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  1. Hej man, how are you. I have one matter to discuss with you about 1 day game ban. TOday, i was grinding my german plane tree ( to catch up my gf tank br) with my premium plane. In some matches, some players (my own teammates) started to deliberately shoto at me, disabling my engine, rudder etc in few matches. Then they proceeded to either play game normaly or try to ruin my game even more. Like flying infront of me, jumping infront of my gun etc. So i asked them why thes shot at me. No response. So i shot back in anger. Then they pressed J to leave plane and credit me a teamkill. This happened 2-3 times today. Why is teamkilling or thsi behaviour allowed in AIR battles and not in GF? You could apply same rules here.. I got unjustified 1 day game ban by automated system. Unfair, provoked ( i know i shuld not have shot but they are either trolling/baiting or are angry palyers from previous games (must have killed them as enemy or something, i dont know). I am really losing faith in Gaijin for i have spent alot of money on this game but things like this are happening, not beeing attended to. But following recent happenings, i will think twice, no thrice to give any money to Gaijin. Shame, real shame to "chase" off honest customers. I would like to be unbanned for sunday (only day off work) . You can ban me on monday if you must, just let me play on goddamn sunday :) .

  2. All edits are checked, It is a community based project.
  3. Hello Novaxiee, All our data comes from ingame, what you see on vehicle x or Vehicle y with armour profiles, gun and ammo stats etc. All comes, from the game. Understanding and reading the, armour vaules etc can be slightly confound, at times. We have some ideas to improve this, so make sure to keep an eye on the wiki. If you have sources which say otherwise about vehicle x or y - please go here, read this and make a bug report. - Have a great day, Wiki Team.
  4. any chance I could get the Scottish flag to put on my tanks/planes cos the flag is not in the world flags section and I feel all flags should be there anyway don't see why certain flags aren't there