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  1. Well, yesterday, there was no Marcolin in my italian tree. It appeared together with the 10 € premium. And I can only repeat, I have no problem with supporting Gaijin with 10€ for a premium plane. But if Marcolin is to remain the freebie for starters, I find that reward-nerfed premium even less logical or adequate. Sorry but no! It does not. It has the same rewards (150%) as the 250GE free starter premiums. But many all my other T1 cash premiums come with 200%, not just 150%.
  2. OK, in all fairness: If you buy the starter pack, you also get good old marcolin's CR42. I already feel less ripped off! Still, a true 100% talisman bonus would have been more adequate for a 10€ premium T1. After a look at your stats, I am not surprised. You likely missed the battle activity cut-off in the one not counting.
  3. Nope. The rest is fine, but this is not!
  4. I am not going to complain about the limited access to the Italian tree! You want it ALL and NOW? Get a starter set for real money! That is fine with me, I understand that families need to be fed, bills to be paid, servers to be maintained. You have my full understanding. Who can't or does not want to afford it will just have to wait. So I am quite willing to support the game with 10 bucks and buy a starter. I get 7 more days premium time, 500 GE and a premium plane. And here I started to scratch my head. OK, even after the additional value, this premium plane is not cheap. But it only a half-premium, with only 150% reward. Basically, it is the intro gift plane of the italian tree, sold for 6,50 Dollars/Euros. Seriously? You can have my money, but I would like to get a real premium plane in exchange! Not just half of it. This half baked premium would sell for 250 GE in the other trees. Why don't you just put it in as a true premium plane with 200% reward? This way, it feels like a rip off! While I liked the new update in general, I am a bit disappointed about the premium.
  5. Cmon guys, we all know photoshop....
  6. Ich hab heute gleich zwei Belohnungen erhalten: Eine 109A Premium und ein Thachs Buffalo boost von 150% zu 200%. Danke dafür! (Können sie gerne jeden Tag tauschen!)
  7. Hey, I logged in today and got an unusal reward: I got a free premium! The 109A Also, my Thach's Buffalo was updated to 200% reward. I wouldn't mind if they keep doing this tomorrow too.
  8. Affects only people who show nerves.
  9. orders

    Why don't you see orders as aimed at F2P beginners in T1 and T2?
  10. Für die Rangliste im Match machen Bodenziele Sinn. Aber wen interessiert die 10 Minuten später noch?
  11. But don't be surprised to find no enemy - symmetry and such...
  12. Why do I only see red bombs when I play?
  13. No replies so far... Well here is another question: I have just spaded all US T2 tanks. I am looking for second (upper) T2 lineup. I could toss in the 3.7 M4A5 RAM II premium. What would be a good 3.7 three tank lineup for the US? Does the M4A1 make any sense in it? Or should I use the RAM II and if so, which tank should I keep out. The M4 A4 (105) has a long reload, not sure if that one is so good to use?
  14. Eigentlich bremsen solche Maps diese Setups nicht ein. Wenn er richtig spielt, hat er 4 fast garantierte Caps, weil man eine 217 wirklich gut landen kann - auch ohne Fahrwerk. Und die 20mm zeigt auch Wirkung.
  15. Man sollte nicht vergessen: Man spielt um Spaß zu haben. Für manche gehört Gewinnen zum Spaß haben dazu, für andere nicht. Von daher...
  16. Actually, the germans were my choice for it, as was Japan. But given the reduced ground strike maps, I may not be up to date on the matter.
  17. I know it works, but thunderer pays better iirc.
  18. No, it isn't. If you have rolled a 6 on a dice, another six is just as likely as before. Dice have no memory. The effect is called independence.
  19. I have done them a few times, when a change would cost GE. Not so bad actually as it sounds but not easy. However, when doing the task where you have to get a gold archivement, it makes sense to start with a first strike on some maps. So aside from thunderer, you have that Final Blow option too. It occured to me cause when doing Thunderer I often got Final Blow as well - why not try for first strike on purpose on some maps. And yes, I meant PBJs. Most important thing to understand is how the tier requirement works in individual war bonds. Because it isn't all the same! If you don't want to spend time to learn it, spawn and J-out of the required tier at the start of the match - all is good. If you want to be more elegant about it, it is repeatedly documented in this thread. ;-)
  20. You know that you can skip tasks, right? Mission Maker I skip if I can. First place is easy usually, just play the objective and hit prestige targets. I always skip "win 8 battles" unless I run a wager anyway. You should have read this thread! 1st spawn a T4 of your choice, J-out, spawn an attacker and you are good to go. I usually kill a T4 Mustang at BR4.0, then send the PBJs. Try the same method: Start with a T4 and then use whatever you want.
