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  1. He's clearly a southerner
  2. Interestingm wasn't there an exact same whine post a while back about Japanese tanks in German teams.
  3. Oh look another "why can't my war winning Tiger2 be invincible" thread
  4. Backline sniper, that is how I do it
  5. Yeah, now it's the IS6's turn for the Jerrytanker whinespam
  6. Pretty good downhill, plenty of German homes lost a fence or two because of inexperienced Centurion drivers
  7. it1 even
  8. I have seen allot less AT1's of late
  9. Funny that
  10. panfilovs

    Shame about the official Red Army records detailing these "martyrs" surviving the engagement
  11. panfilovs

    Not since the 70's. I like films such as Battle of Britain and A Bridge too far, they are honest and show both sides.
  12. No crater and arc of death? Who knew......
  13. Since the pen nerf, not had the heart to try my 7,0 lineup The Chieftain is certainly better. HESH damage and the stabiliser do combine to make it more effective.
  14. Ok, a polite message to the IS-6 drivers. If you are getting whined at, you are commiting the most unforgiveable crime in WT. You are driving a tank that can compete with the Tiger 2. Just do what the T29 drivers do, use these Tigger tears to clean your gusights
  15. Yeah but most people's view of a frag is watching hollywood movies. They think they are hand-held nukes that kill whole squads.
  16. panfilovs

    Ahh, that work of complete fiction.
  17. The Chieftain seems to work allot better with the stabilser in all honesty but the ATGM spa makes it pointless. Chieftain is supposed to be a heavily armoured guntank but has so many armour bugs it's armour is non-existent
  18. RU251 Germans can no longer whine about time traveling HEATFS at 6.7
  19. I'm quite enjoying the MK1, but I've become so disheartened by how Brits get treated it's hard to get the enthusiasm to play more than one or two games a day. I keep waiting for the Mk1 to be nerfed in some way. The HESH pen nerf was the last straw for me. I play more Skyrim and Sanctus Reach atm.
  20. As a British tanker I vote for a massive increase in HEAT-FS cost
  21. Wittman shot a Cromwell at pointblank during the villers bocage debacle and only the driver died., The poor tank had been following him for a rear shot but Wittman had turned around and came up the street, the Cromwell and Tiger faced each other, Wittman fired, driver died, crew ran like hell. 99% of solid shot pens led to the crew evacuating immediately. Crews do not sit in a tank after it is penned, be they Germans taking solid shot or Brits taking APHE.
  22. The thing is, on average, APHE and Solid rounds killed the same number of crews. British tank crews rarely lost more than one or two men to an APHE hit.
  23. It's the main shell for the Brits. Gaijin hates Britain
  24. Says allot about the community. Jerrytankers complain about the T-29, IS-6 and all these evil "post war" tanks bullying their war winning Tiger 2's. It's strange to my mind these same Jerrytankers are silent when they get a post war, HEATFS firing tank at 6.7. The IS6 is a heavy tank that can take a beating from the front from most enemies. Thats what a heavy tank should do. I drive British, our so-called "heavy" tank can be penned through the turret mantlet by 88mm APHE. I don't have the option to wiggle my turret to hide the really small weakpoint like the Tigers and I don't have a hull that now, literaly, bounce EVERYTHING from the front now HESH has been nerfed. The more I see Tiger 2 drivers complain, the more I like this game to be honest.
  25. Historicly a solid shot round knocked out a tank with one or two rounds and APHE only illed one or two crewmen before the crew bailed.
  26. I noticed that too
  27. The British tree would like to argue that point. You guys get APHE and HEATFS
  28. Call me old fashioned but I prefer the MK1
  29. Stab works great for British tanks, our low speed works for us. I'm really enjoying the Chieftain again
  30. Heavy armour and a good gun does not take much to learn. No armour and speed takes some skill.
  31. I want the RU251 to stay at 6.7. It nullifies all Tigger whiner's arguments regarding time travel.
  32. Considering the reliance of HESH in the Italian tank tree I can see why this has you concerned
  33. It's American, therfore no buff. Russian APFSDS was buffed ONE patch after release. Couldn't have soviet ammo suffering from the APDS nerf now.
  34. Took the MK1 out last night, not afraid to say I gold-spaded her, been saving all month for this patch. I do like this tank, accurate and rapid fire APDS is rather effective.
