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  1. He answered the question if somebody could translate with "nothing interesting" which means that either he himself can speak Russian or he knows someone that does, based on his answer I assume that he is willing to share information upon request, however he didn't give us anything that we could request more information from. He said that nothing interesting has been said, however he might have been talking about his interests, due to the fact that we have many different people with many different interests browsing this thread, he could have said a couple of directly game related things that were answered in the Russian Q&A and if someone was interested in anything he listed up that someone could have asked him if more details were available. That's what I meant by saying define interesting.
  2. Define interesting
  3. Today I noticed by chance that the Statcard of the He 219 A-7 is wrong in the armament section, it says that the He 219 has 4 x MK 108 and 2 x MG 151, in the past however it said that the He 219 had 2 x MK 103, 2 x MK 108 and 2 x MG 151 which is also the armament displayed in the X-Ray model and also the armament actually used in combat. This error must have snuck in during one of the latest Server Updates or Hotfix Patches. I also checked all Client languages available and it's on every Statcard no matter the language used. (Alternatively the Devs might have thought about an armament change and something got into the game that shouldn't be there (yet), either way around it is still a bug). (Hopefully) all screenshots needed:
  4. You can't fix the situation of Germany because the by far biggest problem is the huge amount of bad players playing German tanks. 1 year ago the situation was OK, 2 years ago the situation was great, back then the Tiger 2 was still dominating because it could be used correctly and it has been used by experienced players, now the Tiger 2 is the worst Heavy Tank from 6.0 and up (except the 76 mm Jumbo which should be at 5.7 but that's not to be discussed here) and that's not only because it has massive weak spots, it's also because the other nations got excellent tanks with far less weak spots at the same BR and the good players started to play the other nations because they became very competitive whilst a lot of bad players switched to the Germans because they still think German tanks are OP and don't wan't to learn how to actually play the game, and that's just the Tier 4 problem with German teams. In Top Tier games Germans have (except for the STB-1 and Type 74) not only the best MBTs currently in game but also the best line up, the real problem is the majority of not experienced enough players playing these tanks and you can't fix that, it doesn't matter what tank you give them to drive. The huge amount of bad players playing Germany drives away the majority of good players, because they don't wan't to lose constantly because of people that shouldn't be playing Top Tier until they actually learned the very basics of the game. That's enough of that rant and I don't wan't to say we shouldn't discuss possible Top Tier tanks for Germany, I try to say that we shouldn't discuss how to fix German GF problems by using possible new tanks as an argument... at least not in this Thread. Please stop arguing how to fix these problems in this Thread, I won't respond to anyone trying to discuss this with me because I do not wan't to derail this topic even further than I already did and to those that are annoyed by the short discussion that happened and by this post from me, I'm sorry. Dear Forum Mods, I know this might have gone to far, but with this I actually tried to stop a few people somewhat derailing the topic and I'm prepared to take any consequences that might occur because of this post, thanks.
  5. The He 280 V3 would be a nice Jet for Germany, it was also the first turbojet-powered fighter aircraft in the world.