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  1. Rank is NOT SUPPOSE to effect your match Note: As of Update 12.07.2016 (, the restriction by Tiers is now disabled in all game modes except for Simulator Battles. Information for the new MM mechanics can be found here. To the OP, in air there does tend to be sweet spots, flying 4.0 and you will be at the top on most of our battles. Fly 5.0 and you will likely be towards the bottom. Of course, fly 9.0 and you will always be "top dog" .
  2. First of all, disappointed that only bombers were included in patch. Finished the DB 3 and the first ki 67. Started the a26. The db3 I might use again. The. 67 no way. I can't believe how Japan gets screwed on bombers. The 67 can carry 3 x 250 k or 1x500. @ 4.7br. contrast with any other country. Do 217.... B 25s at 1 .0 lower..... Helifax and Sterlings..... Please There a26 seems like it might be fun. What's not to like about 14 .50 Cal's?
  3. Wait.... Wait.... What is this odd game mode you are playing. There doesn't appear to be anything to bomb..... It appears that it could be the mythical air dom. In a 5.7 + game? My God, it's like I just saw a unicorn.
  4. Its a hard game...... Some good advice here on looking at replays. Also take a look at long5hots, tx141tx, and krebs how to videos. There are others as well. Do you maneuver with mouse only or are you using your keyboard to control your plane in dogfighting? Are you diving into the fur ball or (side or even back) climbing at the start? Do you atart your engagements with equal or superior energy? Or are you low and slow?
  5. I suspect you are correct. Looking at the two "With a premium account you would have earned xxx" messages, the Lagg's premium account bonus is being calculated correctly while the premium hurri's is not.
  6. It looks rather comical if you ask me. The old visualization looked much better.
  7. A couple of things. 1. battle time was rather low. More time = more RP. 2. I just noticed that the "With a premium account you would received" message is incorrect. With a premium account that plane has a 336% reward. 1.14 + 1.14 + 1.14 in order to have double the RP as listed in your screen shot, an award of 448 would have been needed.
  8. ouch....I just looked it up...I have spent $275 all on GEs. since July 2015. Here is how I spent it: 1. Most of the GEs were spent on premium account time -- recommend. I think its the best way to spend money on WT. 2. Premiums when on sale(USA F4, yeah, I would recommend this 1 even with the BR increase japan 190, RU P47, and RU P63 -- Ehh. Maybe not so much 3. Additional crew slots. Depends on your play style....For someone that whats to ground pound and/or have a great variety of planes for each battle, then I would recommend. 4. Crew RP. Not recommend. the incremental gains just don't seem worth it and with premium account the rp grows rather fast(or fast enough) 5. Jet mods. no, not ever, ever again.
  9. Its not the easiest thing in the world, that is for sure. I spaded this thing in 26 fly-outs never to be flown again. Thank God is a T3 and the mods aren't all that bad. I have premium and used boosters when ever possible. In those 26 fly-outs, I had 48 kills to 15 deaths. I can't remember ever straying to the other side of the map with it.
  10. Thank you. I thought I was losing my mind a 4-6 weeks ago when I pulled the p-63 and russian variant out of the hanger to fly them. When(and why) did they nerf the climb rate?
  11. Yes, I know the advantages of stealth belts.....just don't miss
  12. I must be a minority. I'm not a fan of airfield domination and single runways are the worse examples. I think it just encourages giant fur balls 100 meters off the deck where big cannons ripping through planes rule the day. Rarely are there good dog fights of any lasting time. That being said, I welcome them as a relief from the continuous selection of ground strikes.
  13. I like the tracer belts set between 400m and 500m. Every round AP-i. That being said, sadly, I mostly fly the D-10 and D-20 for its 2x1000 lbs and its T4 ranking while doing war bond tasks. If i wanted to fly USA as pure fighters @ 4.0, I prefer the cannon stang, the P-63s, and of course the USA F-4. The latter better than all of them despite being a BR step lower.
  14. My theory based on observations with no sound statistical analysis behind it is that one tends to get after battle trophies when one hasn't placed all that well in the standings. A sort of "Oh, that game sucked for me but at least I got a battle trophy". I might just have to start tracking it.
  15. whats your build

    I'm just grinding war bonds to get free planes. If I happen to unlock a plane while doing it, great. I have 5 planes left to unlock with all T4 and below planes spaded. After a brief flirtation with tanks, I don't play them any longer.
  16. Fwiw.....I just saw a documentary on the battle of britain. A spit pilot said that the hurricanes went after the bombers while the spits flew top cover and chased the covering fighters.
  17. Good on you! someday, I'll get there myself. Just a matter of time! On an unrelated note, I previously stated that I didn't like starve to splinters, but I have since changed my mind on this one. The difference being that I finally learned that setting the detonation to a distance rather than impact greatly improves on my ability to get an unguided. I can't believe it took this long to realize this. I guess its due to me using USA more. USA doesn't allow one to set distance for rockets as the USSR does. edit to add....I'm at 1640 for the month, over 1/2 way to the KI-100, after an easy, relaxing and fun 6 match completion of today's tasks.