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  1. I've seen an asu 57 get eaten by a jagdtiger. Was rather funny.
  2. Well I imagine irl I woukd have suck punched right through the turret and crushed the crew and them when they found it they would be wondering what caused it. But it blew up turret flew off and then I was shot at my everything as I ate the tank or phased through it
  3. Ash river on the cliff had a T54 hiding below and just drove forward fell and just nose dived into the turret.
  4. I had a game yesterday where we swept the ru/ger combo in 5 minutes the last 2 guys we're in the air we still has about 60% of the tickets left when we rolled up to spawn. So we we're stuck waiting.
  5. I have been able to drop a maus on top of a T54 and kill it. That was worth the laughs but I brutally died after wards.
  6. Reminds me of the time when I was in my tiger 2 H it was a long time ago I believe they had just added American tanks I was downtiered I was on a good kills freak 5 well I was told being one of the few tanks left thst we had a few spawn camper so I went and killed those 2 and I turned around then 3 tanks rushed me I took them put but I was backing up to keep them at my side well after I had killed the last I wasn't paying attention to my surrounding and I went up on a spot that had rolled me on my side. Being a 70 ton tank and I don't believe the tow rope was even around then I had a bunch of whirlbil winds and ostwinds pushing me to try to flip me back over and what made it better is they we're pushing me like 3 or 4 AAA guns we went past the enemy tanks and they just kind if watched like what is going on. Then the game ended we lost but it was funny they all we're telling me to lose a few pounds I needed to lay off the chips. Hahaha
  7. My US tree is done again also I'll take a new tank. Working on the British next. I kind of want the cent 1 to get away from the IS6 spam atm. I wouldn't be against it but it's just a pain to kill it with the optic munching on my shells.
  8. It sucks when the Germans get a ME 262 and arado that sit at 6.7. They aren't good top tier jets but they will easily outrun almost any prop aircraft. The arados annoy me the most.
  9. heatfs

    Or if they made solid shot mess up the armor even when it didn't pen tanks. M103s 24kg solid shot woukd just small so much then.
  10. I wouldn't see why not. Woukd also be cool to take battles from other wars like to have battle on the 7 day war. Israelis vs Iraq I think is who it was. Drawing s blank. Maybe Vietnam battles and other parts of the world.
  11. If I'm correct there already is one about the turret so it's in. Just when will it get done. And I'm saying at least 3 months. They just take forever fixing things that really need it. Almost to the point of just dragging like they don't want too.
  12. heatfs

