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  1. how u play a tank, if ur good or bad doesnt change the tank perfomance at all, the tank will remain the same if u play it bad or good, and is NOT relevant. so the fact that there are players that dont know how to play ru, doesnt change the fact that its OP at 6.7 u like it or not ru its still game braking as is6 or t-29
  2. same as urs, and thats my point indeed, t-29 its op u like it or not, as ur own words says any tank can kill any tank so the fact that some tier IV tanks are able to kill t-29 doesnt make t-29 balance. P.S. do u see my point now?????
  3. u like it or not even tiger h1 its able to kill any tier V tank aiming u need screens?, i can make some. its ur logic of aiming that is not correct.
  4. then aim for the is6 and for the ru aswell, indeed aiming tiger h1 its able to kill t-10/m60a1/chieftain/leos at front armor, so maybe t-10/m60a1/chieftain/leos should be 6.7 aswell? t-29 is not balanced vs any other tier IV tank that it is not the new premiuns, indeed t-29 was the 1 p2w tank that arrive this game
  5. This isnt a rage post its just the true, maybe my english is not good enogh but i think the point its very clear. if u can add a opinion about it would be nice, not that pointless screens that doesnt help at all.
  6. i read to many post lately that is6 its op, and yes its super OP, i have it and yes it is, but also ru its super op, ru its better than m47 and m47 sits at 7.3, ru its the tank that germans need it at 7.7 to fill the gap of no post war tanks until 8.0 but surprise now its a 6.7 premiun tank. t-29 have rulz the game last 6 month, i already unlocked t34 and almost have it spaded already and i can tell u this tank like t-29 its much more superior to any KT/T44-100 by far away (not like a bunch of players claim its balanced last 6 month). all premiun tanks added to tier IV starting by T-29 6 month ago, are P2W tanks, and guess what??, every faction have 1 of them, there isnt bias or nothing like that, WT (tier IV) have become P2W thats all. now its imposible to rebalance or fix this since those tanks are already in game and there is nothing we can do, GAIJIN will never give the money back and retire this tanks from game. maybe in the future they nerf is6, but i think they should not, cous nerfing ru its imposible w/o brake TIER V games. in other words its pretty easy if is6 its a problem just buy ru and u will see how easy its to kill a is6 or any other soviet tank with it.
  7. who said WT focus on combined battles?, why there isnt tanks at AF but there is planes at GF???, WT isnt a game that focus on combined battles, i think we should have a mode for only tanks as there its a mode for only planes, and also a combined one, where planes can be respawn frfom beggining so both team should have air cover.
  8. also ru belongs to 7.3 dont forget that, i think gaijin should never put is6 in game, i own the tank and if u put it at 7.3 i will waste my 40$, so its not a option at all, i think maybe gaijin should replace this tank ffor is3 1945, with no post war D shell. is3 its a easier target to kill than is6 with 88mm german tank and 90mm american, also british can deal is3 w/o any `problem, is3 its a much slower tank and have a much long reload rate than is6, i think is3 1945 was the tanks that soviets need it at 7.0
  9. ofc is6 its much better than is3, every tier iv tank can deal with is3, 88mm gun can kill is3 very easy indeed, even american 90mm do it aswell. is6 its a much harder tank to kill than is3, and is3 its a total crap at tier v, is3 should be 7.0 long agooooooooooooooo. i think gaijin should be added is3 from 1945 (w/o post war D shell) as premiun and not is6 a tank much harder to kill. with is3 (not is3m) soviets would be balanced but not overpower. and btw my main ffaction atm its soviets and my main tank is6. p.s. also ru should be moved to 7.3., cous its another tank that its braking the game.
  10. most of the time i die in gf its cous i kill sopmeone and after 10 secs he its over me dropping bombs or just making kamikaze.
  11. thats in ur case, i die by planes around 80%, only when i play americans this ratio come down to 50% and from that 80% around 70% its revenge bombing from a player i killed 10 secs before.
  12. revenge bombing are 100% effective, most of thew maps now dont have good covers, and after u kill somebody u just have less than 10 secs before plane or just kamikze finish with u.
  13. its very easy indeed and if ur a so low skilled player in planes u can always kamikaze, and thats super easy aswell. thats why u see always planes tier 2-3 even in tier V gf battles, 10k SL reward for kill a tank + beowulf vs 3k sl a plane tier 3 cost. very good deal for kamikaze.
  14. RB ofc, in RB its more easy to bomb than AB atm, in AB every time someone take a bomber the enemy team can take 2 figthers to counter it, in RB u just need cap press "J" and ur ready to bomb w/o anyone shooting at u. also in RB u will see figthers flying at 10km/h shooting tanks with machine guns/cannons and nobody shoot them back.
  15. everyday there is more planes in battles and less tanks, GF should be renamed to "low skilled pilots forces", thats cous everyone (i know this cous even my clan m8ts do it) join GF when they have stock planes or to learn how to play cous in AF there cant kill anyone but in GF its free bomb/kamikaze area. also the rewards for kill a tank with a plane in GF its huge, u get 1k sl when u kill a tank with a tank and 10k sl when u kill it with a plane, thats why also everyone just go gf to grind SL and research points faster. u just need go in a tier 1 tank cap or make 1 shoot and press "J" and ur ready to bomb everything w/o nobody shooting u.
