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  1. Yea but HESH should still do it. There are quite a few cases where a HESH round actually penetrated through thin armour before going boom.
  2. The British Army rejected both Sabre and Marksman choosing instead to go with SAM'S
  3. Shouldn't HESH do it?
  4. Large guns do it for you then?
  5. I can't reword this.....sad times
  6. That would do nicely for my US ground forces
  7. Yeah the tiger 2 H From Bovingtons website. Captured by Sgt. Roberts, 23rd Hussars, in Normandy during 1944Turret No. 1041st SS Panzer Corps (2 crosskeys and leaves) badge originally on vehicle.See "Ruckmarsch! The German Retreat from Normandy Then and Now by Jean Paul Pallud (After the Battle 2006 isbn 1 870067 57 6). This gives the location of this tank's demise as Magny-en-Vexin on 30 August 1944. It belonged to SS Panzer-Abteilung 101 and was commanded by SS-Oberscharfuhrer Sepp Franzl. It suffered transmission failure and was abandoned by its crew. Sergeant Roberts, 23rd Hussars, put two rounds into the right side of the tank, just above the top run of the tracks but it was already immobilised by then.It is said that the tank was recovered by the Royal Engineers in January 1945 and shipped back to Britain.
  8. tanks/vehicles

    Only if we Brits can get the Mk.3 Chieftain upgraded to the Mk.3/3 standard.
  9. I do wonder that sometimes.
  10. How not to T-10m....
  11. 183mm HESH would like a word.
  12. Tis but a myth plus I'm British my blood is basically tea.
  13. Ah but the L11 does it better plus it reloads quicker And it gets HESH
  14. I find rubber pads help when it comes to climbing hills also I suppose this is a bad time to mention that I like tanks with large guns then? Fixed it Also top gun comes to mind. Anyhow it's been a while since I took any of my Tiggers out
  15. Unfortunately my mind jumped to the likely intended meaning the second I saw it........
  16. Drink more tea
  17. Oh dear......
  18. learn to use it in RB its deadly........
  19. The Maus and the IS-4M can both stay were they are for the time being......and at any rate its the dev's that will make that call not us...... There are larger issues to be solved than decreasing the BR of the Maus to suit Jerry/German fanboys/girls..... You and I must be playing different tech tree's.......I quite like my British tanks.
  20. Who needs a shot trap when you can just HESH it with extreme prejudice
  21. Indeed The Mk.5 Chieftain should be added before we see another Leo.
  22. That's a start. One of the main things I'm looking for is something to prove/disprove the often quoted 400-450mm figure. Yeah basically. HESH in game is more like glorified HE. It shouldn't bounce as much as it does and it should be more damaging than it currently is AFAIK. Edit do you have a link for that site?
  23. It's a bit difficult to do that when information on L31 HESH is practically nonexistent due to it still being in service. I am looking into getting information on the ammo available to the L11 but this may be subject to cost and at the moment it's not looking cheap.
  24. It didn't get APFSDS anyway. At least not in British service?
  25. They would have to buff it quite a bit to make it viable at 8.0 but then that leaves a gap at the 7.3 mark. The better thing to would be to add the Mk.5 Chieftain and give it L15a5 APDS and L31 HESH. With its 720bhp engine and working regenerative steering the Mk.5 would be a match for the Leo's.
  26. If you want L23 APFSDS for the L11 then we are going to need another Chieftain the Mk.3 cant use it due to the size of its ammo racks. Also L23 supposedly does 450mm at 1000m
  27. 4) Chieftain Mk.5 so that the British tree has two tanks like everyone else.
  28. Anyone noticed that some people are now crashing planes into tanks to kill used to be really rare now it seems to happen quite often.
  29. tanks/vehicles

    The Scimitar should be in the British tree and not the ITT. Why you ask because I do not like or support the idea of an International Tech Tree.
  30. If its Russian HESH it HESH is epic.....or would be if it worked correctly
  31. poll

    I'd like the Chieftains smoke launchers to work.
  32. Me to and if its the Mk.5/4 it would be even better Gib me L23
  33. ground forces

    Just looked it up the Mk.5 was introduced 1972 and Totem Pole started in 1976.....
  34. ground forces

