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  1. If it's under warranty i would contact dell, This could also mean a faulty motherboard or failing charging socket. You can try these from a hardware point of view: 1) Try this, pull the wall cable out from the main adapter - sometimes they just become lose and need to be reset. 2) Check windows has all the latest drivers 3) Go into the bios and check that it see's the PSU
  2. This is for the War Thunder: WikiPedia It's great you have such ideas and interests, unfortunately this isn't the correct place for this. You can search, suggest vehicles, branches and game ideas on the suggestion thread. If you have ideas and want to make suggestions Click here If you want to talk about modem tanks please go here Click here Have a great day! - Wiki Team
  3. your GPU drivers need updating, last update was 09/28/2016. Since it is a U class CPU you may be locked to dell drivers - please go to dell and update to the latest version they have. Then try updating from the intel driver site, for the latest version. This could be combination of a couple of things: 1) Driver outdated 2) Blockage on the heatsink from dust and junk - even small amount could cause the FPS drops - which from experience this sounds like. 2) Driver and dust blockage on the heatsink How to resolve the heat-sink, blockage is to get a can of compressed air and gently blow the heatsink and fans until dust has gone. - please seek guidance, on how to do this from your dell manual. Intel driver tools - Dell - please go to and then service area and enter your service tag into tool to find your laptop o7
  4. 1) Do you have this issues on anyother games? 2) what are your temps ? 3) Can you please upload your dxdiag How to create a dxiag can be found here