    Hope this one get closed also. These tanks have the chance to cut through you're armor as they will generally die to a good gust of wind hitting it the wrong way. Most of them can't even take machine gun rounds and those that dont have enough armor to set off a fuse to a aphe shell. So I don't see the problem.
  13. Well if it's wrong get the things together and make a bug report. Maybe get the 90mm corrected while it's at it.
  14. I just want the turret front fixed. Getting really annoying hitting a small weak spot to only have just say thank you may I have another. But I'll take bets 100$ says it take at least 3 months to fix? Any takers?
  15. Gajin has done good finally with the M103. So I feel to give them props when it's do. Even if it's not completely correct like I hear. It's a step in the right direction and all we need that for another other bugs and will be set I'd have no complaints.
  16. I don't really mind the heat fs tanks they did when I shoot them it's honestly easy.
  17. Not sure why the T29,T34 and T32 are brought up they are all within WW2 minus maybe I think the T32 thst went a little after but still they all used the tech around thst time. The post war tanks you know.
  18. It's a start.
  19. Probably AB
  20. I'd hate to shoot this bubble down but the T29 armor is inferior in parts compared to the T29. Gun wise it's not much if a competition T29,Tiger 2 and T34 have it beat all day. But I'm not asking for it yo be uptiered. I want it fixed.
  21. No not really. I'll agree both the Tiger 2 H and T29 deserve 7 br but the way things are set up it won't happen. I'll admit I'm no pro at Soviet tanks they are some of my least favorite tanks for a few reasons but even I with half a brain can do outstanding in the IS3 most of my points generally involve rejecting shells and just being sponge for my team when I'm downtiered.
  22. Well if I remember right that's what it took to get the tea tanks nerfed hard the first time. Caern finally just got lifted of those burdons.
  23. I don't think it needs uptiered I'm more leaning towards fix it now
  24. Still not so sure why people push so hard for this because regardless heat flies and even the stock shells can pen the turret of a maus. So if it's correctedto the 230mm it's still in the same boat it was or next you're going to tell me then downtier it to 7.3.
  25. I like how he point out all these things and shows it standing still some of these shots would be near impossible when the tanks impossible played by any semi decent player.
  26. I can kill them although it's a paid sometimes the regular long 90 I've struggled pretty hard against them but the 105 pm the T29 and 120 on the T34 cuts through them minus is something dumb doesn't absorb the shell. If you're using the short 90 then treat it as a T54 and go the other way. And if it's staring at you then I'm sorry but you're going to die and no god can save you.
  27. Looks like a 7 br jet. I want it.
  28. What kind of cards black jack poker because black jack is the only card game I know how to play. Lol
  29. See my luck sucks the only luck I have is bad luck
  30. Yeah but you barely ever will.
  31. No it would be fine at 8.0. Isn't a single tank in game that can really stop a atgm missle doesn't mean that gets a pass.
  32. It would be fair.
  33. Same amount of weaknesses as the IS3 just in different spots sure that's fair. Still saying no. Plus it's gotten an up armored improvement I don't think the 84mm can reliably pen the hull anymore
  34. No fraid you need to re-read sir. It's to drop the IS3 to 7.0 and the IS6 to 7.3. And obvious reasons people are against the IS3 moving down as for the IS6 it's bugs need fixed.
  35. I think the only reason the T34 hasn't gotten it's APDS is because it could pen what 450mm of armor or some crazy number like that. And woukd probably require it to go to 7 if it did.
  36. Well shot trap that us more inconsistent than the IS3s and then the small hole in the right side of the turret. And if you're slightly wrong anything can absorb that shell. I am not a big fan of fighting it with the T34 it's easier but I lack parts so if I get shot in the face it's done
  37. Then I'm in the same boat that I was in before I can barely pen either one from the front one I have a small turret spot that may or may not go through then I have the IS3 either hope it hits the turret ring or it bounces into the tank neither are consistent and near impossible yo do at range. So how about no. IS3 can stay at 7.3
  38. Probably just shoot about where the tracks are because that's where the unangled parts of the armor are
  39. People complain to much. If it's not one thing it's another. Planes are in gf you have the tools to take them out it's up yo you and you're team to get on it
  40. Pretty sure that it never used the D round the others had.
  41. Planes are not over powered they need adjustments. Ground is the forces it how I earned most of my planes. And me smashing into the ground isn't worth just the one kill when I could kill both the planes and blow up high priority players.
  42. My first death in a M56 is I killed a guy went through a stone wall me being the last guy alive I thought I'll sit on this hill and rain death down onto the spawn campers that was ruined when I bumped the next wall going 5 mph.
  43. But the American light tanks have it so easy you just don't understand they take no skill. Jokes aside maybe it might give them some insight on the light tanks the US had and them saying oh but you can pen everything just flank it's l2p issue. It's alot harder than it looks takes a bit of thought when a strong wind will detrack you and then you get killed by a wall because hit it alittle to hard. I honestly don't have any issues with the RU it's generally driven by skill lacking players who die in 5 minutes. Now the IS6 is a harder but to crack as the small spot on the right is really the only sure way to take it out.
  44. No it doesn't. And I do feel bad because I know there is almost nothing they can do when I'm the one rolling around the corner. Generally why you get that panic shot of oh **** and then start backing up immediately
  45. But I like rolling up in my T29 and seeing nothing but tiger 1s and Panthers generally just club them all then.
  46. It at least takes out the breach maybe kills to gunner. But you're right it is the opposite but apparently that's rocket science to some players.
  47. I have gone against both the T29 and Tiger 2 both are good but getting careless vs either of the vehicles will get you shot in the face and end up dead. T29 is much larger the turret is the size of Texas with 6 crew it's a maus with a worse gun and armor and slightly faster. I put a shell right into the turret on the left side killing the gunner and taking out the breach then putting shells where ever else to finish it off. You can't angle the turret on the T29 otherwise you expose the huge state sized turret.
  48. From my experience when the Russians and Germans are together they steam roll.
  49. Suggest them don't post them here.
  50. Why can't mah Tigers face WW2 opponents. The over powered light tanks firing heat and and the T29 and T34 the centurion post war.
  51. Well from what I've seen recently if it's Ger+RUSS vs the Brits+US most if my games have been lost their have been a few times where we absolutely destroyed them and kicked them around just depends on what teammates we're stuck with. That and I've noticed most IS6 drivers underestimate the T34 that blows a massive hole through the turret.
  52. No I'm the the one who actually wants armor that we as a community can call out if it's wrong the values you'll find are probably nothing more than guess work and estimations because its mostly classified. Rather than go for what's classified how about touch on what we know and can actually find figures armor values and gun performances. So before making judgement on what I could be actually look at what we're dealing with just because the toy looks nice doesn't mean we should always get it. Have no issues with composite I think we should wait and add other things first and fix what we have but when that's done MBT 70 T64 and a few others for other countries and then stop.
  53. At least the M60 has a almost impenetrable hull It is the hellcat of the 6.7 br. You shoot it it dies. Let the spam crazy people go away and then will be right back to step one of hey this isn't that bad. It's good not op
  54. Because it's not over powered. It's just new
  55. It's new give it a few weeks when people find out hey this isn't so hard to kill and how to counter it they'll slowly die off. And I mean are we honestly surprised everyone's crying over powered. Every update some new toy releases I can't kill this it must be over powered it can't be me. Every single time.
  56. The few times I've been hit took out my gunner and breach. I really find the drivers mostly mindless nubs thinking I am god who generally are the first too die. Out of the games I've played every time most of them die off in the first 5 minutes and then it's maybe one or two that do something. Now those are the players you generally need to watch out for
  57. And so can't the M56 and the T92 and and the T34 so can't most T5s. So I mean shoot first and watch you're flanks. Because honestly since it's release I've only been killed twice by it and more than one was involved still worry more about the IS6 and the but with the T29 i can bounce just as many shots as I can bounce of his. No but it's whay we have in game so gonna have to deal with it. We have tanks at that br that can fire shells that make armor pointless so I mean it's not the good ol story because it's what we have.
  58. It's the thought that matters. So thumbs up for the thought.
  59. It's fine st 6.7 watch you're flanks or prepare to get rekt like a scrub . Their problem solved now let's go on and talk about other things.
  60. Well fairly certain the US had much more tungsten laying around than both the Russians and Germans.
  61. They aren't to overpowered. They have 2 weaknesses. 1 someone told me and it works second is the turret ring.
  62. 3 IS6s
  63. Right between the hull and turret ring and that right side of the turret are the only things I shoot with my T29 and I've held off 3 IS6s by myself. It sucked but I killed all 3
  64. Or how about no. If we go there stop at the MBT 70 and T64. And not right now.
  65. Well I mean M47,jpz,M48 don't really get the option of loading something different unless you're on there side then M82 loaded all day. But besides that you aren't doing much penning with that worthless apcr. Some tanks actually need it.
  66. balance

