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  1. Aircraft/Loadouts

    I'm still doing intensive research for the Ca.183bis, but I couldn't find anything atm. Next, I will ask Volandia, the Caproni Museum in Trento (again) and check what's left in Taliedo.
  2. Maaa quindi i devblog escono SoonTM?
  3. Statistically speaking, when will the patch 1.69 most likely hit?
  4. Aircraft/Loadouts

    There is an issue with this plane though: it is slow. At sea level it can barely reach 500 kph, and only if the burner is active. If it will be put at tier 4, it will be the slowest non bomber plane at that tier. The issue could be solved with a lower BR though.
  5. The naval CBT hasn't even started yet, so I doubt any ship will be added in 1.69... what about the air and ground forces?
  6. check in