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  1. Any tank that shoots me
  2. Something like this?
  3. gameplay

    So you would have the same rules, same damage and performance models and same everything between simulation, realistic and arcade? What would be the difference between them? Apart from the name, that is... There is a reason why they are different, because it started off with having the same respawn rules as air forces, but it was changed. I don't know what reasons these were, since I joined after they happened.
  4. I know there are events, but I'm talking of doing this for the random battles.
  5. OK, here's a question that is a bit OT, but related to map design. What are the chances of seeing games very different from various versions of capturing a cap point? Destroying/defending a target for example, capturing a town instead of a square in the town, full on tank battle to the elimination of opponents for example. I say it's related because games so different from "sit in a circle on the ground while you're being bombarded by everything" would require new maps for the most part.
  6. That is one hell of a shockwave to be one-shotted by an aircraft that missed me
  7. But this wasn't by fire, there is no fire. The only other explanation must be by impact because bombs and rockets weren't involved, but there was no impact, as it hit the ground quite far behind. I mean, at that instant in the screenshot the aircraft still hasn't finished crashing even, and it's already registered the kill.
  8. Not forgetting those that are counted as shot down, but only got hit a couple of times and dived to the ground to hit a tank, and because of those couple of hits they are counted as shot down and assigned to who was the last to hit it.
  9. gameplay

    Hmm... about this third option... If you're at the point of using a fourth spawn taken from a leaver, is there really any point in continuing the match?
  10. As things stand now SPAAs don't need the extra ammo or reloading facilities. They are prime targets for kamikzes, even when on the move, and often don't get a chance to run out of ammo.
  11. It has become ridiculous. Even worse when there are more than one aircraft in the air. You can't shoot one and try not to be hit by the other. I give up. SPAAs were supposed to be a defence against the aircraft plague, but now they can be taken out with ridiculous ease, and if you shoot at aircraft you make yourself a target, and you can't really take cover and still shoot at the aircraft, especially when there's more than one enemy in the air. The defence from aircraft has no defence from aircraft, because they can be destroyed even by aircraft that have been shot down! This not considering that the aircraft in the air are becoming a joke. A few matches ago there were nine aircraft in the air: two red and one blue on the outgoing wave and three red and three blue on the incoming wave. I will take a break from WT, and check every now and then if a patch comes out, just in case they fix it, because I'm not having fun anymore.
  12. I shot down an aircraft with a SPAA, it crashed near me and it killed me. No bombs or rockets were involved. It didn't hit me, it missed, and it wasn't a very near miss. Is this a bug or have SPAAs become aircraft fodder?
  13. Does it have any function at all? I understand it used to be used for matchmaking (correct me if I'm wrong) but if now it's only an arbitrary division that has no function maybe it should be removed. It seems to confuse people regarding the matchmaking and their vehicle lineups, and the Qs being displayed liek that don't help with this mistaken impression.
  14. That's what I mean. Apart from being a division of the people in the queue just for display, and areas on the tech tree, does rank mean anything?
  15. I mean in terms of game mechanics. I see when in queue, for example there is a list of waiting players divided by rank and nation. Does it actually do something or is it a left-over of previous matchmaking mechanics?
  16. Basically it has rendered SPAAs almost useless, since they are prime targets and they will be taken out even by a not-so-near miss if they try and get out of the way. Before it was pointless to roll out a SPAA because there were too few targets for them, now it's pointless to take one out because a single kamikaze will take you out even if it misses, even if it was already destroyed.
  17. This hull break thing is worse than I thought. I just got destroyed by an aircraft that missed me completely. It's happened several times before, but I thought it might have been just my impression. This time I looked at the replay and...
  18. Dunno. I'm on 47% now and I still end up more often than not on teams that get stomped.
  19. My best is 11 kills with a ZIS-30 before being blown to bits. The map was VoloandtherestIcan'tremember I'll try and find the replay and post a screenshot this evening. Feel free to call <swearword to indicate a false statement> if I can't find it.
  20. Yes, I'm aware of that, but as I said, what mostly puzzled me was that of the four vehicles two were locked and two weren't. I hadn't played at all in that match, I hadn't had them destroyed at all. I just left when I saw there was no way I could play. When I got back to the hangar screen I noticed that two vehicles were not locked and I could have played them right away. I didn't post it in the tech support because I considered it a freak occurrence and wondered if others had experienced, that's all, not a bug or a technical issue, but since I have the attention of a senior tech mod I suppose I can ask if it's something that's happened before, or maybe it was, as I said, just a freak occurrence, maybe due to race conditions on the DB due to the really bad lag.
  21. I did exactly that, it was this half and half crew lock that leaves me puzzled
  22. Yeah, it is almost like saying "there he is, avenge your death!"
  23. Ah, here must be the misunderstanding. When I say "air kills" I mean aircraft killed by a ground vehicle, not the other way around.
