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  1. Imagine hitting one of them with a smoke shell that will be pretty funny.
  2. Most of them can do that. I just haven't had the issues like when they first came out.
  3. Can be op on some maps. Most of the atgms are paper thin. So it's not like they are super hard to kill only one that gets that right is the IT1 and that has armor. And I don't find it hard to kill it.
  4. So isn't bombing and heat shells but it's in the game now. I personally don't really like atgms they feel meh. Although the Sheridan is alot of fun though.
  5. Why?
  6. Even if you add the indicators it still won't be a sure hit you still have to judge so. So I'm not sure why it would matter.
  7. It's a joke. We have bugs that have been out for years.
  8. I've been around before ground forces came out. And your not wrong gajin screws up. But at least give them some credit and if you don't make the report then nothing will happen. Besides butter cups it's Russian they get on those real quick.
  9. Well it was irl but it's not modelled and the Type 87 is composite also. It's going to come just the question is when.
  10. What do you think of all of this the T-64 And T-72 request because of the T95E1? I know you're very informative on Russian tanks.
  11. Why does it matter if it's modelled as regular steel. Let's wait on composites.
  12. I read that it was but only was effective against shaped charges not KE rounds.
  13. That's what I wanted to know. Demanding composite armor when the tank your using isn't even modelled as such is pointless. I know it was in real life and I understand where they are coming from. But if it's not even in game then you are just raging for no reason.
  14. No I know it was in real life. I am asking is it modelled on game. It can be composite all day long in real life what it was there and what we have in game are two different things.
  15. I said in game show me. From my understanding it's not modelled on game. I know it was composi5e but it was only helpful against heat not kinetic based shells
  16. Can you show me then? From everything I know on it. The armor was meant for heat shells and had little to no effect on kinetic shells.
  17. I had a feeling the T54 55 wouldn't meet up to the hype and would leave them wanting more. Something better.
  18. The apfsds isn't even right if I'm correct. The tank looks like it'll be fun but my Lord as soon as someone else receivedthe shell and because irl it was composite and doesn't have it in game means we deserve this and this.
  19. I thought the Type 87 Japanese spaa was composite armor so why is it when the T95E1 is introduced it requires the T64 or T72. Sad thing is I don't even think the T95E1s composite armor is modelled on game.
  20. Obviously it's not enough.
  21. Its just the dev server before you grab your pitch forks wait and see if It gets changed when it releases. Relax bug report what's wrong and let's see how it is handled. So fast to freak out.
  22. It's just the dev server let's wait and see what happens. Bug report it.
  23. How's the Vickers 1 look and the new chieftain I can't look at the dev server as I'm console. What's the specs on them
  24. If we're lucky this update butI doubt it. But the list isn't over yet so let's see what's in store for us next.
  25. Hey modernizing the Russian tanks we're important. I feel they would screw it up somehow. And yes he goes around to make you feel bad about yourself and how much better of a player he is.
  26. We might possibly get a remodel this update. But I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  27. I'm no rocket scientist but I think a 23kg shell is much bigger than the T62s apdsfs shell. Also I'm fairly certain the hunk of steel the T34 fired had more MJsthan the t62s so no not to the level of the T34s ap shell.
  28. The Russian documents said that they know best on foreign vehicles. Pffft don't you know anything. Forget going to a British or American tank book that's yesterday Russians have it all.
  29. 1.69

    Well it was finally announced. Not sure why it gets apdsfs if it gets thst can I get the shell the M60A1 used and the leopard.
  30. Apparently in the dev server both the M103 and T34 solid shot are both nerfed.
  31. No it's not a frag round but it is a 23kg solid chunk of steel. That has a massive spall line atm
  32. It's getting nerfed so yeah
  33. You do know this thread is 2 years d now.
  34. I won't say it's to make Russian tanks look superior I don't agree with nerfing any tank on the thought of balance. As for the 2nd half I agree I kind of wish a company would come along and either do that or start a game very close to it so gajin has to start fixing things to keep people.
  35. Which I think it stupid because it should just bounce right off that. You get some pretty weird shots that probably shouldnt pen with the overmatch
  36. There was one time we had a BT5 spawn into a 7.3 game and he was afk for the first minute if the game we we're in Berlin so I rammed him and pushed him off into the water. The rage was real. And everyone defended me that day.
  37. Oh I know it's still wrong but at this point I'll take anything. We've seen how much push they have had on fixing the US tanks. It's either been they are way underperforming or they are doing well and then get hit with a ban hammer been a back and forth thing for awhile now.
  38. I kind of expected it to happen. We can't have nice things. I mean finally got a fix to the M103s turret fix to the shell. Can't have that many buffs. So nerf hammer it was.
  39. Guess people couldn't handle the one shot it could do I mean it's a bug hunk of steel it makes sense but can't have that can we now.
  40. Alot of butt hurt Sheridans on that day.
  41. tanks/vehicles

    Well he went right to the point there. Not sure what the hard push for the 120mm that the leopard 2 uses it'll be balanced they say gonna have to say awhole lot of no.
  42. I surprisingly haven't seen as many complaints about the T34 as I thought I would but theirs still the ones that demand an uptiering. I guess the US are not allowed to have nice things to compete. I honestly thought it looks pretty realistic to me coming from a 23kg shell. I think I'm going to take a break for a bit it's getting alittle ridiculous now.
  43. So we finally get the M103 and T34 to a actually good standing point and then they are to good nerf. Awesome. Just when I thought we we're heading in the right direction with US tanks. Can't have that now can we.
  44. That was short lived for solid shot of the 120mm on the US tanks.
  45. How much was it buffed and was apds buffed as well
  46. Are you sure it was buffed?
  47. Changed it to make apds look better. Actually the us apcr used more tungsten than most other countries did
  48. Tanks/Vehicles

    Sure id buy this it looks fun.
  49. I Don't see why not. Sure why not removed all the captured planes thatthe Americans had along with everyone's else's captured no more German P47s and anything else
  50. I find it funny he says the F8F is to modern and the goes and demands br increases to everything.
  51. Ive stepped away from the game for rigjt now. Mostly because of other games. But I feel that gajin poorly implemented the IS6 and now more than ever we really need a higher br. Sorry but adding all these new tanks don't get me wrong I love them but now everything is starting to run over one another's toes and if you raise this tank up then it cause issues drop that tank down oh look now it's curb stopping everything. We have no real middle ground anymore.
  52. Well I wouldn't see why throwing up everything to 7 would fix it the T29 and T34 aren't over powered. As for the CAS planes I think they could go for a spawn increase do a T1 tamper so you can't bring out a light vehicle and just go cap