    Dates are somewhat lacking on most of the documentation but the Mk.5 would be mid to late 70's early 80's at a guess. Now as for why we went from a tank (The Mk.3/3) fitted with a LRF to a tank (the Mk.5) with a ranging gun is anyone guess.......but this was one of the issues that the Totem Pole program addressed. Totem Pole being the following Now by the time the Totem Pole program had completed the Mk.5 would of had a LRF but by that point due to all the other changes ect the Mk.5 would no longer be classified as a Mk.5 it would become depending on the year a Mk.5/4, Mk.6/4, Mk.7/4, Mk.8/4 or a Mk.9.
  35. ground forces

    read this. The Mk.5 had a .50 MG for ranging the Mk.5/1 had a LRF. My information is from the following.
  36. ground forces

    The Mk.3/3 had a LRF the Mk.5 did not
  37. ground forces

    Your information on Chieftain is incorrect. The Mk.5 was fitted with a 720bhp engine. This was upped to 750 after the "Totem Polo" program. Also the Mk.5 was not fitted with LRF (laser range finder) it was instead fitted with a .50cal MG for ranging the main gun, just like the Mk.3 in game. Lastly the Chieftains in your picture are all Mk.10's fitted with "Stillbrew". Information from the following. I'll just leave this here.
  38. uh.....didn't expect to see a boat dev blog........ would rather see a tank or a plane one to be honest
  39. The accuracy gets better. As for the effectiveness of APDS now you know what it can be like sometimes for British tanks.
  40. To be honest we should be able to resupply at the spawn points as well as cap points.
  41. Well L23 APFSDS was made of a tungsten-nickel alloy and weighted about 8kg. L26 APFSDS-DU is depleted uranium but I don't have anything that says the weight or what the outer skin was. Edit: Not much is known about the L11's L31 HESH round but 400-450mm of "penetration" is often quoted looking in to getting info on this but seeing as the British Army still use it I'm not sure how much luck I will have.
  42. The British L11's L26 APFSDS-DU supposedly does 570mm at 1000m I might see what I can find out. The only issue with this round is that it only got issued to Chally 1 the Mk.11 Chieftain could use it but it never got issued plus only a handful of Chieftains ever got the improved breach seals needed for it. Its something I need to look into and check.
  43. tanks/vehicles

    +1 Scimitars are fun had a ride in one when I was in the cadets
  44. yea. Just in case some people aren't aware of what "lap loading" is, its the following for the L11 which uses two piece ammo. Once the loader has loaded the gun he then gets the next round ready and sits with it on his lap so that once the gun has fired all he has to do is throw the round in followed by the charge and slam the recoil guard home. It was also very common for loaders to use the bagged charge to assist in ramming the round home. The rounds and bagged charges on Chieftain are very easy to handle. APDS/APFSDS is stored in the turret. HESH and the bagged charges are stored in the hull.
  45. Ah then Gib Mk.10 Chieftain with working regenerative steering the Stillbrew add on puts the front of the turret up to 500-540mm and its got a 750bhp L60 fun fact on a real Chieftain a good loader can reload within 5 seconds when lap loading
  46. I wouldn't mind my Mk.3 Chieftain having its 7.62mg fitted. The mount is there the gun is not
  47. 2017 wish list

    You could just buy it....
  48. 2017 wish list

    That's all for now
  49. Well as far as I know L26 is likely classified and I'm trying to get information on L23 The L23's 450mm at 1000m figure comes from one of these sources as far as I know.
  50. The Mk.10 Chieftain uses L23 APFSDS ammo (450mm at 1000m) the Mk.11's did have a modification carried out to the L11A5 to allow L26 APFSDS-DU to be used but it was never issued or passed for service due to all Chieftains being replaced by Chally 1. L26 often quoted as 540mm at 2km not sure how accurate this is though also I'm looking into getting information on L31 HESH and L23 APFSDS from Bovington (if they have it) In theory the Mk.10 should be enough otherwise you are looking at either Chieftain 800/900, Chieftain 2000 or Chally 1.
  51. The Mk.5 Chieftain never got "stillbrew" that was the Mk.10. You could add the Mk.5/4 Chieftain and the Mk.10
  52. "Haynes: Chieftain Main Battle Tank" it uses the following sources.
  53. on the UFP of the hull there is that's about it. All things considered the Falcon is better unless we went for the Marksman Chieftain but I don't have any information on the amount of ammo carried for that one.
  54. Same guns and same amount of ammo carried. X2 30mm Oerlikons firing 1300 round per minute with an ammo supply of 600 rounds per gun.
  55. You do know the Chieftain Sabre is no better than the Falcon?
  56. I'd find it highly amusing if the T-55 arrived in the German tree before the Russian one
  57. They likely have got the information but the real question is do they know where it is. The last time I went into the archives at Bovington I got told that they had a lot of stuff but that they did not know exactly what information they have and what they don't have.
  58. I want my 183mm HESH Launcher......size matters
  59. Gib Chieftain Mk.5 dev blog
  60. T-64 shouldn't have any issues penning the turret front of a Mk.5/4 Chieftain within 1000m if it was a Mk.10 Chieftain it's a different story. AFAIK L23 has 450mm of penetration at 1000m. I am looking into getting info on the rounds performance.
  61. They could always move the ram II to the British tree
  62. The Mk.5/4 Chieftain is more comparable to the T-64 than the Mk.3 is.
  63. The big question is can the devs get composite armour right?
  64. The Iranians had a habit of shoving as much ammo as they could into their tanks.
  65. Yeah the powers that be went with stillbrew instead.
  66. Well Chieftains Stillbrew armor consists of RARDE 823 steel mounted on concealed studs with a Laminated rubber seals on the inside mating to the turret. Fun fact if the Chally 1 hadn't come along Chieftain would have gotten Chobham armor instead but that would have needed a new turret.
  67. I'll show myself to the door
  68. yup its amusing isn't it
  69. 2017 wish list

