have a new bomber that was doing less than those sent by USA. a too fast landing of the XP-3 breaj the undercarriage and damage the plane a bit and injured the pilot in the end of the third flight. the plane could be easily repair but the gouverment didn't wanted to waste more time in a plane that was not needed and not doing better than the plane they was already using so the plane was scrapped to put his part was used to repair DB3 and SM2. all those plane was in the topic already, just not yet added to the picture of the tree but will be in the next update of the tree. i think those 2 chinese bomber will fit around tier 2-3 but with a bit low BR.
  29. japanese

    it's more like his Japanese Grampa. something like old mr Miyagi
  30. aircraft/loadouts

    i am in favor to someday have the Romanian planes tree but it seem to be a bit steril in tier 4. you need to find something in the attacker and bomber. you have many fighter, maybe there is a way to split it into 2 lines to make it look to have more planes? my i suggest to add some Bulgarian or Yugoslavian plane on the side? they may have interesting planes to make the Romanian more interesting to play.
  31. i think the Spanish plane would make a good addition in the Italian tree as premium. Spain didn't join WW2 but they was pretty close to Italy in WW2 and was one of the principal destination of the Italian exportation. as Spain doesn't have much plane on his own and didn't participated in many war after his civil war, there is no need to have an independent tree. still they have good planes based on the German plane so i would love to see it in the fascist side and more accurately under the Italian.
  32. thanks for your support. the only thing is the vehicles don't actually carry shell. it was suppose to be having a trailer to carry the additional shell. but there is place to have wooden create with a few shell on the mudguard next to the gun to carry 1-2 shell each. it mean there will only have a few shot before it run out of ammo. such feature is not very interesting and i think as event vehicles with a relatively low BR for his firepower, it would make a good vehicles.
  33. first thanks for your support. you will notice that most of the negative comments is from those who still think that China didn't built or purchase the plane and only think they was given those plane. most of them wasn't used anywhere else or rather mainly used by china for the CJ-6 was sometime used as ground attacker by china and north Korea during the Korean war they are a bit advance to be in tier 1 but could be fitting in tier 3 with a low BR. i just read a paper that the Li-2 was used for trial as bomber during the Korean war but never saw action in this role. to be honest the BT-32 was a plane that i miss, it is a bit slow but for a tier 1 bomber it would still be a good one. the thinks is i am working on this project actively with my GF who act as a translator while we are also preparing our wedding. you got pretty good plane there and good opinion, i will probably adjust the tree in consequence. for the B26J, i need 6 plane in every tier. i cannot put it in premium unless i find an replacement. i am not a bit fan in up/down tiered vehicles. for the record, the Hawk 75A-5 used by the British was renamed the Mohawk IV and was actually Chinese plane that was moved to India to be assembled there (the Japanese was advancing to the factory of Longwing) the British just decided to keep the plane for themselves in incorporate them in the RAF the 4 variant of the Hawk are already in the tree. two in the main tree, 2 as premium. the planes had been added to the original post in the Spoiler '' WHAT ARE ALL THOSE PLANES? " but not yet added to the picture of the tree. there is also a few 100% Chinese design bomber that is to be added at the same times. i make the introduction of the planes in a spoiler and some performance and classified by line.
  34. i made that suggestion thinking it would be a good reward for the event.
  35. Yeah i saw the video a few days ago in that would just make the chinese TT more easy to make. they may start it by been a side nation such as the Italian planes in the German tree and if Gaijin want, they could make it independent.
  36. gameplay

    well, when you have high reload speed and quick firing such as most of the 20mm, you may hit the same spot a few times. i presume in most the case, the AA tanks like the M13 will need to hit a T-34 a dozen times in the exact same spot to make it through.