    So the T32 can't pen it unless it's point blank better start being the AP shells to try to kill it. I tried the left and never again.
  67. balance

    Where do you kill the IS6? I've killed 1 shooting between the turret and hull sometimes it goes through.
  68. I would imagine it would require tweaks to their game engine. I honestly feel we should fix what we have add other tanks and later decide on it later. I eventually wouldn't mind getting to composite tanks but there is alot more to add before we get to that and I want the game fixed before that. It'll never be bug free but their are things that can be done to make it better.
  69. balance

    I'm pretty certain the M56 came after the T29. And yeah you can pen anything with heat but they are just light tanks a good breeze can take you out. But having a heavy to actually take that shell goes along way rather than playing peak a boo the whole match with a ton of light tanks. The T29 and now the T34 along with the Tiger 2s are far in few between they we're built to do that slugging feast and they do it well. The Tiger 2s hull is almost impenetrable to all but best shells and in T4 minus heat and hesh and the new T34s ap it's untouchable. I will not go as far as T29 overpowered it excels in its own manners that was required of it and the Tiger 2 excels in its list of things. Both can kill each other it comes down to who shoots who first and really skill at that point. The T29 does better as of right now because of map design it does better in a medium to close range but on kursk tiger 2 all the way that 88 is one of the best guns in the game.
  70. Ground vehicles

    Well the Americans built those heavy tanks to be of counter to the Tiger 2s and IS2s. Japan really doesn't count for much as they didn't have much of a tank research going so makes sense why they lacked heavy tanks the Russian tanks lack depression which makes them inferior to there opposition. As for the Tiger 2 we have suggested I mean it would be nice to have it but I think we're jumping straight to the point and probably should only get a panzer iv maybe a stug.
  71. tanks/vehicles

