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  1. Summary: Everything!
  2. Yeah of course It's not surprising to see that nothing changed since i left playing and i am still very glad to leave WT. The only thing to turn me back to WT was WWM so ...
  3. I have started a topic in Air Battles of Simulation Discussions sub forums but I do not have enough experience and knowledge to start that in the GF simulation section so I requested from experienced players to start the thread and *GateNomes kindly suggested the thread to be this one and wrote the first DOs and DONTs. I also added some that pop in my mind. Please feel free to contribute. I will update this post (original post) accordingly. DOs: DO first please check the RULES -> and and and and "Questions regarding the Site or these Terms of Use may be submitted to". DO identify before you shoot, fire rockets, drop bombs, etc. DO use all of your available spawns. That means once you're out of tanks, play an aircraft for your team, and vice-versa. Too difficult to fly? Practice in some custom battles, seek help from veterans, etc. Quite bluntly, figure it out. This is a soft sim, and not a real one. Anyone can learn to fly an aircraft in this game if they choose to do so, and that means putting in a little effort. One can fly with mouse and keyboard in WT simulation mode. Control scheme doesn't matter - good pilots on every control scheme is known. Sorry, no excuses in that department. DO learn to play SPAA and well on the side of Germany team. It's anti-air, but not anti-tank (though that is also totally feasible in German SPAA as well!). If you JiP and see no SPAA players on your team, I suggest you step up and play SPAA for your team. You have the best SPAA units in the game. German teams should be the last to complain about enemy aircraft. DO play your tanks after you crash on takeoff in your plane, rather than quitting out. This isn't "Old SB Air Battles" anymore. DO always use Situational Awareness! There is a thread topic about this subject (you can search the forums). Right from the start of the game, me (@*ChameleonLord) and my squad mate count the number of aircraft up. We count the number of attacks they did (whether rockets or bombs) and moved to objectives or 'easy to find you areas' once we were more confident they would have to leave the AO soon for re-loads. DO always search your perimeter for enemy threat immediately after you spawn/respawn as a ground unit and DO always check the air before taking off as a plane. You have third person view when plane standing still on the airfield. Use this third person view to search the perimeter of the airfield for enemy planes. DO always have fun! DO mark the map for every ground unit you see! It's very important to alert your allies for possible dangers. If that ground unit seems to be your ally, still there is a chance that it can be an enemy premium ground unit that is captured. Besides, some players use enemy markings on those captured vehicles to fool their enemies. Just mark the map for every ground unit and wait for a respond. DO respond every map marking that is close or on your location by Yes (Radio-3-1) and On me (Radio-4-1). This is very important for your teammates to know that it's you there. If you do not respond, it will only make your teammate think that you're an enemy and he/she will try to identify you (and will be less protected since he/she will be focused on you) only to lose time and effort. Mark the map for every ground unit again especially if you are using your plane spawn. Don't forget that a plane view of the whole area is very valuable information for your friendly ground units on the ground. Use this to your teams advantage. DO respond all map marking alerts. If it does not fit (9) (i.e. if the marking is not near or on you), first DO say Yes (Radio-3-1) or No (Radio-3-2) and then if Yes, DO report your location with On Me (Radio-4-1). If No again give your location to tell that you are far from the point and heading to some other location far from the marking. DO use plane sounds to avoid being bombed. You can change your path, you can change your speed (or completely halt) or escape from the open are to a cover (trees, buildings etc.). Sometimes you won't be able to avoid your destruction whatever you do because bombs some bombs (like 500kg or 1000kg German bombs) will affect a wide area having a big destruction capability and it's sometimes really hard to escape the damage or destruction. On that cases, applause the pilot that successfully bombed his/her enemies. DO remember that successfully bombing a ground unit is really harder than it seems. DO always call for help by Cover Me radio message (Radio-4-2). Unlike air battles, enemy may be very far from you so you should also mark the enemy afterwards. Otherwise, your teammates will not successfully spot the enemy and while he/she is trying to identify where the fire is coming from you may be long dead and it will not be good for anyone. If you couldn't spot the enemy while he/she is firing and you got killed, mark the map at the first second you respawn or tell the location to your teammates in the team chat. That will save a lot of lives. DO always remember that simulation mode is all about team play and having fun. Behave accordingly. DO apologize. Otherwise everyone will think that you are doing this intentionally. DO always communicate with your teammates. DO talk about strategies. DO plan every moment and modify the plans at the instant the conditions change and DO tell your thoughts to your teammates. DO communicate at all cost. DO play strategically even if you are on your own. Try to cap the zones that will benefit to the whole team, not to yourself alone!!! DO watch the kill feeds. Even