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  1. Pretty much the title. I've had two separate matches since patch 1.67 where I would shoot the turret of a Tiger II H with my M41 at less than 100m with very little, if any angling, and still not pen. First time I flanked two Tiger II Hs and tried to hit the ammo rack at the rear of the turret using the M339 solid AP shot, yet both shots bounced off harmlessly (80mm shouldn't stand a chance). Second time I shot the mantlet of a Tiger II H with the M331A2 sabot,aiming for the gunner. Again, the shot bounced off harmlessly. I never had any issues before, and I can let one instance go, but 2 separate matches with 2 different ammo types at around the same range and angle with no pen? Something is wrong here. I can't help but assume it's the new patch that mucked up with the turret damage model or the physics characteristics of the M41s rounds. Anyway, I put this here because I wasn't really sure where to put it and this seemed the most appropriate place.