  35. Maybe it's too much common sense but if the 1:5 calibre ratio (pre-1.67) was the highest threshold and 1:3 ratio (current patch) is the lowest. Why not set it to 1:4?
  36. It's German, a holy cow, only British and Yanktaks get nerfed, German and Soviet tanks are untouchable
  37. I like the RU-251, it nullifies the usual German whines about time-travel
  38. What historical accuracy? Look at the unrealistic difference between solid shot and APHE due to the game's reliance on crew kills
  39. I'd like to see a full range if armoured cars, considering thier extensive use in WW2
  40. I noticed my snapshots in the Chieftain where much better and the 120mm post pen is quite sexy. Not tried my MK10 yet
  41. You mock the language that brought forth Shakespeare, Milton and Tennyson? Damn you sir!
  42. So badly sourced? Part of the evidence was from the British casualty reports and investigations that proved, on average, only 1 or 2 men died in a tank and the majority of casaulties did not come from exploding rounds inside the tank.
  43. I predict HESH post-pen will be rolled back to 1.65 levels while maintaining 1.67 levels of pen.
  44. Well I've had 8 hours of work to calm down and checked the stat cards. In all fairness the Only tanks a Centurion MK10 can not pen, that they see on a regular basis (bearing in mind that the mm almost always puts 7.0 into 6.7 games) is the Tiger 2. However, the Tiger 2 is the most spammed tank in the game. I'm more interested in the Chieftain, if the post-pen is as buffed as people say, 154mm will pen anything save the Mouse. at 8.0/8.3
  45. I have come to the belief that we are being punished for the Centurion's success against Soviet tanks in the Arab-Israeli wars
  46. I guess I'll have to make that RB jump sooner or later
  47. I'll try it, but I play AB. Then again I played the 183mm boats in WoT and they where one shot, one kill. You get one shot off and then you get killed. But that one shot can be worth it.
  48. Hmmm Don't get me wrong. I will try this patch after work. I am willing to admit all I see is the pen nerf. If and it's a big if, the post-pen is competitive then it's ok I guess.
  49. Solid shot gets nerfed, APDS gets nerfed and now HESH. Only APHE and HEATFS seem to be immune. What was the point adding the British line if all they intended was to turn them into free exp for Russian and German tanks?
  50. Every patch WT becomes a Soviet v Germany game
  51. I am willing to wait and see but a nerf to the pen is going to be the last straw for me I'm afraid.
  52. Nah, I'll just quit to be honest. Tired of British tanks being artificialy nerfed all the time.
  53. So Brits are basicly out of the game above 6.0 then. All we have left is unreliable APDS while our opponents get APHE and HEATFS. Well if this nerf goes live I'll go back to WoT I think.
  54. So is L7 still 150mm or less?
  55. So basicly they have nerfed the pen of HESH? Am I reading this right?
  56. So the "All British tanks must be crap" lobby wins again?
  57. Can you imagine the Jerrytankers and Soviettankers whine-fest on the forums?
  58. 105mm HESH could knock out T62s and T55s frontaly in real life, ask the Israelis and Syrians.
  59. Imagine if it had been crewed, what a mess
  60. Tech evolves and evolution takes time and technology. Sometimes it takes a random stroke of thinking outside the box. If you look at the Cieftain and it's insanely good UFP slope. That came along when some British engineer came up with the idea of the driver basicly lying on his back to drive the tank.
  61. "terribly slow as stock" I love when people use stock stats to defend a tank. Caernarvon has terrible stock ammo, bring it back to 6.3! You can imagaine the German reaction to that statement.... I play British, arguably the worst nation in WT and to be honest, no American tank scares me.
  62. Fair enough, I'm not sure on the science exactly.
  63. Yanktankers are wallet warriros because the T29 is their only 6.7 tank worth a damn. German players get two Tiger 2's on the normal tree so don't need to buy the Premium......
  64. We see it with every nation and every patch sadly.
  65. Yup, the scary thing is it would actualy work that way in real life. The crew would get the shock of their life mind. Depending on how securely they are fitted, those plates surrounding the turret of later Panzer IV turrets should, in theory, make them immune to hesh as the round would spread the explosive over the plate and detonate it.
