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  1. Well... it's back, I don't know about fixed, knowing how Gaijin "fixes" things...
  2. Agreed, but now most SPAAs can't be taken out because they're too vulnerable. I really get the impression that Gaijin decision makers don't know how the game works because every change I see in this game ends up having unintended consequences that make it worse. By the same logic F-15 strike eagle from the MS-DOS era was combined arms. Almost every flight sim ever coded is combined arms. The mode is still called Tank battles, not combined forces, in the same way that air forces only allow you to fly aeroplanes. If Gaijin really wants it to be combined forces make it properly so, not this half assed mode that very few people are happy with. To be honest we need also to evaluate enjoyment of a game vs historical accuracy in a game that has "arcade" in its monicker. But if you want to consider historical accuracy, I would like to ask you: how many tank battles were won by sitting in a small circle on the ground for long enough? How many tank battles were fought 16 on 16 by teams of mixed nations in small villages or secluded valleys? Also, how effective in actual damage were the aircraft vs the number of tanks deployed? You can easily see in a battle as many aircraft in the air over a battle as there are tanks on the ground, sometimes more. Exactly my point. You're saying I should stop using a tank I like using because someone might decide to take me out in a suicide dive, and I don't even have machine guns to try and shoot it down, or the speed/mobility to avoid it. Defenseless. If someone decides to take it out there's no way to avoid it. Tell me, what alternatives do I have I'f I'm playing sub tier 3 Germans, sub tier 4 Russians, sub tier 5 Americans or sub tier 4 Japanese? Just not use SPAAs? And my point stands that they're just targets. Pretty much every flight sim has ground targets. Are you going to call them ALL combined arms? Even world of warplanes has ground targets. Is that a combined arms game?
  3. That is not the problem Yet has a mode in which the only player vehicles are aircraft (single mode) and the bot ground forces have gone to stormtrooper shooting school Not by diving into them. Killing a crew and destroying equipment has a cost in EVERY aspect of this game, except aircraft in ground forces. Irrelevant. If vehicles are so fragile to air attacks they should be far lower in BR, as they are not as effective against air spam. I shouldn't have to stop using the Sturer Emil (for example) just because it's completely defenseless against guided missiles. Irrelevant. You're suggesting people should stop using most SPAAs because there are too many aircraft in the air. Do you realize how silly that sounds? That is silly. In air forces the ground is just a TARGET. Like for aircraft in ground forces.
  4. gameplay

    As suggested by @SAUBER_KH7 I will create a poll for the subject of swapping tanks at the spawn point described in another thread here. Unfortunately a poll can't be added to the original thread anymore, but this one can be merged with that one and the thread will have its poll.
  5. I've had this idea for a new game mode, who wants to support it? It's a PvE mode where there is an installation defended by bots and the players have to attack it and destroy the installation. It'd be a good use of bunker-busting tanks, and snipers could keep the larger tanks covered from the bots taking shots at them. Players would need to use tactics and tanks appropriate for the terrain. It could be interesting. We could call it "Defense".
  6. gameplay

    Not anymore I'm afraid. I probably should of thought of it beforehand
  7. gameplay

