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  1. Firstly, nare could be archaic for nostril, or it could be a slang word for fire. What you want is ne'er. ne'er-do-well ˈnerdəˌwel/ noun 1. a person who is lazy and irresponsible. synonyms: good-for-nothing, layabout, loafer, idler, shirker, sluggard, slugabed, drone; More Hi pot, meet kettle. Can I get away with calling everyone I disagree with lazy and irresponsible if I put it in quotes? You are arguing against a strawman, there are plenty of people who have both played the CBT and criticize it heavily, are you saying that those people don't exist? Or are you just ignoring that because it's not convenient. And what exactly is this test for then? They proved they could make water vehicles with the PT-76, so what kind of test is going on here? You didn't tell us. You seem to know a lot of things that you won't tell us, or maybe you don't.
  2. A battleship with effective and accurate railguns and operative lasers/long range missile defense systems could be effectively invulnerable to non-stealth strike aircraft, even then, nowadays the ability to intercept missiles in mid air means it would probably take a tactical nuclear strike for attackers to win the engagement. This is the only type of ship that would be built, if any country was going to invest in a railgun battleship, it would have to have capabilities similar to that, in addition to long range bombardment with cruise missiles, and or high angle railgun penetrations. It would certainly need ASM gear surpassing any single destroyer as well. Truly, a modern dreadnought. But, it could be done. This would of course only happen if swarms of smaller cheaper boats were ineffective against some powerful country.
  3. Both, check @the_suztown a couple posts up. Oh, and I forgot to mention how terrible the color choices for @ing people are. Orange and blue? Really?
  4. Ah, functional and symbolic, for me at least. The fact that that even happened proves my point, might as well lock the entire thread and make it go away.
  5. Is that blue line there to mark removed posts? Pretty.
  6. That is gorgeous m8.
  7. A few days ago, several popular english speaking youtubers all published videos containing rants or suggestions about the future of naval forces. Phlydaily and MikeGoesBoom, the two whose videos I actually watched had different points but agreed that with the stagnating development of boats, it was clear that the gamemode was not going to survive on its own, citing issues with the current meta. This was followed by immediate and noticable changes in general sentiment everywhere anyone posts about naval. This is only anecdotal, but everywhere anyone comments about war thunder, such as r/Warthunder and in this forum, the posts went from welcoming, to openly harsh, and many of the voices who once defended the gamemode have fallen silent. I have made my position on boats clear, but I am interested in hearing why everyone so suddenly went silent or changed their minds. The naval forum never gained any traction except for the complaint threads, and people didn't seem to be ready to condemn boats until tier IX came out, which was a great deal of fun. It can't be a simple coincidence that this was mentioned in both videos, I think Gaijin put the nail in the coffin of their own gamemode by releasing something perceived to be more fun for an April fools' joke. So let me know, is the hype dead? And can they get it back? P.S I do appreciate the irony of posting this in the naval forum, twelve people total will read this because nobody spends time here.
  8. I don't know if I would mention other games as better on the forum. Not that you are wrong, I don't personally know anything about that game, but it might be labelled 'incendiary' by mods.