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  1. The thing is the game mechanics invite players to do so. As soon all objectives are taken there is no reason to stay there so they move on. The team, that has to recapture the goals, is just cannonfodder in that state of game. They cannot leave thier spawn and try to have a comeback. This is absolutly the worst game design i ve ever seen. The game could already stop imediatly as soon one team has all objectives cuz there is no way out of spawncamping, only if it would give us more options to spawn, with firther dustance to the next enemy, or blueboxes which means an area around your tank rendering it immune untill you leave the area. Continuing makes no sense whatsoever, only sadists and masochist can enjoy this crap.... I just came back to see what this new patch brings and i was hooked for some hours again and blown away again by this graphics and atmosphere only to got a rude wake up getting spawn killed in 80% of all RB tank games. Siriously, the OP said keep it nice but in fact im so p+++ed off i could shout in gaijins direction a sack full of insults promoting such poor game design....
  2. i had a break for 2 years and came back as i heard about the "huge patch" and "game improvements" just to find out the main issue why i left the game is still not adressed: stupid, noobish, not logical possibility of spawnkilling. Realy this is the only thing about the game that destroys my fun even if everything else is so well done that would keep me playing if i would just deal with some bugs and glitches. But having those types of players putting thier barrel right up ur a** after respawned without beeing in game for a second makes me to uninstall this game once more, siriously. The idea having a AI defended spawnlocation is as old as the spawnkilling occured and yet nothing has be done against it. Rewarding the most un-skilled, a-social ye-rk o-ff players destroying the game and punishing those who just asking for a simple way to stop this. In arcade the mostly dont make it that far but even there its an issue.. So bye bye im gone and looking forward to hear the news one day " spawnkilling solved" and i will come back, ciao! Oh and it doesnt need AI defence or anything special added to the game, just make spawn areas blue-boxes which prevents one to take damage untill you leave the box. So when campers are there they cant harm you and give you time to coordinate your team, your view and escape. People will stop this **** when not having easy kills. Aswell you could add a frontline which cant be crossed...