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  1. As far as winning/loosing battles at different tiers I think we need to look at a nations entire lineup at the +/- BR range including planes. The entire team decides the out come far more than a single tank. I have had battles where a absolutely sucked and was killed very early but my team won. It is difficult to even judge a single tank as it often depends on play style. I can't seem to do very well in the Leo yet I know there are players that can do insanely well with it. Only the Snail knows the total player stats for sure.
  2. Yes it could be 100% on the player side. What happens when a player gets mad because they have not taken the months required to learn everything there is to learn. They quit and go play something else. Soon you and a couple others with be playing each other. Everyone else is playing Battlefield 2 or some other such game. If the "average" player gets upset then WT is doomed to fail no matter how awesome you thought the realism was.
  3. I checked my own stats as all I play is Germany. All at BR 5.7+ have went down some at BR 4.x are about the same. I am still playing the same as I have for the last two years. Something else has changed and its not the tanks I drive either, they feel the same. Hmmm wonder what it could be (sarcastic)?
  4. They were probably focused on the enemy tanks that were about to kill them. You don't last more than a couple minutes if all you do is look in the sky.
  5. Thats the danger here in RB. If Russia gets really popular because other nations are always loosing then they will end up having to play Russia vs Russia with the odd other nation mixed in the battle.
  6. I don't think that would change anything tho, it would end up just like GF with a different name. Most air players would just go after tanks like they do now in GF. It would just be a little later in the battle by the time they got there to bomb us to oblivion.
  7. Why are you complaining, you won one of those lol. Ya people keep on saying there is nothing wrong or that German players are just bad bla bla bla. We know the truth tho don't we.
  8. But the 105 (L7) HESH does work on the IS-6 tho right? That's what this thread is about. As far as I understand it you are smiling when you meet an IS-6 and you have HESH/HEATFS/APDS is that correct? My beloved APHE is less than ideal tho, sigh
  9. Part of that is the fact that the German tree at 5.7+ is mostly about slower heavy tanks, then all of a sudden the Leo is a fast lighter tank without much armor. I think many players need time to figure out how to play it. Calling them dumb or monkey's is probably not valid. I have no idea where that came from anyway, saying that players that happen to be currently playing a certain nation are somehow all of a sudden dumb, geeesh lol.
  10. So a player that happens to play a tank in the German tree is a monkey? I play the German tanks are you calling me a monkey? Be careful what you type.
  11. We have been complaining about the T-54-47 for a long time, we just gave up and got used to it. Same with the T29. Same will happen with the IS-6 lol.
  12. When I get upset at T 4/5 or BR 5.7+ Germany I move down to BR 4.x, it is very fun and don't need to take things very serious as repair costs are low.
  13. I will give that a try, thank you. I don't think anyone in the forum is saying that the IS-6 is not destructible, I think we are trying to figure out the best way to do it given the gun/ammo we have. All tanks seem to have some kind of weak spots but if you don't know about them then you will have a very difficult time and the tank will "feel" extremely OP.
  14. Cool thanks. Do you know if those hits went through the turret or bounced down? When I hit the turret there all I get if it pens a is a few yellow parts (optics absorb most of the shell). I did manage to have a shell bounce down once but it happens very rarely. Hmmm, will I will jump into some custom battles and keep practicing shooting in that area.
  15. I don't mean to argue or anything like that. I play the German tree exclusively. So far in my experience with the 75/88/105/128 mm guns the only way I have been able to destroy an IS-6 is by hitting the roof, but she be a difficult shot. Have you been able to destroy it by hitting other areas from the front at distance with these guns? Just asking is all, I have not had much luck penning in any other areas.
  16. Would they like to share the "stats" of the IS-6 with the WT community so we can see for ourselves? I suspect not. You have said British tanks can take on the IS-6 and that is indeed true. So in RB what does an all German nation team do? Get the enemy British tanks to help us?
  17. Ya tracks have always been a problem. Hopefully they fix it someday but I would not hold my breathe.
  18. IS-6 sales must be really good right now lol.
  19. From what I read in the Dev Answers to Questions, tracks should never be destroyed on the first hit but should be on the second hit. Seems strange to me but I guess they did that so you are not sitting around de-tracked all the time. Tracks seem like a magnet for shells lol.
