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  1. yup. We could even have the one with a 5.5 inch gun 77mm HV
  2. I wouldn't mind the 20 pounder one although that's supposed to be an SPG.
  3. I am lost for words......
  4. Sorry but when I see a picture of weak tea I overreact
  5. If there is one thing In this world that I can not stand for it is milky tea. I like my tea so strong that it leaves brown rings on the cup Edit: come to think of it does living in Portsmouth class me as a "southerner"?
  6. would you like some tea with your milk? Also who in there right mind would call that tea.......
  7. I can see it know CVR (T)'s zipping around the battlefield beating the leo's at their own game I'd quite like to have a scimitar along with its 30mm Rarden auto cannon
  8. Not an issue I have yet to fact I've had more battles were the US tanks yolo off into the distance and leave the British tanks to clean up......
  9. They could always give us this
  10. The Vickers MBT's can fill that gap.
  11. by all means look at my stats I really don't care about them. Also I'm not the one moaning about being killed by a tank........
  12. Clearly if they keep killing you then you are doing something wrong......
  13. I think you have a L2P issue....... either that or your just salty that someone killed you.....
  14. Most of the ammo the Russians get doesn't require any skill either...... Oh and I understand you just fine it just amuses me when people come on the forum and say "this tank kill me nerf/remove please" without bothering to change the way they play.
  15. Its HESH its good at what it does.......
  16. I am noticing that people do seem to be getting used to dealing with the Mk.1 now. some people have definitely worked out where to shoot it would seem.
  17. You need a rifled gun to fire HESH which is why the British army still have the L30A1 on Chally 2....... The 183mm QF L4 is a modified BL 7.2-inch howitzer. The only changed made to the gun was the fitting of bore extractor and the mounts to enable it to be fitted into a turret. removing the rifling from the gun would effect the performance of it. On that note why the L4 is designated as a quick fire gun I'll never know as it is everything but a quick fire gun and lastly HESH does not penetrate. the shock wave does but the round itself does not. Lastly where did you get the idea that the 183mm gun had no rifling??? I'd love to know.
  18. The Centurions do have neutral steering as can be seen here Regenerative steering is how the tank turns on the move. Neutral steering is how the tank turns on the spot.
  19. Personally I'd like to see the removal of ATGM's they just ruin game play. But as that is never likely to happen I'd settle for all ATGM tanks to have to control their missiles by using the WASD keys regardless of the system used to guild the rocket.
  20. On the subject of the Leo there was a German officer on record somewhere saying that the Leopard was the tank the German army needed in 1943 and that it was not the tank the German army needed during the cold war. Also worth noting that there was a big reason the Russians had their best units and tanks opposite the British sector in Germany.
  21. Centurion doesn't need to be in 1st to climb hills it can and will do it happily in second. 1st gear is more of a crawler gear a Centurion won't go much over 1mph in 1st. In fact 1st isn't really needed most of the time as it will pull away from a standing start in 2nd without any fuss. As for proper tank engines the Rolls Royce Meteor would like a word. Although on the subject of the BL L60 engine I will agree with you but BL only got the contract for Chieftains engine so that the government could keep them afloat.
  22. Centurion's were not the fastest of Tanks but they could go just as fast off road as they could on road. The ones we have in game are nothing like the real thing in terms of mobility.
  23. True but a lot of Tiger drivers don't do this.
  24. panfilovs

    Here is a film made on the facts of a true story.
  25. Personally I want this
  26. The US are not the only tree without a top tier attacker......
  27. The Mk.3 comes in at around 52 short tons (51 long) when combat ready and can only do around 22 mph.
  28. -1 not needed unless they want to give the British tree a later Hunter....... The early Hunter could get a compressor stall by just firing its guns.......