  37. gameplay

    it would make the mighty KV-2 have reason to worry about the 20mm of the british SPAA +1
  38. I would like to suggest a new British experimental tank, the Crusader 5.5 SP The crusader 5.5 SP was an experimental SPG tanks made in the late 40s with he purpose to test the possibility to mounts a BL 5.5inch medium gun on the famous, North African workhouse, the Crusader Mk.III. The test was been carried on but the weight of the gun was reducing the tanks speed and the lack of space was forcing the tank to carry a trailer with additional ammunition. while the main purpose of the tank was to act as a field artillery, direct fire would had been possible. the modification on the tank over the original Crusader Mk.III was obvious. the first was the removal of the original turret to replace it with a BL.5.5inche gun pointing backward. the front half of the hull was redesigned to accommodate the gun and his crew. the driver sit was moved from a cockpit in the front to a simple exposed sit in the right side in the middle of the tank. the engine in the back of the tank was also making a natural counter weith for the gun recoil making the tank more stable after firing. the test wasn't sucessful but wasn't completly wasted as the Argentina used the result of the test to design their own varriant of a Crusader SPG in the early 50s. The BL.5.5inch Medium gun was creat in the middle of WW2 and was used as field artillery. the gun by himself was impressive and serve in many theater and was as useful to break out fortified possition and or defense. a crew of 10men was meant to manage the wheeled version of the gun but a crew of 4 is what it was needed if the gun is mounted on a tank or just not to be move around. the gun had a original range of 14km and later 16km with lighter shells. The Bl 5.5 is initially using 100lb (45.35kg) Shell HE and Smoke shell. the HE shell was fill with TNT and had a fuse in the nose. in 1944 a 80lb (36.28kg) was available to offer a increased range. varrious shell type was available for the BL 5.5 wich included the following shell type High Explosive (HE) contains a nose fuse and TNT high explosive 3.0kg or 6.8kg of TNT or other Chemical Smoke (SMK/BE) injection based and multiple color available for signal and smoke screen. Incendiary (INCEND) Injecting based, same manufacture as the Smoke shell. Chemical (CHEM) to used with chemical toxic, Injection based. Illumination (ILLUM) or Flare (FLARE TRBE) injection based, Multiple color Drill (DRILL) no explosive, no fuse, inert shell (penetration of 121mm foe the 100lb and 125mm with the 80lb shell according to Krupp calculation) the projectil was 736 mm long and was usually made of cast iron/steel. the calliber of the shell was aproximatively 140mm (5.5inches), the Hazardous shell was painted of yellow, Green or gray with Yellow green or red band 3D Model Specification Length 20 ft 8.5 in[1] (5.97 m)[note 1] Width 9 ft 1 in (2.77 m)[note 2] Height Crew 5 (Commander, gunner, Loader, Loader, driver) Main armament 140mm BL.5.5inches Medium gun Engine Nuffield Liberty Mark II, III, or IV 27-litre V-12 petrol engine 340 bhp (254 kW) at 1,500 rpm Elevation -5° to 45° Traverse 30° left and right Rate of fire 2 rpm Muzzle velocity 100lb shell: 1,675 ft/s (511 m/s) 82lb shell: 1,950 ft/s (590 m/s) Source
  39. I just didn't put it there yet. there is plenty plane that i will add soon. this include the CJ-6, C.0101 and the XP-1. the Manchurian/Japanese captured plane may also be added in the premium side.
  40. so you dont like plane like the P-66 P.43 that was mainly produced to be used in china or CW-21 or AW-16 that was almost only used in China. you most don't like too the Hawk-75H and Hawk-75A-5 that was designed to china. the local production of I-16 and SB2 are just something we can forget. i presume the the Vultee V-11G and V-12D are also out of question since they wasn't Chinese made. Maybe you may like the Vultee V-12C that was a Chinese design. so you want more plane that was original design like the Li-2, C-0101, XB-3, Chu X-PO, Yenchu XP-1, Quing 6 China do have planes. those who claim they don't are just not enlighten, they develop a dozen of planes, they modified a dozen of other, they was the main user of many more and this is all before the end of the war. there is a lot of lend-lease that was used in china but i avoid to put them in the main line. most of the plane that are in the 2nd fighter line and the attaker line, are just not likely to be added soon. i am working to stuffed it with new plane but the source need to be always translated and it's hard to find the Infos on the planes. since the Nato and Chinese designation are differents, i need to find out of the plane have the right info and right designation.
  41. the are almost all from china, either license built or purchased and modified for china. the majority of those plane that are not well know was principally if not exclusively used by china. only a few was simply given, the lead lease plane are all in premium.
  42. the Italian doesn't have much plane so far. they have plenty other bomber and fighter but i don't expect them to fill more than 4 lines. they need to be stuffed. the Hungarian also don't have enough plane to be honest. they had a mix of Italian Sm.79 and Bf.109 as air forces. only a single WM-21 as local plane. there was also the Heja but it was a variant of the Re.2000 who is coming. the thing about the Italian is they don't have much Tanks. Hungary also don't have much but mixing them both can make a good result.
