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  1. Centuriron should go up honestly. It simply outclasses every medium tank in its br and even outclasses alot of of 6.0s. Also if it gets downtiered it will be just pure seal clubbing with no avail
  2. This is ARCADE discussion you know the place with even smaller maps and due to all the makers you can barely flank? Plus all tanks have a mobility increase so when modded the jumbo is pretty quick
  3. These heavy tanks when they were lowered have been seal clubbing pretty hard for months now. kv1 zis was fine at 4.7 why was it lowered?
  4. Can you guys please listen to the OPs wishes and stick to the topic
  5. Cent mk1 at 6.3: what are you smoking son? Cent mk3 at 7.0: lolwut cent mk10 at 7.7: Bruh your trolling at this point Even if these BRs went though imagine CAS spam right now, it will be 10x worse because brits players would have no other option being overtiered Hell id even encourage brit players to stomp with cas
  6. The problem at this tier is allies get all these new toys and upgrades while Germans more or less so have been stuck with the same **** since Beta (discounting premiums) the krauts have to stick to the same play style for 3 years whiles allies have been adapted to it they have new things to make countering easy peasy
  7. Rather they take away the apds its not even historical in the first place, it still has hella armor holes that can get lolpenned and oneshotted by tier 2s and AAA since release of the tank, no reverse ,worse hull armor than a cent 1, you can only Hulldown on sloped planes other wise its **** due to xxxx turret design getting it overmatched by just about everything tier 3 and above
  8. Anyone who played this vehicle would say the same. Also Britain has no 6.0 line in arcade now whatsoever now