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  1. Mr taco I no kid There is one already at 6.7 if you pay for it. I don't think the bigger one would be that bad Kappa
  2. (Yes part 2 cause the other onews got locked for being a "rant") I feel so bad for German drivers. I use to dislike them but now I empathize with them. They legit have no real way of countering the is6 spam. The only way they can do it is by buying a xxxx tank. The ru251. The tank that should be at a higher br but, is the only tank the Germans have that can kill the is6 with ease. The jagdtiger has great penetration but it can only do so much as a case td. I got an idea to fix it for the Germans. Why not put the Leo at 7.3? The br around 6.7 is already ***** the Leo couldn't make that much worst.
  3. For the last week I have been getting the dumbest random results when it comes to killing Russian tanks. In one game I shot a t44 directly in its ammo it dosent explode. I managed to kill it but not long after that a t54 comes over the hill. One shot to its fuel tanks and it blew up. Now I was pissed at that moment cause this cause this normally never happens. 2 days later I'm faced with another t54 on a hill I shot the fuel tank and it just cought on xxxx fire. Now today I shot a t44 hit both the fuel tank and ammo...it cought on fire... I wanna know what is the xxxx point in learning where to place a shot on Russian tanks if I'm going to get a random result every single time?