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  1. If you want T-72 in game so pls add Challenger 1, M60-120mm XM, M60A3, MBT70, Leo 2A5 .....into the game too
  2. Why do we have to research repair kits for repair a tank ? that is not even a part of a vehicle. this is a moron thing that always bother me after bought any tanks, researching repair kits take long time Like other parts of the tank. we play game for entertainment not for grinding.
  3. I noticed many battles that light tanks from both sides just run forward to the cap point and cap, even they didn't kill anything after cap but rp from the cap zone allowing them to spam planes. Wtf is this tactic? It ruin the game. it is not fair for people who play heavy tank or tank destroy.... Just fought a battle that SU-6 killed 6 our teammates after his type-62 got the capturing zone with zero kill. Pls reduce the spawn point for capturing zone.
  4. Is 6 should replace IS-3, it far better than IS-3 in armor and mobility.
  5. Even 122mm shell from IS-2 ( br 5.7 ) can pen SP hull from a distance over 1000 meters.
  6. This tank has the APCBC round similar to the round that Tiger II used ( copy of Tiger II round ) but Gaijin did want to add it.
  7. KV 2 couldn't fire it gun when rotating 90 to one side in real life but in game it can.
  8. IS-6 spam in 6.7 is disgusting, one battle but more than 5 of them in it and they club everything while our team don't have any 7.0 tank to deal with them
  9. I have read somewhere that FV4005 stage II can rotates its turret 360 degree but in game it cannot.
  10. Because Gaijin is Russian company that's why they make Russian tank stronger than others. end the topic
  11. Ok, if you want T29 at 7.0 pls also move T54s, IS-6 and IS-3 to 8.0 as well
  12. My team don't have any T32 when facing IS6, T54 at br6.7
  13. I'm tired when my team stomped by those T54s, IS-3 and IS-6 even ZSU-57-2 now appear more than ever in 6.7 why does Gayjin does not do anything to fix this problem. i paid hundred bucks to get entertainment not frustrating
  14. It bother me a lot when Tiger 2 P and IS-2 1944 both are in br 6.3 but Super Pershing stay at 6.7 ? US team already had T34 so why don't put Sup in 6.3 ? American does not has any heavy tank at that br. Both of these tank can easily pen frontal hull of the Pershing, the thickest armor part of it from long distance ( thank to the space armor mechanism ), and the the Sup Pershing mobility is also slower than both of them due to used Sherman engine. And why does a 90mm gun with single cartridge has the same reloading time as 105mm gun using separated cartridge shell ( T29's gun ) ? Will Gaijin adding new US heavies at 6.3 ?
  15. Why gaijin still keep this thing in br6.7 ? Do they know how OP this thing is ? is this tank a "Pay to win" ? Or not ?