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  1. [update] [client]

    since todays update im getting really bad fps drops making the game at times unplayable.
  2. next time you are in a rout, check the BRs of both teams players. I dont do this everytime but when i do, I invariably find for example that team A has more top BR and 2nd top BR tanks than team B. On some occasions its ridiculously wrong with for example team A having 7 or 8 top BR and team B only having 1 or 2. Ive even msg players at top BR before to check that they werent playing as a squad, most of the time they wont be. That simply is a broken MM. If players arent squaded and the MM doesnt divide them up equally between the two teams, then MM is FUBAR. The best thing is that Ive been told this doesnt happen, if it does, send in a bug report. The problem with that is if you cant send in a youtube vid showing you hovering over each player to show the BR, then you have to send in a screenshot for every single player in the game in order for them to look at it.
  3. then with the greatest respect, you need to open your eyes.
  4. They should just remove planes from ABGF completely until this broken mechanic is fixed......and before all the fanbois jump onto the `its not a broken mechanic`, if it wasnt, Gaijin wouldnt be looking at changing it.
  5. gameplay

    there are changes that could be made very very easily whilst a permanent solution is worked on. The longer the wait, the more people that disappear from the game.
  6. gameplay

    is something going to be done about this in the 1.69 update?
  7. You wait until you play Poland and find the building that only allows shots to be fired through it from one direction. Fire from one side - straight through to hit whatever is on the other side. Fire from the opposite - wall eats the shell.
  8. adding a checkbox to turn it off for yourself is pointless when the problem that you have is killing enemy zombie tanks.
  9. No you arent the only one. Its a stupid mechanic that should never have been introduced unless you replace at a captured point. Replacing in the middle of the battle ground is a ridiculous idea and with the creation of zombie tanks due to been unable to kill them until the CR cycle completes, its made an absolute mockery of AB battles. Mind you, this is Gaijin who seem hell bent on ruining what could be a Grade A game by leaving broken gameplay and introducing stupid adjustments to game mechanics/maps etc, that just arent needed.
  10. oh there are absolutely loads of issues that have been around for ages that Gaijin cant/wont fix. Kamikazes are only the tip of a very big iceberg.
  11. invisible bombs and silent bombs have been around for at least 12-14 months.
  12. ive had it in the very first battle of the day so its nothing to do with been in the game for so long.