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  1. I flew out the p-40 a few times yesterday. Good fun.
  2. I think you are correct on this. I had a few wins yesterday flying a T3 first then T2 and 1s. Didn't count.
  3. Seems like that is has been last hit since I've started in 2015. Don't worry about it. 1st, the rewards for assts aren't bad and 2, it will work in your favor at times. lastly, a plane isn't killed, until its killed. If you really want the kill, do it 1st and don't let another do it for you. Remember, there is no kill stealing. Kill or don't kill.
  4. 1, I'm too cheap to pay into the CBT. I'll wait until either I get 12 arrows or its open for all. 2, the 202 with the 2 20mm at 2.3 seems a tad OP.
  5. Um...Dodo.....I think everyone got the Marcolin's CR42 after their 1st battle. I know I got one, is there another one as well? So basically what you purchased was the right the research the Italian tree faster than us cheap arses.
  6. No idea what you are talking about....
  7. Its not considered a problem to many of us players either. And I'm not talking about only those that camp. As a rule, I don't camp and yes, it sucks when someone does it to me/my team. But I know, that I and my team could have prevented it. But alas, this thread shouldn't be about the virtues of spawn camping, but about trying to help this young lady on how to avoid and counter it.
  8. tips... 1, climb at start of match and don't let team camp your spawn. An ounce of prevention = pound of cure. that is easier said than done if there are 2, 3 or more red with the intent of camping and the rest of your blueberries diving after the 1st red they see. 2. If camping has started when you spawn from trying to take ALT, side climb until you have the ALT advantage. Like 2K above them. This takes a while and again, many times easier said then done. 3. Simply ignore them and dive when spawning to kill GUs and win the game. 4. Hit the "ESC" button then select the "return to hanger" option. 5. No matter what, don't simply point your nose up out of spawn to try to shoot them down. This is what I'm sure you and your teammates did..... No one said you had to protect a diving bomber. I'll protect any bomber that is above ~ 4K, below that, they are on their own.
  9. I don't know what the make up was but I think low BR was 1.3, so lots of bi-planes. Pretty easy getting into 1.0 - 1.3 matches with a 1.7 - 2.0 line-up right now as everyone is playing with the new toys. That being said, I never feel guilty being "top BR" in a match as there are far more where I'm either on or near bottom.
  10. It still might be....TBF, This is one of the best games I've ever had with the P-40(or any plane for that matter) I wish I had thought of this thread before I closed the result screen...
  11. there is a bug report for it. Not sure if Gaijin agrees its a bug...
  12. 3.7, 4.0 is prolly about right due to 4x20mm but its FM isn't anything to right home about. It out guns many planes in its BR range but can be out flown by many of them all day long. Bumping it to 4.7, 5.0 as suggested in the post I replied to is just...well...not smart imho.
  13. Lets pump the breaks a little shall we? I can think of a dozen or more planes at 4.0 (or lower) that eats the cannon stang for lunch. For planes at or lower than 4.0, lets start with the J2M @ 3.3 and the 109F-4s @ 3.7 followed by the spitfire IIb and VB/trop again at 3.7. Then one has the LA-5fn and LA-7 at 4.0. I'm sure I'm missing others.....If one wants to look at 4.3 we can add the spit IX at 4.3 and a slew of Japanese fighters.
  14. gameplay

    Totally agree. I *try* to extend away after each attack run and then set up for my next run. Its not like the are going to out run me. I say try as sometimes I get frustrated that I didn't get the kill the 1st or 2nd attack or concern that someone else is going to take the kill. The later really only a concern if I'm don't a "kill bomber" war bond task. That being said, yes, a bomber can "out turn" fighters.....the catch being for only 1 or 2 turns. The notion that even "maneuverable" bombers, B7A2 I'm looking at you, can have a prolonged turning engagement is ludicrous. All of them quickly run out of energy in a turn fight and taking it to the vertical makes them bleed energy like the octomom at feeding time.
  15. again, doesn't seem rigged to me.....BTD in the hanger with a week left to go in the month....
  16. Sadly, climbing doesn't help with air dom as much as one would think now either. The reason being is that the ticker runs down so quickly for kills that a team can win by just being better furballers and head-on artists than our team. the last few air doms I've been in the winning team didn't even cap. The last game I was in, we were behind in tickets by a large margin but had control of the high ALT. Luckily we finally were able to cap for the win. Had they spawned a bomber that proved hard to kill, they might have pulled it off. but alas, this thread is about the Fw-190 A5/U2 and why its 6.0 BR..... The answer, no reason. Or I should say, no honest, good, or thought out reason.
  17. I just play another country.... My gosh, there are 5(soon to be 6) after all..... If I don't want to play another country I just figure it is a good time to get another "pop", grab a snack, skim over the WT boards, take a wiz, lay a deuce down, burn a cig, take over a third world country, or 100s of other things that could kill some time. Crew lock is at most, 5, 10 minutes?