    You mean a poll on the arcade ground forces forum?
  8. gameplay

    Thank you for the appreciation. It doesn't seem to be getting much traction though. If you could help spreading the word it'd be helpful. After all as has been mentioned, if it can be done for aircraft, why not for tanks? ... and it requires enough effort (returning to the spawn point) to do it only if you have a good reason to, so it's unlikely it'll be abused.
  9. Ah, never mind, it was right at the bottom. Strange though, I played a few games with assault "disabled"...
  10. As per subject, assault is gone? I don't remember seeing that in the changelog of the last update. It actually mentioned adding a map and changing something
  11. This has already been suggested in several threads, but has been shot down (aha) as too cruel a punishment
  12. I thought that might be the case, but it was worth asking...
  13. Also only stats for previous month. I was hoping for an official source of stats and a way to get older data as well.
  14. No, I'm looking for everyone's usage. number of battles, number of gepards in those battles, number of Achilles, number of ASU-57, number of M-16, and so on. Not in each battle, but total numbers.
  15. Also, is that only your usage or everyone's usage?
  16. Possibly, I can't read that language. where is it, and can it be filtered by time, so I can see usage change by day, by week and so on?
  17. Is there anywhere to see the trend or where to get stats on which vehicles are being used and in what numbers?
  18. The problem here are SPAAs. If you don't have enough aircraft they have nothing to shoot at, so nobody plays them If you have too many planes they become easy targets and nobody plays them Also the way aircraft are awarded is a problem: Your team is winning: you get aircraft after aircraft and you can pummel your opponents even faster. Your team is losing: you don't only have an uphill struggle to recover lost ground, you're also being pummelled from the air. I have been in some battles where the enemy had SIX aircraft in the air: three leaving and three arriving. Another problem is the separate slot for the aircraft. Very few tankers have any aircraft to put in that slot. What are you going to do? Attack a T-44 with a reserve aircraft? This without considering that those who do have good aircraft would seriously become sky cancer, because they don't have only the machine to wreak havoc, they also have the flying skills to make it really hurt. This without considering the armament would need to be limited, because some of the ordnance these aircraft can carry would spell the end of any tank battle. Can you imagine what two 250Kg bombs can do, especially in maps like Poland or abandoned factory? ... and then the aircraft will be able to reload...
  19. gameplay
  20. Just come back from a battle with my US tanks. I shot an enemy tank three times. An ASU-57, should have been easy pickings at 600m. But without adjustment of fire the shot went short once and over it twice. With it I would have been able to kill it. Perfect example of how mods improve battle effectiveness.
  21. But by taking mods off, you'd end up with a tank with a lower BR not just in number, but also in effect. After all you can do it now to reduce repair costs, can't you? I mean, if you take... I can't remember what it's called now, fire adjustment? The mod that improves accuracy, you'll have a much less accurate tank. Less effective in battle => lower battle rating Of course stuff like FPE, repair, and good shells will have a lot more effect than tracks, and suspension, so you won't be able to remove suspension and filters for example and go down a BR slot, unless you were on the borders between BRs... You're most probably right, but it's an interesting discussion nevertheless.
  22. Not only shells, but the ability to put out fires and repair your tank make a difference. I've lost count of the times I've been destroyed in a stock tank just because set on fire. Also consider a tank that has a badly damaged breech and misfires three times out of four and think of the difference between being able to repair it or keeping it that way.
  23. Hmm... you're not wrong there... Gaijin don't really have what you could call an exemplary record when it comes to thinking things through...
  24. To be fair, it's such a silly excuse that it might be true.
  25. They also shoot at you as they dive. You say rarely, so you acknowledge it does happen. BTW, I racked up over 10k SL in fines for friendly fire today due to teammates diving onto a tank I'm strafing. Fun...
  26. Actually that wouldn't be too difficult. Each modification would have a value. Once the sum of these values passes a certain threshold the tank moves up a BR slot. ... and I'm sure Gaijin has LOADS of data to determine what effect each mod has on the gameplay and how much these values should be. After all, I don't think they picked the research cost of each mod out of a hat, for example.
  27. This struck me when I entered an arcade assault by mistake, and played my spaded Tiger E (BR 5.7) and my slightly modified Panther A (BR 6.0). With the panther I was pretty much useless, and got about 1 kill and 3 criticals before i got blown up. In the tiger instead I racked up 23 kills and I don't know how many criticals before being blown to bits. I don't know if it's just the way I was using the tanks, but I do get the feeling that spading does make a lot of difference. So that got me thinking: for example a Tiger E has a BR of 5.7, a Tiger II H has a BR of 6.7, so they could meet in battle. For the matchmaker, as far as I know, there is no difference between stock and spaded. How differently would the clash be, keeping everything equal, if the Tiger is spaded and the Tiger II is stock versus viceversa? If the BR is a measure of the machine's effectiveness in battle, why doesn't this raise once it gets more accurate, gets better performing shells and its survivability improves?
  28. You don't need to be in an open topped SPAA to be a target. I got rammed three times in a game when in an M4 this morning, even got an air kill for that, and once got tracked, out of harm's way, fortunately. You don't get hull break, but it sure is annoying/distracting, and doesn't help if you're trying to sneak up on someone if an aircraft diving onto you gives away your position. I've also been on the other side of the thing, using my teammates crashing into things to note that there was a ground vehicle in a particular area.
  29. Agreed, but how do they see that? I mean, what is enough and how does such a number get across the silent void between players and gaijin?
  30. gameplay

    Hmm... I see where you're coming from, but when our customers report a problem with our software we are obliged to respond with a brief description of the cause and at least a vague ETA for the solution. I appreciate it's not the same thing, but even if we're not paying, we still are customers, because we provide our services in numbers for the battles in return for the game itself, if you see what I mean. Also this lack of communication is not exactly encouraging people forking out money more willingly. Sorry, I appreciate you can't really do anything about it, you just happened to be in the direction of my venting frustration at games lasting less than 5 minutes. Is there, though, anywhere where Gaijin has officially said something about this?
  31. gameplay

    Sorry, I do get carried away with discussions Obviously, in my message where you were tagged I meant the issue that is the main subject of this thread, not this tangent
  32. gameplay

    @_82AB_GruberRd Do you have any news? Is there any way to have Gaijin officially declare their position on this issue? If we have the official position of Gaijin on this, at least we know where we stand.
  33. gameplay

    That's where I wanted to get at. If you're mainly a flier you don't play ground forces except for the lowest levels, but if you are mainly a tanker you won't have aircraft except for the lowest levels. So all these changes in rules, extra code and extra computing would apply to only a very few players and at the lower levels. On the other hand, if you allow a lineup of only aircraft in a ground forces game (which is a nonsense in my opinion, but just for the sake of argument) you will have high level fliers pounding to bits the tankers, who will eventually stop playing. Don't think only in terms of BRs up to 3. There's BRs up to 9 to consider, and possibly more, since from the april fools event there's rumours of three or four more RANKS being added in the future to reach modern tanks.
  34. gameplay