if the bombs and Rockets are out of your sight or hearing range, the kill feeds will tell you a lot. Planes only have a certain amount of ordinance before they have to leave. If your team is being killed, then that increases the likelyhood of your personal safety. However, use CHAT to notify the team.... A simple message like....'P47' dropped all bombs to get me' or 'P47 dropped only one drop' therefore letting the rest of the team know the P47 is still dangerous and has bombs left (omitting rockets for the sake of simplicity). DO use the terrain: Rocks, buildings, gullies, valleys, down slopes, stone walls, bunkers, dead tanks, etc, can all absorb bomb blasts or rocket attacks giving you a better chance of surviving. DO move and turn! Planes are making a run and any last second adjustment can throw their aim off and may turn a 'you are dead' moment into a 'you are only damaged' moment. Turn into the attack and close the distance and make them attack earlier than expected or make the bombs travel beyond you. You can hear them coming, you can accurately guess the direction they are coming from.... move! They have lined up on your original intended path, or your stationary vehicle! DO learn event lineups and who you fight against. Some events like high level SB GF event has different friendly nations like NATO (Germany, USA, GB and possible Japan) vs Russians. DO pay attention to what/where aircraft attack. Friendly and enemy. You see that Ju87 flying in *puk*puk*puk* then zooming off? He was probably strafing something, and you can see in the kill feed (or lack there of) that he didn't kill it. Mark the area and/or investigate yourself. You see that P-47 flying in *shmmm*shmm*shmmm*shmmm*? He was probably rocketing something, and you can see the kill feed (or lack there of) that he didn't kill. Mark the area and/or investigate yourself. Mistaken identity happens, hopefully if it was strafing a friendly they'll respond when you mark their location. DO try to learn the sounds of different engines/ cannon firing . It will save you from time to time as you'll be able to estimate where the enemy is based on these sound cues. DONTs: DONT fire before you can successfully identify a ground unit as an enemy ground unit. DONT blame enemy aircraft for your problems if you are playing in the German team side. Again, you have the best SPAA units in the game - use them!! What are you waiting for? It's easy points! DONT spawn in a Tiger knowing your team is actively being bombed by aircraft, then complain about allied aircraft when you could have chosen to play SPAA instead to actually deal with them. DONT spawn in an aircraft, die, then quit. You're not done yet. You should be getting in a tank/TD/SPAA for your team. DONT spawn in a ground vehicle with multiple spawns, die, then quit. You have another spawn available, plus an aircraft spawn. DONT spawn in a Heavy Tank, die, then quit. You should be getting in an aircraft next to play the air support role. Use all of your spawns. DONT haste! DONT ignore any map marking. It's very important to know where is the enemy. If caught by surprise, chance to survive drops significantly. DONT rush the other team's spawn. Be sporting and let them actually have a chance to play. This is a game after all. DONT blindly rush the cap. Death awaits you if you do. DONT team kill at all cost. Let teammate get the kill if he can. DONT be jealous. Simulation is all about team play and having fun. If you teamkill unintentionally or fire to your teammate unintentionally, apologize. Otherwise, people will think that you are doing it intentionally! DONT be selfish. DONT never ever forget that this is a team play!!! DONT ever try to use the game flaws to your behalf. It's certain that you will have a BAN if you do so. Take time to read the RULES! Think twice before you act! DONT never ever camp on enemy spawn point. This only brings hate on you. It won't neither help you play better nor help team to win the battle. Remember, there is a difference between invading an enemy spawn point with your team and camping on enemy spawn point! DONT camp on enemy airfield. It only shows you cannot do better than that if not showing how bad you need (and cannot do by a fair fight) the kill to just satisfy your hunger to kill not the enemy plane but players' fun and joy. You will gain nothing. You will lose all the respect given to you. That will be the only outcome. DONT listen to music while playing if you will get distracted. Maximizing Situational Awareness (minimizing distraction) is crucial for a good game play. DONT rush if your team has the cap and the ticket lead. Take some cover and make the enemy expose themselves instead of going all lemming train into a wall of guns. DONT camp one 'Sniper Spot' too long. WE all know where they are. WE all know they are calling out where they got killed from and we all know, lurking CAS or the 'Revenge' kill is on the way. You stay there, you will die! (watch the kill feeds and scorecard to see if your enemy you just killed was in a Squad or if he left the game immediately). Have them look for you where you were, not where you are! DONT shoot with your machine gun against CAS plane randomly circling above the battlefield unless you intend to make him attack you. He is circling there because he can't see any targets, once you shoot up against the sky, every single plane will notice you. Firing is also a legit tactic if you're in a relatively hard-to-hit spot (e.g. village) and in a manoeuvrable 2-spawns tank. Can also be used to lure a CAS plane towards an SPAA without making him aware that there is an SPAA there (SPAA needs to know the plan though, but still worth a try in squads/with teammates). This post will be updated as new DOs and DONTs are suggested.