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  1. Feels like some context is needed. But stats don't always mean hey you don't know what your talking about.
  2. Isn't it supposed to be lighter or something. I remember seeing something on the weight or what not
  3. He probably is doing it to say oh you don't know what your talking about see my stats are better so I just know better.
  4. I feel alot of tanks are misrepresented in game than there real life counter parts some of these tanks we're masterpieces for there time.
  5. That would be kind of funny spawning into that as a joke or something just pop up as a chassis and sit there.
  6. aircraft/loadouts

    Have they said yes it no. If that gets to go up this should as well. Pretty much the same thing. But that looks alittle hit more of a flying tank
  7. I don't mind paper tanks I don't think they should take priority but if they have all the proper numbers and papers for it i don't see why it can't come to life here.
  8. aircraft/loadouts

    I still want this I hope it passes to the devs and they give it a okay.
  9. Well I mean this is a video game their will always be mistakes historical accuracy issues. I would like them to focus more on the issues we have but they haven't done all bad.
  10. Well then you we're cheated that should have bounced into the sky.
  11. I say that but I still see so many German players do it. My playstyle with the Germans is I find me a nice street hug a wall make sure I'm within reach of the cap and then I shoot people in the face. And move accordingly while keeping people at a arms reach so I can get those bounces the hull is so good for
  12. What armor boost did the IS2 receive?
  13. Just because I'm not sitting in the circle I'm the middle of the open doesn't mean I can't be an asset to my team. Running up capping and getting shot in the face doesn't benefit anyone. See this is the issue the German playerbase know the allies have these faster light tanks but I rarely see anyone try to stop them from going around attempt to stop them sure there slow but you don't have to go far to wait for a fast tank to put a shell right into it's face.
  14. A pile up in town with out even the flanks covered. Can't tell you how many times I've rolled around a corner and I are 3 or 4 tiger 2s chilling just in another reality I honestly don't feel it's the vehicles I've gone into games recently as the Germans and everytime I've got 2 or 3 kills and then I look at the scoreboard and theirs like 4 of us left most of them are dead with not a single kill. At a point maybe it could be underperforming but an entire team with nothing and in several games in a row. Can that be considered a balance issue at that point?
  15. No it's not more so they are very ranged tanks and there isn't the range really. All in town
  16. I would be alright with those. I'm sure the Germans had there own upgrades to the M47 and M48. As for uptiering it happens T29 and T34 are all fine. I feel compression and the +1/-1 could go for a .7 now also. Would help out alot.
  17. posting it here will get you nowhere. It either would be a suggestion or a bug report and it's looking more like a suggestion
  18. Most players are already iffy in pulling the trigger. Besides for sometimes heat fs is about all you've got ever try to take down a tiger 2 H with just a stock m47 for M48 it sucks. Always rock heat with those with a. Couple of Aphe shells. But I don't see why you'd want to limit shell use it's not your silver lions that are going to waste.
  19. Well what would you like the Germans to get? All you have is leopards and more leopards. Then theirs a push for the 120 leopard which I'd love to have but that gun is just too good
  20. It's sometimes hard to explain to them with proof on how something works. And then if I got approved it's hard telling when it would be fixed. There's big reports that are a few years old.
  21. I see it quite abit in this game. Don't get me wrong German tanks we're well designed but they we're not as god like as they can be made out to be.
  22. I'm not an allied player. I play every nation. And from my own experience the German teams are about as worthless as Ann Frank's drumset. Not all of the players are terrible. But most are going around like god thinking I can't be shot in the face. And when it happens it's anything else but their own fault.
  23. I can't tell if your serious or a troll or just being ignorant
  24. But the tanks of the post war aren't even that amazing of tanks. Most of them are about in par or less armored than the Tiger 2 H.
  25. Well if they'd let me I so could load up the M60A1 that's acrossed the street from my house but I doubt it would help.
  26. Bug report it then.
  27. Your never satisfied are you. Give the devs props for at least putting it in game.