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  1. im not that stupid. The more people that legally disrupt battles and spoil the gameplay for others, the sooner they will fix whatever is causing this. Kamikazes are nothing more than legal disruptive gameplay. The amount of threads and anger against this has eventually caused Gaijin to actually look at the problem and try to find a solution. Why not the same with spawn camping? Its only a valid tactic when the side doing the camping has captured all caps and is steamrolling the opposition. Any other camping is nothing more than disruptive gameplay. eg. aiming to spoil the game for others.
  2. it worked, or should i say is currently in the process of working, with kamikazes.
  3. Im that fed up of campers that Im going to start legally disrupting the game myself by camping. I will therefore apologise to anyone I kill via this broken piece of gameplay, but the only way to get Gaijin to change this mechanic is to annoy that many people that the rage against campers becomes that uncontrollable, that Gaijin will have to do something to fix it.
  4. i only play arcade and ive still only had it 3 or 4 times since release and not once in the past 10 days or so.
  5. I really had to laugh at the official answer by Gaijin to the problem of spawn camping in Air battles...... QUESTION:- Will it ever be possible to increase the number of aircraft spawn points in arcade battles? Adding a large number of respawn points could solve the problem of “spawn campers,” who shoot down aircraft a few seconds after they respawn without giving them a chance to react. Then aircraft could spawn somewhere else, and players would have the time to examine the situation on the battlefield ANSWER:- To be honest, we don’t see a problem here. First of all, the diameter of the respawn area in Air AB is about a kilometer, so camping at a specific point where players will always respawn is not possible. Needless to say, you can still camp “approximately” above a point, but I doubt that this would guarantee you a large number of aircraft kills. Proof to me that either the devs dont play the game or they havent a clue about what they have created.
  6. well thats a new one on me, in a Tortoise and killed by a lawn dart. Checked the reply, no bombs, no rockets, no machine gun fire, just dived straight into the top of my Tort and bang. Time to log off for the day as yet another days gameplay ruined.
  7. Yea ive noticed that any feedback Gaijin request in these kinds of surveys, always avoids you been able to give feedback which is negative towards whatever they are asking.
  8. gameplay

    I wont be here in 2 months if this isnt fixed nevermind 6.
  9. Ive had Ardennes 3 maybe 4 times since release and not once in the past week.
  10. As its an annual event you would think by now that they could design an event that is fun and doesnt include 1 or 2 tanks that are OP to everything else..
  11. Do Gaijin realise that these events are nothing more than a grind and not fun?
  12. no, i think he means he doesnt want to have to play the same map/tanks over and over again. Quite frankly, its boring and the main reason i dont bother with these events anymore. They simply arent fun.
  13. Trying to narrow this down to only 3 is hard, but not including the `problems` that are currently been worked on/discussed (kamikazes etc.).. 1. Change the management. 2. MM down to 0.7 BR gap. 3. As Gaijin seem to be failing with fixing the TKs/Disruptive players, a workable block list that means you can add players and they will never appear in a battle with you or against you. I will gladly accept a longer waiting time for battles if this was introduced.
  14. Agreed, I wouldnt mind if they even increased the amounts required for each stage if they were in normal battles. 50 kills? 60 kills? fine if in normal gameplay but 40 in this T34 spam event? no thanks, i have better things to do with my time.
  15. Yet another disgusting event with 1 or 2 OP tanks which turns battles into a T34 wankfest yet again. Boring, repetitive and only for those amongst us who are zombies and dont care about having fun. 10/10 for offering the events. 0/10 for execution.
  16. gameplay

    Prior to hullbreak been introduced the bolded part above would have been perfect. However since HB, as already mentioned above, planes drop ordanance then find a valid target and lawn dart it to kill it. Ive been on both sides of this, ive had it happen to me, and ive done it to see if it was so easy, it is.. Also as mentioned, trying to gather data now to find the effectvesness of HB plane kills is a case of shutting the gate after the horse has bolted, players just arent spawning in SPAA as much as they used to so any gathered data would not be accurate. So, thumbs up for the inactive missiles fired from below a certain distance, but some `fix` for lawn dart HB kills is also needed now. PS. All my comments are related solely to ABGF.
  17. without changing the maps, the easiest way to di it is to make it so any enemy entering the spawn `area` gets a return to battlefield message with a very very small timer. That will soon change the mentality of players who camp the flag.
  18. you should add bad map design as well.
  19. it will get a BR rise when they do the next batch of changes.
  20. when they are actively supporting it by giving GE for defending against it in 1 of their weekly youtube vids, its obvious that nothing will ever be done about it.