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  1. There is some issue with the gun selection. You can't aim if select the secondary gun which is really annoying and impracticable especially for the type 60. I suspect that the secondary gun selection is made for hull canon like the M3 lee or chi-ri II because you can move hull canon when you select the secondary gun and you can't do it for the Mauss, M6A1 or type 60 sprg. If you have a secondary gun in the turret, you only can use the gun selection to block or allow the shot but you always need to return to the main gun to aim. I'm curious to know if I'm alone to be annoying by this issue?
  2. For me wikipedia is like any other sources, you can find a fake/controversial article in any sources,wikipedia is not worse than a book in that regard. Wikipedia is more checked than a book but the counterpart is that everyone can add false info. Fake info is not specific to wikipedia, I always try to keep a critical eye on any sources. I will be very interested to see a study about the percentage of fake info in wikipedia compare to other sources. Bye.
  3. Hi guys, I'm also waiting for a nice premium at rank 4 to grind T5, I do not have the time to grind T5 without a premium vehicle. I read somewhere that one O-I was build, it could be a nice premium and of course the st-a3 too.
  4. Hi, I'm about to unlock this vehicle and I'm not really enthusiastic about it. I would like to point out that you can't make a lineup at 6.3 with the type 60, the st-a1/2 are fine at 6.3 and the M41 is also OK to play at 6.3, but if you add this vehicle, you to have to play at 6.7. It's the only 6.7 vehicle in the Japanese tech tree, I would like to play the type 60 sprg with the other tanks at 6.3 max. Furthermore I'm afraid that the type 60 is not competitive at 6.7, it should be 6.0 or even 5.7, just like the pt-76.