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  1. It is a great change both for realism and gameplay. Tracks should have never stopped 37mm+ cannon rounds to start with.
  2. Hey guys, I am a British tanker and usually play between 5.7-6.7 for more balanced matches. Recently, I have noticed something really strange in match making. I keep facing the same enemies in Centurion MK.1 (5.7) and Strv 81 (6.7)! As to my understanding, the Centurion MK.1 (5.7) always get uptiered as British usually face Germany/Japan. Germany lacks good tanks from the 4.7-5.7 range and this explains why you will fight Tigers, Panthers and King Tigers every round. I haven't spawned the Mk.1 with over 210 points for 2 days. The MK.1 can generally hold its own if you ask me, but considerably harder to fight King Tiger, when the KT has absolute advantage in armor and gun. Then I took out my Centurion MK.3 for a test. Turns out it will face IS-6 and T-44/100 most rounds where you get the same result as fighting KT in MK.1: Outmatched by their armor and gun. Things become completely different when you take out Centurion MK.10 at 7.0. At that point you have a more balanced chance to either get up or down tiered. I guess those super premiums (IS-6, T29, Ru251) really messed up the match making!
  3. Here is another footage of a Centurion rapidly firing at different targets... with 100% accuracy. I count it is about 5 seconds per shot, including time to adjust fire. As according to the IDF, the M48's 90mm has a comparable fire rate...
  4. In 1973, the Arab army also failed on strategic level to meet up for one firm push, so their number was never enough to overwhelm Israeli defence to make the Soviet doctrine work. But war rarely goes according to plans anyway. For the IDF, I think morale was more crucial than equipment and training. Many Centurions actually got hit and penetrated on early encounters. They could be considered as disabled by other armies. But the Israeli drove their holed tanks behind emplacements, then tell the driver to leave tank for standby. Hull penetrations do not even matter here. Centurion could use auxillary generator for turret power even after the engine has been knocked out. Ammo racks have been emptied early on. APHE doesn't nuke in real life lol. Crew fight until they get knocked out, with driver taking wounded gunner and loader's place and so on. At the same time, ammo and replacement crewmen were arriving in truck and cars to keep up the defence. Fresh tanks too. But these crewmen were fresh and required close leadership from experienced TCs. I recall one IDF TC commanded 5 tanks in that battle, switching to the next after one has been knocked out. Plus the Centurion wasn't even that much more expensive than the T-55!
  5. I really like the Berlin camo and have downloaded a custom skin. I also have unlocked all free camos plus 2-3 paid ones. I like the tiger-stripe-like camo most. Works quite well on N. African maps.
  6. I do not recall Chieftain ever being a 7.3 tank... And hull-down does not protect you from HEAT-FS or HESH (hit near mantlet). The Chieftain is good at hunting certain tanks (T-54, T-10M...) but is helpless against fast tanks like Leopards and Type 74. Tier 5 is like playing chess: you need the right chess piece to take care of the certain chess piece on the other side.
  7. But did the kills pay the APDS ammo cost?
  8. That was a myth. In fact, the Egyptians and Syrians were considered as well-trained as the Warsaw Pact army in the 1967 war, according to the Russians. Brezhnev sent representatives from the Soviet Army and Eastern Bloc to train them. Their tanks were not downgraded export models but same as what the Red Army itself used. https://www.wilsoncenter.org/publication/the-soviet-union-and-the-six-day-war-revelations-the-polish-archives On the other hand, the IDF was not as well trained (missed 90%+ of shots with Centurion on the Jordan River conflict several years before, due to poor maintenance and gun training). Many tankers defending the Golan Heights were actually fresh recruits, whole squadron relied on the experience of one or two officers, etc. The Arab nations did quite a comeback in 1973 though, after further training with ATGM and new tactics. Personally, Soviet tanks were simply not suitable on the Middle East. They would have done better over Europe. ----------------------------------------------- Talking about WWII, the US 3AD (3rd Armored Division) was extremely well trained. More so than any German unit with 2+ years on the field discovering new tactics and equipment. Still got owned in Normandy by better and heavier German tanks, anyway...
  9. You mean the T-54, IS-3 and T-62 horde that got owned by Centurions and M48s on Golan Heights?
  10. Any long 88 OHK the BP. Armor only useful at downtiers. Also is the slowest tank in game. Useless on some maps. 5.7 at best.
  11. Chieftain MK.5 (or 5/4) T32E1 Stormer/Scorpion/Scimitar CVR(T) vehicles.
  12. Text book cherry-picking. Lets say if I do not count the Chieftain as its HESH is not operating correctly, so the British has no tank after 1959? Except most Russian players use 60s ammo and updates on their tank to improve performance. Every T-54 and T-10M will pack HEAT-FS if it has it. How dare you call the T-54 outdated. The British examined one in 1956 at Budapest embassy and found out the West had no medium tank that can deal with it. They hurried the L7 development and installed it on the Centurion to match it, in 1959. Only M103 and Conqueror could reliably destroy one back then. Since a new tank come out every 10-15 years during Cold War, there were times when the Soviets were ahead of the West and vice versa. Deal with it. Mid-late 60s is best for Soviet because they had the invincible T-64. Things turn around in 1979 when the West came out with Leo2 and Abrams. Date is not an indicator of tank performance, as shown with the T-54 vs T-62.
  13. By ignorance I mean you know jack on the production year of tanks in-game. Cool story bro, good luck finding someone agrees with you on the bold parts. If you dislike Tier 5 Russian tanks so much, play another tree. But stop BSing that they are bad because you are bad with them.
  14. Actually we have been talking about adding more Centurions since closed beta. Instead we got a FV4202 Adding a late-model Sho't Kal with diesel engine and HEAT-FS round might help at 7.7 too.
  15. Or maybe the IS-100 prototypes. IS-2 hull with 100mm gun seems good for 7.0. (Already forwarded to dev)
  16. Sure, if you think lengthening the hull for more fuel equates a new design. Then I would opt for a Centurion MK.6/2 according to his logic of historical MM. Most of them are rebuilds from MK.2/early MK.3 hull and turrets. Still have small internal fuel tanks so an external tank is often fitted.
  17. The 183mm HESH is usually effective but I have little luck against Ferdinands. I do not recall ever killing it frontally, usually the shell bounce and break barrel and/or track. Sometime turning crew red.
  18. In response to inset_judgement's recent complains:


