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  1. I will also like to add an additional source: Table of Form Factors of Projectiles T14E3-----> 3150fps(960m/s) muzzle velocity.
  2. Game Version: VEHICLES AFFECTED: T34 Heavy Tank ISSUE DESCRIPTION: T34s AP shot has incorrect muzzle velocity of 944m/s. According to: Firepower: A History of the American Heavy Tank by R.P. Hunnicutt Muzzle velocity of the 22.67kg AP projectile was 3150fps or 960m/s. According to: U.S. Military Tracked Vehicles by Fred W. Crimson States again that the 120mm AP projectile for the T53 cannon had a muzzle velocity of 960m/s. Finally, according to: GUNS FOR HEAVY TANKS (Pr. No. 501-04-079) The 120mm T53 gun has a muzzle velocity of 3150fps(960m/s) using the 22,67kg AP shot. SUGGESTED FIX Its really straightforward, change the muzzle velocity of T14E3 shot from 944m/s ----> 960m/s.
  3. Still cant explain how this happened. I guess its probably good ol' 'Murican Bias.
  4. Hi, I would like to bug report an error in the ammunition selection of the 105mm T5 cannon available for some US tanks. Vehicles affected: All vehicles using the 105mm T5E1,T5E2 Anti Tank cannon, namely the T29, T95 and T28. ISSUE DESCRIPTION The 105mm T5 cannon has a selection of 3 AT rounds: T32 APBC, T13 APCBC, T29E3 HVAP, HE. The T32 APBC though is based on wrong data. It should be APCBC but in game it is using the ballistic properties of APBC. According to : Table of Form Factors of Projectiles by H.P. HITCHCOK. T32 is described as APC (APCBC). According to : AN ANALYTICAL STUDY OF DATA ON ARMOR PENETRATION BY TANK-FIRED, KINETIC ENERGY PROJECTILES T32 is described again as APC(APCBC). According to: TEST OF SHOT, AP, 105MM, T182 T32 is still referred to as APC(APCBC). SUGGESTED SOLUTION Change the shell type from APBC-------> solid APCBC. Secondary change(not so important) Change the name of T32 to T32E1 since this modification of the round was tested and evaluated more extensively. *all modifications of T32(E1,E2) are classified as APCBC*
  5. For every tanker, the unlock of a new vehicle comes with a major ''problem'' ; the lack of spare parts and fpe. Without these the player is put to a disadvantage against his opponents cause any damage to the gun breech/barell, transmission and engine means that the tank is combat ineffective, unless it manages to reach a capture point if available. Also if the fuel tanks are hit, a fire may start and the player is doomed to a slow virtual death which cannot avoid. While many suggestions have been made about this issue, i think that this one fits better in the game and wont create any problems at all. So here we go. So i have research the M36 Jackson TD and im currently researching T95. I take a look at T95 modifications. So heres my suggestion. What if you could pre-research 2 modules of the tank you are currently researching by using the previous tank. Of course in order to do that you should have the previous tank with all its upgrades researched. In this case, if i had the M36 fully spaded, i could use the modifications RP earned from battles to actually pre research a module of the next tank in the line, here the T95. For example, i could pre-research the ''parts'' and ''T13'' modifications and actually compete in my first game with the new tank given the fact that i have the ability to repair my tank. An option like this would be really helpful and player-friendly cause it can remove the stock-syndrome of many tanks in the game(M47, M48 etc) and the players would have more fun playing the game. Also by having a premium account, someone would be able to pre-research 4 modules, another + of having a premium account. This can be applied to aircraft as well. So what do you guys think?