  29. The whole engine issue is more down to the game than anything else. The Centurion is a mobile tank ok its not the fastest of tanks but it was able to go just as fast off road as it could on road. It is also worth remembering that tanks like the Centurion and the Chieftain lack their regenerative steering. For example Centurion doesn't turn by applying a brake to one track its all down to what gear the tank is in i.e. the higher the gear the larger the turning circle is and it should be able to maintain most of its speed in the turn, at least that was my limited experience of driving a real one (An old friend of my father owns a Mk.5 I got a chance to drive it a while ago) Also here is a fun fact did you know the Chieftain fitted with a 620bhp engine has better off road performance than the Leo does when it comes to handling complex and testing terrain. On top of that Chieftain could climb a steeper slope than the Leopard could although that may be mostly down to the gear ratio's. wonder what it would have been like had it been tested with a 750bhp L60 instead. By all accounts on flat ground the Leopard was still faster. German tree players had a similar issue before the 2nd Leo arrived. What the British tree badly needs is another 8.0 MBT......i.e. A Mk.5 Cheiftain that would go along way to sorting out the above^
  30. Depends on how much they angle. If they angle too much you can just shoot the side and try and ammo rack it which sometimes works quite well.
  31. I tend to work the flank's and make use of the gun depression. Also brawling with the Mk.3 is not a good idea you really don't have the armor for it but it does do well at long range engagements Now when it comes to tanks like the Panther, T-34's, Tiger 1's ect I tend to aim for the center of mass and gut the "######" (this can be easier said than done with the Tiger 1 due to the small area you have to aim at) if they are angled however try and knock the gunner out first or if you play RB knocking out the gun can buy you some time. However with tanks like the Tiger 2 ect knock the gunner out first or you can try your luck with the hull ammo racks (any Tiger 2 driver with a brain leaves the turret one's empty). Sidenote: I play RB and I find that the Mk.3 plays much better there.
  32. Your doing something wrong with it then I have a 70% win rate with mine it's a beast of a tank. How are you using it? and what ammo are you using?
  33. Yea in theory it should be impossible to blow a Chieftain up by ammo racking it due to the powder charges and HESH rounds being kept in wet stowage racks. Worst case scenario is that it causes a small fire that takes several minutes to take hold. At least that's how it works on British Chieftains.....the Iranian Chieftain crews were known to take extra ammo and store it in the turret........something which did not always end well.
  34. +1 I like the larger maps they are more fun to play.
  35. You also have the issue that info on some early MBT's is still classified.
  36. In all honesty I'd say this issue has more to do with German tankers being used to APHE rounds ect which are very consistent were as APDS in inexperienced hands is not consistent. If you know how to use it APDS performs well enough to do the job even if it is lacking in some area's.
  37. This^^ The markers need to go.
  38. Ok then to 6.7 the P should go
  39. yup I always aim for the turret same with the Tiger 2 H. Don't think the P has APCR either. Still belongs at 6.7 though.
  40. So your saying that I should aim for weak spots or flank.......This amuses me greatly when you consider that the Tiger 2 p has no issues going through the front of the front of the turret or the UFP of the Mk.1.... Speaking of the Tiger 2 p that is another tank that could do with being at 6.7 instead of 6.3 don't you think.
  41. Putting a 17 pdr armed tank at 6.3 would be a silly idea.......The Mk.1 Centurion is fine were it is as is the Mk.3. yup but German players like to club......and don't seem to like to be at a disadvantage. +1 The grind to APDS is long. If it was less of a grind to get APDS or if the Mk.1 came with APDS when stock then it should be at 6.0 max but it does not so it is fine were it is. Some players need to learn how to shoot or stop having shooting matches with Centurions. +1 and we could have the Mk.5 and the Mk.5/1 at 6.7
  42. Indeed upon seeing a hull down Centurion you should flank or get someone else to knock it out.
  43. Situation normal unfortunately. very few of the maps we have in game are any good for tank combat and the few large maps we do have we are forced to fight in one small area.....
  44. In its current state is not worth the effort. it lacks a good bomb load for its tier. Also it has a repair cost of +13,000SL........ I mean really.......13,000SL repair cost.......for have got to be joking. I'm gona use up the last of my free repairs and then it shall become another hanger queen.
  45. Indeed FV3802? Personally I'd like to see the Centurion AVRE 165 The Centurion prototypes would be a good mid tier Premium. The Mk.5 would be a good tank to have at 6.7 in the tree and the Mk.5/1 would be a good premium as its the Mk. used by the Australians but they could always put the Mk.5/1 in the main tree and have the atomic tank as a premium instead. The Mk.5/1 compared to the Mk.3 has increased glacis armor, two coax machine guns: one .30 Browning and one .50 Browning for ranging the 20 pounder main gun.
