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  1. Can a dead crew block a tank shell ? It happend to many time when I try to shot a tank with solid shell, I killed a driver on that tank and my second still hit the same dead driver I already killed.
  2. Thanks to Gaijin now that the br 6.7 is unbalanced, there are like no 6.7 br Soviet, German or U.K. Tank. And US team have to suffer due to the lack of br6.7 of non US team, 7.0-7.3 from these countries get down tier, some battle there full of br 7.0-7.3 Russian tanks fight with other team and club the team that have only 6.7 tanks why nobody fix this problem ?
  3. Why T34 tank does not has any HESH or HEAT shells ?
  4. Pls add IS-2-100 into br6.7
  5. I wonder why don't we have any Russian-Japan team, US- Japan team, UK- Japan team or UK-German in RB mode ?
  6. We, the Russian team just won the US-UK team with our skills and vodka under 10min
  7. Freaking IS-6 spam 6.7, I wish they change if not they should go to h*ll or somewhere else
  8. It's ridiculous thing I noticed when non Soviet team at 6.7 something have to face the Soviet team full fill with almost all tanks with br 7.0-7.3 like IS-3, IS-6 and T-54s. there would not be a big problem until you counted there more than 5 T54s in their team and in first few minutes they killed half of you team. thanks Gaijin for drow IS-2 down to 6.3, we have no 6.7 Soviet tanks now. what do you think ?
  9. Does APDS damage mechanism effected by RNG ? I just "one shot" 5 panthers at their frontal hull in a battle but later in other matches, my shells did not kill enemy panthers even I shot at the same spot.
  10. Bullsh*t Gaijin with their nerf
  11. It gun has 320mm HEATFS and they put it in br6.7 not to mention its speed :/
  12. Why gaijin still keep this thing in br6.7 ? Do they know how OP this thing is ? is this tank a "Pay to win" ? Or not ?
  13. Just come back to play U.K tanks and my Caenarvon couldn't destroy a Tiger I even I shot 3 mk3 APDS shells into his side, one hit ammo but it turned black ! And more but I know who playing U.K tanks will understand the problem of this shell. APDS is a most effective shell to destroy everything inside a tank but its damgame mechanism in this game work like an AP shell ! Wth ! can someone tell why ?
  14. Us German 6.7 tanks always fight with Russian T54 and IS-3 tanks, seem fair ! no wonder why people leave this game !
  15. lol German player love this tank because they can point-click on any enemy tanks. they will cry if this thing got tier up to 7.3 or else
  16. Why everybody talk about T95 ? The point of this topic is tank lion rewards !
  17. Just fought a battle with my T95, killed 1 enemy tank but then enemy aircraft from nowhere killed me and I had to go out because there was not enough spawn points for other vehicles. and I lost more than 4000 lions for the battle do you think the lion reward for tank is too low ?
  18. I want to know the penetration of T34's AP in real life
  19. I noticed every time I play T95, the shell fired from the enemy tank just bounce down into my tank when it hit the cupola and kill my whole crew in one shot ! And how can a tank shell penetrate a small slopes cupola from a distance over 400m ? Sorry Im not a English speaker.