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  1. Indeed I don't see how player CV's could work I mean just look at how many issues the CV's in WoWS have. I wonder how far they will go with ships though. Are we just going to see DD's or is this going to test the water for something bigger.
  2. Can't wait for the Tribal class
  3. I'd quite like to see the cold war green and black camo plus the Berlin camo.
  4. I'd certainly be interested to know more about it. The only info I've seen on it was on redit and not a lot was mentioned. And as for the lack of armor on HMS Incomparable I imagen that had it accually gotten to a design stage ect they may have done something about that. (hopefully) That said 20 inch guns would sure be fun
  5. When you need more daka
  6. Mk.5 Chieftain. Fv 107 Scimitar Centurion AVRE
  7. Well there is a paper design called Lion II which is basiclly a smaller, less armored but faster and more manueverable Yamato. It also has 9x 18" guns like the Yam. Don't really know much about it other than that though. of course if you wanted a laugh there is always HMS Incomparable.
  8. HMS Vanguard only had 15 inch guns because they were available. On the plus side she was fitted up for firing super charged rounds so that would certainly help her to a degree. The important thing to remember however is that by the time HMS Vanguard was launched and in service she wouldn't have been exspected to fight other BB's ect she generally served as a flag ship for the RN. There are a few paper RN BB's that could fit the bill though.
  9. Indeed. Ground forces has been ruined by ATGM's. If such a thing does appear in sea battles then I'm really going to have to think about if it is even worth my time bothering with the boat/ship tree's.
  10. Its certainly an interesting modification of the Matlida. I do like the gun it has got quite a nice punch to it but I really do miss the depression of the 2 pounder. It also has quite a few rounds to choose from, those shrapnel rounds are great at knocking out open topped tanks
  11. centurion mk 10

    In all likely hood British armored units would only have used HEAT rounds if there was a major supplie issue during a time of war.
  12. I have something like 64 ships in WoWS. It will be 65 when HMS Hood arrives
  13. centurion mk 10

    There are a few more differneces than that. For example the turrets while they do look similar are very much different. The angle of the UFP also appears to be different as well. There is a new book out on Centurion and it does cover the prototypes I'm told. currently wating for my copy to arrive. Fv4202 Centurion action X
  14. Personally I'd love to see the QE class "super dreadnoughts"
  15. I remember that game I got Hearts of Iron 4 a while ago. I made it my mission to modernizse and expand the RN and take over the world All went well
  16. Honstly one of the things I love the most about RB is that there are no markers to show the other team were you are ect. I really dont see myself ever going back to AB. Also I wouldn't say that planes are a must for RB.
  17. Britain and Italy would be interesting. (plus it would make the Italians happy that their nation would finally be in WT)
  18. Indeed some other nations should be prioritized instead. Like the British for example, being an Island nations we have a very rich naval history. I am slightly bias towards the RN to be fair, My other half served in it for several years.
  19. true but but make the spawn cost too high and people will moan that they cant use them. Its a two edged sword. It must be said that in some cases its the allied air power that sometimes saves the allied team.
  20. Indeed I do know what it is. It would be interesting to think what could have happened had Winston Churchill's proposal been acted on sooner. The Battle of the Atlantic is a very interesting area of WW2 in my own personal opinion. It was a key factor in the development of long range aircraft and naval weaponry. While the Kriegsmarine may have been successful at the start of the war by the end of it they had been destroyed as a fighting force due to superior numbers and superior tech. At the start of the war the Kriegsmarine was sinking cargo ships faster than they could be built, by the end of it the allies were building cargo ships at a very quick rate and the Germans were losing U-boats faster than they could build them. They did pull off some very good feats but they just lacked the might to see it through.
  21. Well if the bad skill level of German teams is leading to a spam of allied aircraft the issue really isn't with the aircraft is it. Admittedly yes there are battles like this but at least they aren't ramming planes into tanks are they. That said I am noticing that some battles seem to end with 1 or 2 aircraft on the other team just flying around because the other team has run low on tanks or their tanks are hidden.
  22. I've had German teams do the same thing. As I said aircraft in RB don't really worry me.
  23. Can I have my Hunter at 7.0 too
  24. True but It does work both ways.
  25. What about it.
  26. I really do not have an issue with aircraft in RB......AB on the other hand.......Oh boy. In all honesty I don't really seem to get killed by planes in RB. It does happen from time to time but at least they are not ramming into me and shooting their rockets or dropping their bombs at the last second unlike AB.
  27. The simple solution is to not play AB. In all honestly one of the big reasons I switched from AB to RB was this very reason and I am very happy that I did. The game became far more enjoyable for me.
  28. The QE Class would like a word. Although I may be bias because I do believe the QE class to be a far more beautiful ship plus just look at how much use they got in both WW1 and 2 the British tax payer really got their moneys worth out of them.......I mean just look at all the battle honors and exploits of HMS Warspite and her sisters. Are there better ships.......almost certainly......but the QE class and their crews still proved that they had what it took to get the job done. All the Kregsmarine succeed in doing was helping to train and create one of the worlds best anti submarine forces. By the end of WW2 the RN had sub hunting down to a T.
  29. Gaijin logic unfortunately.
  30. indeed Anyhow I'd love to see the V-Force in game
  31. I do wonder what would have happened had the powers that be had given the KGV's the 15 inch guns that were planed for them. I'd say that it does the battle effectively resulted in the Germans losing a ship that was a threat to merchant shipping. HMS Ajax and Achilles did not take major damage and were very much still operational, while HMS Exeter despite being badly damaged was able to reach the Falkland Islands for emergency repairs. Had the Spee come out to fight again it would not have ended well for it. The Spee had major damage and was also low on ammo. She also had no where to go.
  32. You can add the Battle of the River Plate to that as well.
  33. Two capital ships were sunk by gun fire: HMS Hood and HMS Glorious (if we count CV's as being capital ships) Three were sunk by Japanese aircraft: HMS Prince Of Wales, HMS Repulse and HMS Hermes Five were sunk by U-boat: HMS Royal Oak, HMS Barham, HMS Courageous, HMS Ark Royal and HMS Eagle.
  34. centurion mk 10

