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  1. indeed apdsfs its not bugged, apds its nerfed what its a diferent thing
  2. and thats why its overperforming
  3. at least did u check my stats before talk so many bullsh1t?, before talk of someone u should check the stats like i already check urs (u have very poor stats btw), i can tell u that ur the one who doesnt ever play with HEAT-FS since u only play british and btw no so much for have a clear idea of what are u talking about, check my stats and u will see i play SOVIETS/BRITISH/AMERICANS/GERMANS and even JAPAN tier V tanks as main BR in this game with around 1000 to 1700 kills and a KD of 4/1 to 2/1 with aced crews in most of them, so i think i have a much better idea about HEAT and HESH than u will ever have. anyway everyone knows heat-fs its total underperforming as hesh its total overperfoming atm, and btw thats a ATGM that doesnt work like a heat-fs even if should do it cous the ATGM we have in WT atm have a heat head but this its WT.
  4. yes like HIGH EXPLOSIVE anti tank (heat-fs), looks like they dont do the same damage dont u think?, hesh its overperfoming by a lot atm and its by far away the best shell in game.
  5. i think all tanks with heat-fs should be movd at least to 7.3 (including is6 and ru), and is3 should move to 7.0 since any long 88 or t34/t29 can destroy is3 w/o problems after gaijin patch on is3 model.
  6. i hope they put mbt-70 toguether with t-64 and t-72 ural, since they have almost same capabilities, btw if op think they should be 8.0-8.3 (i dont think so) but 9.0 would be great.
  7. there was a time when is3 was to good for fight vs 6.7 tanks, but that time was longggggggg ago, after the patch that change the turret ring and make the is3 shot trap the biggest one in game, any long 88mm and 90mm can kill it w/o problem, is3 should be 7.0 indeed, t32 its much harder to kill by apcbc 6.7 tanks and it sit at 7.0