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  1. My thoughts exactly. In the cold war aphe was completely obsolte but in warthunder it still domiates because of these silly knivefight maps. Badly aimed flankingshots - no problem OHK.
  2. The t-64 might be superior to the chieftain mk 10 but still there is no reason to put ammunition in the game which was designed to deal with certain targets if those targets e.g. t-64, t-72 are not there yet. L15A4 with correct slope performance will do just fine on all non Composite tanks and the L23 can be introduced when they finally lift the courtain on more modern tanks.
  3. I hardly believe that. Imho the many different ROFs of the L7 are highly dubious and need to be looked at. I mean why should the m 60 or type 74 have a longer reload than a cent mk 10 or a leo? Now 5 secs for the Vickers is way too fast. This thing would become my favorite "heshing the soviets to death" machinegun at T5... and i cant have anything nice... at least not for long.
  4. 8.3 might be a little harsh but aphe + stabiliser makes a nice combo. Reaction times are so much better than with the t-54.
  5. Thx for posting the prochure! The problem woth this is, that it does not give the exact round designation. Its just L15(A?). I would highly apprechiate the L15A4(/5) for the chieftain mk5 since its the only 8.3 without heatfs. Tho i can see why some people are sceptical about the tank with the highest penetrating kinetic round needing an evem better round. Here is the thing: at top br everything that matters is performance on slopes and this is where tje chief pulls the short straw. While heatfs calculates los thickness every other tank at 8.3 has better performance vs. 60+ degrees than the chief. So a better apds wouldnt hurt the balance.
  6. I didn´t know a chieftain could do CAS. Lets see if i can persuade mine to take off. Any ideas where i try this best? The sniping spots at Ash River dont offer enough runway to accelerate.
  7. Hmm.. Since there is nothing in game yet that requires that much pen i'm really excited for the upcomming devblogs!