    The Caernavon never saw service......
  70. it was for me I had to work over Christmas, my Christmas holiday didn't start until 10th Jan but hey ho we are getting off topic.....
  71. Christmas for me was a rather drunken affair plus well it was Christmas I had better things to do than playing WT if I'm honest The few games I did play I didn't see that many Type 62's and that was on the day It got released.
  72. Or just gets completely wrecked and then rages about aim bots You do realize that we are going to have Ru 251 spam on day 1 of the new patch. depending on the BR of the Ru 251 that could have a big effect on game play. The type 62 on the other hand didn't really effect game play all that much. But as I said until the dev server or the updated live server we wont know anything about the Ru 251.
  73. Yea they could buy the Type 62 but they cant now its no longer available. Where as everyone is going to be able to get the Ru 251 for the foreseeable future/until it gets taken off sale ect. The point is that more people will have a Ru 251 which means we will see more of them when compared to the Type 62 which is no longer available. This means the Ru 251 will have a greater effect on the game than the Type 62. Just wait until its released there will be hundreds of them.
  74. everyone can buy the Ru 251 no one can buy the Type 62..... Anyhow we are best off waiting for the dev server and then we can see were things are at.
  75. Well Swingfire is very situational. I do sometimes take out my Conq but more often than not the Mk. 10 Centurion is my back up. But hey ho its not as if the British tree only has one viable 8.0 tank compared to the two or three that everyone else has.....
  76. That would be epic
  77. I'm still hoping for a Mk.5 Chieftain dev blog.......or another dev blog with a British tank/aircraft
  78. Indeed they would be better off adding more tier 5 tanks to the British tree.
  79. I'd quite like to see some maps based on the area in Germany that the BAOR/BFG (British Army of the Rhine/British Forces Germany) occupied like Paderborn for example Ah childhood memories
  80. I'd quite like to see some maps based on the area in Germany that the BAOR/BFG (British Army of the Rhine/British Forces Germany) occupied like Paderborn for example but only because of childhood memory's the joys of being an Army brat
  81. pay back In all seriousness if you haven't played for a year you have a lot of relearning to do a lot has changed.
  82. While this update may fill some gaps there is still an 8.0 Mk.5 Chieftain sized gap in the British tree Also cant wait for the Mk.1 Centurion Everyone likes heavy tanks with large guns
  83. And here is me dreaming about a Chieftain Mk.5 dev blog
  84. ......yet another "object 279" we really need more of these
  85. british

