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  1. It should be something along the lines of 300mm plus at point blank. It's been a while since I've seen a penetration chart though so I don't know the exact figure. There was one on this forum a while ago but I will have a look and see what I can find.
  2. The 20 pounders APDS round is underperforming in terms of penetration. If the Mk.3 were to go to 6.7 then that would have to be sorted. +1
  3. And underperforming APDS.
  4. The initial batch of Mk.2's had the 17 pounder but no gyro fitted the rest of the production run got the 20 pounder with gyro and were classed as the Mk.3. At least that's according to the book Images of War Special The Centurion Tank. I'll check this with a few other books later.
  5. You need an all of the above option
  6. I tried that once in a GFRB match.....all that happened was that my crew bailed out.......or does this only work on air AB?
  7. It doesn't help that the AI driver is a complete potato and cant drive to save their life.
  8. I bet the rage was epic
  9. Fighters are multi roll.....SPAA is not.
  10. SPAA tanks don't need AP ammo. Your job is not to shoot tanks.....your job is to kill planes and you don't need AP ammo for that.
  11. Provided its modeled right that is Also Gib Firefly's
  12. It doesn't help that a lot of people play at the 6.7 mark. unfortunatly this means that a lot of people at the 5.7 mark will get uptiered on a regular basis. Another thing to concider is how many people take the max amount of ammo into battle and how many people dont angle their tanks?
  13. I'd have thought that there would be a better way to do this though instead of just putting the repair costs up.
  14. Indeed my Hunter costs 55k SL to repair..........its currently sat at the back of the hanger under a tarpaulin.......yup she's definatly a hanger queen.
  15. Chieftains armor is worthless when you concider that A) we fight at close range in WT and that B) its got holes in it turret front and the UFP should be immune to 100mm APHE rounds. The Russian 115mm gun could only pen at fairly close ranges although that would depend on the ammo type. The Russian 125mm gun can pen from 2000m plus unless the Chieftain has stillbrew fitted then a Russian tank fitted with a 125mm gun has to be at 1000m or less to pen the turret front, at 1000m plus the 125mm cant pen the Mk.10 (again depended on the ammo used and its worth noting that when the Stillbrew package was tested it was not shot at with a 125mm gun due to the lack of said gun here in the UK so another Chieftain firing L23 APFSDS was used instead.) Provided APDS gets sorted and regenerative steering is added and a few other issues are sorted the Mk.5 will be a good all round tank. That being said I am finding that spaded it does perform a lot better than the Mk.3
  16. (copied from Navy News) OFF the Crete coast, divers Lieutenant Tom Foley and Able Seaman Harry Poole unfurl a White Ensign before dropping the flag on to one of the Navy’s most hallowed sites one mile below. On the seabed, three dozen miles northwest of the Greek island, lies the wreck of cruiser HMS Gloucester, sunk 76 years ago this spring by German dive-bombers in the ferocious battle for Crete. Three quarters of a century later, the crew of minehunter HMS Ledbury decided to honour the 722 men killed when the cruiser – known as the Fighting G for her spirited conduct in battle – with a service of commemoration over the wreck. The ship stopped in the water and shut down her engines to pause and remember the lost sailors as Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander James Harkin led a memorial service and read a moving account of the cruiser’s last fight, before the two divers entered the warm waters of the Ionian Sea with a specially-weighted White Ensign. “It is not often that we get the opportunity to pay our respects to those who died many miles away from home,” said Lieutenant Foley, Ledbury’s Diving Officer. “We are a junior team and a lot of the crew had never been part of such an event. It was humbling to think of their sacrifice 76 years ago.” Just 85 men survived HMS Gloucester’s sinking; the cruiser had been dispatched with other British warships to prevent German troops reaching Crete by sea to support airborne forces which had landed on the island. Without adequate air cover, the Royal Navy fell prey to the Luftwaffe. It lost three cruisers and half a dozen destroyers, while four capital ships, eight cruisers and nine destroyers were damaged – out of action in most cases for at least three months. HMS Gloucester’s final 15 or 20 minutes, when she fell victim to a succession of bombs, were described by one survivor as a “holocaust”: there were men without arms, without legs, men burned alive. The ship’s surgeons and sick bay attendants offered what help they could in the little time the ship had left, hurriedly applying bandages, splinting broken arms and legs, issuing morphine to deaden the pain. And the ship’s mascot Toby was carefully lowered into the water; the shell-shocked dog was last seen clinging to a piece of wood. “This was our opportunity to remember the courage, bravery and sacrifice of our forebears,” said Lieutenant Commander Harkin. “We know that it is the ethos, professionalism, courage and war-fighting spirit of our people, across the centuries, that binds us together with our history. We today should be immensely proud to belong to this naval heritage.” His crew are nearing the half-way point on their epic 6,000-mile voyage from Portsmouth to Bahrain as they replace their sister minehunter HMS Chiddingfold after more than three years on patrol in the Gulf as part of the UK’s permanent naval presence in the region. ^^ HMS Gloucester under air attack. Her final moments.
