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  1. i beg to differ but thats bringing this thread into off topic realms.
  2. if thats the case, why do Gaijin order the posters to take down certain videos?
  3. 2 in 2 battles today. Absolute joke of a company not fixing this.
  4. A - 50/50 for me atm. B - i dont agree that its a big problem, i agree they exist, but not massive imo. C - i disagree because certain maps will never ever be played. D - dont delete them, fix them. plenty of suggestions of how already exist. E - they just need to be certain these dont face WWII and earlier tanks. F - hmm, not really got an opinion on this.
  5. gameplay

    its been discussed for over a month in here now. This needs passing to the devs now.
  6. hull break seems to have made kamikazes much worse since it was introduced as I see less and less SPAA now as its so easy to kill them. Gaijin really have dropped the ball with this one.
  7. ive not had any for 2 or 3 days now.
  8. you could add fix MM to your list of things. A lot of the cases when ive been camped are down to the MM not picking balanced sides. It happened a lot in the past but since 1.67 was released it seems to have gotten much worse.
  9. Actual game in ABGF so tank nation doesnt matter.:- 4.7 = 3 - 3 4.3 = 3 - 5 4.0 = 1 - 3 3.7 = 9 - 5 what a proper non broken MM should pick:- 4.7 = 3 - 3 4.3 = 4 - 4 4.0 = 2 - 2 3.7 = 7 - 7 See how easy it is to have balanced games if you fix the MM software? Now i can understand having odd tanks at different ranks when you cant balance them out fairly, but the example of the battle ive just been in could so easily have been fair if you fixed the software. Please dont say selection times would take longer because they wouldnt. Even a kid at junior school could do better than the software currently is. No excuse Gaijin, no excuse whatsoever.
  10. I looked at the event when i logged on, saw that the JagT was obviously going to be spammed to death so decided not to bother. I do commend Gaijin for organising these events but they do need to learn how to produce balanced (as in not 1 or 2 tanks OP to everything else) and fun events.
  11. Myself and probably plenty of others took his comment to mean that we are all wasting our time because Gaijin wont ever do anything about this. They dont have a clue because they dont see any problem in kamikazes (actually promoted in past official WT vids) etc. so will have no intention of fixing it because in their eyes it isnt broken. Its the same as spawn camping. These threads are started with the best of intentions but when it comes down to it, i dont think many of us who post in them actually expect anything to be done about it because, without attracting the wrath of the mods, Gaijin dont seem to be a company that listen to players with these kinds of issues.
  12. i still say that having a "return to battlefield` message with a very short countdown on any opposition that encroaches within xxxx metres of a spawn would work. Make it something like 5 or 10 seconds, players will soon realise they cant do it anymore once they lose a tank through it exploding by itself. This doesnt remove the fact that exits from spawns could be camped further down the line, but at least the spawn would be safe and allow tanks to actually spawn.
  13. gameplay

    It has nothing to do with how I play, its entirely to do with kamikaze planes been OP and need removing from the game and the fact that in a plane, its too easy to see what the tanks are on the ground. By all means stick a red marker on them to show they are enemy, but remove the ability to see what type of tank it is. Today for instance, 1st battle, 1 death to kamikaze when driving through a building on Stalingrad. How can i change that kind of play style? I wasnt stationary, i wasnt camping, i wasnt out in the open, I wasnt in range or seen by anyone else, in fact without any markers, planes wouldnt even know i was there. The ONLY reason i was targetted was because from the air you could see what type of tank i was in. The game stopped been fun for me months ago due to this and I now log in for roughly 5 or 6 battles then just log out because thats as much frustration as i can take in 1 go.
  14. gameplay

    first 10 deaths today, 3 kamikazes. Personally, i wish i was only been killed 5% of the time as those stats say, but for me that figure is stupidly low.
  15. Bug where i spawned inside a rock. Couldnt move apart from jiggle but could fire okay. - client replay attached - server replay attached - pic attached - clog attached - dxdiag attached WRFspawnrockbug.wrpl WRFspawnrockbug-server.wrpl 2017_03_22_19_00_56__7156.clog WTDxDiag.txt
  16. higher BR in the line up would mean they didnt show as 5.7s they would show when you mouse hover with whatever the BR was. I also asked 1 if he was squadded and he wasnt, the other player never answered.
  17. i had a battle yesterday that had 7.3, 7.0, 6.7, 6.3 and 2x 5.7s, needless to say the team that had the 2 5.7s got hammered. So the MM doesnt always work as it should.
  18. gameplay

    presumably those stats dont include hullbreak?
  19. this is just stupid. 7.3 v 5.7s? BR - My team - Opp team 7.3 - 3 - 3 7.0 - 1 - 1 6.7 - 4 - 9 6.3 - 8 - 1 5.7 - 0 - 2 needless to say we won easily.
  20. gameplay

    i'll need to check on the other 2 when i see them online, but if you use my actual deaths, the above goes to 52/131 and will obviously go lower once i know how many they lost.
  21. gameplay

