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  1. The last time i played a Tiger it was the japanese premium and tbh this thing is a freaking beast at 5.7. Gunperformance, mobility, and overal in some places very trolly armor make it the most wellrounded 5.7 tank for me. If you know where to shoot not even the t29 is a problem. There is whining form every nation, some more, some less justified but germany players absolutely take the cake. Not long ago the Tiger E was lowered to 5.7 and the t-34-85 was raised to 5.7. It diddnt take long for a thread to appear that demanded the lowering of the Tiger H to 5.3... i mean really!? Then there where the complaints about the leo 2a5 s apparently to weak armor just a few days after april fools... come on! ...or the periodical returning "put the maus at 6.7" why is it always germany?
  2. For Tank RB: 1. Make tank battles at least remotely feel like tank warfare. its completely pointless to recreate the armorlayout and internal modules as accurate as possible and then put These Tanks into an environment, where al this effort means absolutely nothing and let them perform silly knifefights. 2. Give tanks and planes the same economy. Right now its waaaaay to rewarding to spawn in a plane after one gets killed in his tank. its ridiculous how much more SL you earn in plane than in a tank.. 3. BIGGER MAPS!!! pleaso no more autospawncamping when you are on a cap cycle.
  3. ...and of course its the german tank, that is complained about first... i love this forum
  4. I get the OPs frustration. The 229 is a strong groundattacker wiith its mk 103s its able to kill much more tanks before it has to rtb than a p47. It also can turn a mixed battle into an alien ivasion game with all those UFO´s hovering above the battlefield. But imho it shouldnt be removed since it is easy to kill for SPAAg and other fighters when hovering around. The most frustraing thing about is i think that it rarely kills in one run. normally it hits the engine, the tank has to use its fpes and after the third run you are dead after you have sitting there for several minutes already beeing doomed... For other fighters like the p47 ist much mor hit or miss, most pilots use their rockets in 1-2 rns and either you are dead or you are safe for know afterward.