  18. I always thought BR was the mechanism to make Balances. I agree, set the guns "right" and then leave them alone.
  19. Yes, 22 games and 26 spawns flying rather conservative was rather painless. I do have premium and i used boosters when ever possible. Hey, no problem, that's what the game is about. I think I had taken 2 (or was it 3) of your allies down in the initial merge before you got me. I wanted to get my revenge on you but once my squad mate chased you off ALT, I didn't see you until the end of the game. Feeding the cat at the back of the map were you?
  20. Only 1 plane has to be a T4+ and it doesn't even have to be one that destroys a unit. Just make sure you fly it out before the final blow. My lineup and methodology lately for this task is as follows: Start with A-20G if somehow i miss on 3 I have the A-36 as back up. Then spawn one of 2 B-25s in my line up. Spawn second if 1st doesn't kill 3 GUs. lastly, spawn a T4, P-51. Depending on game status, I'll either continue to fly the 51 or ditch it and bring out either p47s or the remaining bombers and/or attackers to ensure the win. If I didn't get a kill with the P51, I'll take the cannon 'stang for the kill then the bombers. This isn't a hard task at all. Can be tricky with Air field Dom however if the GUs get taken out quickly. The BR of the line-up will be 4.0.
  21. I'm a "If it is there, I'll spade it" type of player. so its done and now tucked safely in the back of the hanger.
  22. 1. Read this thread. Lots of good advice in it. If you have specific question, ask. 2. Change out tasks that take a long time or "hard" to do. I generally take out kill 72 fighters and 20 attackers at T4 as that takes a while. There are others that are almost Auto passes. 3. Play all nations. Each one have better planes suited for the job. USA and Russian are my favorites however. Also many play air and land.
  23. Any map with boats and most Air field dom its tough. I usually use USA at 4.0 lineup to go for Thunder. Less competition. Using Germany you are also fighting against other DOs doing the same thing..
  24. . He would be better off using PBJs My MO is that i try not to switch out T2 and T3 tasks. Those are usually easy to do. I can't think of when i changed a T2 task. Than that gives me plenty of changes at T4.
  25. No, its not bull, what do you thing this thread(and the many others like it) is about? OK, fighters such as the P-47 still have a roll...but those are more like one use bombers and attackers than fighters In Ground strike or Front line, flying a fighter influences the match very little. What extreme are you talking about? I've asked for air dom and domination to be more part of the rotation. Something like 65% front line/Ground strike, 25% Dom and 10% air dom would be a good start.
  26. Different for different people I guess. I've unlocked all planes and have all T4 and below planes spaded. Since I'm in no hurry to spade T5 and don't do tanks much, there isn't much left to play for. So...I consider war bond tasks my grind now for premium planes. Instead of grinding to spade or unlock vehicles by earning RP for them, I need to earn War bonds. Lastly, to get all three task done takes me ~ 6 games, sometimes less, sometimes more.
  27. same, but from my count this month will be 10 premiums. best. deal. ever.
  28. Keyword is "Balanced" Ground strikes makes planes other than bombers and attackers useless. You can do "something" with fighters, but you'd certainly be better off bringing a bomber. And since Ground strike(and front line) is ~ 80% of the missions, can't one see why those who enjoy fighters the most are frustrated?
  29. Ummm....you must play different front lines that what I've been playing. The front lines I've played recently have ground targets 1 after another all in row(or two). Further, many have stationary tanks. For these two reasons, bombers are just as good of choice as anything. Just the other day, I had one of these front lines while in the middle of a 72 ground unit destruction war bond task. 1st took the lancaster with its 14x1000lbs for a run or two down the line then loaded up the Stirlng with 27x500 for its tour. 45+ ground units latter(I think it was 48), my task was done and so was the game. We won. Yup, front line is nothing more than GS XL And yes, shooting down the ground pounders MAY influence the outcome, but I've only see a very small number of them where the game was one by attrition and not the destruction of ground units.
  30. also to add, I've seen a newish front line where the ground targets are line-up with the two spawns instead of a general perpendicular arrangement to the spawns Sort of like spawn ::::::::::::::::::::::: spawn. Worse. Map. Ever.
  31. the only difference between the two is the length of the game. Yes, longer games is an improvement but not one that i and many are looking for. Front lines are really just Ground Strike XL where one has to ground pounding for wins and shooting planes have little effect on the outcome.
  32. I guess you have your answer then.... I do like the flexibility the hellcat gives me in the Brit line up.
  33. who are these teammates that you guys are going on about?
  34. I like to win as well, but that involves, mostly diving down and killing ground targets, getting shot down, and repeating. The only variation of that is substituting "getting shot down" with "taking as many head-ons as possible before getting shot down". The current game meta doesn't allow for much other play if you want to win. If you are flying alone, really no other choice since while I'm having fun dog fighting some on the other team is doing the above. Sure some players/squads, has enough skill to camp well enough to have a positive effect on the game, I simply don't. So....If I want to win, I'll do the dive, bomb, die, repeat. (i call it the DBD repeat) And frankly, that isn't much fun.
