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  1. LOL the only one whining on this post lately is you. I am not even complaining about tier 5 aside from lack of regenerative steering and APDS post-pen, both will benefit all tanks including Soviet ones once fixed. And my point was to tell Russian fanboys to stop wet-dreaming about the T-64 and T-72 with a year-based MM. If Gaijoob stands behind its promises, NATO experimental tanks from the era can balance them out.
  2. The whole "introduction date" argument was started by certain Russian player to justify adding T-64 and T-72 into current game. Just dig this post and you will find it. I never buy it but I get tired of people saying "OMG NATO 70s tanks are clubbing WWII Soviet tanks at Tier5!" when the the 7.7+ Soviet tanks are really in 60s config. At WarThunder you have the T-10M not the basic T-10 (1952). It is a 1957 tank that fires 1967 shells. Period as hell. You know the prototype Chieftain from 1959 performs pretty much like the MK.3, right? Nothing unfair here. And 50mm panzers DID face T-34 and KV-1; also true for IS-2 fighting KT. BR adjustment for T-34/KV-1/IS-2 wasn't that long ago. You know PZIII L and T-34 1940 are still both sitting at 3.3 today? Chieftain and Leo 1A4 with APFSDS are really not all that hopeless against T-64 and T-80. Plus adding T-80 means Leopard 2A0 and M1 105mm will be added too if they balance by date. Not going to be pretty for the East.
  3. 1300SL isn't much compared to Chieftain's 10000SL+ repair fee. Thanks for proving my point, so T-10M NEEDS that late 60s HEAT-FS and people do use it.
  4. Ugh... T-10M usually fires HEAT-FS at my Chieftain.
  5. Germany: Leopard 90mm prototype(s) Swiss Pz58 105mm (Panther bloodline) Imported M47 and T-55 UK: Centurion Sho't Kal (new engine and 105mm HEAT-FS) Vickers MBT Mk.2 (Slightly better turret, 4 MCLOS Swingfire missiles) Scorpion 90 (Ru251-like speed, 90mm Cockerill gun firing a mix of HESH, HEAT-FS and APFSDS) US: T49 Certain T54 prototype M48 with 105mm gun Russia: BMP-1 9M113 Konkurs on BDRM-2 IS-7
  6. No I am talking about the fragments from spalling being different in size. HESH creates palm-sized steel fragments, while other rounds cause smaller shrapnel and fragments but at higher velocity. They are equally lethal to crew.
  7. Isn't the spalling from HESH much bigger than those made by HEAT in average? This explains the difference traveling speed and the damage it causes. We can have realistic damage cone for HESH and HEAT after APHE gets it.
  8. On a match yesterday a T-54 rushed right over a hill towards me. I waited, aimed and fired a HESH right at the center of its UFP. It did nothing other than killing its driver. I immediately tried to turn my hull towards him (was hull down, not enough depression to shoot if I face him with hull), but he still OHK me with APHE as Chieftain barely turns on rough terrain.
  9. The MK.5 was so terrible stock I had to GE-unlock mobility mods. The Chieftain suffers especially from lack of regenerative steering and pixel cannon rounds. Any APHE hitting near barrel will OHK it through spalling. Yet your APDS often does nothing even after penetrating, thanks to underperforming post-pen damage. Also has anyone realized that HESH is less reliable lately? I often only kill driver of T-54 with a good hit, takes 2-4 hits to kill tier 5 Soviets.
  10. Sure, but all spalling should bounce around the interior several times before coming to a stop, cutting into everything between.
  11. You should unlock the T-10M and T-55A then. They are both mid-late 60s tanks. Introduction date is misleading when they have received extensive updates and new ammo.
  12. Because Russian players complain that current top-tier RU tanks are not as good as NATO ones. Which is partly true excluding the T-10M and T-55A. The armor still matters unless the T-64 and T-72 are sitting at 9.0+. Our 8.0 and 8.3 tanks cannot penetrate their composite armor in most occasions. Plus the high hp/t ratio + wide tracks will still give the Soviets advantage in mobility.
  13. No. The problem is there are no direct NATO counterparts to the '64 and '72. Rifled 105/120mm APFSDS may has comparable firepower, but the armor and mobility of T-64A and T-72 are clearly above these NATO tanks. T-64/72 will still ROFLSTOMP M60, Leo and maybe stillbrew Chieftain. True counters to the 64/72 are M1, Leo2A0 and Chally1. But then it becomes their turn to club. MBT-70 is not a direct counterpart, it all depends in the meta to decide if it is going to club or get clubbed.
  14. The MK.2 has the same turret as early MK.3. All Centurions with hatch on the turret rear started as MK.2, including the MK.3 in WT. Turrets are reused in upgrades, some MK.2 eventually received IR light and 105mm gun to be renamed MK.6.