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  1. I saw multiple insults (in all surrounding topics) in the direction of people who disagree with the fact planes are getting out of control. (Barial) *Cough I have to say you remind me of a feminist everything in the world is against you and nothing is your fault, but what you don't realise is that it is an l2p issue especially for you. Looking forward to being reported again by you hopefully, the mods would be a little bit more discreet and filter out the feminist replies as well.
  2. Well, it was not BR 3.0 it was 4.3, and according to from what I gathered in this thread, is that the P-47 and F6F-5 and up are real menaces they should be feared upon the moment you hear the engines whistling in your ears. I am telling this in my perspective, I do not see them as a problem as overdramatized people make it out to be. Denying cap and fly for the enemies is a huge favour towards their team because like stated before, it usually cost your team more SP than the cap and flyer can make up for. Capping a zone with multiple teammates will always be more fruitful for the team period. Edit: As warrior412 addressed. Which maps?
  3. Personal anecdote time! Yesterday I played the Russians, facing allot of American/Brittish teams. I had no problem whatsoever with the infamous CAS. Must have been playing a completely different game.