  24. I don't necessarily want them gone, I do tend to be a bit hyperbolic sometimes, although I do find them annoying sometimes when I'm driving a tank. What annoys me is how they're used as guided missiles. If not the majority of the aircraft kills, a large portion of the air kills I make are from me hitting the aircraft and the aircraft diving into someone. I don't regret getting the points, far from it, but it kind-of cheapens the effort I make to shoot them down, and to be honest ruins the immersion in the scenario. This without mentioning how they hit you with little skill and little thought. Before hull break it was rarer, but still happened (although not in the same way of course). I mean... I do something stupid and get shot... fine, I'm annoyed, but at myself. Someone has a better aim than I do, again, annoyed, but fair game, he was better. I get bombed and for whatever reason I cannot move (repair, for example) or a slow tank (I once was bombed in a churchill and it was either forward uphill or backwards. Needless to say I went bang) fine, again annoying, but it's part of the game. Good spot from the air. Someone just flying into you into a kamikaze attack... it is aggravating, even if they don't damage you. Even more if they do. EDIT: BTW, I started working on my SPAAGs and relative skills only after a few discussions on here, and I'm not afraid to admit that because of this my perspective on this has shifted. I still think that the way they are implemented should be changed, but I don't necessarily think they should be removed. The name should be changed from "Tank Arcade game" if the aircraft are there to stay though.
  25. I'm actually enjoying the SPAAGs now And yes, I watched a few videos on how to play them and as I said I always try to position myself sideways to the path of the aircraft, so it's easier to avoid being hit either by weapons or aircraft themselves, and I make sure I have a clear route in front of me, so when I do move away I don't have to look and can keep shooting at the aircraft. Doesn't always work, but it helps a lot, and I have been getting Wing Breaker awards fairly regularly (when there are aircraft to shoot at, that is...) As for the bad attacker, I still try to fly aircraft properly, I don't like to use them to ram hull-breakable vehicles. That doesn't mean I don't crash, as i often overdo it...
  26. Don't watch the last one, it's embarassing EDIT: Ok, found myself, apparently the search is case-sensitive. Just FYI i reviewed the first battle today (on this computer, I also play on the work laptop) and the last 9 yesterday. The numbers might be a bit different if you choose another day, but I'm convinced they will be more or less the same, maybe a bit less flying since I've started doing that more recently.
  27. I couldn't find myself on that page, so I watched the replays on my local computer. The last 10 AB GF matches totalled up to 14 deaths from tanks 4 deaths from aircraft (pretty close to a quarter) 14 times taken to the air As I said though, I make myself a target for aircraft when I'm in a SPAAG. I even fire short bursts to grab their attention, because that way it's easier to shoot them down. Those 4 deaths from aircraft were all in SPAAG.
  28. Where would I look that up? I'm curious to see how close to reality is my approximation.
  29. That is true. When I spawn in a SPAAG I keep an eye on the low bar and the mini map to see when an air event starts, and sometimes it starts with no warning, sometimes i only find out because I happen to spot the aircraft, sometimes I find out because I get strafed. Could it be the same issue as the invisible tanks?
  30. I can say in all honesty that about a quarter of my deaths are due to aircraft, but for that there is an easy explanation: I always spawn a SPAAG as second vehicle, and therefore make myself a target. Sometimes I end the game with the SPAAG sometimes I don't get to spawn it, and that would account for not making a third, my calculation is very approximate for myself. i don't always get killed because I've learned to put myself sideways to the aircraft path, making it easier to escape a strafe, and make sure I have a clear route in front to run away without having to look, but eventually they will get you. I don't complain too much anymore though, I'm enjoying my string of wing breaker awards...
  31. That depends on what their priority is and how easy the fix is. If the fix is easy (I somehow doubt it) then we will see it soon, the same if they prioritise fixing the unintended consequences. If they see having HE shells work with the current mechanics as a priority and the fix for the airplanes is more complicated we might be stuck with it for a while.
  32. It wouldn't be one of their spawns, it just needs to occupy a slot in the lineup to be used instead of using a random aircraft. As for those large payloads, wouldn't those make the aircraft heavier to handle and thus an easier target for AA? it would also fix the inconsistency of people driving German tanks and spawning a spitfire.
  33. You have a point there.
  34. What do you think of this? Aircraft work as they do now, with points and all, except SPAAs get double points for shot aircraft (I like that Davenprof). To spawn an aircraft you have to put one in your initial lineup. You won't spawn it as a tank to use, but as an air even as it is now, but you'll spawn that one in your lineup. If it gets damaged it'll take time to repair and you can't spawn it until it's repaired, if it gets destroyed, that's it: end of games for that one. At the end of the game any damage on your aircraft will have to be paid as usual.
  35. As things stand now, if you spawn a SPAAG and your team is doing well, you end up not having targets in the air anyway.
  36. In any case I don't know if it's my impression only, influenced by this discussion, but I do get the feeling that queues are getting a bit longer. If it's true maybe people are already playing less, as you said...
  37. I'll tell you more: you can be destroyed by destroyed aircraft. I've just come from a match with american tanks and destroyed a Spitfire. Even if black it managed to direct its fall on my M16 as I was running away (sideways, because I learn my lessons) and destroy it.
