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  1. Canon de 75 modèle 1897 'In typical use, the French 75 could deliver fifteen rounds per minute on its target, up to about 8,500 m (5.3 mi) away. Its firing rate could even reach close to 30 rounds per minute, albeit only for a very short time and with a highly experienced crew.' Ammunition, HE, Shrapnel, HEAT, APCBC, AP No performance available for Shrapnel and HEAT shells. According to Warthunder's Wiki The same gun used on the M3 Halftrack, St. Chamond, Char 2C. Ammunition Ammunition Penetration in mm @ Type of warhead Velocity in m/s Projectile Mass in kg Fuse delay in m: Fuse sensitivity in mm: Normalization At 30° from horizontal: Ricochet: 10m 100m 500m 1000m 1500m 2000m 0% 50% 100% M72 shot 108 107 90 74 60 50 AP 609 6.3 N/A N/A -1° 43° 30° 15° M48 shell 8 8 8 8 8 8 HE 594 6.3 0.4 0.5 0° 11° 10° 9° M61 shot 88 86 79 71 63 57 APCBC 609 6.8 1.2 20 +4° 42° 27° 19°
  2. Battlefield 1 is not valid for examples of vehicle operations. Char 2C was built in 1921 so it didn't meet with the war, and it's statistics match more of those of the T-35 and A1E1.
  3. Italy. But really WW1 Super Tanks would be fun to mess with. Italy: Fiat 2000 Germany: K-Wagon Germany: A7V-U Russia: Tsar Tank Canada, British, US: Mark VIII (US phased out all "Heavy" tanks in 1932) British: Mark VII France, the Char 2C's would work past 1.3 Br so I'm not including them with 0.7 and under tanks. And so on.
  4. Examples of terrain and features for this, themed with the Aleutian Islands: (Mainly Kiska Island displayed here)
  5. Although the Finnish KV-1"B" should be named a +KV-1E, so if the real KV-1B name should be applied to the current Soviet KV-1 ZiS-5 there would be no confusion there. And the German KV-1B is also questionable, as it is actually a KV-1C the Germans modified and named incorrectly.
  6. Maybe it doesn't exactly need to be EC, but just a "Normal" map, but in the theme of the Aleutian Islands? Can fight on the coast of an island with a Japanese Submarine Base, wrecks of planes, (P-38's, B-24's, Zero's, etc), tank wrecks, (Type 95 Ha-Go, M3 Stuart, etc), and cliff sides with frozen coves. Maybe even landing ships can be used on the map.
  7. Tanks/Vehicles

    French+Russian make German kek. +1
  8. Now we just need a suggestion for the T-35 and T-28 series. T-35 Prototype (BR 1, 37mm guns inplace of 40mm guns, sloped armour) T-35A (in game) (BR 1.3) T-35B (BR 1.7, New engine, much faster than the A) T-35 1935 (BR 2.7, 50mm Armour, equal gun to KV-1) T-35 1938/9 (BR 3.7, 80mm Armour, equal gun to KV-1)
  9. Microsoft's report on this:
  10. Tanks/Vehicles

    I need this Sherman.
  11. Also, there can be room made for the Deacon's, Canadian big cousin?
  12. tanks/vehicles

    The Vespa would be fun to troll with in the game, although it may fall into the lines of infantry and not vehicles for the game rating...
  13. Mainly due to the fact the Canada was and is pretty much loyal to the Crown, and it would work much better in matches where the US and UK vehicles are fighting each other in this case aswell.
  14. Misc/Other

    Well, if you say that it's not just going to be guys using the male crews either.
  15. Events/Maps/Missions

    I may have just edited my post right before you posted that.
  16. Events/Maps/Missions

    Actually, the Empire State Building was hit by a B-25 and it just blasted a hole in the exterior walls, with some debris leaving the other side of the building. So the buildings are quite durable.
  17. I like the Hybrid tanks in the game, Be nice to have more.
  18. Canadian and all Commonwealth vehicles belong alongside the British. Say if there would ever be the Canadian Diesel M10, it's be in the UK Tree, Rams, all there too, AC MK I/II/III/IV etc.