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  1. Regarding the B-17s. What no US statistic covered is the number of german planes which aborted the mission due to damage. I know that some group of KG 51 (using the Me 410 iirc) was out of action after one sortie, as all planes had sustained heavy damage from gunners.
  2. How old are you?
  3. This supports my theory of streaks being based on a limitd choice of players. Just as you describe it. My suggestion: Switch the following to leave the pool: Nation, BR, Server.
  4. It is way more fair and fun than to see all teams wane away by people disconnecting to avoid quitting penalty. Your problem is rare, the other was way more common.
  5. He is older than you, right? Suffices sometimes.
  6. Did that last year. But the cost of the vehicles is only a fraction of the cost to crew and expert them. But yes, it helps.
  7. Actually, I don't have a problem with his attitude at all. He has his own agenda, so do I. Fine.
  8. Hmm. I find that pointing out to my team that the enemy is camping us does help (a little).
  9. I don't really insult my team. Unless you consider the following insults: Wake up, sleepy team! or FYI: Left mouse button fires the weapon! or try to fire at the red dots and such... I never call then any names or such. Why should I? They probably try to do as good as they can or have their own agenda.
  10. Thanks for comforting me. But you really name the next sublevel of problems: I don't know all the models, their armor, their weak spots etc. And somehow I don't care much about that. (As a kid, I had a huge airforce from 1:72 models, but hardly any tanks). Angling is the next problem. Often I can't really interpret the red silouette as a 3D model, therefore I have no clue from which angle I am looking at the target. And I don't still understand why I fail to pen some tanks again and again even though the indicator is green over quite an area. I don't know how to move a tank just a little bit back or forth to be able to fire through a small gap. Takes me forever to find the right spot. I have assigned "full stop" but it doesn't work for me. I have come to realize that some tanks are awful, at least in my hands. Up to and including 3.0, I did OK with the british. But then the fun ended. The german Churchill comes to mind too. I have still to find a playstyle for the glas cannons. Like the marder or other vehicles like that. And I realize that everyone can shine once in a while with a KV-1 lineup. I made it to #1 rather frequently when spading these, but on the losing team. At this point in time, with arcade air I was capable of doing warbonds for premiums. I am not even near that in ground. And the list goes on... So where do I go from here? With planes, I stopped grinding at this point and went back to play t1 and T2 with spaded planes for some time. It was amazing that suddenly I could do reliably well in a T1 or T2 battle. Maybe I should just do that now. Halt the grind, perhaps include some T3s of low BR into the lineups to match the T2s but stay below or equal 4.3 overall.
  11. Oh mein Gott, wer sich mal richtig fremdschämen will, der ist hier richtig.
  12. Over half a year has passed and I have today completed spading the T2 tanks. So now I have played and spaded all nations up to T2. The bad news is, I still don't really know what I am doing. It would be hard to nail it down precisely. As an example, I don't yet know how to kill a KV-1. Some just die when I fire at them, and others I can't pen at all. And there are many other things just like that. Still it was mainly fun. But I don't know if I will research much higher tier. Probably just pick and focus on a single lineup and spade that.
  13. People on the enemy team are people too. They may be on your team next time. I try to treat all with respect, who do the same. Be it red or blue. Example: I will ask if there was a TK in the red team and help report it.
  14. Sounds like you have found a job. Come back and report your findings.
  15. Amazing! I got 2x backup displayed that way. So you say that the bug is bugged? Haven't won a trophy since...
  16. I also explained WHY I don't consider this to be deliberate.
  17. A while ago, the update news said that pen was increased for 7 mm and 13 mm. It can now better reach the pilot I guess.
  18. One is a pack, one is a campaign. It is not just the plane either way.
  19. TL/DNR: Buddy discovered a big conspiracy that can't be explained otherwise. So it is proven!
  20. Finally, the wheel of fortune is back.
  21. I do experience this a lot in AB tanks lately. But I find it rather simple to explain in my case: I am an average player using a rather "deadly" lineup atm. If I am in a team with 2-3 good players, I am carried to a win, but will perform mediocre at best. If I am in a poor team, I can't win the game due to lack of know how, but usually make it to the top of the board. Nothing spectacular. It was the same in arcade air for a while, until I finally figured out how to win matches on my own.