  38. I mean immediately, as soon as they spawn.
  39. Start off on a new match, first spawn, there's always at least a couple of people who start firing their MGs immediately, sometimes (often) firing on teammates. Is there a reason apart from a widespread fetish for MG noise?
  40. You're welcome to open such a poll. I'm not being sarcastic, I mean it. I opened this not because I want to propose anything, I'm simply curious of what people think about this side of the issue.
  41. I'm on a mac, so it wouldn't have been an auto update. How would have this caused to not crew lock two vehicles out of four though? Stalingrad. I used to quite like it before some changes but now... I don't quite dislike it, but it has fallen in ranking quite a bit.
  42. The games are called literally "tank arcade battles" and "tank realistic battles", and they're opposite games called respectively "air arcade battles" and "air realistic battles". The air battles have ground forces only as AI targets. One would be perfectly justified in expecting the opposite for tank battles, where the aircraft are more of a nuisance than a threat, like AAA in air battles. Under these two there is a button that covers both air and tank sides called "simulator battles", and here it is perfectly reasonable to assume mixed forces, but the ones above very strongly imply a separation. If people assume that the "tank arcade/realistic battles" are only tanks, I would say "naturally", not "erroneously". The error is on the interface design on the part of Gaijin. As for the test drive for SPAAs, I did make the suggestion, but to paraphrase Little Britain, "moderator said no".
  43. If the aim of Gaijin is really for a mixed forces game, then I'd suggest two things: Call it mixed forces or something similarly appropriate, not ground forces. It will give people the right idea from the start. Many of the complaints I've seen remark that "this is a tank game, I want to fight tanks!" For the SPAA test drive provide aircraft as targets, not tanks. Again, it will reinforce the role of SPAAs as AAA as opposed to tank killers, and will reinforce the idea that it's a mixed forces game.
  44. I would disagree with point 2. Gaijin is a game developer, and therefore its business is about having fun. If a piece of software isn't about having fun then it isn't a game.
  45. I've wondered that myself. It goes against the argument for "realism" for having aircraft in the ground forces game.
  46. The ping was maxed out at 999 and the packet loss was at 60%+ Not only that, but the really odd thing is that I had to "return to hanger" three times, and even then it took a couple of minutes to take me out. Even stranger, two of the vehicles I had with me had no crew lock!
  47. Please, don't necessarily think of capture points. For example one game could be to have one team with the objective of destroying a target and the other has to defend it. The defending team will have the advantage of being entrenched. The attacking team will have the advantage of a large static target to shell. Well, we are thinking of different game mechanics. New maps to suit them would be a given.
  48. The idea here is to have game modes with different objectives, very different, even without caps at all. Not just a tweak to the existing rules.
  49. hear hear
  50. Agreed. That is why I wanted to open a topic so that ideas can be suggested, discussed, and a complete proposal can be made to Gaijin. As I said above the topic is in Arcade Battles, but I'd like to invite also people who play RB and SB to join, so we can polish the proposal from all sides of the game.
  51. I have seen a couple of good ideas for new game modes for tanks, and I have a couple myself that I would enjoy playing, so I decided to open a topic to discuss ideas and put together a suggestion for one or two new game modes that can be put forward to Gaijin. If they decide to implement them it would add some variety to the "cap the cap" games. I have opened this topic on arcade battles, but it's probably going to relevant also for SB players, so here's the link
  52. I have seen a couple of good ideas for new game modes for tanks, and I have a couple myself that I would enjoy playing, so I decided to open a topic to discuss ideas and put together a suggestion for one or two new game modes that can be put forward to Gaijin. If they decide to implement them it would add some variety to the "cap the cap" games. I have opened this topic on arcade battles, but it's probably going to relevant also for RB players, so here's the link
  53. I tried addressing this here by hearing what the community would be interested in playing other than the "cap the cap" games we have now. There wasn't much response. It was in the arcade section, I suppose I could reopen in in a more general section so that RB/SB players can see it. They might be interested too...
  54. Wanted to make a poll, but made a mess instead. Will try and edit it when I get on a real keyboard.
  55. Just wanted to get a feeling for what the people who frequent this forum think of the subject.
  56. Yeah, I noticed that too. Lost a few SPAA american trucks to kamikaze attackers and fighters. Wasn't sure if it was the aircraft impact because people here are adamant that they have no effect. Must be the fire then.
  57. I've had a couple of "Attack the A point!" in Air Forces ground strike But sometimes the messages do get annoying, especially with some of the voices. "Attack the A point!" "Attack the B point!" "Attack the C point!" "Attack the A point!" "Attack the B point!" "Attack the C point!" "Defend the A point!" "Reloading!" "Guide on me!" "Attack enemy troops!" I imagine it's someone who just found out about the functionality and is having fun with it, but I'm sometimes tempted to push them into enemy fire, especially if they don't respond to the "Shut up" and "STFU" messages. So far I've managed to resist that temptation. PANZER_PIG mentioned the LMB on the map.
  58. I'm now spading a few SPAAs and I'm in the situation of wanting to win, so I get plenty of RP for my SPAAs, but wanting to lose, so the enemy gets planes and I have stuff to shoot at.