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  1. So basically you get a crit and you're guaranteed a kill?
  2. He wasn't useless. He won a match for them You crashed. Instead of moving on because losing that match was purely your fault you proceed to make a forum post whining about afk player lmfao these forums are pure meme
  3. So more RNG? (I assume you talk about decreasing accuracy) Sounds like a great idea
  4. Because what exactly? Because you were too lazy to pay attention / sure you're safe? 1. Again, it's your fault for not playing attention. There's no difference between not evading a head on after you fired or turnfighting a zero and this 2. You ensure your safety by paying attention which leads to point 1. ----------- The game should not give you any "safety" When it does we know what happens aka look at airfield AA and what players do with it This whole topic is pointless
  5. No. Lets punish those who don't pay attention to their 6
  6. lets punish good aim?
  7. As if looking behind you and evading hits was impossible
  8. *I'll just leave it here* First game of today and probably in like 2 months
  9. Therefore 50 biplanes would win air superiority against lets say 5 Fw190 D-9s? Doesn't work that way
  10. *as if MEC didn't exist*
  11. ^^^ So basically 70% of other teams at higher BRs?
  12. Underperforming you say?
  13. nerfed you say? So they don't act like cannons now? hurray
  14. At least these people are capable of thinking something I'm not sure about here 1:00 Guy is basically stalling should've gone up right away instead of letting him gain some speed 2:20 wtf was that... Maybe cut the engine to bleed more speed? 3:11 Too slow for that 5:30 and again 6:30 you should've died there 7:05 yes yes, maybe even cut the engine to lose more speed 7:50 too slow again 8:40 and again you can't be doing this intentionally were you drunk? Yup Just your average american pilot
  15. Have you ever flown above 550kph in the duration of that video? I guess not there's no hope for some people
  16. This question just shows how little you know about rb P47N is faster and heavier than the Ki-43 Therefore keeps the energy better in slight climbs. (Basic physics) Ki-43 will lose its energy fast but it will generate it fast either (that's what P-47N can't do) So A chandelle?
  17. Not from today but whatever
  18. Hurr Durr let's make a copy of that other tank game AA? nahh let's make it useless nobody uses it against planes, so they won't even notice. Hmm "But m8 I can't penetrate tanks with ........ vehicle"? *remains silent*