    T-62 is from 1961.

    IT-1 is a 1968 tank. Using a T-62 hull. I mention it because it is called a "missile tank".

    T-10M is a 1957 tank, but only received APDS and HEAT in 1967.

    T-54 1951 in-game is a 1951-58 produced tank firing HEAT-FS ammo from the ~1965.


    None of them is from late 40. The oldest one is from 1951 but not in its in-game form until ~1965.


    Now lets look at the NATO tanks:

    Centurion MK.10 is a 1961 retrofit of a 1946 tank. Got a new 105mm gun firing APDS from late 50s. No newer ammo for it.

    Chieftain MK.3 is a 1968 tank.

    Conqueror is from 1955. No new ammo for it.


    M103 is from 1957. Same story as Conqueror.

    M47 from 1951, M48 from 1953, M60 prototype in 1960 and M60A1 AOS in 1972.


    Maus is from 1945.

    Leopard 1 is from 1965 and the A1A1 variant is from 1974.


    So in short, no Soviet tank is actually from the late 40s. The only 40s tank around here is the Centurion as it has identical hull and turret as the 1946 MK.2. T-54 has a 1945 hull but a brand new turret.

    There are a few tanks - Chieftain, M60A1 AOS and Leopard A1A1 that are from the early 1970s. But except Chieftain, they are simply stabilized variants from 1960s tanks.


    Stop spamming the false claim.

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    2. inset_judgement


      Modernization doesn't really count as I noted the features of modernization don't make the tanks better. I also don't play tier 5 any more, I did fine when I did but I didn't enjoy it because of heatfs spam/atgm spam, they need to either get rid of atgm or introduce composite.

    3. inset_judgement


      Also solid shot is already modeled correctly more or less. The issues with the T-62's gun are unique to the T-62.