  21. Sounds about right.
  22. How do I steer a bomber if in gunner view? I could do it long ago, when I was still using only a joystick. But now, I can't. I know that I have to disable auto pilot in "game options", I did. When in gunner view, I can only use rudder, i.e. turn the plane around the z-axis. That works. If I use pitch or ailerons, I have no response in gunner view. I would need pitch more than anything else. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thank you!
  23. Does my crystal ball work correctly: You talk about RB? Perhaps you should mention that.
  24. I have more and more problems with "your problem"! If you don't use the reserves but other vehicles in those slots AND leave the battle early, those other NON-reserves you took instead WILL be locked. SOP, no backups required. If you leave the slots empty instead, they are not blocked by putting the reserves in, as you would not use them otherwise. So where exactly is your problem? Aside from the inconvenience to kill the 2 reserves - for which you could file a bug report.
  25. I didn't say you did. I know what you say is right for the regular game. But starting May 9th, this discussion shifted to Reserves and the "new player pool". And in that pool, the MM works differently. That is all I am saying. Someone sceptical even confirmed it. So all is good.
  26. I feel like I am talking to a wall: If I j-out of a reserve, I don't get a crew lock! You?
  27. You don't bother to answer me though! If I only bring one tank with a backup, I would also bring two reserve tanks. Spawn, j-out, repeat. Done, no cost, no lock, no backup lost. And if camped, perhaps even some gain! In the mean time, file a bug report.
  28. Why don't you just spawn a reserve? No cost, no lock.
  29. I agree, if you live in the first world, the time it takes is in no relation to the fiscal value. So I would not do it if I don't enjoy having a task to do. In theory, you should enjoy doing it. If not, well...
  30. Under which circumstances should this be the case? I never see it in air battles! If I bring only one plane with backup and am shot down, the backup makes no difference, no lock. If I crash however, I would get a crew lock, unless I use the backup. I would get a crew lock too, if I had no backup.
  31. What is your point? I cashed in perhaps 8 golden wagers so far, 7 of them for maximum win. There is nothing fishy, but you won't beat natural odds this way.
  32. There is no crew lock due to backups iirc.
  33. Disclaimer: This is a friendly issue, nothing personal. So don't get me as stubborn or unfriendly please. But 'we' can't look any more the way you suggest. The beginners pool (kindergarden) is the seperate player group that new players are kept in until some not so clear condition is met. While in this pool, they are only playing other beginners and bots. Once they are released from it, they can't go back. (Only exception is squadded play - that will release them while they fly squadded) If you would want proof for this, you would have to start a new account or ask someone who does.
  34. Indeed. And anxiety, nervousness, tension and hightened attention to circumstances is a good explaination. I made the same experience as you at first. Eventually, I forgot about the boosters and played just as I would without.
  35. Yes. While you are in the beginners pool, the MM works as per highest BR.
  36. Darum geht es doch gar nicht! Es geht darum: Aber scheinbar kommt auf den Preis noch 19% Mehrwertsteuer, womit der Deal witzlos ist.
  37. Nein, deswegen frage ich.
  38. Ich würde mich nur ungerne anmelden, um dann festzustellen, dass es sich nicht lohnt.
  39. Sorry man, but I got about 8 premium vehicles by now. Nothing rigged there. Works as advertised.
  40. Hat jemand Erfahrung mit dem Razor zGold Angebot gemacht? Wie funktioniert das mit dem Einkauf aus Deutschland? In welcher Währung kauft man das zGold? In Dollar oder Euro? Welche Mengen kann man zu welchen Preisen kaufen? Wie vermeide ich, zuviel auszugeben? Profitiere ich von 1$ >< 1€? Für konkrete Erfahrungen wäre ich dankbar!
  41. This posting is the classical "conspiracy theory". It is immune to disproof. If you try to disprove it, you are part of the conspiracy.
  42. orders

    "Be the best" is a sure thing when you know that you will kill the airfield. The destruction score is usually more than anyone can earn during the final count down. But the reward pales in comparison to your regular earnings. The other orders are fun in T1 matches though.
