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  1. "RB is barely different than Arcade" I'll disagree RB: Involves a lot more preparation (setting the convergence, deciding how much fuel you'll take, if you want to take ginpods or not and of course getting good combat position) Less forgiving (one life and even how FMs respond to damage) You need to take off and land if needed Limited fuel and ammo FMs that have something in common with physics (I didn't say they're accurate or flawless) And ofc not mixed teams (most of the time). Basically nothing Arcade is pretty much an FPS "low-alt-furball-meta" That'd be arcade. Back to spotting system being in favour of turn fighters Have you ever tried to spot a dot on terrain background and then sky? Which one was spotted easier? Removing all markers would favour turn fighters not bnz fighters (somebody with situational awareness will see your attack anyway) Also why would RB prepare players to enter SB if they won't play there since it's dead gamemode? If they really want to play a simulator they won't play war thunder...
  2. Are you mad? Back to topic Markers better stay These aren't tank maps that are few km^2 at most, but 400 km^2 and more. Let's assume max altitude is 10k A 40 km x 40 km map would be 16.000 km^3. Good luck finding the last player that doesn't want to fight
  3. No And I'm sure 90% of votes will be exactly the same
  4. Because since it's a spitfire it's the definition of easy mode