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  1. Its how it is suppose to work. 3 task daily. 1 task with a minimum of T2, T3, and T4 vehicles. I would suggest researching the lowest T4 plane and / or tank as quickly as possible in a country that you like doing war bond the most. Once you have the T4 vehicle, you can do the T4 task. Note that the vehicle doesn't even need to be the right type. For example, if the task is to kill 72 ground units with a bomber, spawning in with the 3.7 tempest vickers will "flip the T4 switch". You can then "J" out and bomb the ground units with your Wellies(or whatever the T2 and T3 british bombers are). Same with fighter kills, spawn in with a T4 bomber and all your T3 and below fighter kills start to count.
  2. I'd say no to the purchase idea, but I would love to have some mechanism to obtain rare / event vehicles that I have missed in the past either due the time that I started (I-301) or just not doing events (had no clue) soon after I started playing.
  3. Wow...I can't believe anyone would think the later is a quote of the former..... Further, I can't believe a mod is the one further derailing the thread after McGherkin's or McGroin's or whatever he is calling himself now uncalled for attack and derail.
  4. Not to pick on these guys... but this is a great example of a squad having BRs all over the place as well. They could be doing it for some reason, or just out of ignorance, either way it isn't the most efficient way to go into battle. The G2 is 5.0 while the IL4 and Sunderland are 3.0 and 2.0 respectively. Now those two guys could also have higher BR fighters and bombers, but why start out with such under tiered planes? Further it is another example of a squad, that frankly, isn't all that skilled(at least in this game). Maybe due to having BRs all over the place. The guy starting in the G2 went 7 kills against four deaths while the rest had negative K/D to go along with 0 ground units. ps, @I_Am_God, looks like you are flying the I-185, you get that thing spaded yet?
  5. help

    Assault would be the 1st place where that dog would be reasonably effective.
  6. thanks guys for all the replies. I was hoping it was going to be simpler than "git gud" but that sounds like most of it. And I know I have lots to learn and will certainly keep at it. one more question, what does the below do?
  7. seems like a good place to discuss a game between two squads, doesn't it? A little aside really bother you? Mea culpa. Any who...can you restate your point again? I don't think you even remember. I *think* your point was that 4 man squads are OP. Sure enough, that is what is implied from the title. Further, can you answer your own question that posted a few posts ago "Both teams consist of equal-ish players. But one team has an organised 4-squad with TS and so on. Which team has an advantage?"
  8. Thanks guys. A few responses to your questions. -- Yes, most of the 15K battles is from AB air. I started tanks about a year ago for a few months then stopped as I felt I was horrible in them. Still bad, but want to try again... -- Un-spaded tanks for the most part. -- Which tank? All tanks. I like playing all countries and try to spade all tanks. I have every t4 plane spaded and right now, I'm thinking of doing the same for tanks. But I know I have to get a lot better if i want to do this before I die. I am T3 / T4 in all but Japan right now. Is there anything with this "enemy tracking" option i see in the controls? If its a matter of skill and training, I'm good with that. But I just keep thinking I'm missing out on something simple like, to use an air example, "deploy flaps when trying to turn sharper"
  9. lol....yes it was the 3 of us. I forgot about that match already. Didn't our propellers meet head on? If it wasn't you, it was another one of your clan mates right after I downed a win guy in an I-185. Of course by then, half our tickets were gone. What? then why don't you answer your own question of "But one team has an organised 4-squad with TS and so on. Which team has an advantage?"
  10. Ok tankers, some tips please. It seems like everyone has better and / or quicker aim then me. Examples, two of us are rounding a corner at the same time, the enemy tank will be able to stop and hit me square in a weak spot 95 out of 100 times before I can find a weak spot. Another example, I'm rolling up to what I think is a nice spot on the map, as I approach or stop, someone from 800 meters puts a shell right through my front haul before I can even begin to return fire. How are they aiming so quickly? I *think* it has to do with "enemy tracking" but I'm at a loss as to how this works. Every time I think i have it figured out, it just doesn't seem to work for me. For the most part, my crews are rather along (80+)
  11. Impossible to tell. What is the skill level and objectives of the squad? If the squad is AGX, my squad, I would say the other team. We aren't very skilled and we basically just like to derp around and try to steal kills from each other while having a beer or two and bag on each other. If that squad is Win or [100] then I would say the team with them on it. You seem to think that all squads are equal. What everyone has been telling you, they aren't.
