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  1. ground vehicles

    why to merge. mine have all the infos on each tank and more. the only think that is different is part of the history.
  2. ground vehicles

    was already suggested not so long ago
  3. scimitar and scorpion are interesting tank. but they are not armored car but rather light/IFV tank. i made about 40 suggestion of armored car. a little while ago. the Dev can easily make an armored car line out of it. personally i would agree that the 76mm is not suitable for too high BR. but it's still have his place in the line. for BR.8.0 a Armored car with ATGM to counter the lack of efficiency of the main gun against heavier armored opponent, could be a good option.
  4. tanks/vehicles

    probably but this is for camouflage decoration. the barrel Decal should be in another suggestion.
  5. tanks/vehicles

    the way i see the sub-nation under the main nation such as the commonwealth nation under the british tree, i would said the Israeli should be under the USA as premium or gift. at least for me it would make sense. since Israel history was grandly influenced by the USA and the direct support from the USA to Israel in every aspect since the dawn of the modern Israel, i just think it should be normal to be matched with the USA.
  6. I would like to do a very simple suggestion that i think most player would like but may be a bit difficult for gaijin to implement in the game. The Camouflage for tank's barrel. a bit like the tree's branch we already have in the game, the Camouflage for the barrel offer the player a better cover in realistic and simulated battle. working particularly well when adding it to other extra camouflage such a the branch, the tank would become quit hard to spot when immobile. this camouflage would be particularity effective with tank who have very long barrel such as the QF 17pndr gun or the German panther for example. What I propose is to add a new feature in the tank customization which would allow to add a already placed camouflage on the tanks barrel. just like the tank skin, the barrel camouflage would be set to ''None'' by default but would allow you to put a camouflage of your choice between different camouflage. various kind of camouflage would be offer to you with different color and design to fit with the player style. some camouflage would be more effective for desert area, other would fit better in jungle, some would be great in the winter. all that to add to the probability the player to be noticed in the battlefield. the Basic rule for the camouflage is simple. 1st: be in the color of your surround. 2nd: don't be bring attention of the enemy's eye's 3rd: hide your real shape. the barrel camouflage will help to hide the real shape of your barrel and your tank. What does it do? For your performance, it would do nothing, if you are slow and bad in the game, you will still be slow and bad But you will be a bit harder to spot. this feature I propose you aren't having direct impact in your performance, no more than the branch do. it will only make your barrel more easy to be mistaken for something else such as a tree. but of course this would not fool any one if you are moving fast, standing in the middle of the city or shooting actively. but there is another thing that will do for you, it will make your tank look Cool. just like a real warrior. Do I need to buy a barrel camouflage for each tank? It would be unlikely. the camouflage should work just as the branch or any decoration. once you unlock one of them, you should be allow to use it on all your vehicles. Could I customize the camouflage on my barrel? it could be done, but would be really hard for the developer to make it properly working. the simplest way would be to have an already set camouflage on the barrel for each tank and couldn't be move on the barrel. but different camouflage should be offer to the player. What tank could have the camouflage? technically any tank could have any camouflage event if it would be a bit useless on some tank who have really short gun such as the German Brummbar. but any tank could still have the possibility to have his barrel covered by a camouflage. How could we get the camouflage? The camouflage could be unlock by different way. the simplest way would be to use Golden Eagle to get the camouflage of your choice. a second way would be to use the Warbond system to unlock a random camouflage for your barrel. a third way could be as price for some tournament and event. that way, the barrel camouflage would be not only a new Pay-to-win feature but also a feature of the more resilient player offering a fair chance to any player to have it. What kind of camouflage would we get? Gaijin have the right to decide which camouflage would be made available to the player. after all it's their game and their work. however, if this feature is implemented, many kind of barrel's camouflage are likely to be added. some may be partial covering about half of the barrel, some may be completely covering the barrel up to the muzzle, some may be white for the winter, some tan for the desert, some green for the forest, there could also be different design offering to the player. some could be simple as a net over the barrel, some could be more improvise such as grass attached to the barrel. the way of giving the barrel a camouflage is very various and is limited by the imagination of the crew of the tank. here some basic design of the camouflage that could be use in the game Camouflage netting (for everyone) Hessian tape (for UK) Foliage netting (for everyone) Clear netting (for UK German and russian) Fabric Camouflage (for UK, Russian and german) Improvised Foliage (for every nation)
  7. i would like to introduce you the real tank who by right, should be the first of the SPG line. The Carrier, 6-Pdr Gun, A.E.C., Mk.I Deacon. The Deacon was developed in 1942 to provide British army units in North Africa with a mobile anti-tank weapon. It can be seen as a development of the practice of carrying smaller artillery pieces en portee. This meant the artillery could quickly move albeit with some loss of traverse. The basis of the Deacon Gun Carrier was an AEC Matador truck chassis. A 6-pounder gun with enclosed armoured shield was mounted on the flat bed at the rear of the chassis. The gunner and loader operated the gun from behind the shield. The conventional cab was replaced with a boxy armoured construction that covered the engine and the driver's position. Production started in December 1942 and 175 were built. The deacon was use in north Africa against the German's tanks. The environment of north Africa made the maneuverability of the wheeled vehicles as good as the tracked one. Deacons were withdrawn at the end of the campaign in North Africa, as they were not considered suitable for use in Europe. Some were converted to armoured ammunition carriers and some were sold to turkey in 1943. The specification In service 1942–43 Used by United Kingdom Wars Second World War Production history Manufacturer AEC No. built 175 Specifications Weight 12.2 tonne Length 21 ft (6.39 m) Width 7 ft 9 in (2.36 m) Height 9 ft 3 in (2.82 m) Crew 4 Armour Turret front = 8mm Turret side = 8mm Turret rear = Nothing Turret top = 8mm Hull front = 20mm Hull side = 8mm Hull rear = 8mm Main armament QF 6 pounder (57 mm) 24 rounds Engine AEC A173 6-cyl diesel 95 hp (71 kW) Power/weight 7.8 hp/tonne Suspension wheeled, 4 x 4 Operational range 174 miles (280 km) Speed 19 mph (30 km/h) Source