  35. I'd much rather have an alley mark an enemy and select the "attack my target" notice. In that instance, not only do I know the type of vehicle, but also the ALT of it.
  36. you are right, why not just give them to everyone. Yeah, puppies and rainbows and ice cream for all!. Reminds me of kids getting participation trophies. Regardless of the critical someone is going to whine and cry about it. I've never seen so many entitled feeling players in my life. (although, tbf, I'm not much of a gamer)
  37. 1st, lets be clear on who suggested 1st that didn't know what they were talking about. One can read the thread to find that you 1st suggested that I uniformed, while in fact it is you. Again, the tin foil hat.....how could one have gamed the last top 200 event? if you want to discuss past events? fine, but I was only commenting on the most recent top 200 event. Nope, wrong again, I have a 40 hr a week job and I'm a husband and father of 2. Again, the past top 200 event took ~ 2 hours of my time over 4 days. that is 1/2 hour a day, not so taxing. Further, the event lasted 5 days. Where is this incredible time suck you seem to think? what would the acceptable time be for a free plane? 10 minutes? please. Sorry, I'm afraid its you that still don't have any idea what you are talking about...
  38. Not sure what you mean by "casual" players but there was just an event that gave away 2 premium planes w/o a terrible effort as long as you had some skill. Having some friends helped a great deal as well. I wanted the 301 as much as anyone, but I'm just not good enough to have gotten in the top 200. Finished in the top 500 range I believe. And that's Ok, they don't owe me anything.
  39. WFT are you talking about? 1st, the 200 event, for the 301 didn't allow clans. Cheaters? How's the tin foil hat? Didn't have time? this event required less than 60 matches that lasts ~ 2 to 3 minutes each and had low queue times. Overall, I played ~ 55 games in less time that it took to complete 1 or 2 stages of the WW2 chronicles awards. You may have started playing more than me, but you don't know what the hell you are talking about for this event and in particular the top 200 event. You saying you didn't want either vehicle shows me that you are getting the WW2 event for the PV-1 and T3 confused/mixed up with the top 200 for the 301. Funny, may I suggest you do a little reading comp before you start posting. LOL!!!!
  40. Check out the thread below for some thoughts... cliff notes, if you play "a lot" a premium account is the way to go....
  41. life isn't fair. Everyone has the chance to become 1 of the top 200 players. If you aren't one of them, git gud. (and no, I'm not one or anywhere near of them either)
  42. Finally got my 3 in a row!!! t2 - meteor shower t3 - Aerial Superiority t4- Best in the Air Best part of this is that I didn't have to change a task.
  43. Funny, I was thinking of this vary topic yesterday. My list vastly differs from yours. 1st, I've spent GEs on almost everything in the game. Premium accts, Premium planes, Ace Crews, Speed Crew training, crew slots, back-ups and Modules. I don't believe I've ever purchased a Talisman. My opinion now is that don't buy anything with GEs that you can grind and only buy things with GE that you can't. -- The number one best investment, IMHO, is premium acct if one plays 3~4+ times a week. For someone who plays almost everyday like me, its a no brainer. Everything you fly or drive along with their crews, benefits. I have several free aces due to having premium acct for a few years now. -- Second best investment would be a T4 premium or a T3 premium that hasn't or will mostly be able to get in war bonds. Also better than premium acct if you play rather sporadic. -- Third best would be crew slots. I don't tend to use more than a few crew slots in one game unless I'm trying a certain task for War bonds. Then having 8 + slots gives me the flexibility to load up with multiple types of air craft(2/3 bombers, 2/3 fighters, 2/3 attackers) to get the job done. I wouldn't purchase anything else with GEs as I can grind them -- Back-ups please, I purchased 1 back up when I didn't know better my 1st day. Now I have multiple back-ups from after battle rewards. -- Crew training Nope, my air crews are almost maxed now and tank crews very close. And with premium acct, it doesn't take long to get them to being competitive. (about a lvl 3 or more + expert) -- Low Tier premiums Nope 1st, many will be available for war bonds, second, one will grind past their effectiveness very quickly. I would say buying a few at 50% is ok if you want to have it, you have nothing left to buy, and they will not be in the war bond shop likely. (I-153P anyone?) -- Modules never again. Just grind it baby. with premium account, unless we are talking about T5, it doesn't take long. But I would agree with the OP, spending a few GEs to buy expensive modules might be fine if you have a SL problem. Something I never have. --Talisman nah, I never play a vehicle that much anyways and besides, again, I have plenty of them from after battle rewards.
  44. Not so sure that was a J-out. He could have been looking behind at the attack and didn't realize he was going to face plant in the ground or ran out of ALT in that maneuver. Safe to say I've done that a few embarrassing times.....
  45. I've threatened to do that several times while spading bombers if I've gotten to 6k +. It sometimes works and the pilot turns around not wanting to waste time. Usually I'll just dive to get another bomb load or two in, but at times, I've carried on with the threat and held the J key for seconds.