  43. Für die Goldauszeichnung bedarf es einer Mindestzahl an Abschüssen, die Du nicht erreicht hast. Es waren mal 12.
  44. You can get T3 and T4 Premiums for free almost every month by collecting warbonds. This month you could have picked a T3 tank or one of two T3 aircraft. In the past, you could also get a T4 Premium for free.
  45. All vehicles (incl. premium) can research the tier above at 100%. Two tiers above at 40%. I have no problem with that rule. The RP count fully towards all other RP dependent scores, so you only slow vehicle research. Premium vehicles have no restrictions on lower tier research. In this regard, they differ from other vehicles.
  46. Well, half- seriously, he left out option D. D: You are very rich and don't need anything that is free. What other option did he leave out? What is really wrong with A-C? I'd take a rookie wager over a regular booster any time!
  47. Tatsächlich stimme ich hier mit Dir weitgehend überein. Bist Du Dir sicher, dass der Kindergartenaustritt tatsächlich an das Erforschen eines 3.0ers gekoppelt ist?
  48. It would be much appreciated if YOU would adhere to this in the first place. Just check who started insulting others who voiced their opinion. It is marked red!
  49. I won ONE T3 talisman in all my missions. Just ONE! I won over 30 T1 and T2 talismans. With almost 13.000 missions, this data seems statistically viable. It has nothing to do with your level but the tier you fly in. The boxes are just pictures. There are many prices depicted that I can not win any more.
  50. Sorry, but that is not true. If you stay low enough, you get them rather frequently - even as a 100. If you do it long enough, you will have a talisman on every T2 you own! I have received over ten this year, and I turned "100" long ago.
  51. This happens usually if the following conditions are met: There is a small playerpool and your BR will likely bring you into this pool again and again. There are (squadded) better players around, so you very likely end in the other team. Easy way out: change BR, nation and server and bring spaded vehicles. If that rarely ever helps - get better.
  52. Ja, Du spielst gerade nur gegen Bots und Anfänger, wenn Du nicht 16 Spieler pro Seite hast. Du wirst es DEUTLICH merken, wenn dieser Schutz endet.
  53. Necrophilia!
  54. waste
  55. I did file numerous bug reports. I just don't think that a pile of 15 million reports has any merrit of its own.
  56. Das ist Logistik. (Logistical services)
  57. I would also extend this to some orders. The only order I find the time to pull up and use ist "be the best", which I usually fire when base destruction is inevidable and I have so much dips on the base that the destruction reward will be a sure ticket. But the thing is worth 10.000 SL, which is just a tip on top of the destruction income. So I guess orders are intended for low tiers. As a battle trophy, a "be the best order" is worth less than 10.000SL. The former is only a maybe, the later is assured. Perhaps they should make it 10.000SL x highest tier flown.
  58. Wirklich viel Unterschied machen die Crews dann nicht. Logistic ist z.T. wichtig, aber der Rest? G-Toleranz ist noch für einige Flieger wichtig.
  59. I don't really see a point in the"light" version. If you only get to play a little every few days -> log in daily, collect the boosters, burn them every three days.
  60. Watch your tone!
  61. That is exactly what premium planes are about!
  62. GE Wagers are useful! Wait until you have more exoerience and complete them with friends. SL Wagers can be useful if you are a free player. They will help you finance higher tier planes. Kill 5 units, Thunderer are rather easy to get money with. Best squad makes most sense to do with people who do them too. Of the orders, I only use "be the best". I have used ground unit orders too, but I tend to forget about them.
  63. misc/other

    THIS! I doubt that they would maintain them.
  64. Has nothing to do with LEVEL. Stay under T3 and you get one freqently.
  65. Downtier. Use over low tier maps as death star. Or sideclimb and smash (air) bases.
  66. A while has passed and I need some more help and advice. I have now reached the upper end of T2 in all nations. I still lose more matches than I win, but have left the shameful 40% I started out with. I have almost 50% for last month. Not good but better. I noticed there is new(?) info on the right side of the screen, regarding crews. But which crews? Mine? I have reached the point where I do need ammo knowledge to simplify my life. I can (hopefully) seperate ammo in 3 categories. AP with explosive filler (prefered), AP without - apparently to pen thick armor from close? HEAT to melt your way in, provided you hit. And there is HE, but I only take it when it is a scaled down 50kg bomb and needs no penetration to kill. Many soviet tanks (t-34) have different APHE shells. Which should I carry? With air, I can take the reserves and put up a good fight. I have tried this with reserve tanks but with mixed results. The LVT is nice. Any other reserves that are worthy tanks? From stats, the BT-5 seems almost better than the BT-7 (armor), and equal in all but turret rotation. When I started this thread, I really struggled at many frontiers. By now, I feel a more and more urgent need to find a way to "control" the battle. I am kind of looking for strategies to help win the game - as a non-stellar player. What can I (easily) do to make a win more likely? Any suggestions? I also feel still a little clueless which map type would favor which kind of tank.
