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  1. of course, getting the battle task to win 5 games has nothing to do with this, right/ it isnt tracked. the last 2 days ive gone 2-16 trying to win those. i give up at bedtime and just figure it isnt meant to be. somehow I am still above 50% win percentage. Sure seems like i lose a lot when i look back and see defeat, defeat, defeat, defeat. The 'goal' in WT is to make credits and RP for the grind. Winning a map is secondary. you win more in RP placing in the middle of the pack and winning, then you do coming in first and losing. I keep losing and coming in top 3...isnt helping me at all. seems when I'm on a losing team, I am big fish, little pond. And when I win...rarely, I am a pos player. Go figure. You can't tell me it's all random, though. there is some formula to it.