  22. Man kann sich vieles doch aus USA oder Österreich schenken lassen.
  23. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob diese Regel so stimmt. Hast Du das mehrfach überprüft? Muss der Br 3.0 in eine Crew oder reicht seine Erforschung?
  24. Sofern Du mit reinen T1 oder T2 Decks unterwegs bist, gewinnst Du Talismane relativ häufig, dafür aber keine Gutscheine. Sobald Du hingegen als T3 eingestuft wirst1 , werden Talismane sehr selten, dafür gewinnst Du aber oft Rabattgutscheine. Von daher, was ist Dir wichtiger? 1 Ich bin nicht sicher, ob ein T3 im Deck reicht, wenn er nicht genutzt wird.
  25. Ich würde den F2, den Wirbelwind und das Sturmgeschütz F einplanen. Vom 3N und Churchill würde ich die Finger lassen. Dann ein weiteres Fahrzeug Deiner Preferenz. Z.B. Marder oder 6/2 Flak. So, und jetzt was wichtiges: Wenn Du Talismane gewinnen willst, dann NICHT den Wirbelwind (tier3) ins Deck packen! Wenn Du Gutscheine für Premiumfahrzeuge gewinnen willst, dann den Wirbelwind ins Deck aufnehmen. Viel Spaß kannst Du auch mit der 8.8 Flak und dem Sturmgeschütz H haben. Dazu ein weiteres 4.3 Deiner Wahl. Letztlich würde ich aber tatsächlich den ganzen deutschen Baum bis T2 vollständig im Hangar haben. Das dauert nicht ewig. Talismane sind Dir nahezu sicher bei dem Projekt.
  26. Da Du ja AB spielst: Man hat es doch gerade begrenzt. Wer die Bomber spielt, sollte wissen was er tut. Ein Farming-Freifahrtschein sind sie nicht mehr. Von daher verzichten eben viele Spieler auf den Einsatz. Und viele Spieler sind da nicht traurig drüber, ganz sicher nicht! Die vertreibt man nämlich sonst.
  27. a bit OT and necro... ;-)
  28. Submit some proof! No one here likely believes what you say. It never happens to us in regular arcade battles. You can't face a sherman if your lineup is BR 1.0 My guess: You do have better tanks left on crews but believe that only those vehicles count which you use... How should the game know in advance which you will use? Next game hit TAB for the score screen and hover your mouse over your name. Tell us what you read there. Then hover over the Sherman player name and tell us what you read there. Better, do a screenshot (print) and upload it here.
  29. Sorry, but you don't understand something! If your Lee would only meet other T1 tanks, you would have an automated license to club other players. As it is now, you could be top tank, average ot bottom. This is true for all the tanks you chose, unless you take the highest T5 or BR 1.0. And leveling a tank will not change it's BR. Your new stock Lee is as 2.7 as it is with all modules done. So leveling a tank will only improve the vehicle, not the opposition (on average). As far as your claim that a lineup of only BR1.0 tanks will encounter T3 - it isn't possible (or you found a bug no one else has). Submit screenshots as proof! First of all, show us your hanger screen of the match.
  30. Do I understand you right? If you only have 3x 1.0 tanks placed on crews, you face T3 tanks in battle? If so, please submit proof! Are you sure you only have BR 1.0 tanks in your lineup? You are not playing in a squad with others, are you? Please understand that tier does not matter for match making. When your best tank is 2.7, you can meet "best tanks" up to 3.7, but at most 4 players would have 3.7 tanks. If you play only 1.0 tanks, you could meet at most 4x 2.0 players.
  31. What do you intend to do with it?
  32. Amazing that Gaijin always sorts you into the team with the poor class of players. The effect you mention seems to be limited to your team. Perhaps you should switch to red team? Because the grass is greener in red team.
  33. Maybe you have three reports for insulting another player! I would not make a fuzz about this.
  34. My guess: Anti Gambling Law in some country.
  35. Bombers work fine. At least for me. Perhaps you haven't figured them out yet?
  36. Again, no. Have you noticed that bomb prices are not linear or by the ton? You pay 380 SL to do 1.2t of damage. The B17E-L would do more damage for free! Or pay 450 SL for over twice your damage. Plus receive 30% bonus for the research on the PB4Y. And receive over twice as much SL for the dropped tonnage! You are using the wrong tool!