    4. Loongsheep


      Modernization gives those tanks ability to fire something other than APHE. Without that, Centurions and M48 will bounce T-54 shots all day long.


      Solid shot is by ~30% under-performing in post-pen damage. All APDS are currently using WWII-slope-performance when newer APDS do much better against sloped armor. This includes the APFSDS on the T-62.

      The Chieftain MK.5/4 has a good chance to be added and it will also fire APFSDS. Performance similar to T-62's.

  19. T-54 1947, IT-1, T-10M, ZSU-57 and Obj 906 are all good if not great tanks. They used to club even harder until Gaijin reluctantly nerfed them. And I would trade 20pdr and 90mm for a 122. It can OHK a JT from the side with shots that literally do nothing with APDS or APCR. Now about the Soviet tanks: T-62 is from 1961. IT-1 is a 1968 tank. Using a T-62 hull. I mention it because it is called a "missile tank". T-10M is a 1957 tank, but only received APDS and HEAT in 1967. T-54 1951 in-game is a 1951-58 produced tank firing HEAT-FS ammo from the ~1965. None of them is from late 40. The oldest one is from 1951 but not in its in-game form until ~1965. Now lets look at the NATO tanks: Centurion MK.10 is a 1961 retrofit of a 1946 tank. Got a new 105mm gun firing APDS from late 50s. No newer ammo for it. Chieftain MK.3 is a 1968 tank. Conqueror is from 1955. No new ammo for it. M103 is from 1957. Same story as Conqueror. M47 from 1951, M48 from 1953, M60 prototype in 1960 and M60A1 AOS in 1972. Maus is from 1945. Leopard 1 is from 1965 and the A1A1 variant is from 1974. So in short, no Soviet tank is actually from the late 40s. The only 40s tank around here is the Centurion as it has identical hull and turret as the 1946 MK.2. There are a few tanks - Chieftain, M60A1 AOS and Leopard A1A1 that are from the early 1970s. But except Chieftain, they are simply stabilized variants from 1960s tanks. Stop continuing the false claim. The Challenger has inferior gun-handling and mobility to the Comet. Its gun is only better with APDS when uptiered. It is a bad tank in general.
  20. Not sure if ignorance or poor attempt at trolling IT-1 just bounced 2 M47 HEAT-FS frontally with its hull, and then my third HEAT-FS penetrated its center side and did nothing, because that area is empty. He then OHK me at 5m with a missile. "Armor doesn't matter at 8.0" is a myth created by Soviet clubbers. T-10M and IS-4M bounce APDS all day. You need HEAT-FS or HESH but trees stop them, unlike the 122mm APHE. The fastest British 8.0 tank is the Chieftain. Every Soviet mediums and heavies in the the range are faster than it. You have to be very bad to not club Leopards with ZSU-57. It can pen frontally if you know where to shoot. Ye, say Soviet APHE isn't good 7.0-8.0 when the other APHE (90mm US) has 155-170mm pen flat, point-blank. If you prefer Leopard-style tanks, play Germany and Japan tanks. But you can't deny Russian superiority at 6.7+ just because you do not like its style. And Leopards can kill but not cap. That's how most Germany teams lose.
  21. The main difference is the MK1 only has 38mm side armors, which is wrong in WT; but I am not going to take the effort to bug report just to get one of our few good tanks nerfed.
  22. If should add a "bail out" option then. No reason to punish players for a bad game design. It is also rather common in Asia servers that people leave game early due to computer crash and technical issues.
  23. They should allow late-joiner to fill in.
  24. Best ATGM by far, the only armored one, with full turret and high mobility (IT-1) Best tier 5 heavy tank by far, best practical armor, best APHE, faster than medium tanks (T-10M) 2 excellent SPAAG to deal with tanks or planes (ZSU-57 - Leopard hunter and ZSU-23) Most tier 5 tanks have HEAT-FS + high pen APHE Only country with APFSDS. Fastest round in game. If you don't like it, you always have HEAT-FS. And here is the reason why T-64 is not in game, despite the Russian players wanting it (and Russian-speaking ones). It is fast, faster than Chieftain and probably even M60. Its frontal armor is literally invincible to any tank shell in-game. Composite armor means 400mm pen HEAT-FS not making a scratch. Only best ATGM works. Its 125mm gun will penetrate any vehicle currently