  43. Hungarian was having good relation with Italy during ww2 and was their best commercial partner during that time.
  44. that is just an example of what could be a westerner capitalism counter-part to a marge of China/North-Korea/North-Vietnam. the thing is amounts of the International tree, most of the units that doesn't fit in anywhere else, is mostly Sweden and Switzerland. the polish is also not in NATO, The Hungarian may be fit with the Italian, the Austrian and Finish with the German, the Belgian with the french, the rest are pretty much able to fall in a merge of the International tree with the other European nation that would have about the same political situation as a minor Capitalism/NATO supporter.
  45. the MB.326G was a ground attacker version of the Trainer plane, it was still a 2sitted plane but with 4000kg of load in 5 hard point and 2 12.7mm. the italian built 2 MB.326G and later converted them to MB.326K for test purpose. ht K version was a south African produced version of the same plane exept it was single sitter, having a powered engine, 2x 30mm guns, and the same 6 harpoint on the wing, the second sit was remove to put extra fuel in the space. amounts of those load on the hard point, there was rocket pud, missiles, gun pud and bombs. sadly even if the plane was very good as a ground attaker, the MB.326 was too expensive to built and the Italian advantaged the cheaper Fiat G.80/2 as a ground attacker.
  46. wait untile they add Aerfer jet, it whould get close to Br.9.0.
  47. Hungarian was in the sphere of influence of Italy durring ww2. it would just make a good sense to put it with italy. Italy have 3 line so far. i expect a 2nd fighter line for the Regianne planes and maybe aerfer jet, Hungarian could easily have their own line in the Italian tree. not as premium but main line as a 5th line only for them. a plane like the Héja, Héja II, are actually Re.2000 with few unnoticeable modification. a simple reskin of the Re.2000 will do.
  48. it's kind of what i am trying to do. merging the North Vietnam, North Korea and China would make a good tree. While the International tree that we hear so often could have the minor Nato country such as Sweden, Poland(for the time it wasn't occupy) and Switzerland. the Minor country that is part of the Commonwealth should be merged with UK. such as Australia, Canada, New-Zealand and South-Africa.
  49. first it call Lend lease. and second, they wasn't much lend-leased plane in the tree. most of the lend lease are in the premium line. those in the regular line are either locally produced or modification of purchased vehicles that was often mainly us if not only use in china. lend lease program was only applied when they was officially in war with a common enemy. The Japanese was not in war with Japan before pearl harbor and so the plane was mostly bought or license produced.
  50. I would like to suggest a Chinese Air tree in collaboration with Slayer_1914's Independent Chinese tank tech tree. First thing. before 1950, China was the theater of a deadly civil war who was making both industry and economy weak, the many try of china to produce their own plane was partially failled. the break of the Japanese Invasion on china even made the thing hard to china to built their own plane or have their own factory. however, China was still in that time a economical power. it was in all, slightly superrior to Japan but divided between many warlord, regional army and rebellious army. most of the aircraft who flew over china was mostly purchased from other country and usually in a little quantity and wide variety. in other word, every faction in china was buying their own plane at their taste. While china was big and strong, It wasn't united. to define what the Chinese Air tree, i should define what wold be allowed into their rank with strict rules. the Chinese air force is actually the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) but was formed in 1949. there was many other airforce in china before 1949 and they should be put into consideration under some requirement to decide if yes or no they should be allowed in the Chinese tree. the First requirement is ''was it used for china'' it's a unclear requirement that simply decide if it would be logic to add it or not make any sense. the second requirement is ''was it used by the Republic of China (ROC) after December 1949?'' this clear requirement is simply made to split the Republican Chinese who became know as Taiwanese after the end of the Chinese Civil war, they are from that date 2 different country with 2 very different policy and government and should not be mix. the last requirement is ''was is used by North Korea or North Vietnam?'' this is simply meant to stuffed the Chinese tree, mainly to add some very necessary Ground vehicles that was lacked in China, in the Air tree it was simply to either fill holes or add variety. WHY? a lesson of History What would the Tree look like? simple, it's a mix of Purchased plane, locally built plane and a few captured plane as premium. while building up the tree. i try to avoid the most i can the planes of the other country to avoid to make a Copy-Paste of half Russian and half American tree. i however promoted the locally built planes variation, the field modification and the 100% Chinese planes. some plane may seem strange at first but many was simply renamed after the Chinese designation with few or no modification at all. here is the V.1.02 of the Unofficial Chinese tree WHAT ARE ALL THOSE PLANES? the most frequently asked question DID CHINA BUILT THEIR OWN PLANE IN WW2? so i am asking for your support and help to built the Chinese air and ground tree.