  20. Wait times depend on what Mode, Nation, BR, Time of day, Day of week and Servers you play on. Some players have reported wait times in the minutes.
  21. I think some small adjustments to some tanks to make them a little more effective is all we can hope for. Contrary to what you read in these forums the developers/designers know exactly what they are doing. There are many factors involved in making a change like creating a 9.0 BR or changing to a .7 BR spread for example. You as a player do not see the big picture and what is all involved. I am a software developer, I know how changes can cascade into a total mess. No matter what they do this is a game where you have player vs player, when someone wins another player looses. Total balance will be impossible. Tweaking is about all they will do right now anyway as the goal of the game is to make money and large changes will not do that.
  22. That sounds pretty normal to me. I have almost the entire German tree and I can tell you don't expect things to get easier as you move up. The Germans seem to be in a bad place right now with the current meta. Tiger 1's seem very hard to play at the moment, I only play them sometimes to have a real challenge. Tiger 2's are ok but nothing special really, you will die just as often. Getting wrecked seems to be what WT is all about, win a few, loose many. If you don't like being killed often then I would highly suggest switching to the Soviets and buying an IS-6.
  23. According to thunderskill almost all the German tanks have been dropping in wins, same thing I see in the game. Looks like maybe around 45% or so average now, many of them were above 50% not too long ago. Soviets/US on the other hand ... take a guess.
  24. They did have a tank only event a while back where you had to tow a broken down vehicle back to a cap point on your side of the map. Was only on Poland and was only AB, still though it was quite fun. Unlimited spawns, the battles raged back and forth. Being able to put all your concentration into the tanks and not having to look at the sky was very very nice. When you got killed you just said "Hey good shot" and then you jumped back in. There were no giant balls of fire falling from the sky like in AB/RB. I hope they do an RB version of that again someday.
  25. Yea even more now that German players are trying to figure out how to play the RU-251. Most of them die rather quickly, they are not used to speed and no armor lol. Leo players understand and those might be the players that are doing good in the RU.
  26. Ya Germany alone or with Japan at 6.0 to 7.0 is very scary, we are always stomped into the ground. Well most of the time I guess.
  27. Could we say there was a mistake at the tank factory and that inner plate was never installed into the IS-6 tanks shipped to WT?
  28. I think that is the ticket. It is only a game after all. Balance it based on historical values as much as is possible but still provide balance. Balance should be a top factor otherwise we have a mess like now.
  29. It seems as players move away from the German tree for other nations there are less players so more Germany + other nations are far more common now. I really like playing Germany at 7.0 now because often we are paired with the Soviets and with all the IS-6s and RU-251s we are unstoppable. YAY lol.
  30. You will do fine in the Tiger 2 H then just try to protect your turret face. The first Range finder in the German tree is the Panther 2 I think.
  31. Must be nice. I do ok at it. Really messed me up when they change the optic zoom tho. I still have trouble in the Jagdpather/Jagstiger etc, I can see a fly landing on the barrel now, I always aim too short.
  32. Ya if you are shooting HEAT-FS you want to make every shot count lol.
  33. The same reason we wanted markers removed for tank, some panes benefit from that too. And it is WAY more intense without any markers in the sky and on the ground. I think a big reason players prefer playing planes in GF vs Air RB like you say it that you are having to face real players on the ground and in the air. I think what drives us tank only players nuts though is that we are kind of helpless against air attacks. The US is a bit better off as they often get the top mounted .50 cal MG. On German tanks for example the MG is completely useless. I often play a SPAA as a respawn but in RB unless a plane is doing an attack run directly towards you they are very difficult to bring down. I don't fly planes so I cannot comment on how hard/easy they are in GF, they very well could be completely balanced with tanks. I just know how if "feels" when you are a tank only player and unfortunately "feel" is what keeps us playing a game or makes us quit and play something else.
  34. Ya I guess GF is the only place that is offered and they could not really add that to air only as the maps are far too big.
  35. After enough battles with a particular gun you get good at guessing under 1 km. Where it really helps is when you are starting with a brand new gun or ammo. For fun I started playing the Sturmpanzer II, that 150 mm Howitzer is insane to aim with lol. 800 m feels like it is thousands of km away.