in-game. Anywhere with HEAT-FS or APFSDS. Also help overmatch with large caliber. And it can reload in 5-6 seconds. Stabilized gun of course. The West couldn't deal with it IRL without missile or air support. Tanks were advised to avoid it and fight lesser tanks (T-55, T-62 and BMP) instead. Do not forget aside from the Leopard, the M60 was evolved from M26 and Chieftain from Centurion. In fact the Brits did not change too much on tank designs so to some degree, the Challenger I has a basic hull design from WWII Centurion. T-64 is a slippery slope. If it gets added, Leopard2A0, M1 105mm and Challenger I will follow. They can kill each other but your T-64 won't be the best in the bunch.
  25. From a guy who said IS-6 is the only good Soviet tank after 5.3, and the Chieftain should be matched to T-64. I still keep a BP in 6.0 line-up, if I do get down-tiered (rarely happens) I will use it. After all it is a cash tank!
  26. Except in actual fight you will get shot down by fighter before even getting to the map if you carry 16 rockets. 8 rockets is the maximum that you have a chance to dodge one fighter attack. The Wyvern is terrible at dogfighting. The thing about HO229 is that if the pilot is experienced, he can critically damage multiple tanks in a single run and let his team mates destroy them. Tank engine fire = "I AM HERE!".
  27. I have not met a HO229 since posting that reply, but on the day I wrote that reply, 3 of our Chieftains and Centurions were destroyed within several minutes by a HO229. I have the Wyvern and I don't think it is much better than other attack planes in that range. I use it in 6.0 battles anyway 8 rockets is my usual load. 3*1000lb bombs or 16 rockets are too heavy such that you will usually get shot down before finding the first enemy tank. And it is very hard to kill IS-6 with both bombs or rockets.
  28. I don't think 6.7 was ever balanced. It is the gap between late WWII and Cold War tanks, throw in up and down tiers and you will have trouble.
  29. (All OHK yet 23 hits and 11 kills...) Under certain condition the BP club tanks but that is about it. It is too slow to go into a good firing position so it relies on luck. For the enemies to walk into yours. You were lucky because BP get OHK by long 88 90% of times. Especially since KT P is now 6.3. I bought BP the very day it was added in closed BETA. It went from IS-6-level-OP to bad after APDS nerf and BR increase.
  30. Utter bollocks. We Brits had to adapt to EVERYTHING Gaijin changed in game meta, just like most other players. Shortlist: APDS post-pen nerf (which came with the BR raise of many British tanks (Tier 2-3) on the same patch), many players just quit Increased bounce chance for sub-caliber rounds - combined with above, making 4 hits kill becomes 8 hits kill Overmatch/hullbreak that flavors larger caliber and full-size AP rounds - M18 still survives 5 hits, his APHE still OHK Comet APHE buff in larger caliber and large filler rounds - Chance to survive 122mm and 128mm changed from ~30% > ~10% Last-man standing/crew refill - Takes even more APDS to kill, sometime impossible if part of enemy tank is in cover ATGM (the Swingfire came out after others) - Losing the only advantage of long-range sniping at top tier I will have you reminded that the MK.3 used to be 6.7 and the MK.10 at 7.7. We requested Gaijin to lower the MK.10 to 7.0 as it was no match to Leopards and M60s. That wish was granted but we never asked to lower the MK.3. What we have always been asking was to lower BP to 5.7 and Challenger(or Aveneger with APDS) to 5.3. Still not happening. When we do feel bad about the changes, we discuss it in our own discussion sections like true gentlemen do at a club. Wehraboos whine, teaboos adapt.
  31. By extended sight I actually mean the portable sighting system that the tank commander can take up a tree and remote-fire the missile from the hidden vehicle. There is of course only a slim chance that it will ever be modeled in WarThunder. Otherwise the Striker is superior in all ways.
  32. The biggest whine I have ever seen in WarThunder was the German players against the M18. Also Panther II was 7.0 at the first place. I don't see British players whine about the BP at 6.0 although it is now useless.
  33. chieftain mk11

