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  1. - Rarest american tank encountered rarest german tank - full fuel tank away from the nearest unit that had a different assignment - this incident is extremely poorly documented, It is also refferenced in "Death Traps" apart from "Another river, another town", on a different date - no photos exist of this kill, while you can track nearly all KT wrecks in Normandy - KIng Tiger in a set-up ambush for some reason moved out on uneven terrain, against an aware enemy, after it fired at said enemy
  2. No, he wanted: 1. New gun first and foremost, to kill T-34s and KVs at ranges they could not return effective fire. 2. Thicker armor 3. improved suspension system with wider tracks 4. new engine 5. high HP/ton ratio 6. He rated KV-1 as a bigger threat than T-34
  3. Yeah, and divide the production of Panthers by a factor of 2,2, If I remember correctly from Jentz books.
  4. Yes, saying that design A in 2 hours for $100 in materials and you make design B in 15 minutes for $20 and they both do the same thing then my design can be called over engineered, over complex, and certainly flawed. If you are completely take it out of context, then yes. Its very commendable that you can make design B: - with foreign resource help ammounting to up to 30% - secure factories - more or less centralised production - much less bottlenecks In "15 minutes for 20 dollars", while you can easily represent it costing "2 hours for $100". All depends on what point of time and whether you would just count final assembly or total manufacture.
  5. I remember something about later JU series. Or was that just wishlisting?
  6. Anything concrete on german heavy bombers? Which one is it likely to be?
  7. Because Leopard achieved the same performance in its first itterations. Thats why its not in modern use. Corelation does not equal causation.
  8. They used sloped armor since early 30s. Do go on. And yeah, it was just the smooth ride, except for : 1. Ability to mount wider track with much smaller danger of track slipping or throwing. 2. Distribution of weight 3. Suspension redundancies I would like to know how many of them were designing for off-road performance in a completely off-road enviroment. I would think, based on all these theories, that Abrams would be the very worst MBT in the world, considering it needs about 1:1 action/maintenance time ratio. Yet lo and behold, it isnt. That was Hitler. And no it wouldnt be resonably effective. That wasnt Guderian either. And it wasnt feasible. Yes, and production series were changed about once a year, Im not seeing your point.
  9. Or RHA Pz III and StuGs in Russia.
  10. Yeah, I wouldnt be touching that, as british solid shots had a far bigger history shattering than, only second to Soviets.
  11. O-I doesnt have both german and russian records written down about it. At Kursk, tactical number 111 and 112 caught fire, in Italy the same happened to tac. number 102.