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  1. A pretty serious design flaw right there
  2. I've been playing WoS past month can't say I'll come back to WT gf untill AP/aPhe inbalance is fixed and we get another chieftain.
  3. Dunno, abandoned WT for WoWS atm. It's amazing playing a game that doesn't hate the British.
  4. I was playing Atlantic fleet this morning, merrily seal clubbing Scharnhorst with the Warspite and it occured to me that this is historical. Germany would get creamed in a proper naval game, just as they got creamed in real life. How do you balance a Town or Dido class CL against the Koln? German DD's are average at best, lacking sugnificant torpedo loads conpared to the British DD's With BB's it is just a bad joke really you'd need the fictional H39 class to equal the historical KGV class and every BB in British service (including the second line WW1 era ships) outgun and outclass Scharnhorst and equal the Bismark.