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  1. Since the big BR change in Ground Force, the amount of 6.7 BR tanks of Soviet and German has gone, its worse because tank from BR 7.0-73 will be down tiered ( by the BR + and - 1.0 ) to fill the gap and making the game havoc and unbalanced ! Ex: if you are in GE-US vs USSR battle, you will see T-54s, IS-6 and IS-3 in the game while the BR 7.0-7.3 tank in GE-US very few. what Gaijin should do to stop this problem ?
  2. balance

    Soviet tank with BR 7.0 and 7.3 spam nonstop since the big BR change , BR 6.7 is a havoc now thank to Gaijin no wonder why many people leave this game
  3. balance

    Thanks Gayjin for ruin br6.7 with RU 251
  4. balance

    This game is bull**** when M26 Pershing fighting T54-47 the amount of 7.0-7.3 tanks spam in 6.7 increase since last big BR change
  5. A light tank that has 7.3 cannon and super speed, stays in BR 6.7 ! gj Gaijin
  6. That thing has speed of 70km/h and a cannon that fires cHEATFS with penetration of 300mm. Fast Rate of Fire. Fast Turret rotation. but stay at BR 7.0 Mean while Jpz 4-5 is at BR 7.3 when it has no turret !
  7. I found this image on and it shows us that T34 will only has AP shell to fire !
  8. I noticed every time I play T95, the shell fired from the enemy tank just bounce down into my tank when it hit the cupola and kill my whole crew in one shot ! And how can a tank shell penetrate a small slopes cupola from a distance over 400m ? Sorry Im not a English speaker.