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  1. came in to a game since the update on ps4 (IN AB) right off the bat someone got instakilled by the heatfs which by the way does more damage than the ones of tier 5 for some reason
  2. blame the spaa nerfs that made using them not worth it profit wise at all(plus they are a chore to use)
  3. unlike the ru 251 the is6 is 7.0 so id say its actually a waste of money since there are better soviet tanks overrall on the regular tree in that range
  4. You should also be asking why the RU 251 is 6.7
  5. unlike Britain at least japan has a top notch endgame
  6. Gajin trolling at its finest
  7. The effort playing them isnt worth it right now Period. Especially in ab and lets face it, AB is the bread and butter of this game for people who have other things to do
  8. looks like tigers are still going to be a pain in the **** to deal with
  9. This thing is basically a tier 4 leo... At 6.7 this is gonna cause pains for EVERYBODY. well another seemingly godly vehicle for germany at 6.0 range
  10. Regardless of of whether or not the T29 gets moved up or not gemany will still be by FAR the most easymode GF nation to play in the game. EVERY vehicle is viable to use unlike usa and brits. I would ask conway to be 6.7 since the spaced armor doesn't work and it would be a reliving to be able to pen a tiger 2 sloped frontal plate