    Unfortunately it works nothing like that. Composite armor is generally not solid and plates and placed in different angles. While the values might be approximately correct for APFSDS, with HEAT some are more effective than others. For the M1: http://below-the-turret-ring.blogspot.hk/2017/01/early-m1-abrams-composite-armor.html The early Leopard 2 used multi-layers perforated spaced steel armor instead of Chobham. US test results indicated that it had about 30% better resistance to AP rounds than the M1, while the M1 has double the resistance to HEAT rounds. Since they expected next-gen Soviet APFSDS will penetrate both tanks anyway, they picked the M1 for its armor would be able to stop all HEAT-warheads for years to go. This has been proved to be a correct choice as the Abrams has been HEAT-proof throughout most of its career,
  34. chieftain mk11

    I guess you have only started visiting the forum recently? We have been discussing about more modern tanks for years. The main reason for no modern tanks is that WarThunder focuses on realistic performance, and most of those newer tanks still have confidential specs. Many of those "declassified" documents could very well be misinformation and cannot be trusted. Another issue is that the current game mechanic cannot calculate composite armor values. One thing we know is that the composite armor of T-64 can stop any common HEAT-warhead, so the even MGM-51 Shillelagh will do little against it. The HOT and Swingfire may however work. Anyway T-62 is already arguably more advanced than other MBTs right now and I doubt they will add T-64 directly.
  35. chieftain mk11

    They have denied T-64 several times in the past. T-64 would be OP in everything. Extreme firepower and mobility, with real composite armor that nothing in game can penetrate frontally. NATO had nothing to deal with it until the late 70s with 120mm APFSDS and advanced 105mm APFSDS. The consent is if T-64 is added, Leopard 2A0, Challenger 1 and M1 Abrams must follow.
  36. chieftain mk11

    Russian armor does not matter in tier 5. 120mm HESH, APDS will rekt them and APFSDS will enter and exit on the other side. What makes Soviet stronk is deadly high-pen APHE, unhistorical high speed and the best ATGM vehicle. All Chieftains after basic MK.5 will get at least 100hp extra power and won't be as slow.
  37. chieftain mk11

    This won't be a problem because in-game HESH can kill Chieftains through the gap between gun barrel and mantlet. I think this is true also in real life. Stillbrew or even Chobham won't prevent that. ...... Oh wait one nation tree has no HESH... The Chieftain's APFSDS is far better. In fact I think it was also used on the Challenger 1 during Gulf War. British tanks are sluggish because they are lower in hp and requires regenerative steering and modern transmission to go fast. In WarThunder hp per weight is the main factor to render mobility.
  38. It was one of the most accurate guns of its time. Pretty much a supersized 20pdr gun that was well known of its accuracy . During Korean War, British 20pdr Centurion tanks could target the slits of North Korean bunkers and put a HE round through it from over 1000m. However both demanded proper maintenance and tuning. The IDF first used the Centurions for War Over Water (1964). They failed to hit anything on the first battle as their guns were all out of tune. The Shermans with the same care were doing fine! After they properly zero-in the guns, they slaughtered T-54s and IS-3s en masse in the 1967 war. You can view the stock guns in WarThunder as poorly-maintained, I think.
  39. Because a certain member is starting flamewar again, this time with somebody else.
  40. It is logical thinking because more successful tanks get mass-produced and stay in service. The IS-2 served the longest, IS-3 and T-10 follow while the IS-4M (closest design to IS-6) was retired after a short time.
  41. Well I play in Asia time zone too (GMT+8) and get Axis win during afternoon and more even results at night. Most players around here are German fans and play the big cats.
  42. chieftain mk11