    Please answer the question, but think first. What tanks would fliers, who have played 46 levels flying and have very little in the way of tanks, take to a ground forces battle in BR 6?
  35. gameplay

    You're not getting what I'm trying to get across. Let's try this way. I'll switch from talking about rank to talking about BR, since this seems to be clearer for you: What tanks would fliers take to a ground forces battle in BR 6?
  36. gameplay

    You're still not addressing the main point:
  37. gameplay

    How are you going to stop aircraft from flying in those zones? Are they going to crash into invisible force fields? How are you going to stop aircraft from bombing those areas and use the forward momentum of the bombs to reach the area anyway? How are you going to stop rockets from being fired into that area? Force fields?
  38. gameplay

    That is exactly my point. You will have a group of players who will dominate from the sky with their aircraft and a group of players who'll get dominated on the ground with their tanks. The dominated players will get fed up of being pummelled and stop playing. ... or are you suggesting that players who have rank 4 or 5 tanks should stop playing them and they'll have to grind a few years to get appropriate level aircraft? If they wanted to fly they would have already. Same reason why at level 46 and three years of playing you have a limited selection of tanks. You are already suggesting A LOT of rules, restrictions, changes, limitations to solve a problem that you want to create by allowing people to spawn as many aircraft as they want in a ground battle, and you're not addressing the issue of players wanting to play tanks and not aircraft.
  39. gameplay

    Ok, here's an example: What is stopping one team from spawning two lancasters, each escorted by two fighters and as soon as the enemy team tries to cap a zone bomb the **** out of them? The fighters could be Typhoons armed with rockets so that if there's no need for escort they can still contribute to killing tanks. That's six players out of sixteen. Aircraft are already a problem without spading them, without large ordnance and without the skills to fly them. What is an experienced squadron of spaded attack planes going to do other than wipe the enemy tanks? Remember we're talking here mostly of people who prefer tanks, so don't have much experience with planes, or viceversa. You would have one group with modified tanks who know how to use them but no planes to use and no experience in flying them and one group with modified aircraft who know how to use them but no tanks to use and no experience in driving them. There will be some overlap, but quite little, so you'd have most people with either aircraft or tanks, not aircraft and tanks. You said you mostly fly, and not play tanks much. What aircraft and what tanks would you take to a BR 6 match that you currently have? You make an example ar BR 3. What about BR 5 or 6? How many people can realistically defend themselves in a tank from a spaded attacker? In the example I gave you above the bearcat is 1 BR lower than the tiger. Also, you say "Tank can hide behind buildings and trees - or evade rockets". Really? And what about hiding from enemy tanks? An aircraft has the mobility to get around obstacles like buildings, especially if you remove the timer, while the tank might be pinned by enemy fire. What is it supposed to do, run into enemy shells to avoid the enemy rockets? Let's also talk about the bombs. Now bombs have a delay fuse of IIRC 10 seconds. What happens when you can choose that delay? Not to speak of course of tracked tanks, tanks repairing or refilling crew members which cannot move.
  40. And rocks don't ram you and drag you for hundreds of meters sideways until they manage to toss you aside.
  41. gameplay

    You do realise that tanks would be pretty much sitting ducks for planes, right? Who in their right mind would roll out with a Tiger when a Bearcat with rockets can pick it off with ease? And a Bearcat is even 1 BR lower than the Tiger. You'd end up with people who are skilled with flying having gotten up to that rank dominating from above frustrated players who haven't grinded aircraft because they wanted to play tanks. Frustrated players will stop playing and you'd end up with a combined forces game of only aircraft.
  42. gameplay

    I'm sorry @ramirez_24 you're saying you want MORE aircraft in tank battles because you prefer to fly aircraft? You are aware they there is a mode in this game where you can fly as much as you want, right?
  43. This is a suggestion for arcade ground forces. Right now if you are in a tank, and the enemy starts spamming aircraft what are your options? - Try and evade them and hope you don't get destroyed - Blow up your tank and jump into a SPAA losing a spawn Instead if you could go back to "the garage" (the spawn point) and pick up another available tank in your roster (a SPAA in our example) you could do something without losing a spawn. Of course once you take a vehicle out that gets "locked" so that you can't use more than three in a match. Example: you have in your lineup a tiger, a panther, an ostwind and a jagdpanther. You take out the tiger and get blown up. You have two spawns left You take out your panther. The enemy starts spawning aircraft, so you drive back to the spawn point and pick up the ostwind. Your ostwind gets blown up. You have one spawn left. You can only use that spawn for the panther since it was already taken out, and any damage sustained by the panther will still be there. This has been thought mainly to counter the aircraft and make SPAAs more appealing, since aircraft can be spawned on the spot while SPAAs can't, and it's not fun sitting there waiting for an aircraft to come by if you spawn in one, but it could also lead to interesting tactics and would allow people to adapt better to changing scenarios during the battle.