  17. The Mk.5 had the .50 ranging gun. Most of the Mk.5 sub marks didn't.
  18. Ah the 18 pounder first in use with the British army since 1904 I wonder how well its AP round performs.
  19. If we had realistic off road perfomance the Chieftain would outperform the Leo. Speed is not everything. Anyhow with regenerative steering the Chieftain and the Centurion wouldn't come to a stand the second you tried to turn. They are a lot more mobile than people think.
  20. The real issue when it comes to the lack of mobility of the Chieftain and the Centurions is the fact that the game does not model regenerative steering......something which both the Chieftain and Centurion use and because the game lacks it both tanks underperform big time in the mobility dept.
  21. Can't even remember the last time I had a Brit vs USA in RB.
  22. Must be an ab player.
  23. Ranging gun (I think need to check that though) the .50 on the Chieftain is a ranging gun as well. Both are not intended for anything other than ranging the main gun for HESH rounds.
  24. True. Giving the match maker an upgrade wouldn't be a bad thing but the issue of 5.7 tanks getting up tiered into 6.7 battles on a regular basis is down to the number of people who play 6.7 tanks.
  25. Indeed but in all honesty I think that half/most of the issues we get are down to the players and not the tank/plane ect. I'm not sure what it is but in terms of players German ground forces teams seem to be among the worst. Changing BR's ect is not the answer to this issue.
  26. Yup. I call that history channel syndrome.
  27. Nope.... The Mk.1 Cent is not a 6.3 tank and is not the equivalent of an M26, The Mk.3 on the other hand is, The Mk.1 is equivalent to a panther seeing as the early Centurions were built to be on par with them. all German tanks can stay were they are. The Ferdinand would be OP at 5.7 and would be able to kill everything at long range......The Panthers can stay were they are too. As for rasing the BR of all 17 pounder armed do realise that if they all get the 17 pounders APDS round then they would all have to go to the same BR of the highest 17 pounder armed tank which at the momemt is the BP at you know how big a gap that would leave in the British tree......because for a start there would be no 5.7BR tanks at all and there would be fewer 5.0 and 5.3 tanks as well. (I'll get a list as soon as WT lets me log would seem the server isn't working) What is it with German fans wanting their tanks to club........I swear half the topics on this forum are like this.
  28. yup that looks like someone using arty at the start of a match.
  29. possibly but we are more likely to see that as a premium I think.
  30. Yup but that's a premium so you can't really count it because not everyone has it. If it was in the main tree which personally it should have been then it could sit at 5.7 and the Mk.1 Cent could go to 6.0.
  31. The Fv4202 can't fire APDS. It never had a Savoy round developed for it due to it being a test bed for bagged charge ammo.