  12. Myself and others have discussed enough. If you can't see that you are wrong despite the many people explaining it to you in different ways, then can't handle the truth. You can continue to argue with yourself. Maybe that will be an argument that you will win, maybe.
  13. dude...you are like my 12 year old son. Always wanting to get in the last word and never admit he is wrong.... Can 4 man squads wreck the game? Sure. But unless the squad is ~Win~ or [100], I don't see it very often. As pointed out, have 1.0 + / - brs is what is wrecking the game(more so in tanks than air)
  14. That is how many days everyone gets. 48 hours. Not sure what they should change it to. My event / tasks start at 7:00am EST. I'm in EST. regardless of when I eat, sleep, and go to work, I have 48 hrs to complete. 1. If its too hard or too long for you, don't play it. forget it or pay. 2. These shouldn't be participation trophies where everyone gets one. I'm no good at tanks so I haven't even bothered. I am average with planes and have been able to get all 3 events done to date. Yesterday's event took me 19 battles. Yes, that is a long time but considering there is nothing left for me to grind that I want, I just consider this my "grind".
  15. I'm thinking its the event map for today is the reason they buffed the patrol boats.
  16. If you have the time, I would go with premium account over a premium vehicle or talisman.
  17. maybe you missed this video: It was recently posted in this thread.....
  18. T4 American is bad....very, very bad. T5 doesn't get much better. I can't think of any other country that has this problem of "gaps" in BR. I suppose that one could argue that RU has a gap(or shortage) between 4.0 and say the 5.7 LA-9. But at least there is the i-185 and a couple of yaks at 5.0 and 5.3
  19. 3 23mm nose mounted, but who is counting...
  20. mea culpa, I certainly didn't read that right....
  21. i agree. 5.0 / 5.3 is as bad as 3.0 / 3.3. The latter always fighting 4.0+ But why is that? Why doesn't 4.0, 5.0 get pulled into 5.0 match more often? There are plenty of 4.0, 4.3 lineups. Or why doesn't 3.0, 3.3 fight more 2.0, 2.3 matches? I can't remember the last time I was top or near top in a match in a 3.0 or 3.3 line up. I have a theory that tiers are being used to some degree in the MM. I know everyone including Gaijin says tier doesn't have anything to do with MM but in my anecdotal experience it seems to. It seems I end up on the low end of the match having a higher tier plane more often then when having a lower tier planes. Meaning if I'm at say 4.7 Germany with all T3 planes, I end up in many 3.7/4.0 to 4.7/5.0 matches. But if I'm at 4.7 with say Brits and a mix of T4 and T3 planes, I end up in matches where 5.7 is the top end of the match much more of the time. It all could just be confirmation bias and I'm to lazy to actually do any stats on it.... Oh, yeah, and .7 BR would be nice and lets stop averaging planes. Do it just like tanks.
  22. I'm not one to throw stats around but....your stats in the 51's don't point to a plane that flies like a dream and being able to hand out damage. As Pennywort and others pointed out, there are so many planes I would rather fly than any 51 not armed with cannons. Except of course when I'm doing a T4 warbond task. Then the 51s can carry 2x1000 and keep my br at or below 4.0. Pity....one of the best planes of WW2 would be a hanger queen in AB if not for bond tasks....
  23. after 3+ years this is what makes you leave? And yes, my controls, or at least some keys, have been reset. Rockets and zoom view seems to be the biggest offenders.
  24. certainly its not any fighter I'm flying
  25. Solid stuff as always TX, keep up the good work.
  26. fixed that for you.....
  27. hardly anyone even tried(or at least succeeded) to kill a plane is this match....