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  1. Yup. Low-hanging fruit. Over-ripe even.
  2. Schrage raketes?
  3. p.108

    Agree with this for sure ... this is where meta and IRL tactics dovetail quite nicely. In either case a talented pilot and crew with experience attacking naval targets would/should be able to deal considerable damage when accurately targeting critical areas such as ammo, fuel, boiler, brige, etc.
  4. I'll probably regret opening this particular can of worms, but can someone give me the quick basis for this argument? The Do 217 line delivers a larger nearly the identical payload as all the early B-17s and Liberators. Which were heavy bombers by anyone's accounting. Or do the He 177istas mean that Deutschland lacks a B-29/Tu-4 equivalent?
  5. xxxxx?
  6. This is wildly unrealistic. A heavy, well-fortified pillbox is built to withstand substantial artillery bombardment. If you could knock one out with a 37mm what would be the point? I can see an argument that 75mm and up should be able to take one out ... it still would have to constitute a lucky shot IRL, but at least it's in the realm of the imaginable. That's not to say there isn't a "gameplay" or "meta" argument for your proposed changes—the game is wildly unrealistic in all sorts of ways, after all—but for me most of this would go too far, even if it would be fun for a bit.
  7. Yes, please. This really makes eminent sense, and should only increase participation and revenue for Gaijin. It's an obvious improvement to event gameplay and would really decrease the "grind fatigue" that almost everyone feels at one or another point over the course of the month.
  8. Was it this slow last summer? I think Gaijin should offer the D.521 and Boston for Bastille Day. Having ground out just about everything, including most of the (air) camos, I'm in pretty desperate need for some mindless task to occupy my idle brain. C'mon, snail: Make with a new Thunder League or something!
  9. exactly
  10. For anyone who missed it, the bundles currently available from the store include some otherwise unavailable vehicles. These include the excellent (if slightly over-tiered) P-38K, the Grant I and the USMC version of the M3A1. Players can also obtain the Dewoitine 520 (aka D.520) from Ye Olde Warbond Shoppe this month. I thought Gaijin gave this plane a pretty poor sales job in today's post announcing the new Warbond offerings. Is the D.520 a great plane? No. It's not the most graceful flyer and the single Hispano only has 60 rounds of ammo. But this is one of those planes that is greater than the sum of its parts ... it performs very well at its tier, and has that certain, well, je n'est ce quoi that makes it a blast to fly. It's also a beautiful model for the hangar. Just had to do that plane justice ...