    Nope just HESH. The 165mm L9 demo gun would be a joy in WT
  35. centurion mk 10

    Well the Centurion AVRE went to the first gulf war. It didn't really do a lot through.
  36. centurion mk 10

    The Centurion never used APFSDS in British service the first British tank to use APFSDS was the Mk.5/4 Chieftain, up until that point APDS was in use.. HEAT-FS rounds ect were never used by the British Army.
  37. centurion mk 10

    The British Army didn't ues HEAT-FS. The Centurion Mk.10 is not an 8.0 tank and should stay were it is. The best thing to do would be to add the Mk.5 Chieftain instead of moving the Ml.10 Cent to 8.0.
  38. To be fair I refused to pay the old repair cosy too.
  39. chieftain mk11

    Indeed Stillbrew adds 540mm of armor in some area's L23 APFSDS is often quoted as having 450mm of pen at 1000m but a lot of information is left out i.e. was the armored plate flat or angled ect. (side note some sites quote L23 as having 450mm of pen at 2000m but I'm not to sure about this) Yea the idea behind SID was to reduce the Chieftains radar, thermal imaging and acoustic signature. In fact the reduction in acoustic signature worked so well that Chieftain drivers who listened to the engine in order to know when to change gear found that they could not hear it well enough to do so. A Chieftain with a 750bhp engine and working regenerative steering would be quite mobile. In fact the Chieftain's actually had better off road performance than the German Leopard. Now on a side note I'd love to see the Mk.11 with working TOGS (Thermal Observation and gunnery sights) in game
  40. chieftain mk11

    yea Stillbrew adds up to 500-540mm of armor in some places.
  41. chieftain mk11

  42. chieftain mk11

    Depending if it has been through "Totem Pole" or not it could have anywhere between 720bhp and 750bhp
  43. chieftain mk11

    Considering that the Mk.11 has TOGS it would be a bit OP for the time being. The Mk.5 or the Mk5/4 would be better. On that note TOGS would be nice to have in RB
  44. As far as I'm aware there was not a HESH round available for the 20 pounder. That being said I'm almost certain I've seen mention of a 20 pounder HESH round somewhere although part of me is wondering if that document got HESH and HE mixed up. I'll see if I can find it.
  45. The Tiger 2 has a quicker reload and generally is more mobile than the T29 however that is only if it is spaded. That said even a stock Tiger 2 can get from A to B quicker than that T29. Indeed. For me its a must to empty all turret ammo racks on tanks I use as you tend to live longer the only exception to that rule is the FV4005 because all the ammo racks for that are in the turret.
  46. W/R can be effected by the number of people using the tank can it not? Also having just taken my T29 for a spin for the first time in ages something occurred to me. How many people managed their ammo and by that I mean how much ammo do people here take into battle? for example I use a max of 35 rounds with my T29 and all three of my Tiger 2's carry a similar amount. By doing this I find that if I take a round to the turret more often than not I just lose 1 or 2 crew members and thus I can continue to fight ect. Now the reason I mention this is that I constantly see people who do not do this and thus as a consequence then they take a round to the turret they often get ammo racked......this happened to a Tiger 2 H I came across in my last battle. Said tanker shot my T29 in the turret and got my commander, loader and damaged the gun unfortunately for said tanker I had also just fired and while said tanker did not do much in a way of damage ect I ammo racked said tankers Tiger 2...... moral of the story........don't carry ammo in the turret it may just save your tank.
  47. Lean to shoot and all will be well.........and if you can't manage that then its your own fault if you get killed by a T29 or a T34. Also on that note a large number of players seem to shoot at the strongest points of both aforementioned tanks.......... The T29 and T34 do not need up tiered people just need to lean how to kill them. That said if the T29 or T34 do go to 7.0 then the Tiger 2 H and its premium counterpart can both go to 7.0 as well and the Tiger 2 p can go to 6.7 its only fair. From my own personal perspective the Tiger 2's and the T29 ect all perform at a similar level.
  48. I'll believe that fact when the dev blog comes out.........until that day ERA and comp armor are irrelevant even if they are "in the works".
  49. Rocket tanks were never really an issue. mostly because the player can't guide their rockets plus the fact that they never seemed to be that popular. ATGM's on the other hand are an issue because of their ability to sit behind hills/rocks and not be seen while they kill stuff.........there is no effective defense against this. Personally I really do think that all ATGM tanks should have their missile controlled by the AWDS key's regardless of the guidance system used.
  50. To be fair ATGM's should never have been added. Personally I generally feel as if they have destroyed tier 5. As it stands there is no effective counter against ATGMS in game.
  51. Its a problem because most people do not play as a team. however there are other issues for example I've seen all the tanks on one team go the same way..........and leave half the map open........ Spawnkilling is an issue because people/teams don't look after their flanks and thus the other teams tanks get through to your spawn with little to no opposition. Heck I've had battles were I've not seen a single tank on the flank of the other team and I've been able to drive straight into the spawn area of the other team.......Personally however I don't go and sit in the other teams spawn area......I just sit outside it and wait for them to come out.
  52. If the other team is in your spawn your team has failed..........WT is a team game and if your team works as a team you will flatten all opposition. That said WT is an online game and online games are notorious for having issues regarding the word "teamwork"