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  1. The T30E16 HVAP aka M304(standardized) was fired from 2 AT cannons: the M3 and the T15. When fired from the M3 had a muzzle velocity of 3350 fps or 1021m/s. When fired from the T15 it has a 3750fps muzzle velocity or 1143m/s. This is M304 firings from the M3: PB can achieve ~317mm at 0° and 203mm at 2.000yards. Things get serious when T15 shows around. 378mm PB , 241mm at 2.000yards. In general US HVAP rounds outclassed any other known kinetic energy projectile of any country during WW2 in terms of armor defeating capabilities. Damn, T17E1 HVAP had higher vertical penetration than the chieftain's APDS! This was mainly due to the good penetrator design and core weight. These rounds(especially 90mm ones) cut through Panther and Tigers frontal armor like butter, and on several occasions Pershings knocked out Tiger 1s with HVAP at ranges around 1.000yards with one shot.
  2. The muzzle velocity of the T102(document is blurry so im not sure if its 5,6 or 8) is somewhere between 4500-4800fps or 1371m/s-1463m/s. Thats from the T123 gun. According to the other document i gave you, the APDS with the 84mm core fired from the T123 manages a 4750fps muzzle velocity or 1447m/s. Indeed the T123 had a heavier charge than the T53 but still 1158m/s are way too low for a 120mm Sabot Shot. I mean, T14E3 and T116 both have a velocity of 960m/s and are way much heavier and less streamlined than a APDS projectile, but the APDS barerly manages 200m/s more muzzle velocity? As i said earlier, probably those figures are pre production estimations. Imo about 120mm T53 APDS we should be looking for 4250fps(1295m/s) or greater numbers.
  3. When i play tier 4 as Germans i usually see 1 or 2 Japan tanks(most of the time the STA1) in the whole team. The only ''dangerous'' japan tank i have faced is that premium Chi-whatever but it dies that easy that is hilarious. Shermans and especially the Jumbo dispatch them with ease.
  4. Nah 3550fps is too low velocity for such a high powered gun. Probably was the projected/estimated velocity but actual firings indicated otherwise. R.P. Hunnicutt, Fred W. Crimson both state that the HVAP exceeded 4000fps. Form factor documents gives 4150fps which looks realistic. After all you cant achieve such high vertical penetration over 400mm with a mv barerly above 1000m/s. 1264m/s imo sounds right.
  5. M26E1 uses the T54 gun which utilized a single piece ammunition with a ''fatter'' casing thus maintaining same ballistics as the T15. About the RoF, i think everyone knows at this point that is adjusted for balance. For example, Tiger 1 could achieve 12-15rpm and Sherman up to 20rpm. T29/T34 could easily pull of 8-10s reload. It would make certain tanks extremely overpowered(mostly American tanks).
  6. Whats more they need to adjust spalling effect for US APCR. T17 has a whooping 6,8kg tungsten core that should devastate everything upon penetration.
  7. What do you mean second reference? I used only 1 reference, and the picture which decribes T34 characteristics belongs to the document i mentioned above( RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT SERVICE OFFICE CHIEF OF ORDNANCE NEW TANKS AND GUN MOTOR CARRIAGES )
  8. ''Are being built'' ..... ''The work on the 2 pilots continued''....... ''both pilot turrets were scrapped''. ....**Translation**.... Both pilot turrets were under construction and closing to completion before the project was officially terminated. Hull would be the same as M103. Armament is the 155mm T7 renamed as T180. 2 ammo types available, T267 HEAT with 406,2mm of pen at 0° and T152 HEP which can defeat up to 203mm of armor. Here you can see a sectional drawing of the tank: And here what looks like a finished prototype or a small scale static model of it: Some technical information about its engine performance: According to the current available information, T58 turret pilots were under construction and probably were finished before 1957. Possibly more information and photos can be located in the National Archives that can shed more light in this lost in time project. And why i am saying T58 in nearly identical to the E100 case? Because: E100 was basically a Maus with a redesigned(different) hull. Turret was the exact same. Despite the fact that the hull was never completed by German engineers nor it underwent any kind of testings whatsoever Gaijin decided that there was no problem in adding it to the game. T58 was basically a M103 with different turret. Hull was the exact same. It is known that the turrets existed at some points but it unsure(yet) whether they underwent any kind of testings. Regardless, detailed drawings of them exist and are available for pubic use that can be used by the 3D artists. Now, can you see the resemblance between the E100 and T58 case?