  46. Considering the best the Mk.3 had was its current 620bph engine I doubt that is going to happen. The Mk.5 had a 720bph and the Mk.10 had a 750bhp engine.
  47. Indeed I think a lot of people would happily go for a Mk.5/1 Centurion (at least I would)
  48. Moving the Mk.3 to 6.7 wouldn't be a bad thing but at the current moment it would be a mistake and would leave a gap at the 6.3 area of the British tree. To be honest the Mk.3 is lacking its regenerative steering and APDS/solid shot as a whole under performs. Personally I'd rather see the Mk.5 Centurion added and placed at 6.7 But in all honesty I think this is another tank that brings up that old BR compression issue. Want
  49. I don't think its under tiered. I think it has more to do with your opponents not knowing how to angle their tank. For example I keep coming across Tiger 1 drivers to insist on showing me big flat surfaces. I think we also have to consider the fact that people skilled in the use of British tanks will be currently playing it.
  50. 183mm HESH guarantees OHK on everything
  51. Sure given its real life stats it does seem lacking..... But in WT it can OHK IS-6's......with its stock ammo. its more than capable at its tier I find. I quite like it, it goes well with my T29.
  52. Still waiting for a Mk.5 Chieftain
  53. As far as I'm aware the round on the left is 120mm L1 APDS which is the Conqueror's APDS round. That said I'm beginning to wonder if the SABOT is sat loose on top that said it could be a deactivated round and has been split?. But I do remember reading somewhere that Conqueror had 1 piece ammo. Edit: its late here I'll have a look in the morning this has peeked my interest now Edit: Conqueror uses the same gun as the M103 does it not? If that's the case then it proberbly is two piece ammo. That is provided the picture below actually shows ammo used by the M103?
  54. from the change log Added Weapon Stabilization For the following vehicles: Germany: Leopard A1A1 (two-plane) FlakPz Gepard (two-plane) USSR: PT-76B (two-plane) Object 906. (two-plane) T-10M (two-plane) T-62 (two-plane) ZSU-23-4 (two-plane) USA: M551 (two-plane) M60A1 (two-plane) M3 / M3A1 (single-plane, vertical) M5A1 (single-plane, vertical) M4 / M4A1 / M4A2 (single-plane, vertical) M4A1 (76) W (single-plane, vertical) M4A2 (76) W (single-plane, vertical) M4A3 (76) W (single-plane, vertical) M4A3E2 (single-plane, vertical) M4A3E2 Cobra King (single-plane, vertical) M4A3E2 (76) W (single-plane, vertical) M24 (single-plane, vertical) Great Britain: Centurion Mk 3 (two-plane) Centurion Mk 10 (two-plane) Chieftain Mk 3 (two-plane) Conqueror (two-plane) Falcon (two-plane) Japan: STB-1 (two-plane) Type 74 (two-plane) M24 (single-plane, vertical) M4A3 (76) W (single-plane, vertical) Added emulation of the vertical stabilizer for tanks with guns, vertical guidance of which was made with the help of a shoulder stop: Germany: Pz.35 (t) Pz.38 (t) Ausf. A Pz.38 (t) Ausf. F Great Britain: A13 all model Tetrarch Mk I Valentine Mk I Matilda Mk II Crusader Mk II Japan: Ha-Go Ha-Go Commander Chi-Ha Ch-Ha Kai Chi-He Ka-Mi Ke-Ni A tank fitted with gun stabilization will have an extra bit of writing next to the speed display in the top left corner it will also show if gun stabilization is on or off.
  55. I found it fun for about 10 minutes. the rewards you get are not worth it.
  56. Conqueror uses 1 piece ammo. its one of the reasons why it takes so long to reload. there isn't much room for the loader in that turret. Conway is similar. Chieftain though uses two piece ammo and as a result it is easier to load the also helps that Chieftain uses bagged charges which are not really that heavy so it is very easy for the loader to do his work. same as above.