  37. We had that point above.
  38. Why would it be an insul? If you have your own agenda (as I explicitly mentioned), you may be on a mission to spade everything, you may want to not lose your plane at all, you may want to fly high escort missions... There are many ways you would get a decent win rate but an atrocious score rate. Not in T1 and T2 lineups! If you only fly a T2 lineup well, all your T2 planes will be talismanned eventually.
  39. Again: NO! At least mine does 3x500lb and 4x 250lb. These 2500lb do less base damage as one single 2000 lb does. Before I posted above figure, I checked in game. So you really use a totally inadequate tool for the mission you have in mind.
  40. WHAT? We are talking about the B-34! It carries 2500 lb, and will score about 1.2 tons per drop. You need at least 4 drops to kill a base. This is not a plane for base hunting.
  41. Actually, these are the only two options I could think about. Why would they be a bait?
  42. It is done, I have aquired all regular italian planes. Got the last jet today. In the process, I spaded ALL italian props and researched four jet modules. Yes, I do have premium. And no, I did not pay for any modules or any accelerated research. I got access to Italy by buying the CR32bis on the 26th of May, but since it is a "castrated" premium (only 150% research), I hardly used it. The 500GE that came with it, I put to good use: I bought talisman for the Ba65, the CR32 quater and the BR20. I also won three talisman en route: CR32, C202 EC and S.M.79 AS. I remained at 5 crews, which are now lvl 27-40.
  43. I have finally decided to start with tanks. What would you suggest I should do as a beginner? What are current sources to read or view on the topic? What should I practice first? What knowledge do I need? How can I help my team? Please kindly assume that I have absolutely NO prior knowledge in this game mode. I am a clueless N00B at the moment. All good advice is welcome.
  44. In a recent thread, an intersting OT discussion evolved which unfortunately ended when the thread got closed: Advantages of doing warbonds: -They are flexible to player taste. If the task does not suit your style of play, change it. Combine plane and tank battles as you seem fit. -You can just play and gain many of them on the side. -You can get premiums (tanks and planes) of all nations so far up to T34. -They involve no risk other than running out of time. -You can influence the time window in which they are open to fit your need. -You can do other things (spade, wagers, boosters, events) at the same time. -In contrast to GE-wagers, you always have the option to do them. -You don't need to squad in order to do them. Disadvantages: -You will have to invest time into play almost each day and a little more on about 10-15 days a month. -You can't freely choose what premium you get, you only have a limited choice, which you know before you embark on the project. -You won't get any T4 this way. -You need a T4 vehicle in order to get a premium vehicle. -They don't carry over from one month to the next. I really like to do them most of the time. Hornet 331 remarked the following points: -Since you can change the task many times, you should generally be able to reach your goal. There are many very doable tasks there, and many more are more doable as they sound. But I admit that I do avoid some tasks because I find then silly or very luck dependent. - If "just playing your game" doesn't work, change the task to something you like to do in game. - If you do the math, task 1 and 2 will give you 1800 points in 30 days of play. And they really dont take long, from 2-5 games. Depending on your desired premium vehicle, you will have to do between 7-18 third tasks. In other words, you can toss as much as 23 of the third tasks and still get your T2 premium. - Yes they are a time sink. Welcome to War Thunder! I would say to do all three takes (me) an average of 8-10 missions. I totally agree with you: The most rational way to obtain premiums is through the use of real world cash. It takes by far the least amount of time. It also supports the game and the people who make it. But I actually play for the fun of it, so I rather spend an hour in game having fun than a minute at work earning the same GE-value. And while I have a choice, others may not have it. Regarding your final remark: I could also see ways to improve the system. But other than you, I would not conclude that something is basically worthless just because I don't like it. One easy improvement would be this: Let warbonds expire shortly after their month as is, BUT allow all colors for last months task. So if you don't make it in that month, you can use another few days to still get enough war bonds from the next months color. This might cost you the next premium, but at least you get the one you already invested in. A second option would be to replace the missing warbonds with GE (on a % base). Well, it works for me, and I do have a job and a family. And I dare say you can do a premium in under 2 hours a day. But you should only do it, IF you enjoy playing the game.