    The 105mm one got nerfed in "pen", but the 120mm one got buffed in both pen and post-pen damage. Pretty fair VS APHE I think. The Chieftain MK.5/4 or 11 have APFSDS, giving it a very high hit-rate from high velocity yet a faster reload speed than T-62. It will go through any vehicle currently in game. The top-tier British tanks suffer from low hp and lack of regenerative braking. Once regen-braking is modeled, they will be more mobile.
  43. Experienced Leo drivers always fire HESH at Chieftain. One hit near the gun barrel and spalling goes through the gap between gun and mantlet, OHK it. It is also fairly deadly against Soviet tanks, but the 120mm HESH on British tanks works better. The problem with HESH is that it can be easily stopped by fences and other obstacles, and its low velocity means the enemy may actually dodge it at range. I always load APDS as default but will switch to HESH on second shot if it suits. I honestly don't think British players still yell Russian bias since the post-pen buff of HESH. The only complain I hear about HESH is the 105mm one cannot hurt King Tiger frontally anymore.
  44. Guess this explains why 120mm HESH still fail to kill KT often.
  45. Yea, all rounds seem to perform pretty reliably today. Even the notoriously unreliable 120mm HESH (from Conway).
  46. I got 2 factory maps today and our RU/UK/US team absolutely rekted the DE/JP team. Whole team sitting on their spawn to wait for match to end. But when it is Sinai, in becomes the complete opposite and we never had chance to even touch the cap. STB-1 surprised me - its UFP can bounce 120mm APDS quite often!
  47. Not that I have heard of. By the time the British is experiencing on HESH, the 105mm L7 was already on the way.
  48. Really? I made have to try it again because last time I use it, it was terrible. Except that is not a 5.7-only gun. American tanks rely on it until the BR7.3 M47. Most tanks with it are at 6.3-6.7 and they are terrible against T-44 and KT. 180mm flat pen at point blank. The solid AP-only 17pdr gun reloads slower than most APHE guns at the tier.
  49. I just did it many times with my IS-2 and ISU-122. They are my top Soviet tanks as I play US/UK more often.
  50. The point is to one hit one kill, which usually works. The slope modifier and overmatch mechanic also favors large caliber and full-size AP (not APDS).
  51. I don't think we are lacking players at lower tiers. The grind alone prevents everyone to go top tier.
  52. Yes, and the British get the same pen even earlier. But point is that although Soviet guns do not pen as much as guns of same caliber, they get the larger caliber guns earlier. For example, Soviet get 122mm gun at 5.7 while US and UK get 120mm at 7.0/7.7.
  53. No successful game should allow average players to lose game currency on average matches.
  54. Has to do partly with this. But the IS-6 is now less than 3000SL in all modes for repair which makes no sense. Meanwhile the common British tanks are still costing the most to repair, compared to other trees. Charioteer, Conway, REPAIR COST INCREASED? They are already unpopular due to no depression and armor. Now I really see no reason using them.
  55. Normandy is one of the best maps for US/UK teams. That's why I propose a more random nation match making, so both sides can get all types of tanks.
  56. Gaijin just decreased the full repair cost of the IS-6 by an average of 1000SL, making it one of the cheapest tanks in its BR (below 3000SL). And the HO229 also got cheaper. Expect UFO-spam soon.
  57. Update: Even the Mother Of All Round (MOAR) 183mm round failed multiple times. Side hit one King Tiger right below turret rear (only part of it exposed), turned ammo black and set a fire. Panther II mantlet absorbed a hit. Only broke its barrel. Perfect close-range hit on a T-44/100 side (turret ring, avoided side skirt), only broke its track.
  58. I did not get Factory, Berlin or Normandy in any of the matches I posted on #1. But still it won't hurt to mix JP/DE with US/UK/RU. This would only make a more balanced fight.
  59. Because more German players have grinded the A1A1. Re-read my first post. Nothing to do with the vehicles themselves. For some reason I do not see many T-10M lately. Hell we do not get matched with Russians too often, usually it is US/UK. That's why I am bringing up the M551, not T-10M. Maybe it is the high heavy tank spawn point? T-10M is the best tank for brawling, but in a sniping war with Leo? Not sure.
