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  1. ground vehicles

    this is a good idea but i would rather see it in a earlier truck. something like the Gaz66 or another old soviet cargo truck. this gun was basicly mounted any where and could be use on the ground as well. the soviet left undreds of ZSU-23-2 when they left afganistan and many was been monted on technical as SPAAG. i even saw it on an old ford pickup. the Gaz66 was a multy porpose cargo truc pruduced from the mid 60s to the late 90s. many upgrade was made during the production and that truck are wide spread around the world even now. it was not uncommon to see it with an Zsu-23-2 on the back and was also used with it as SPAAG in the soviet and russian army maybe still use even today in russia. an 6x6 version have been created in the mid 60s too but i didn't make any search about it. here is an Gaz66 with the Zsu-23-2 on the back used somewhere in the central asia (probably Afghanistan)
  2. tanks/vehicles

    i would love to see a flametrower into the game. it would made the some tank very good in close combat (bellow 100m) and engaging multiple target and very weak in open wide map like mozdok. i think just setting the tank in fire would be good. something like be hit with a direct continue continue flame would kill you in less than 6sec or something like that and the hit from that flametrower near the engine would easily set you on fire just like en shell in the engine usually do. it would made certain player very willing to rush to the enemy. i checked the flametanks on wiki. there is a lot of good one there and only a few also have a conventional gun. i think it would be a very good addition. For the t-31. i think he is good but it may be higher than BR.5.0. i think those rocket could one-shot many tank in the high tier and the howitzer are now really useful with the system of the Hull break.
  3. that tank need to be at least able to do some kill. simply a 6.5mm or 7.62mm is useless exept against the SPAAG who have literally no armor. You need at least the 13.2mm hull gun. i did some research. there was 2 different hull MG of 13,2mm used in that tank. the first one was an Type 92 Heavy MG which was an copy Hotchkiss model 1930 AA mg. since the lack of ballistic info on the type 92 heavy MG i search the Hotchkiss which should have a very close ballistic. the Hotchkiss model 1930 AA MG had a penetration of 20mm at 400m according some source which i can't guaranty they are 100% correct. The 2nd MG from a non totaly viable source say was apparently an type 93 Naval AA variation of the same gun. the improvement was very little from the first one. the reason of the change was apparently due to an availability. the Naval type 93 AA MG was very common on almost all Japanese ship of that time and could be use to replace the type 92 Heavy MG take note that the that the later variation of the type 98 was fitting a type 98 20mm AA gun in the hall AND a 7mm anti aircraft MG on the top of the turret at the American style. those gun are not of any good use in the higher battle rating but at the low one with the biplane, they can show very useful to take down a plane or two. a 4th variation of the type 92 was a prototype fitting a 37mm in the hull. with the 7mm aa gun on the top of the turret. that tank would be a nice premium. personally i see the Type 92 as some kind of light tank destroyer because of their lack of versatility. because of the hull restriction, the tank need to face the enemy to shoot them a bit like a turretless assault tank. i would place they at the first of the destroyer line at BR.1.0 for the 13mm gun, 1.3 in stack under it for the 20mm gun. premium at BR. 1.3 for the 37mm