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  1. So am I reading this thread right to say that APHE shells have been nerfed to be worse? I play about 3 hours a day on avg and really havent seen that. I just began the british line a few weeks ago and it is horrible. I cannot kill anything with solid shot in less than 3 hits, even with 17pdr on side hits of something like a su122 or a MK IV. And yes, I know to aim for fuel and shells. They just dont ignite. It is pretty insane to think that the 17pfr, equal to the early Tiger 88 and one bad-**** gun is so weak in this game. But then I did notice that over a year ago and I remarked to some poor Brit owner that gaijin really did him a disservice when his Firefly had hit my tank several times and didnt kill me. I felt bad for one hitting him after. So, yeah, I am confused if solid shot is suposed to have inched closer to APHE recently because when i jump back on my same tier German stuff, it is nice to actually see stuff explode again. Curious to see when they get to M1A1 tanks that their sabot DU shells (solid shot) shouldnt kill anything either, by the current standards.
  2. wasup.  Were you a m551 crewman?

  3. You think gaijin cares if we get a 40,000 person petition. Unless we all walked away from the game for a week, at the same time, giajin will not care what we say about bs matching, stupid kamakaze planes, or anything else. They in the driver's seat and we are in the trunk. Enjoy the ride...and the 1.9 losing streaks.
  4. oops...just looked up and saw I commented 5 months ago. Funny..I guess nothing has changed.
  5. EXACTLY my point. I have been complaining in threads about this for about 6 weeks. That is when it seemed to really get worse. Came on this morning and 3 games i have been down 1.0 br all three. I got about 2 kills and lost all 3. I just dont want to do it anymore. It makes no sense whatsoever and gaijin will not give an explanation. If so many of us are always down 1.0, who are the people +1. and why do they get this>? i write down the br ratings every match and I avg being down .8....Over a 40 match period I was the top of the br 1 time!! you are driving me away. I can handle being down .7 but when my js2 continually faces t29 and my js1 has to fight king tigers and jagdpanthers, it gets old after say, 200 games. How can company make such an amazing game and still fail so miserably at match making. It certainly appears that certain players are chosen to be fodder for other certain players. all we want is a fair playing field. Life is unfair enough. we come to games to find a release and enjoyment. This isnt it anymore. I feel like I am being targeted, along with a few other hundred people it seems, and t disgusts me. Put me again tanks .3 or .4 above and below my br, as often as you put me with ones .6 and .7 and this game would be fun again.