  16. guys u got to be kidding centurion mk3/caernarvon and cent mk10 rulz tier iv now, 2 plane stabilizers are a "HUGE" advantage vs all the enemys can u meet at battlefield.
  17. there are many tanks 6.0 and even some 6.3 that are good vs other 6.0 or 6.3 but crap vs 6.7. same happen to all panthers/pershing and some others. as long this other tanks remain at 6.0-6.3 aswell i dont see why to move black prince to 5.7. in other words or we move them all or all stay there.
  18. i even if i never play any KT i can say the OP its right, KT have become a 1 shoot kill in turret by any other tank, but in the other hand GAIJIN with his new and terrible new damage model make KT lower plate unkilleable, i really think KT should be as before, any 122mm shoot or any big gun should kill KT by the lower plate and make turret as before.
  19. are u crazy heat-fs need to be cheaper than its atm since we have free atgm in game and its much better in damage and penetration than heat-fs. maybe in the past heat-fs was the best ammo, but now damage of it got pretty nerfed and atm even its no the shell with better penetration power also, its not sence that continue being the most expensive shell in game.
  20. u fforgot the biggest disvantage of kv-122, i hope its a bug i already made a bug report about it, kv-122 have the worst zoom in game.
  21. guys u like it or not the op its right: before some players that the only thing to spam in forums its " GERMAN FAN BOY" everytime someone talk about how op its T-29 i invite u all to check my stats, in my profile i have tiger 2 H in place 31 and from the 20 first slots on the list i have only 2 germans tanks, the rest are soviets and americans, in fact my favorite tank on my list from br 7.0 or less are T32 even if i use more t44-100 cous its the tank i use as a backup for t54-47, so we can say im everything less a "GERMAN FAN BOY" (at lest in RB, but i guess we are talking about RB right?) T-29 its superior to KTH in almost every way, T-29 deserve a bigger br than KTH?, yes ofc there is not doubt about it, even if KTH are able to deal with T-29, T-29 its a biggest problem for the rest of the tanks from 5.7 to 6.7 than KTH its atm and ever was. indeed this its the reason why T-29 should be 7.0, cous at 7.0 will meet KTH anyway but other tanks 5.7-6.7 willl see it in less .numbers at least. but i have to say something about KTH aswell, after GAIJIN last damage model update the lower plate of KTH (who was the weaker spot and best place to kill it with 122mm gun from is2 even with BR-471 B), its not a weak spot anymore making the only place to kill a KTH the small turret. i really dont understand why GAIJIN change the damage model making every module able to stop shells and absord all the damage, the biggest example of this its the radios, yesterday i shoot a TIGER E a 122mm shell and hit the radio that its place it at the middle of the tank and this radio absorved all the damage, in real life i can brake that radio with a KICK but in WT this radio was able to absorve 272 gr on TNT, its that like in real life?, i really doubt it, old damage model was perfect and nobody ever complain about it i really dont understand why GAIJIN make this change.
  22. 1.- . A detailed description of the issue you have. It is also important that you describe how we can reproduce the issue and if you are able to reproduce it. kv-122 soviet premiun 5.7 tank , have less armor than is-2 that it sits at same br, thats not a problem when i bought the tank i knew is2 had better armor but anyway kv-122 was premiun so i bought it. but after bought it my surprise was the zoom of tis tank its not the same than any soviet tier III 5.7 tank, this tank its the one with less zoom in game, even tier 1 tank have better zoom than this tank, indeed kv-122 doesnt have zoom at all, now i think i waste my money on it, i hope it get fixed fast cous like this this tank its unpleyeable. KV-122 its supose to be a is2 turret on a kv-85 chassis so i trhink its should have the same zoom since its the same turret. 2.- Please attach appropriate client replay, server replay link and/or video file(s), as well as any screenshots if they show the issue kv-122 zoom: is2 zoom: t34-85 zoom 3. Game mode the bug occurred in (Arcade, Realistic, Simulator or all three) and the version of the game the issue occurred in. this zoom issue its GENERAL in AB/RB/SB 4. Attach your system's current DxDiag Log. added 5. Attach the Client Log of the session in which the error occurred. If the problem is persistent, attach the latest one available. added DxDiag.txt 2017_03_03_12_11_10__8504.clog
  23. i have long go this problem but, after last big update its start to no happen again, after last patch the problem its comming back. in the middle of the battle and somethimes in hangar too (happen more in the middle of the battle), the video drivers restart and u get a 10-20 seconds black screen and restart again, here i took a screen when this happen to me in hangar: i got a black screen of 10-20 seconds and if u see at the top of the screen in the left side there is a message that says: "video drivers hung and was restarted. texture quality remains low". and as u can see the textures of the plane/tank get bugged (check the screen) when this happen in the middle of the battle ofc there is no a message like this one but anyway u get the 10-20 seconds dark screen. btw i was playing at high textures and get this problem then, then i put normal and still problem happens and now im playing at ultralow and problem still remains. i need some help with this please cous its destroying the fun in the game for me. btw this p`roblem only happen in WT, i have many other games and i dont have problem with any of them. if u will tell me to change something in my pc please make a step by step tutorial for Aces like me P.S. dxdiag attached to topic DxDiag.txt 2017_01_26_09_55_51__5700.clog