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  1. i read to many post lately that is6 its op, and yes its super OP, i have it and yes it is, but also ru its super op, ru its better than m47 and m47 sits at 7.3, ru its the tank that germans need it at 7.7 to fill the gap of no post war tanks until 8.0 but surprise now its a 6.7 premiun tank. t-29 have rulz the game last 6 month, i already unlocked t34 and almost have it spaded already and i can tell u this tank like t-29 its much more superior to any KT/T44-100 by far away (not like a bunch of players claim its balanced last 6 month). all premiun tanks added to tier IV starting by T-29 6 month ago, are P2W tanks, and guess what??, every faction have 1 of them, there isnt bias or nothing like that, WT (tier IV) have become P2W thats all. now its imposible to rebalance or fix this since those tanks are already in game and there is nothing we can do, GAIJIN will never give the money back and retire this tanks from game. maybe in the future they nerf is6, but i think they should not, cous nerfing ru its imposible w/o brake TIER V games. in other words its pretty easy if is6 its a problem just buy ru and u will see how easy its to kill a is6 or any other soviet tank with it.