    Chieftain. Then Conqueror, Swingfire and finally Conway. However if you go by BR's then Conqueror, Conway, Chieftain and then Swingfire. I'd still say go for Chieftain first though.
  86. Bigger maps are a must along with regenerative steering for tanks.
  87. The L11's L23 APFSDS round was capable of doing the same thing to the T-64, T-72 ect in fact the L11 could knock out T-64's at a range of 2km. You are confusing Chieftain and Challenger. The Chieftain was never built to fight in an urban environment nor was Challenger 1, Challenger 2 could do it but was never intended too. British armor doctrine was that tanks did not fight in built up area's and is still the case the only exception was the Battle for Basra during the 2nd Gulf war when Chally 2's were used to help the infantry open up areas of Basra as air power was not capable of filling the support roll to the degree required. In short your understanding of British armor and the British Army's Armor doctrine is very much lacking. Indeed I remember it well it was certainly tank country. And as for British post war armor being a drama. The Centurion is one of the best selling tanks of all times the fact that some country's are still using t in one form or another just goes to prove how good a design it really was. Also it must not be forgotten than we Brits pioneered the use of AVRE's and ARV's
  88. Clearly you fail to understand how these tanks are supposed to be used..... The Rolls Royce meteor engine fitted to tanks like the Cromwell, Comet and Centurion was good if not a bit fuel hungry. The Chieftains L60 engine once the issues had been sorted achieved more engine hours than any other NATO tank. As for weak guns the 17 pounder was a good gun yes it did have some issues but these were sorted by the end of WW2, the 77mm HV gun had very few issues, the 20 Pounder was even better, the same can be said for the L7 and the L11. Now as for bad armor layouts on Chieftain and Conqueror, Both tanks were build to fight long range battles from a hull down position and thus had very good turret armor to allow them to do this job. The Chieftain while it lacked side armor had very good armor on the UFP. The LFP on Chieftain was thin but would be very hard to hit at long range, Chieftain crews were trained to use the lay of the land to their advantage so that they could make the best use of the Chieftain's ability's. Now as for Conqueror this tank is best described as an SPG. It was in effect a support tank it was never intended for it to fight in the armored formations (which at the time consisted mostly of 20 pounder Centurions). The Conqueror's role was to sit at the back in a hull down position and kill tanks at very long range and because of this hull armor wasn't a big issue with it. FV4004 was intended for the same role. The only real issue with British tanks in WT is the dev's inability to get some things right. but then again the same can be said for some tanks in other trees too. Indeed, Chally/Chir 2's development was paid for by another country for a start. indeed the British Army went with protection and firepower two things that have served the British Army very well. British doctrine during both gulf wars for example was for tanks to fight on the move and to be able to have the ability to kill the target with the first shot while on the move. at speeds of over 25mph off road this becomes difficult to do as the gun stabilizers cant keep up with the hull's movement.
  89. To be honest I'd quite like correctly working gun stabilization too. The current system just doesn't work.
  90. I find that they burn/ammo rack nicely That and most of the people who use it don't seem to have a clue how to. Heck if I'm in my Chieftain and come up against an angled one there is not much I can do unless I flank or wait.
  91. For me its cost I refuse to pay 54968 SL to repair my Hunter in RB......
  92. gameplay

    No I just have no issues with how the current system works.
  93. gameplay

    +1 more large maps are needed
  94. Aircraft/Loadouts

    +1 yes please
  95. tanks/vehicles

    +1 would love to see this in the regular British tech tree
  96. I'd love to get my hands on FV4005 Actually there are a lot of British tanks I'd like to get my hands on...... I'd also like to get my hands on accurate information on the Chieftain's L23 APFSDS and L31 HESH rounds but that's looking as if it could get expensive
  97. Misc/Other

