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  1. Both issues IMO. D-Pad fixed (almost). Centering works fine now for me.
  2. The button issue is "partly" repaired. Why partly??? I'll try to explain When you have your left and right analogue binded as default it is ok. When you switch it manually by binding them opposite (left for rolling and throttle, right for cursor), and you press the flaps button while holding l2 it centers your view . Its quite annoying when you are low and turning so it makes you stop turning causing collision. But if anyone have the same issue there is a thing you can do: Just use the switch analogue controller option i game options. It works fine. Your sticks are switched and all the buttons are working properly. Thank you mods 4 repairing this problem. I haven't seen any freezes or something so hopefully that was repaired too. Good job!
  3. Checked 4 different accounts. 2 are working fine, 2 are not working at all - I mean controls I'm really sure that sony is not interested. I had similar situation before. I've bought an ultra pack for WT and the game stopped working (no hit detection). They were not interested in solving the refund for the time i was not able to play. They were blaming gainin and gainin asked me to contact sony as I have bought the pack through the PS Store. So no-one was guilty - I had lost the money. Now "enough is enough" - I had deleted the game from my system.
  4. Pressing and holding L2 will not let u to use arrows, L1 for rockets and many others. But there is a weird thing in it... When I tried to use another account on the same PS4 system, everything worked just fine. So account A is not working and account B is working. Ive been trying to reset all the controls on account A but it didn't help. Do you know any solution how to "hard reset" all settings of war thunder. Deleting game settings from ps4 menu doesn't work. Setting controls to default doesn't work. Any ideas ??? So same system player accounts and one is working well and second one not at all. really weird... Writing an email to Sony will not help you anyway. Sony also don't give any **** about this. The only hope are our tech mods...
  5. So... new update with same old problems + one new for me. While I'm holding L2 button I cannot use any of the arrow buttons (flaps, landing gear, airbrake) Can anyone tell me if I'm the only one ??
  6. Hey, New update new problems. I cannot use flaps (right arrow button on ds4) while i'm holding L2 button on DS4. This game really became unplayable for PS4 users Best regards, P. EDIT... when you hold L2 you can't use any of the "digital" arrow buttons on your dualshock4