  66. Stop whining You know the tracks on the turret of that prem Tigger will eat any HESH and leave the tank unhurt. ANY track armour will do this
  67. It's how we roll
  68. I'd argue that we DO need another Chieftain. Even the MK13 lacks either the armour or mobility to compete top tier. However we do NOT need APFSDS, just a standard Mk5 so, like every other nation bar the Japanese, we can have two main tans at top tier.
  69. Anything with spaced armour or tracks.
  70. With respect, I am talking about the 165mn Centurion AVRE. Loaded and fired in the concentional manner
  71. It's true, the one, single Soviet tank that gives my Cent problems is the AT1 (My MK10 is the backup tank alongside my Chieftain in 8.0 games). I honestly can not remember the last time I used APDS in my MK10
  72. I look at both sides. We do not have much for 8.0/8.3 games and we have a poor atgm. However, the Chieftain is very effective and HESH has now been buffed to relative equality with HEAT. The MK5 (no APFSDS) would be good, filling the same role as the Leo A1 and A1A1 in terms of a main tank with a back up. Nobody can claim, with any seriousness, that this patch is anything but a major buff to British too tier balance and a really good step forwards. We have our best tanks seriously buffed with the stabiliser update and even our low tiers get a nice buff with the shoulder-aimed stabilsing buff
  73. Gaijin has stated they will not introduce the British AVRE series because they where not desighned to fight tanks. Let us ignore the KV2 and Brummbar for a moment. What does Gaijin release in patch 1.67? The Sturmpanzer, a vehicle designed for the sole purpose of supporting infantry against enemy infantry and fortifications.....
  74. German fanboy whining about T29. I remember all the whine posts from these Tigger drivers when the Caern came out.
  75. HESH changes make 3 British tanks competitive. I am awaiting the whine and backlash. Seriously, it feels like some people have an agenda to keep British tanks down.
  76. Hmm, learn summat new everyday.
  77. Anybody got some tissues?......
  78. But it wasn't British. The commonwealth used kit we didn't and we used kit the commonwealth didn't.
  79. So anybody with access to dev server, nerf or buff?
  80. British rocket systems where all tactical, battlefield weapons. We didn't have anything like the Russian katusha or German nebelwerfer.
  81. Yeah, it's a question of scale. The explosive in a 37mm to 75mm APHE is rather small and only effective enough to ruin the day of one or two men close to point if detonation. A 14inch to 16inch shell? That is a whole different matter.
  82. Don't forget the air support on tap in their "cab" rank.
  83. I have found that a minority of German players think that the Tiger 2, bearing in mind that only 492 where put into service, is the best tank built in WW2 and should ONLY face Shermans, Cromwells and T34's. There is this mystical and defining line between 1945 and 1946 in which the world changed, technology advanced at a lightning pace and ANYTHING built after 8th may 1945 is too advanced to face these poor Tigers.
  84. Well I found that the British army in Korea deployed Churchills, Cromwells and Fireflies
  85. Do British Comets in Korea count?
  86. I agree to one extent, 7.0 to 8.3 represents over 30 years of tank development. End-war German tanks should not be going up against 1960's-1970's tanks like Chueftain, M60 and Leo. That being said, end-war German tanks should be going up against 1950's tanks. The Tiger 2 and Panther set the model for tank design right until the MBT concept. The Centurion was designed and built as a direct counter to the Panther for example. In AF you have a br range extending to 9.0. GF needs a similar br range but to do that we need to see a similar expansion of the tree. There are too few tanks compressed into one 7.3 to 8.3 br range currently. The br ranges below 5.0 are balanced, fun and not terribly historicly unbalanced. But on the flipside you need to balance by capability still and not by service date. Belive me, I'd be the first person to enjoy seal-clubbing Panzer 1's and 2's in my Matilda and I'm sure several KV2 drivers would love historical match making since their 152mm boomsticks date to 1939.
  87. Syrians used Panzer IV's in the first Arab-Israeli wars. Not to mention Israel using modified Shermans. Britain used Comets in the Korean war aswel, to the best of my knowledge we only had one Centurion regiment in the field during the start of that one.
  88. Leo 1 and A1 are considered the best tanks in the meta apparently. Britain needs a second workable MBT
  89. I always fall back to my two Achiles, they never let me down.