  57. yea I was wondering the other day if it was even worth having a 1.69 rumor round up thread this early.......It might be better introducing the first dev blog for patch 1.69 and then having the thread It was only a thought though but it would certainly sort of the whole "going off topic" issue
  58. Some German tanker's struggle with that first bit.
  59. It may have something to do with the tank being in 1st gear in game? I'll test it and see what happens with manual controls Edit: there isn't really much of a difference to how it was before the new patch. At least that's how mine is maybe its a bug that comes up after a few minutes but that said I've had a few battles in my Mk.3 today and not noticed anything different, not sure about the Mk.10 though?
  60. To be honest it is far too early to say if the Ru 251 is OP or not at 6.7. However one thing is certain 90% of the people who use it haven't a clue how too. I keep seeing teams of Ru 251's wiped out in under 5 minutes...... The IS-6 on the other hand.
  61. I just put the kettle on personally That sounds epic
  62. Really? I've been OHK most of the things I meet At the start of my last battle on the Korean map I knocked out a Tiger 2 (H) from the other side of the map. I just used the range finder, adjusted my sights and sent the Tiger 2 driver a 183mm surprise......... The Tiger 2 driver must of been a bit salty because they were raging in chat about it
  63. but 9/10 times you will OHK tiger 2's with a round to the UFP
  64. The British get a tank with HESH at 6.7
  65. Considering that it doesn't have any guns one would hope that it would have some form of ordnance....
  66. Well that interesting.
  67. Tier 4 is my favourite area of the British tree. Mk.1 Centurion, Mk.3 Centurion, FV4005......what's not to like Indeed the Mk.1 is a good counter to the Panther. Unlock APDS asap and watch the magic happen
  68. Mines using my ace Chieftain crew............ 1 round every 5.9 seconds The Mk.1 is the tank the mid tier British tree needed. She's epic
  69. Indeed I'd take the Mk.1 Centurion over the "baby Chieftain" any day
  70. Providing you have enough free RP available you can use gold to unlock a tank or plane. 1 gold is equal to 45RP.
  71. I killed 3 of them in the space of a minute after another......guess they thought that no one was watching the flanks
  72. yea that's another issue and its caused by the BR compression. and the vast amount of people who use 6.7br tanks.
  73. kek I keep seeing RU 251's doing silly things
  74. Indeed. While it "might" be ok at 6.0 it would leave a large gap in the British tree that current tanks like the Challenger just would not be able to fill. unless they want to down tier the BP again
  75. Yea if all RU 251's could keep driving through open ground and not pay any attention to their surroundings until my Centurion is spaded that would be great
  76. not least not mine Mk.1 Cent's 17 pounder can chuck an APDS round out every 5.9 seconds
  77. Ah the RU 251.....because of this tank my Mk.1 Centurion is almost spaded
  78. The Centurion Mk.1 is way more fun than the FV4202....... Did I mention its a Centurion......with a 17 pounder......and APDS.........and that its lots of fun? On a more sensible note, If you don't want to grind out the Mk.1 Centurion you could always just buy gold and do it that way. If buying gold is not your thing I can personally tell you that the Mk.1 Cent is worth it and that I'd take it over the FV4202 any day.
  79. While I do agree that it does indeed perform well if it gets a BR increase there is nothing that can replace it at 5.7...... Now that being said tanks like the Panther and the Tiger (mostly the Tiger) when correctly handled can and will bounce 17 pounder APDS with ease. For example I was engaging a Tiger 1 at range (aprox 1000m) with my 17 pounder firing APDS the Tiger angled its hull and turret and as a result I had issues penning it, now it could of cource return fire if it wanted to but the only issue it had there was that the Tiger 1 driver had to A) locate me. B) estimate my range and C) shoot me.......and because my Mk.1 is using the ace crew my Chieftain uses the Tiger 1 driver would only have 5.9 seconds to do that. The Mk.1 would be ok at 6.0 but currently moving it there would leave a gap in the British tree. If it was possible to fill that gap with another tank then I would gladly see the Mk.1 go to 6.0. Before anyone says anything I do agree that the Panthers and Tiger 1's are under performing but I personally think that it has more to do with the players using them than the tanks themselves.
