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  1. Thx for being so kind with your word choice. Also you forgot, one of these idiots was in 100T... I`d call it establishing air superiority. you forgott the part where I had to turnfight nearly half of your team. We may be but thats why we fly in a squad. Thats only our fault, like the team didnt play dump at all. At least we made some kills which helps to win a domination game.
  2. Das ist das Internationale forum, man spricht englisch. May I translate for y'all? Oke He is raging a bit because after the first two matches he entered the 3rd match to determine the winner. But he was a bit slow with getting ready so his oponent won the 3rd match and the game.
  3. You should be able to join via tss.warthunder.
  4. So the team “Frozen“ in the 1v1 AB will get the prize for the 1st place??? You got to be kidding me... that guy played one match in the playoffs and then was puched into the final which he “won“ because of the bugged system... I always though of the 1v1 Masterduelist as a well earned title, but now everybody can get it. Good job...
  5. The 2nd match in dont know which group because of the "white page" bug didnt start although both players were ready even before the timer ran out.