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  1. It's a possibility, although I think Apple's going to make the transition rather easy just like with new versions of Swift. Seems like they're already making it easier to implement and debug it Did you have issues with v-sync on Metal? I have it enabled aswell and it seems to cap at 60 just fine(except for the hangar and test flight). No clue why it has all those micro-stutters though..
  2. UPDATE: Downloaded it and it runs A LOT better than I thought! Got about ~120FPS on medium and 1440x900 while test flying. Bumped it up to 2880x1800 and it looks gorgeous, but the FPS took quite a hit(down to 25-30). Although, I've noticed quite a lot of stuttering, usually disappears after a while though. Can't wait to see the performance if Metal 2 is implemented(with supposedly x10 better performance and eGPU support).