  51. japanese

    I would like to propose the coversion of the Type 95 into a SPAG with a 120mm gun. The Hi-ro sha. In 1934, the japanese army built 4 Type 95 heavy tank for prototype test, they decide the heavy tank wasn't valuable for the japanese army, but there wasn't the end of the type 95 heavy tank. In 1935 the Japanese converted the Type 95 into SPG with the The Hiro sha was an open top SPG with the gun in the front of the tank with a thin shield for light gun and shrapnel. the main and front auxiliary turret was removed from the original type 95, only the rear turret remain, the gained space was for the new gun. his crew and ammunition. according to the Japanese information release of the Ji-Ro experimental tanks, the gun was a Japanese imported Schneider Carnet 1898 that was originally used as coastal defense but withdraw from active services in the 30s. the experimental tanks was found in Takeyama Airport in the entrance of the Tokyo Bay. Specifications Weight unknow Length 6.47 m (21.25 ft.) Width 2.69 m (8.8 ft.) Height unknow Crew 2+ gun's crew Armor 12–35 mm Main armament 1x 120mm Schneider Carnet 1898 Secondary armament 7.7 mm type 97 (1950 bullet) Engine Inline 6-cylinder engine[2] 290 hp Suspension Leaf-Spring Operational range 110 km Speed 22 km/h (13.7 mph) Caliber 12cm Carriage Elevation -12 to +15 degrees Traverse ? Rate of fire ? Muzzle velocity 530 m/s (1,772 ft/s) Maximum firing range 11,900 m (13,014 yd) source斯加式十二糎速射加農砲 Special tanks to @Mai_Waffentrager for the info on the gun.
  52. I would like to introduce the last of the British Armored. the one who should be at the end of the line, the FV721 Fox. The FV721 Fox Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Wheeled) (CVR(W)) was a 4x4 armoured car manufactured by Alvis, deployed by the British Army as a replacement for the Ferret scout car and the Saladin Armoured Car. The Fox was introduced into service in May 1973 and withdrawn in 1993/4. about 350 was produced. It had a crew of three and had a low profile rotating turret armed with a 30 mm L21 RARDEN cannon, which was manually fed with three-round magazines; 99 rounds were carried. A coaxial L37A2 7.62 mm machine gun was mounted with 2,600 rounds. The weapons were not stabilised. This turret was also equipped with a set of two 4-barrelled smoke dischargers. The vehicle had a combat weight of 6.75 tonnes and was designed to be air-portable.[1] The Fox had aluminium armour and was fitted with a flotation screen. It lacked protection against nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Powered by a Jaguar 4.2-litre 6-cylinder petrol engine, the Fox was one of the fastest vehicles of its type. The Fox was typically attached to armoured and mechanized infantry battalions. The use of high mobility light vehicles such as the Fox would provide the ability to out flank heavier armoured divisions. This also potentially enabled the Fox to act as a scout and a vehicle that can engage similar light vehicles. The Fox's all-welded aluminium armour hull and turret protected against medium gun fire and artillery splinters, but did not protect the Fox from heavy (.50 calibre) machine gun fire. The driver sat at the front and had an integral periscope/hatch cover that lifted and opened to the right. The centre mounted turret held the commander/loader on the left and gunner on the right. They each had a rear-opening hatch cover. There is 4 variation of the Fox i would like to introduce you The FV721 Fox The Fox MILAN. (prototype) The Fox 25 (prototype) The Fox 76mm (real name umknow) The armement Weight 6.75 tonnes (7.44 short tons; 6.64 long tons) Length 5.08 m (16 ft 8 in) Width 2.13 m (7 ft 0 in) Height 2.2 m (7 ft 3 in) Crew 3 Armor Aluminium probably up to 25mm Main armament 30 mm L21 RARDEN cannon Secondary armament Co-axial 7.62 mm L37A2 machine gun Engine Jaguar J.60 No 1 Mk 100B Petrol 190 hp (142 kW) Power/weight 28.1 hp/tonne Suspension Wheel Operational range 434 km (269.675 mi) Speed 104 km/h (64.6 mph) Source