    It's still sexy I wouldn't mind this tank
  72. Well they are in use today so it would make sense that the shells lack actually proper numbers it's all classified. Even down to the old composite armor most of its classified to and all you'll ever get estimations of what it could be. Why it would be to hard to try to add these tanks in the numbers don't really exist to accurately judge how it would perform. And if it was wrong it would be almost impossible to prove it is.
  73. But as I have said I think planes can use tweaks more so in ab than rb. They can be made fair I think for ab you shouldn't be able to bring planes out like candy and if you crash it into the ground I think there should be a price just make it the ab repair cost for the planes. Probably try to make it a point system but raise it higher to bring them out. Also if you lose said plane make the one of you're spawns so you can't bring in 3 tanks if it goes boom actually count it as a death and scratch on of of you're spawns doing it. There could be more done to it but that would be a start on the right path to making it better.
  74. Yeah see he's talking about ab. Not going to talk about foreigner he's tried to prove his point but anyone who has disagreed with him he's patronized them tried to call them out. And then when he goes to other threads wonders why he's not as taken seriously or opinions more or less brushed off. Because he'll do the same there as he does here.
  75. You don't get free planes in rb that costs at least 10k to replace and even more got Japanese planes. So crashing isn't always smart just saying. People don't want broken things well some people do but generally gets turned down. Planes really aren't that broken I agree they need some tweaks a small T1 tank should not be able to cap and then immediately plane to bomb. But alot of us like planes and you do not speak for everyone. If you play this game them you are signing up for what comes with it. Flaws and all. You have spaa and other planes to knock them down if a plane kills you hunt him down with a AAA gun or plane the resources are their to do it, if you do nothing then the only ones are to blame are you and you're teams.
  76. Yeah but if it gets said shells it'll likely go up in br. In my opinion it performs fine with the current shells they just need tinkered and fixed.
  77. Flanking is sometimes easier said than done. Flank that guy acrossed the map while he's lobbing shells at you. And that doesn't even include his allies. But that can go different for alot of tanks
  78. You can never please anyone. It's a double standard that will go both ways if people see it as such.
  79. It gives the British an advantage since they lack he filler. Gives them a reason to be played at that br
  80. Felt a drop in skill from German teams recently why I don't want to grind out the leopard 1a1a1. I'll use my broken M60s chieftain or the T29.
  81. Lack of team work and blaming everything being overpowered also
  82. You do know it not always superior tactics that got you that kill could he a number of reasons luck multiple people shooting at him.
  83. No one is forcing you to spend GE on planes to compete. I've unlocked most of my planes from the tank games I've played. I enjoy combined forces and alot of other people do also.
  84. You can pen the T29 with Tiger 1
  85. Wouldn't be so sure on that last part. People say the T29 is op and their have been more threads on that than I can count on both hands. Still hasn't been raised yet. I won't say much other than my opinion and I could be wrong but the few players I have seen using it make rocks in motion look brighter than them. I fear the IS6 more and i haven't even seen one yet.
  86. For the other 320mm or 90mm guns its about 700 a shot.
  87. It was Eastern Europe it was around the middle where it bends and he saw me I'm guessing he went to turn around I pulled out to shoot him and he drifted and right off was pretty funny.
  88. Is it bug reported?
  89. Just a bit of sarcasm. Sorry. I actually haven't seen many of them and the few I have seen I've killed but they we're more than the halfway mark when I saw them. They move I was honestly quite surprised one flew past me tried to do a hard turn drifted and off into the water he went. You're not inaccurate. I think I've seen more scrubs rush up and die than I've seen them actually do something.
  90. It's worthy of 7 it's at least on par with the Type 61. Or 7.3 drop the jpz to 7 that needs it.
  91. You don't understand it deserves to be 6.7
  92. Yeah then you get people in a good tank and then it does great. Then people whine about it.
  93. Well I've already been yelled at about it being over powered.
  94. It's more on par with 1.45s damage model now. I'm waiting for the demands of it being uptiered now along with the T29 like normal.
  95. Yeah they have a massive damage buff for their ap shells. Honestly I don't think the T34 needs any extra shells I'm quite impressed with the damage it is more than enough to takeout anything. Already had rage from tiger 2s
  96. T34.
  97. It's hard for most tanks to one shot a tiger 2.
  98. It does fine with just the ap I've been driving it all morning goes through the hull of a tiger 2 and will wipe out most of the crew. One shot multiple Panthers and it goes through T54s
  99. 1.67

    But I'm not a T29 Ace.
  100. I haven't seen one yet so I won't make judgement but I'm alittle worried turret looks like it maybe penable
  101. I do fine with mine at 7.3. Only been shot trapped a few times the hole is hard to hit if you're moving you're turret around the ring I've been killed at more than anything and even that is hard to hit unless you're up close. The IS3 is one of those tanks that gets screwed if it fights leopards and M60s but does very well when dropped with Tiger 2s, M26E1s M46s and so on. But I still dear the T54 more than the IS3 mostly due to if he doesn't kill me with the first shell he has awhile to reload and that gives me somewhat of a chance.