  32. The issue with putting the mk.1 Cent at 6.0 would be that it would leave a gap at 5.7.....unless you add something to full the gap.
  33. Worse idea ever.....nothing wrong with the current BR's of German tanks.
  34. Do you mean the NBC gear?
  35. The Jagdtiger would be OP at 6.7.......and a lot of 5.7 tanks wouldn't be able to do much about it.
  36. either i'm not fussy
  37. There is nothing wrong with the German tanks.....the people using them on the other hand.....
  38. Do you want the Germans to club.......because with those BR's the Germans will club. Thankfully the dev's know what they are doing and such BR changes will never happen.
  39. -1 Nope...... Wasn't this thing quite inaccurate.
  40. New record?
  41. Just wow......Bomber pilot did everything right. Just because a bomber drops their bombs and then climbs isn't passive behaviour. Its called tactics i.e. if you want to kill it you have to go and find it and if you get shot down then tough know you can just kill ground targets to end the match right instead of going after the bomber? Also you reported someone for playing the game.......well done Bombers are fine as they are. If you dont like them then thats your problem. +1 Personally I think some figter jocks need their wings clipped.
  42. Don't forget about the RU 251...... yup the issue isn't the tanks its the fleshy thing driving them
  43. Just no....... The tanks are fine where they are......the issue is you. This is a L2P issue not a tank battle rating issue. If anything the Tiger 2 (p) can go to 6.7 (although it is ok at 6.3 for the moment), The Tiger 2 (H) can stay were it is. The rest can also stay were they are. With your suggested BR changes the German's would club and it would be pointless to play any other nation. Some tips if you play RB Do not sit in the open. Do not knock over tree's With the Tiger 2's do not take more than 30 to 35 rounds of ammo to avoid getting one shot killed if you take a round to the turret. If you need more ammo then you need to learn to shoot better. (see next point) Learn to shoot well at long range were you have the advantage with tanks like the Tiger 2 ect your armor works much better at range and weak points become harder to hit.. Learn to angle your tank in order to bounce rounds. Wiser words have never been spoken when it comes to tanks A tanks first objective is to see the enemy before he sees you, Second objective is to engage the enemy without being seen, Third objective is if seen do not get hit. If the enemy is within range, so are you. Anything you can do can get you shot, including doing nothing. If the enemy is in range, "SO ARE YOU!!!" If you can't see the enemy, he still may be able to see you. Tracers work both ways. Lastly if you do not play RB go and play RB you will find it much better.
  44. The reason the win rates for the Tiger 2 H are "hitting the floor" (if it is haven't checked myself) has more to do with the players lack of understanding of how best to use it. I.e. dont sit out in the open and dont take more than 30 to 35 rounds. Also don't sit out in the open reloading...... correctly angled the Tiger will bounce rounds and at long range it becomes a good deal harder to hit the turret front and not hit the gun mantlet.
  45. Are you sure it's L26 and not L23? L26 is a APFSDS-DU round where as L23 is just APFSDS. not that it matters we are not getting either any time soon.
  46. Concidering that L26 is still classified and that info on it is unavailable thats not going to happen. But as far as I know info on L23 is available but not online.
  47. It can but L26 was built for Challenger 1 not Chieftain. Only a handful of Mk.11 Chieftains got the uprated breach seals needed to fire it.
  48. It does not need L23 and only the Mk.11 can fire L26 (provided its got uprated breach seals) L23 would be very OP its built to knock out T-72's at very long range......L15A3 working correctly would be good enough for WT.
  49. not an issue I have....... You could always take an SPAA tank in your line up in order to get a cheap respawn in RB.
  50. It doesn't matter if it is at 8.0 or 8.3 to be honest. As for it being upgraded to the Mk.5/4 standard and given L23 APFSDS.......That is not going to happen. We will see the Mk.5/4 as a different tank most likely Also L23 far, far out classes all current APFSDS rounds in game. The only thing that really needs doing is for the dev's to fix L15A3 APDS.