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  1. I also experienced those times mate After we shout tons of times they finally did that modification but at what cost? We lost tons of nice simulation players from our community. Now I totally stop playing WT. I don't think I will play it in the near future. I found and bought very very and very good games and playing WWII infantry in a simulation (as much as it is done) environment is way better than what they do in SB in WT. I was left flying planes in WT for the fun but then after the room thing bomber ABUSERS come to devastate WT SB Air and they did it quite good. I am just keeping files in case some of my friends want to fly with me (re-downloading the whole game will take more than 1 day with my current internet). Nothing more. Yesterday I calculated that I had spent $517 on this game which I am glad. But after what people and Gaijin's game politics become, there is no need to spend any single penny more to this game and for me not a single second should be spent on it just to get more frustration and stress in my daily life.
  2. It's place is among Jets where the abusers will use that plane and fail and feel desperate as we feel when fighting with those OP UFOs at their current BR.
  3. @Sputnik_77 thank you so much mate. While talking about tank simulations, let me ask one thing that I wonder. Why the modern tanks still have soldiers in them? Can't they be fully remote operational?
  4. It's his style. You will get used to it He is a reasonable guy actually. Maybe he just got bored of all the complains while seeing nothing is changing in the game. If he does not see it worth he won't answer believe me
  5. Wish we didn't before gunner views and map designs. I wasn't thinking that I would write this sentence but people are right. Gaijin breaks the nerves and patience in it's own way: Make players wait 2 years for something to change.
  6. Can one of you suggest me a real tank simulator? I cannot bare nonsense in WT anymore. I am not playing since a week (playing other games) and I barely keep myself from completely deleting the game (with my internet speed, it will be torture to download it again. Just downloaded PayDay2 in 24 hours ) For OP, I do not read the whole but the first sentences and that was what I felt when I first entered simulation gf game.
  7. I can tell why but then I will get a punishment from moderators It is a plane and it's in the game. The plane is not worst. The BR system is the problem. What Gaijin thinks is that "keep BR bracket 1.0 so that the players will pay for getting better" secretly since they do not bother to drop the bracket down to a sensible value. In SB EC this bracket is not hurting. In RB/AB (especially in RB where you have only one spawn) air it's a superb of the superb problems.
  8. Eskiden sadece içinde bulunduğu kare (grid)'nin kodu olurdu (C3 gibi). Daha sonra JulietSix adlı bir kullanıcı "Cover Me" programı yazdı. Onda İrtifa (Altitude) bilgisi de yer alıyordu. Doğru ama her zamanki gibi biraz geç alınan bir karar ile Gaijin majör güncellemelerin birinde irtifa bilgisini de ekledi. Bunlar kullanıcının kendisine görünür değil. Neden böyle yaptılar bilemiyorum. Diğer kişiler bu bilgileri görmekte.
  9. I am using OpenSuSE Tumbleweed now (I completely removed Kubuntu for some other reasons). The Mesa drivers are working fine. No black layer or big issues however this tiny black dots are still there so the pictures and my graphics settings are in the attachments. Thank you very much for helping @apemax
  10. This will require more coding than just removing so for a first stage (like the one we made them to develop in bomber cockpits problem ) let's just make them remove it until they replace it (eventually they will put it there) with the one that you suggested @Amyel. As a player played with a below avarage non-gamer mouse in the past, I want to answer a possible upcoming question about removal of autopilot and manual shooting. I. The manual shooting is 'simulating' real life uncertainty in real life shooters aiming: Well actually it does not exactly since in real life pilots do not mouse aim and shoot. They have G force on them, they have a very limited view, they cannot telepathically know all other gunner and pilot's/pilots' thoughts and cannot read their brain instantly unless they are the same person as it's the case when playing War Thunder. The mouse pointer is not shaking in War Thunder and it is just moving mouse and clicking like we do in web sites. On the other hand in real life you are in a plane that is shaking so much. This shaking effect is not there in War Thunder (or not full effective in SB since I guess this setting is called "Shake of Camera" and it's at very low (no shaking) values in most player's setting profile. So this is simply way too artificial. In SB this setting should automatically full and the plane should shake exactly the same way it does in the real life. While Gaijin coding the AI part and implementing it part by part into the game, both the ones that suffer from bomber problem and the manual shooters wont get frustrated. II. Not everyone is using joystick or pedals or etc. so we must autopilot: Actually i did flew for about a year with mouse and keyboard and most of the time I flew in SB without autopilot. So it's doable. Yes it's harder then autopilot but it's more fun and more educating in learning how to fly & fight. The only difference in using joystick with bombs is it's easier to manually shoot and fly at the same time then it's in flying with mouse. If we remove autopilot players using joystick will only gain a little advantage over players using mouse for fighters. That's all. Fighters using joystick will have the same advantage against players using mouse for bombers. Actually joystick is something always effects every flight simulator and we cannot do anything about it.
  11. Solution: 1) Allow no bombers or only none-ufo bombers for the first couple of spawns. 2) Increase spawn point range (the more one tries hard (battle time and/or action percent), the more SP he gains. Don't bind SP to kills. 3) REMOVE AUTOPILOT 4) REMOVE MANUAL SHOOTING 1 and 2 is arguable but 3 and 4 must be done to stop this.
  12. I just checked it again and i can say that it's fixed. However the tiny black dots that is causing what I called "texture glitch" in previous posts is still there. When the view with respect to the objects moves or objects moves (grasses waving in the wind for instance) while the view is steady, those tiny black dots can be seen. It seems it's another black layer but it's black color is not covered the whole layer and instead very finely grained black color dots are scattered all around the layer. I made this conclusion because those tiny black dots (sometimes they become very thin lines with tiny width according to it's location in the view) seems to be in front of the actual graphics texture of the objects (ground, grasses, houses) and blocking tiny doted parts of their visibility (but we can see the object as a whole with a lot of tiny black dot on it causing light seems like flickering at the tiny dot'less clear areas). Clog is in the attachment. Computer Info: Thank you for your help. 2017_04_16_09_27_32__9834.clog
  13. I just checked it in EC. It seems it's fixed again. Thank you.
  14. Hello, I installed a clean Kubuntu yesterday and install WT afterwards. In Hangar view, in research view etc. everything is fine. When I enter the game some black shadow like layers appear and disappear frequently and the texture glitch at those areas either with that black layer on or off. I had read other bug reports so I installed latest mesa drivers from but it did not help. I also tried driver but it got worse since menus, crew slots and things like that works fine but hangar view, in game screen covered with a very bright yellow glow that makes game unplayable so I uninstalled this and it got back to the first state with black shadow like layers with glitching texture. It does not kill the game play totally. In fact I can play the game but it really disturbs my eyes and on some maps I cannot distinguish enemy tank because of this black layer and glitches. All necessary info is below and files attached. Thank you for your help in advance. Images shows ground texture with black layer and a second later when I move or look around it disappears. The picture before the last one shows the glitch area in another match and the last picture shows how the game becomes with AMDGPU-PRO drivers. System specifications and information is in the Spoiler. I can send more screenshots of the issue if needed. To reproduce the bug, install a clean kubuntu, install war thunder, install latest mesa drivers on Radeon R7 370 graphics card having computer and you have the bug there. I am also using the TV for monitor. It may cause the problem but I don't think so since I had used the very same monitor without any problem in Windows 10 for WT. 2017_01_19_17_21_38__18775.clog