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  1. Today was pretty weird, I had some good games but I struggled a lot more than I thought.. Starting to consider moving back to my 4.3 lineup until I get the IS-1 to back it up with.
  2. Interesting. I haven't kept track but I don't think I've been in a 4.3 game yet, it's mostly 4.7-5.7 for me. But I've been in quite a few 6.3 games, only way to kill Tiger 2s is to shoot a 152mm APHE from the SU-152 into the mantle and watch it blow up(very satisfying). Looking forward for the IS-1 and possibly the PT-76. I don't know if it's just me, but the T34-85 has been pretty tricky in AB so far.. The mobility is great, but you really need to pick your shots carefully as they're prone to bounce off easily from Tigers, Panthers and heavy armored US tanks.
  3. Yeah I used to club them in my 5.7 lineup aswell, didn't they'd be this tough now when I'm on the other side.. Hm, yeah I've been bouncing a lot more shells with the 85mm than I thought. The sloped armor hasn't helped me as the 76mm T34s has.. And as expected I get penned at almost any angle by the tanks I meet(especially Germans), only thing that I can bounce with is the sloped turret sides. Same here when I play germans. Although the Tiger and Panther are pretty tricky to kill when you're in the T34, but it's definitely possible
  4. Hello everyone! Now when the T34-85s got their new BRs at 5.3 and 5.7 respectively, how do you guys feel about it? And what's your experience with playing/facing it since the update? Here's mine: I just finished researching the Soviet 5.0 lineup including the D-5T earlier last week and after that I took a short break from the game for about a week. But during that time the BR changes were announced and implemented. Came back a few days ago to try out the new lineup at 5.3, haven't gone too well so far.. But I'm sure it's because it's a brand new set of vehicles and it's time for me to switch playstyle. The T34 is usually the first tank that bites the dust in the match for me and I've been sucked into a lot more 6.3 games then I thought.. I haven't performed too well in the KV-2 either(mostly because of the small and urban maps in AB), but surprisingly the SU-152 is the one that's performed the best. I never really had an issue with the T34-85s in my German lineup, but I know other people have different experiences with them. Then again, I'm sure it's just a L2P issue for me so far and that I play AB at the moment. But I'm curious on what you guys have to share!
  5. [server] [update]

    I won't be able to launch up the game until tomorrow, but I have a question: Is the ISU-152 still 6.0 in AB? I didn't see it being mentioned in the notes except for RB, but it seems weird that a 6.0 tank would be before the ISU-122(5.3)...
  6. I'd imagine, I don't think it can compare to a Panther D or Tiger 1 armor or gun-wise, just mobility. My German 5.7 lineup struggle at 6.7(mainly due all the Tiger 2 and Panther IIs in AB). Just unlocked the D-5T along with the other 5.0s, this BR update really changed things up for my current and near future lineup..
  7. Isn't 5.7 for the T34-85 a bit too high? Already seen it being clubbed at 6.3 by Tiger 2s. Personally I never had any issues with the ZiS-53 or D-5T at 5.3 and 5.0 respectively when I meet them in my 4.0-6.0 German, British and Soviet lineups. Although I play AB, so I'm not sure how justified the raise is in RB.