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  1. Idk what Gajin has done to tip a scale in RU favor but, every game I've played so far where we're vs RU they always have top of the br. Go against the Germans I haven't seen a maus, jpz 4-5 in a downtiered game in a quite sometime. But vs RU T54's, is6, is4, is3 it's xxxx amazing
  2. It annoys me this tank is still 7.0 but what's even worst, I've been noticing that the m82 shot is not killing things in one shot anymore. A day ago I shot a T44 in the side and watch keep driving while the round went through the entire tank exploding on the outside. I'very been having weird shot happen where it would normally kill but it just does damage and barely killing anyone. Has this happened to anyone else?