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  1. Not all 30mm are equal. The Ho229 uses the Mk103 30mm cannon. It shoots very high velocity projectiles which makes it less prone to netcode gremlins. I'm not alone in the opinion that the Mk103 is one of the best cannons in the entire game. The OP is referring to the Mk108 30mm cannon. It shoots low velocity projectiles that are highly susceptible to netcode problems. When shots connect, they're just as lethal as the Mk103, but the weapon has a dramatically higher skill floor to use successfully and you're always at risk of having your kills stolen by sparking rounds even under the best of circumstances.
  2. My understanding is that it is the netcode attempting to keep better track of the positioning between you and your target once you get close enough. An idea that seems sound in theory. After all, your client doesn't need to know the precise position of every plane on the map. Prioritize getting precise location info for planes within your immediate vicinity, and cut down on network traffic by less frequently synchronizing the location of more distant targets. You don't need precisely accurate location info for a plane that's kilometers away. Unfortunately, if the above is indeed the case, some idiot set the range where it swaps from low to high accuracy synchronization to the ~700m mark where most of us are making our final adjustments for our attack runs.
  3. A lot of people vastly overestimate the early jets. Just because it has a jet engine doesn't make it vastly superior to your prop plane. Much like P47's and other boom and zoomers at lower tiers, a conservatively flown jet can enjoy a great kill to death ratio due to their high top speed and the ability to avoid dangerous situations. They can be hard to kill if they opt to just keep running away and only entering gun range when everything is in their favor. However, if you look at the scoreboards, you'll see that by a substantial margin it's the Spacefires and not the early jets that are topping the scoreboards at the BR range where jets just start making their appearance.