  9. E100: Never existed in complete form, only a half finished hull was build. But yet we have it in game. T58. Very detailed drawings of it and its autoloading mechanisms exist. Hull is identical to M103 and ammunition is known. And as far as i know, 1 prototype was built before the project was scrapped. So why shouldnt be in game? (Also it was you who approved the T58 suggestion, if you remember.)
  10. Regarding the upcoming Thunder Leage, is it possible for T58 to make an appearence? Its more or less same as the E100 thing, a tank based on M103 chassis and would be the perfect candidate to complete the US heavy tank line.
  11. Well maybe some photos are collecting dust in the National or Army Archives, that can sheld some light in this incident. Also keep in mind that, chances are, they didnt had the luxury of time to fully investigate the wreck because they had to push further into the city, in a raging fight. To those saying that the tank crew would definitely take photos of their throphy or whatever, remember that the only(so far accepted) kill of the Super Pershing was at the fighting near the Wesser River against an unkown AFV at 1.500 yards. Yet no photos of that kill exist nor did anyone examined the wreck. There was simply no time for such things.
  12. About the Thunder League, I would bet that IS7 will be the trophy. Its a vehicle so popular among war gamers that many will try to get it. Personally, i would like to see T58 making an appearance too, who wouldnt like an autoloading 155mm cannon shooting high penetrating HEAT and HESH?
  13. Destructible walls dont always render in low graphic settings. I can confirm too.
  14. Yeah but E-100 could be obtained only via a very unfair and very badly organized competition and very few players managed to get it. Wouldnt it be fair for another new competition of some sort that would give the chance to more players to obtain it? And what about many experimental US tanks such as T58, T54 and T95? Will we see them eventually in game, in standard tech tree, as premiums or even obtainable through Thunder League,WW2 chronicles or something similar in nature competition?
  15. So if i want to ask about possible future vehicles such as T30, M6A2E1 and E-100 w/15cm for example, should i just post the question on a random thread or make a specific topic about it?
  16. ISSUE: T17E1 APCR is perfroming well below historical levels. Current performance: Vehicles affected: T34 Heavy Tank According to: RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT SERVICE OFFICE CHIEF OF ORDNANCE NEW TANKS AND GUN MOTOR CARRIAGES This documents list the gun performance of the 120mm T53 at 1.000yards(30° and 60°obliquity) with the APC shot(T14E3) and the HVAP/APCR shot(T17E1). According to that document: At 1.000yards or 914m (angles from vertical): 0°--->393,7mm 30°--->304,8mm In game though, the T17E1 penetrates only 258mm at 1.000m of vertical armor and 198mm at 30° at the same distance. It falls short of its real values by a huge margin. SUGGESTED FIX: Implement the correct penetration values for the T17E1 APCR round as shown above.
  17. So it was a bug after all.
  18. Hey @Smin1080p , regarding any possible upcoming Devs Q&As, is there a place where we can submitt our questions and mods choose some of them to be answered by the devs?
  19. T32 could have been the best US tank by far. Very strong and resistant frontal armor profile, effective high velocity cannon, outstanding mobility for a heavy, AA protection, excellent gun handling. At least it was supposed to have these attributes but Gaijin screwed up. Add to this the general negative view by the youtubers and the high BR it was for so long, and many just gave up on the tank. I personally dont expect them to fix the tank but i have hopes that they will get the T32E1 right, with its correct armor profile and add its missing shot(T50 APCBCHE). But who knows, right?
  20. They changed the turret front and turret side armor thickness to 158,7mm. Now turret cheeks are practically immune to KwK43 and D10T and overall the turret is much stronger.