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  1. Yes, I fully agree, the fact is back in the day when I started playing tanks I had to agree that planes were really strong with the bomb crosshair making massive bombers like b29 etc, really easy and worthwhile to fly. Right now I think aircraft are sitting in a good spot good pilots will do great things but bad pilots won't, that wasn't the case back in the day with the bomber crosshairs where every bad pilot could do a massive amount of damage. Tankers should be clapping their hands they can actually snipe airplanes with their MG/MainGun and since the nerfed bomb radius they can actually adapt before impact I have seen countless of good tankers outsmarting my bomb run by changing course at the last moment. Of course, this only the case if they are willing to leave their camping spot.
  2. Personal experience in this game is that people who complain about airplanes are the ones sitting in the usual camp spots or if they kill me they don't reposition themselves from the spot they killed me from, and last but not least they don't fly them selfs so they have no clue what it is to actually fly. Tankers make the game, not pilots they only fulfill a supporting role.
  3. I would say to have 100% guaranteed wins is that you squad up with 3 experienced players. Two 100% dedicated bomber hunters One hybrid Bomber duty Ground pound duty, and one for Ground pound duty. The game mode is winnable solo but you do need to do everything in your power to prevent a lose meaning you need to be using those respawn quite often to get back at high altitude and also communicate with your team to beg them to help you with bomber duty. Yesterday I had really hard fought game where I had to be everywhere on the map to save the game. (Screenshot below in the files) I would say in a couple of weeks/months community knows what to do and the game mode will become easier to play. Would love Gaijin to implant something like this in RB and SIM as well of course much different from the arcade event.
  4. This reminds me of the days when they added the American TD line bad days for the German tankers back then.