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  1. To be fair, you only need to climb 10k feet above your enemy once, and then WEP is just a bonus. Every time it lands it can use that WEP again, and War Thunder's battles aren't usually dragged past the 20 minute mark (sadly). It might suffer in sim, but it will have much improved and acceleration and turning performance, making it an energy fighter worthy of any high tier prop. In reality, 6 m2s was enough to kill anything moving at prop speeds, but in game all aircraft DM's have taken a realism hit. This seems subjective, but that is only before you try to kill a Japanese plane with no packet loss and 40 ping, and you lose all your ammo to his fuel tanks, multiple times.
  2. The power creep has been strong with Gaijin since the addition of the -F Sabre and MiG-15bis, so he is right, this changes nothing. Other than the fact that the Soviet union had almost collapsed by the time this SPAA was in service. Is anything else confirmed?
  3. All credit goes to @Estorm732, he started it. You should go to the CBT section of the forum, that would be a better place.
  4. Not to mention the fact that any captain would be hard pressed to go full speed in a destroyer on a map like this, that would be suicide.
  5. Indeed, a blistering 8-knot (MAX) barge is slowly (very slowly) poking a hole in that argument. EDIT: Also I just realized that @Scarper thinks that direct firing autocannons are easier to dodge than shells with minute+ hang times. That is a joke.
  6. Bad phrasing on my part. Hard to make any boat that is that big of a target and moves that slow look like a winner without fast paced camera action. It might do fine, but it contradicts their reasons for not including large ships when this will be going less than a third the speed of an American PT.
  7. This isn't exactly a rumor on my part, but notice the camera work there. You wouldn't notice that the boat is only capable of less than 10 knots maximum unless you already knew that watching it. Also hard to make anything that slow exciting, battleships cruise at a higher speed than this barge's max. EDIT: This thing can barely outrun a doom turtle, just realized.