    Ive been keeping a check with 3 friends of how often we get killed by kamikazes, during 50 ABGF battles (possible 150 deaths), we got killed 52 times by kamikazes. We do admit that a small minority were due to us been still in 1 place to long, but a lot have been when we've been moving. Either way, 34% of deaths due to this mechanic exploit is way OTT. So to get back on topic, how long before this gets passed to the Devs because lately, the game has stopped been fun due to this issue.
  22. Hurtgen Forest is the worst map that exists imo and i hate it. Ardennes is similar but so so much better.
  23. ive had it twice since i posted above, 1 small version 1 big version (conquest/domination).....first impressions are that i like it. Im sure the more i play it the more i will find niggles that annoy me but my views are positive so far.
  24. Obviously the following comments are voided if Gaijin fix planes in another way, but to make the planes provided fair using the current mechanics, each player should be able to join once as a fighter and once as a bomber/attacker. These spawns should be on death of your previous vehicle, and once used, thats it. Keep them the same as now with no repair costs (which isnt a problem if you also fix kamikazes), but you give everyone the option of flying and not just the team that is ROFLstomping the opposition. You also make the spawns more useful because you know once its gone, you dont get another. That way tactics come into it instead of just spamming the keyboard trying to get the spawn as it is now.
  25. ABGF - we got absolutely ROFLstomped so i checked the BRs. my team - 3 rank 8.0s enemy team - 5 rank 8.0s now it doesnt take a brain surgeon to realise this isnt right. If it was RB or SB and you had to keep countries apart, then fair enough, but this is arcade, there is no reason for having a mismatch like that other than the MM software is broken.
  26. for me, thats something that was around before the patch. I think i first started getting that 2 maybe 3 patches ago.
  27. ive still not seen this map but ive also not had plenty of other maps lately (Poland, Eastern Europe. Mozdok etc.) Map rotation is something that Gaijin are seriously messing up. Im not saying that selecting them should be rigid, and i also understand that sometimes maps are taken out of rotation for testing/amendments, but over 50 battles for example, you should get each map at least once.
  28. SU 5-1 - 8 shells max? pointless if you then need to go to a cap and also with the kamikaze hullbreak exploit currently in the game, waste of time taking it out of the hangar. ....and no im not saying the vehicle is useless, im saying its useless under current game mechanics.
  29. Silent bombs have been around since i joined a year ago, they arent anything new.
  30. to do that means they have to admit they were wrong, something Gaijin will never do.
  31. Exactly, and thats why its a major problem that needs sorting ASAP. Gaijin are 100% to blame for this due to actually endorsing kamikaze pilots in one of their weekly vids a few months back. Upon seeing that it really made my mind up that they havent a clue whats good for the game and are too interested in $$$$$$
  32. crew lock works for those that leave battles early, but restricting players that lose 3 lives with crew lock should be removed. Ive lost 2 tanks over a reasonable span of time then been spawn camped and lost the 3rd almost straight away. Jump back to hangar as nothing else i can do in the battle and find that the 3rd tank i lost is on a 5 min crew lock. Thats not right.
  33. With the new tanks been released Ive been dropping down to 1.0/1.3 to try them out. What Im finding really disappointing is the number of kamikazes been carried out by players at level 1/2/3 etc. The fact that brand new players are resorting to kamikazes just shows that this is a massive problem and needs eradicating from the game ASAP. I can understand older players doing it because they know its a legal exploit, but brand new players starting off by doing it? Proof that the current mechanic is FUBAR.
  34. on a personal note, whats in the updates doesnt really matter to me at all if the core problems with the game still exist. Ive just played half a dozen battles and still got camped, still got killed by kamikazes and still had invisible tanks not showing on the map (less than 10m away from me) and in play. So for me, I would rather have had no new stuff and just an update which fixed things.
  35. after playing with this for awhile i think its safe to say that in its current form, hullbreak is far too OP. IMO its making any open topped vehicle pointless to play, mainly but not solely down to kamikazes. Remove kamikazes and tone the damage down a notch and i think it would be fine.
  36. i'm an anti-kamikaze player, not an anti-plane player.