  60. King Tiger is in fact the most benefited tank from recent patches. Its APHE gets better over-match and can make hull breaks, armor is hard to penetrate with 20pdr, and 105mm HESH is nerfed so it can't hurt KT frontally. And now the inconsistency of post-pen damage allowing it to occasionally even survive direct ammo rack hits.
  61. Just like that time when they tried to nerf M18 Hellcat. All US 76mm guns are screwed and 76mm Shermans get slaughtered en masse.
  62. I think it also has to do with the random maps RNG lately. We are getting many large maps with cover, where Leopards and Type 74s excel at. If we are getting urban maps again, the outcome will flavor US/UK/Russian tanks. They can take a hit or two better. ----------------------------------- Relax it is not as bad as M18 spam era. I recall using nothing but the M18 alone and won most matches.
  63. I won't call it bias. It is a bad match making design that often results in the faster tanks ending up all in one team beating the other team that has none. If MM is US/UK + Japan/Germany VS Russia + Japan/Germany, or in any combination as long as German and Japanese tanks are not on the same side, matches outcome will be more even. It has nothing to do with certain vehicle(s) being OP.
  64. Actually Fernet, I am not exactly a new player at Lvl 90 with 90% matches on GF. I have been playing at Tier 5 with British tanks for well over a year and know how they perform. Plus Tangba is already doing a good job telling everyone to L2P. We don't really need another guy to say the same. Win/Lose rate is an indication of match-making imbalance, as a single player can rarely change the outcome. I actually made over 1.0K/D on all matches shown on screenshot but my team still still lost. Germans are definitely not doing bad with Leopards and ATGMs. They are instead suffering at 6.7, where the T29 and IS-6 are dominating. My suggestion is to mix MM more, so that British and American may team up with Germans or Japaneses more often. This will give both sides fast tanks for a fair fight. And US team is badly needing a true ATGM vehicle. Annnd the British need another top-tier medium tank plus a fast light tank above 7.0. A Striker ATGM or 90mm Scorpion CVRT (basically another RU251) will fit in well.
  65. The irony is he used to say this. Literally the same words.
  66. It is actually quite good at flanking Leos and Type 74s, at least when in good hands. Japan and German tanks have no HMG to chew through Sheridan - they need to use main gun. -------------- Another thing I noticed is that there are more Leo A1A1 now. Its gun stab makes Chieftain loses its main advantage.
  67. Using Soviet will get very different MM, sometimes teaming up with Germans, which explains the win rates. US/UK teams seldom get teamed with Japanese/German recently, giving them no effective counter-measure to fast tanks. M551 potentially works but it is quite rare.
  68. Hey guy, so I decided to spade my Swingfire and went up to some top tier matches. As British we usually get teamed with US or a mix of US/RUS. Matches are not going well: 90% of enemies are in Leopards, Raketenjagdpanzer and Type 74. Our Chieftains, T-62, M60 seem to get outclassed at any range and few people are using IT-1. We generally lose all flags quickly and end up getting spawn camped. I know Leopard spam isn't new, but now it is in a whole new level and will definitely throw some players away. Teaming the 2 nations with fastest tanks (Leopards, Type 74, STB) together does not seem like a balancing idea. ---------------------------- And on a side note, SL reward is just ridiculously low. Killing 2 enemies should break even the cost of losing one tank in most games, but in WarThunder it is far from that.
  69. HESH is affected. A Panther II survived 3 183mm HESH in a match yesterday. One hit turret cheek directly and only killed loader.
  70. Grinded the Centurion Mk.1 through endless Tier 5 AB games. Unlocked APDS with a few leftover eagles. Took quite a moment to customize my very own Centurion Mk.1. First game - shot a Panther through the LFP, bounced off a Panther round! Valiantly fought my way to the cap point. Took that flag after making 2 kills and countless assists. T-34 shows up from the side. Oh well. First death in Centurion. Without reserve, I had the resort to lesser tanks. Spawned as Comet, spotted Tiger. Fire. Round bounced, his didn't. Spawned as Challenger, spotted T-34. three hits of APDS did gut him, but the Russian brute knocked me out with single punch. The Centurion did make me forget how bad British tanks at BR 5.3-6.3 are. At least while it lasted. I now declare the Centurion MK.I a must-have and players of the British Empire shall defend it against any future nerf!