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  1. Has anyone filed a bug report or gotten any further information from Gaijin if this is intentional? It's a complete mess now, did zero damage to a SU-152 15M in front of me, and he didn't deal any to me either.. Also shot a APHE shell RIGHT INTO a Panthers ammo rack, turning it yellow and then disappearing completely on it's way to the engine..
  2. Maybe, I doubt it though since it behaves really weird... I mainly play AB at the moment, and this 'bug' has affected a lot of games the past week in my German 5.7 lineup. Playing against other Tiger 1s in mine is a mess. We never pen each other on angles and situations we should(the big unsloped 102mm front plate for example), and our shells cause minimal damage(again, shrapnel slightly damaging the crew). Shot the 120mm mantle on the Panther F 3-4 times at a 50m distance and ALL my shells disappeared upon contact and only slightly damaging the optics.. Shot a Tiger 2 in the side two times with my Panther and they went through like small AP rounds, only killing the loader... I'd really like to know what's causing this.
  3. Experienced this as well, the shell just "disappears" and shoots a few shrapnel pieces on the closest crew member and turns him yellow/orange. Sometimes it just explodes on flat armor where it should definitely pen and not just make the near components yellow.. Didn't notice this last week when I played.