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  1. Why the hell would the Tiger H1 be at 5.3?? VK 4501 P clubs hard enough as it is at 5.3 when down tiered and THAT has less armor but still most 4.3s and 4.7s have a hard time against it. Imagine what tiger h1 could do! some people just want to club as hard as possible
  2. Excuse me OP but where on the side did you shoot it? Im not gonna bash you right off the gate because your german like some people
  3. LoL just fml in the british tree
  4. it would be 7.3 minimum
  5. Worse than the SU 152 in every way except it gets a HEAT round
  6. They honestly need to speed up all reloads on it, especially after the 3 rounds dont it have at least explosive filler going for it? how is it compared to the 4.7 panzer 4?
  7. honestly some of the whining about things that people wanted uptiered and down tiered just did more bad than good for tier 4 example: panther 2 up tiers and is2 tiger down tiers or simply gaijins MM
  8. KT 105 is comparable to T29 tbh, I dont know why people pick it really 7.0 br with a 20+ second reload all just for some increased 1 shot potential?
  9. The RNG was still no where near as massive as WOT level
  10. T34/T29 included
  11. What are you gonna do to japan tier 5? Give STB and type 74 100k repair costs?
  12. At least tiger ammo racks explode everytime you hit it unlike T34/T29
  13. This threw the game completely in allies favor looks like there is no incentive to play Russia with those reload rates in tier 3 and up
  14. See.... the problem with the T29/T34 is the general DM and armor are so buggy the weak spots don't always work Things wrong with the T29/T34 1.T34/T29 side turrets eating shells for NO REASON 2. Optics eating entire 84mm apds and 88 shells 3.When you do pen the side turret the cannon breech is so big it shields the crew members on the other side 4. Broken ammoracks 5. MGs eating shells 6. Tracks eating shells 7. frontal Hull eating shells that should overmatch because xxxx tracks again
  15. Why you think I didn't "T34/T29" in my first sentence?
  16. This excuse gets really tiring especially when its behind a Pay wall, so dont even associate the t29 with any acutal f2p hard working americans, I could give you so many armor bugs with T34/T29 that if not fixed could warrant a BR increase
  17. (Has Nam-style flashbacks from WOT) I hope they drop the RNG quick or else everyone will point at Britain none of there shells got nerfed too as well
  18. question can someone test if this applyed to lower tiers as well?
  19. yea its annoying fighting T34/T29s and Tiger 2Hs all in the same game in my challanger/comet, most of the time I have no problem dealing with others
  20. Spawn camping just plain feels dirty
  21. Yea facing off against T29/T34s and Tiger 2s in my chaioteer and challenger every other game is beyond annoying
  22. Can you login with your PS4 account onto War thunder forums?
  23. (Edited)On a higher note can someone tell me why the japan AF tech tree been untouched for nearly 1.5 years?(discounting useless KI67)
  24. OP if your in Tier 4 you can blame t29/t34, IS6
  25. why would I ever play SPAAG instead of just pulling a plane myself? overheat mechanics(unrealistic for certain guns), hull break, defenseless against tanks and gets oneshotted by that random he shell that landed 10m away from you(japanese AA), prone to getting called upon with arty and many players hate them in genral(allies mainly) not to mention those repair costs(Britian), just to shoot down most of time 2 planes. And can someone tell me how can post comments on forums with my PS4 account
  26. M46 should be 6.3,6.0
  27. Whoops wrong account sorry guys but seriously zsu isn't a valuable to use as SPAA at unless you want to use it as a flank and spank vehicle
  28. This isn't my main account you know, plus shut up with the elitism gets on my nerves people like YOU one of the main reasons why the community is so separated , like what if im not playing RB/SB for time related reasons?
  29. Cant have an opinion? Lol
  30. nope ZSU-37 is beyond terrible against everything that isnt a bomber
  31. If this gets added ill have even less of an interest getting to tier 5
  32. Nice throwing insults,If you cant understand at least a tiny bit of slang then I cant help you buddy L2p in what way? I main Britain by the way and ok ill admit some of these choices aren't major but 3 of them are legit pw2 ru251,t29, is6 sqaud battles should have these removed too
  33. T29- Those lighting quick repair rates tho also troll **** armor Tiger 2 sla- ignoring the fact its spaded as soon as you buy it has the mobility of some mediums T34-100- when the BR gets reduced whats the point of the su100? T95- Im talking about arcade here but what your saying is possible... sometimes STRV 81- saves you from the horrible grind of the orginal while having back up weapons that can kill all tanks in the br range frontally IS6- no need to even say anything RU251- put in the hands of non germany main player to get heavy reasults
  34. t29,tiger 2 sla,t34-100 (which will get downtiered),ru251,is6 that 6.3 t95, cent mk3 with 600mm pen atgms. need I say more?
  35. Title says it all, Now discuss