    I'd quite like a female crew for my Chieftain
  98. gameplay

    -1 the current system is fine.
  99. The Iranian Chieftains had both available to them. I know that its current practice in the British Army to use FIN (APFSDS) to kill tanks and HESH for everything else.
  100. ^^^ This. Why do people think that SPAA should run around killing tanks???
  101. The Centurion and Chieftain really do suffer without regenerative steering.
  102. You do realize that if the T-29 got a BR increase then so would the Tiger 2 (all three of them)
  103. there is that but it will have a 750hp engine, L23 APFSDS and it would also be fitted with LRF kit Give it time # gib Britain all Centurions.
  104. Imagine the fun if we get a Mk.10 Chieftain
  105. My thoughts exactly the first MBT we had with ERA was Chally 1. Chieftain might have got it if the need had arose but it never did so
  106. yea and there is no guarantee that they can find the information either and I'd hate it if I spent X amount and got little or nothing out of it.
  107. Gib Mk.5/4 and Mk.10 Chieftain's On a side note I'm currently looking into how much it's going to cost me to try and get some information from the Bovington tank museum on the performance on the L11's L23 APFSDS round......... .....its not looking cheap
  108. It wouldn't be the first premium tank to be in tier 4 and have a tier 5 BR.
  109. They did it's called Tiger 2.....
  110. I'd buy it to be fair
  111. LOL all those poor German tankers. That said I suspect it may sell quite well.
  112. Oh dear lord #still hoping for another Chieftain.
  113. The chieftain Mk.3/3 was the one with a better engine and formed the basis for the Mk.5. As for the performance of L15a5 and L23 ect accurate information especially on L23 is hard/expensive to get a hold of.
  114. My old man had that experience in the second gulf war during the "battle for Basra" (he was a TC on Chally 2's). His call sign and another Chally 2 came across a "cold" dug in T-55 they put a round into it just in case anyone was in there. They came back the next day to find a few locals working on it, at first they though they were looting but it turned out that they were trying to get it running They considered putting a few more rounds into it and HESHing it for good measure but in the end because they were short on time its location was marked so that at some point the Royal Engineers could come and get rid of it.........if they ever did?
  115. Because its a Centurion with a 20mm Polsten......
  116. we used to have some good maps before the dev's "improved" them all. Now they are mostly......meh
  117. The sound mod is epic my Chieftain now sounds wonderful Both Centurion and Chieftain have power units (GPU's) for running the turret and all non driving systems such as the BV. The main engines are only really for driving but did most of the work powering the tank when running. generally the GPU's were only used if the main engine wasn't running ect but could run with the main engine.
  118. I want a Mk,5/4 Chieftain with L23 APFSDS
  119. There was never a Mk.3/4 Chieftain the Mk.3/3 was the last of the Mk.3's after that it went to the Mk.5
  120. Not enough to protect it against the L11's L23 APFSDS ammo which is often quoted as 450mm at 1km. That's the figure quoted in Haynes Manuel "Chieftain Main Battle Tank". Which uses sources from the UK's national archives and the tank museum in Bovington. possibly "User Handbook for Tank Combat 120mm gun Chieftain Mk's 5-12" (AC 62259) or its "RAC Pamphlet 33 - Chieftain Armament" (AC71274) Not sure yet though. Out side of 1000m that likely won't work against the front a Mk.10 Chieftain's turret when stillbrew was designed and fitted to Chieftain 100mm, 105mm and 115mm guns were found to be unable to penetrate at close range/point blank with APDS/APFSDS ammo. The Mk.10 Chieftain could even withstand a hit to the front of the turret from 120mm L23 ammo at 1000m although I'm not sure if they ever found a 125mm gun to shoot it with.
  121. The dev's seemed to have messed with APDS again. I did test it in a user mission but not had a chance to test it in RB GF yet because I keep getting matches with UK, US and Russia against the Germans.
  122. true but this isn't going to help it much not that it matters my Hunter is well and truly grounded. Just like the real thing currently is here in the UK.
  123. so basically don't expect to see Hunters in RB and expect to see increased loading times
  124. Indeed I am really hoping for regenerative steering in the next patch. That said a fully spaded Mk.3 Chieftain in game can certainly long as you don't turn
  125. Here are a few of my replays with the Chieftain just to prove that not all my games are good Don't forget to select my user at the start of the replay Edit: you may need to put the replays into your replay folder to see them or you can try and find me on the WT replay server?
  126. I'm all for that
  127. While I'm all for seeing things like Chally 1 and Mk.10 and 11 Chieftains arrive ect I believe that we risk such things starting one heck of a power creep and before we know it everyone is running around in current day MBT's Now if it can be balanced and fair then there is no real issue but this is WT so........ yea.......
  128. In War Thunder, the B-10B will take its place at rank I as a premium aircraft in the American tech tree. The domed nose turret and large canopy of the dorsal turret give the aircraft a distinctive appearance. One interesting detail: the engine and oil temperature gages and the engine-propeller air pressure gages were located directly on the nacelles, which allowed the pilot to read the instruments on the left and right through the canopy glass.
  129. First premium dev blog?
  130. Indeed there are tanks/SPAA with similar weapons at a lower BR....
  131. I fall to see how adding a 20mm cannon would lead to a BR increase......
  132. With my Chieftain if my APDS doesn't kill the target then I switch to HESH to finish the job depending on the target.
  133. Might just be a bad run with RNG?
  134. Everyone wants the 20mm Polsten Centurion Money says that it will be a premium tank though....
  135. Both are completely different things. The FV438 had to be modified for SACLOS systems. Chieftain doesn't have a mantlet. Stillbrew armor was fitted to render 115mm, 100mm and 105mm guns ineffective against the turret front at point blank. The front of Chieftains turret was also protected from its own l23 APFSDS from 1000m plus. (The powers that be couldn't find a 125mm gun to shoot at it.)
  136. Panther 2 going to 7.0 is one of the best things to happen in WT in a long time.
  137. Plus it's a Centurion what's not to like