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  1. Ich frag mal bei Deutschen kollegen rum Wär aber auch kein Untergang falls nicht.
  2. 100 schtreusel Flieger AB
  3. What I wanted to say is, that I dont like the new and defined style of AB sqbs. This is probably mostly due to me knowing the "old" mode good enough that I dont want it to change. Like with the major changes after the 2nd season. But I can only agree with most of the guys here, it has way to little total spawns to work for AB.
  4. I dont think these changes should be done. In my opinion Ab Sqbs are a semi competitive mode where you fight agianst other good players. Thats why I like Ab Sqbs, because in this mode I can actually fight other experienced players. So why froce a tournament setup onto this? Is it beacuse CaptBalu has be running around slapping everyone who said that AB sqbs are competitive? Why force the "big" sqbs community to play after these strickt rules? If they want that they could play Tournaments. On the other side I quite like the idea of a "training" for tournaments.
  5. Again when I click on details of any torunament in any browsers I have (Chrome, Firefox) I only get a white page....