  80. It is epic I've been killing Panther's, Tigger 1's and silly Ru 251's all night
  81. Indeed I should possibly have mentioned that all three tanks were a squad/clan. The fact that they possibly may have been able to "talk" to one another somewhat amuses me.
  82. I'm getting the feeling a lot of people who buy this tank have no idea how to use it........ I killed 3 in less than a minute with my Mk.1 Centurion......all of them drove straight passed after another....... you would have thought that when the first one blew up they would have gotten the hint that a Mk.1 Centurion was near......but no.....
  83. Similar things happened when the British tree arrived......
  84. Still Centurions are far superior We have BV' far as I know the Tigger and the Panther do not
  85. It happened because the Panther faces stuff that can kill it without much my Centurions This too^^
  86. happens in RB too. not all the time but it does happen.
  87. I do enjoy RB more than AB.......mostly because people don't crash planes into me........they just bomb me instead On that note the MG on the FV4005 seems to have a similar "fall of shot" to the 183mm QF L4 gun but that might just be me? Also the fact that the 183mm gun has QF in its designation amuses me greatly
  88. I'm seeing lots of Ru 251's and IS-6's. The FV4005 makes short of both
  89. I managed to kill 4 tanks with it before being shot by SPAA. It is a fun tank but I think it will definitely be one of those tanks that is better in RB than AB. Oh and I hate the reload but I've managed to get it down to 35 seconds now
  90. 183mm HESH is epic I put a round into the UFP of a Tiger 2 (H)........OHK I do like the FV4005
  91. The issue with new patches is that invariably one see's lots of tank far this evening I have seen teams made up of IS-6's or Ru 251's........


    I'm beginning to wonder how much longer I'll be using 6.7 tanks....



  92. The Mk.1 Centurion is epic Its now one of my favorite tanks in game. The APDS round is lethal
  93. 6 more hours until I can try it out
  94. It was but then a later Q&A said that it would be considered.
  95. Indeed it's a bit difficult to day that it's been denied it would be best if it was noted as being under consideration. That and the British tree needs another 8.0 MBT.....
  96. Well looks like my Mk.10 is going to be a hanger queen......I'm running out of space for hanger Queens.... I'll have to see how bad it is when I get home.
  97. yea that's the down side of it.
  98. supposedly they have buffed the after effects ect so its not all bad news.......
  99. To say I'm annoyed about this is an understatement.....
  100. The name of the round isn't classified how well it performs ect is classified as far as we know. I looked into it and was told that information was not available so either its classified (likely) or Bovington cant find it. ( I should really ask again its been a year now) What we do know is that L37 which is the designation of the Chieftains in game HESH round is actually a 105 red smoke round for the 105mm gun on the Abott SPG. The Chieftains HESH round should be L31 which is the designation of the HESH round Chieftain used in real life. Currently getting the performance of Chieftains HESH round right isn't the priority due to the lack of information with regards to its performance ect i.e. its "penetration" (I know it doesn't pen) but if we can get the designation corrected now, hopefully at a later date we will be able to get its performance corrected ect. Incorrect designation of the round.
  101. Indeed. I have a bug report active for the incorrect designation of the Chieftains HESH round at the moment.
  102. just had a quick look there are certainly some interesting documents.
  103. Have you got the original source for this?
  104. There would not be a great deal left.
  105. +1 the more Centurions the better
  106. whats your build

    I was going to be grinding out the Mk.1 Centurion today.......but with 1.67 postponed I'm going to have to wait.
  107. Bar the poor use of the English language? Also I'm failing to see how we have "time traveling" tanks. We most certainly have a few prototypes in the tree but time traveling tanks.........nope not really, That said one or two tanks do spring to mind but the majority of the tree is quite good. There are certainly worse offenders than the British tree.
  108. I can taste the salt now
  109. I remember those days before the "great nerf"
  110. The FV4202 used a modified 20 pounder made to fire two piece ammo and as such is unable to use standard 20 pounder ammo. No APDS round was ever developed for it.
  111. Yeah that's it i think.
  112. It wasn't unknown for a HESH round to actually penetrate thin metal plate before detonating. There is a picture somewhere of an armoured car that has a HESH round go through the front before going off. I'll see if I can find it.