  67. I think this is worded ambigously. The talisman works always the same. But any regular plane only researches its own tier and the one above at 100%. Two tiers above, efficiency of the plane drops to 40% iirc, one tier below to 90%. But this only affects research, nothing else. Premium planes (not talisman planes) are excepted in so far as they research all lower levels planes at 100%. Keep in mind, this does not reduce the RP generated by the talisman! Only the RP applied towards the research of a new plane.
  68. Reduced for tree research, not for crew xp.
  69. Wish you could also go for a random talisman in T3. Would keep me going I guess, if it were at a reasonable price.
  70. As I have not registered yet: What information does razor require and check? I do not like to smear my data all over the net either.
  71. But what amounts of Razor Gold can I buy? Any?
  72. I can't see this before registering? How much can I buy of Razor Gold? What are my options?
  73. I was thinking to get the Discount too. Never heard of Razer before though. Are they a trustworthy company? Their web page didn't really made me feel better about them.
  74. squad balancing

    Seen it too. Not sure if it is just a representation bug, or if the MM is affected by it too.
  75. Warum sollte er sie jetzt für später kaufen? Im Herbst gibt es idR 50% Rabatt.
  76. I have finally decided to start with tanks. What would you suggest I should do as a beginner? What are current sources to read or view on the topic? What should I practice first? What knowledge do I need? How can I help my team? Please kindly assume that I have absolutely NO prior knowledge in this game mode. I am a clueless N00B at the moment. All good advice is welcome.
  77. In a recent thread, an intersting OT discussion evolved which unfortunately ended when the thread got closed: Advantages of doing warbonds: -They are flexible to player taste. If the task does not suit your style of play, change it. Combine plane and tank battles as you seem fit. -You can just play and gain many of them on the side. -You can get premiums (tanks and planes) of all nations so far up to T34. -They involve no risk other than running out of time. -You can influence the time window in which they are open to fit your need. -You can do other things (spade, wagers, boosters, events) at the same time. -In contrast to GE-wagers, you always have the option to do them. -You don't need to squad in order to do them. Disadvantages: -You will have to invest time into play almost each day and a little more on about 10-15 days a month. -You can't freely choose what premium you get, you only have a limited choice, which you know before you embark on the project. -You won't get any T4 this way. -You need a T4 vehicle in order to get a premium vehicle. -They don't carry over from one month to the next. I really like to do them most of the time. Hornet 331 remarked the following points: -Since you can change the task many times, you should generally be able to reach your goal. There are many very doable tasks there, and many more are more doable as they sound. But I admit that I do avoid some tasks because I find then silly or very luck dependent. - If "just playing your game" doesn't work, change the task to something you like to do in game. - If you do the math, task 1 and 2 will give you 1800 points in 30 days of play. And they really dont take long, from 2-5 games. Depending on your desired premium vehicle, you will have to do between 7-18 third tasks. In other words, you can toss as much as 23 of the third tasks and still get your T2 premium. - Yes they are a time sink. Welcome to War Thunder! I would say to do all three takes (me) an average of 8-10 missions. I totally agree with you: The most rational way to obtain premiums is through the use of real world cash. It takes by far the least amount of time. It also supports the game and the people who make it. But I actually play for the fun of it, so I rather spend an hour in game having fun than a minute at work earning the same GE-value. And while I have a choice, others may not have it. Regarding your final remark: I could also see ways to improve the system. But other than you, I would not conclude that something is basically worthless just because I don't like it. One easy improvement would be this: Let warbonds expire shortly after their month as is, BUT allow all colors for last months task. So if you don't make it in that month, you can use another few days to still get enough war bonds from the next months color. This might cost you the next premium, but at least you get the one you already invested in. A second option would be to replace the missing warbonds with GE (on a % base). Well, it works for me, and I do have a job and a family. And I dare say you can do a premium in under 2 hours a day. But you should only do it, IF you enjoy playing the game.