  113. This^^. The Mk.5 Chieftain would be ideal.
  114. tanks/vehicles

  115. tanks/vehicles

    ^^ Canada is part of the Commonwealth
  116. tanks/vehicles

    you can have them
  117. tanks/vehicles

    Strv 104 is a Centurion......Centurion is a British tank........thus the Strv 104 should be in the British tree as it is based on a British tank. Plus we already have a Swedish tank in the British tree anyway.
  118. ........the Fv4005 is a rather large target........if you cant hit the house sized ammo rack/turret your doing something wrong. Also 1.67 will make HESH a viable round for the 105mm L7 and the 120mm L11. The German Leo's will benefit too.
  119. True but as far as I know the servers used by WoT can do it so why can't the servers used by WT do it. Yes WoT is nothing like WT but surly it must be possible . I'm all for things being realistic but a large shell going though a lip a fraction of its size somewhat takes the biscuit. I mean the round should bounce shot it not.
  120. +1 its needed fed up of my Centurions getting penned through a 2mm lip by a 122mm shell......
  121. +1 Give the British tree its AVRE's
  122. Dev server.
  123. Indeed. The Mk.5/4 and L23 APFSDS would be talking things to far for the time being. Unless we see certain tanks arrive in game the Mk.5 with L15A5 APDS more than adequate for the time being. Heck it would be OK with the current L15 APDS round.
  124. fixed it
  125. Just a few points on the Mk.5 Chief. It does not get APFSDS ammo that did not arrive until the Mk.5/4 due to the Mk.5 and the Mk.5/4 having different ammo stowage racks. It was fitted with a 720bhp engine not a 750bhp engine. After the "totem pole" program completed Chieftain did have a 750bhp engine but the Mk.5 had been re classed as the Mk.9 by that point. Information on the L23 APFSDS is not accurate or available on the web so while it is believed to be able to do around 450mm at 1000m we can not be sure. As has already been stated 120mm HESH has been improved but I've yet to see how it performs. On the subject of HESH I've got a bug report open on the name of the Chieftains HESH round unfortunately I've got nothing on the performance of L31 HESH due to it being classified as it is still in service with Challenger 2. Some Chieftain information in the spoiler below My information comes from the following sources
  126. I wouldn't put much by his videos. As for the FV4005 it can hull break panthers and OHK the maus with out much fuss.
  127. Link for the Mk.1 Centurion and it's lack of APDS. Note I've not made any mention of a BR increase in the bug report.
  128. Well the FV4005 certainly can haven't tried the Chieftain's improved HESH round yet though.
  129. Nope it can indeed kill the Maus just tried it in a test drive.
  130. The FV4005 can do 275mm with its HESH round
  131. I wonder if it can hull break Leo's?
  132. indeed it can 183mm HESH for the win
  133. I don't its a lot of fun
  134. started this in the dev server section for the Mk.1 Centurion
  135. yup no APDS.......yet the Challenger which in RB sits at 5.7 which is the same BR as the Mk.1 Centurion gets APDS........
  136. Well good luck trying to find them.....
  137. I lack a scanner would pictures of the pages and front cover work along with page numbers? I'm actually at work at the moment so I see what else I have later. Edit: added ISBN numbers for both books as well as pictures of the front covers. have also added pictures from "Chieftain Main Battle Tank 1966-present by Haynes" of the information confirming the shell designation and a picture of the complete page. Also removed the photo of the 105mm L37 smoke round as the original picture links back to Wikipedia and at this time I am unable to find another one with the full designation that I can use.
  138. Nice I think I got halfway through unlocking it before just spending gold getting parts and fire equipment and taking it into battle
  139. I'd love the Mk.10 I have a picture of a 3 month old me sat on top of one I'm also quite like the Mk.11 and its TOGS set up on a more serious note the Mk.5 would do just fine
  140. Gib Chieftain Mk.5......or the Mk.5/4 I'm not fussy
  141. Who in their right mind puts cheese on Apple pie......... Also I highly agree with your 1st point.
  142. Well the German tree has 5 tanks with a BR of 8.0+ (im using RB BR's) The British tree has two.... See the difference