  36. I agree, Like the KT it needs to have at least one weak spot that makes it possible to kill. Thing is why are we calling it a bug? The designers did not over look something like that, it was built that way on purpose.
  37. I think we are just trying to understand why players enjoy flying so much in GF? Just the fun? Cuz you have the "chance" to get 4 or 5 kills at once (thrill)? Cuz it adds more variety to the game play? Easier to avenge your death in a tank? Like flying planes more than driving tanks? Just trying to understand is all.
  38. But planes must get "enough" kills or players would not bother getting into planes right.
  39. Ya anything under 1 km is kind of pointless unless you have a long reload. If you have a Range Finder module then it can really help on the 1 to 2 km shots.
  40. Ya that whistle is the scariest noise there is lol. You have no idea where they will land. Usually staying your coarse is the best bet. Of coarse if your in the Maus, Doom Turtle, Jadtiger there is not much point in doing anything except prey. I agree with you about trying planes. It's just that if you are like me and did not play any planes it is like starting over again lol. Also I play on PS4 and finding the best control scheme is difficult. When I adjust my keys/buttons for tanks the way I want it completely messes up the air controls.
  41. 8% - 10% feels about right, even less if you are careful. I think it just feels like way more because death comes so suddenly and there is nothing you can do about it. Sure you can say that your team should be using more fighters/SPAA etc but WT is not a team game. There are teams but we each play alone unless you are in a squad. I have no control at all what my teammates do and they have no control over me. I think what makes us feel so cheated by planes is the revenge bombing/rockets, in those cases we often have no escape. I would also like to point out that what you are driving can make a huge difference. The chances of being bombed in a fast light tank like a Hellcat, RU, etc are lower than if you are in a Maus, Doom Turtle, Jagdtiger etc. Simply because fast light tanks are usually always on the move.
  42. I don't think it is because people want combined arms so bad. I think it is because WT started out in the air and they also want to be different from other war games. You seem to be really arguing the point. Are you afraid that there may be more players than you think that want planes nerfed a bit or a tanks only mode? Just asking is all. I don't fly planes at all and I have almost the entire German tank tree. I kinda like having planes in the battle but as a tank driver I find the bombs and rockets far too powerful. Why can't planes fight planes mostly? Why do you insist on only wanting to bomb tanks? Is it easier? Make more SL? More fun? Just asking cuz I don't fly.
  43. Lets create a poll to see how many players are in GF for planes, I am very curious. don't ask for tanks only. Just ask if a player Never flies planes. Occasionally Flies Only plays a tank to get into a plane
  44. That's not a bad idea really lol, will suck for the team but oh well probably get killed quick anyway. If it is fast might even get a cap.
  45. We will never win the battle for tanks only because from what I have read most Air players hate Air RB, they find it boring and "Plane with GF to shoot at" much more fun.
  46. I find I can do "OK" with the Tiger 2 10.5/Panther 2/Jadgtiger at BR 7.0. It is not a cakewalk but if you are careful you can get a few kills and if you are top tier it can be fun. Right now, from the point of view of Germany, BR 5.7 to 6.7 of the worse possible place to play. Its too bad because 5.7 to 6.7 are the coolest tanks.
  47. I wonder if players like my self that play tanks only notice the constant uptiers more than players that play planes a lot in GF. Pilots, do you really notice an uptier when your flying planes in GF? Maybe that is the reason that the Snail does not see it as much of a problem?
  48. I agree with you. Thing is though WT is really a game about war planes with player controlled ground units to shot at. That's why there are planes in every game mode and no tanks/boats only mode. Sad but it is what it is.
  50. Its mobile, in the same way you can move a house from one place to another. The ammo on the IS-6 is not the greatest in the world but the armor and mobility makes for an incredibly good machine. They have no problem at all getting in close and personal. IS-6 and Jagdtiger are both 7.0 in RB.
  51. The Jagdtiger is also immune from the front. Traded 5 shots with an IS-6 last night on Kursk RB at 600m. He could have shot at me all day and done nothing. I was also not doing damage to him until I finally planted a shot on his roof.
  52. One good thing about more players leaving the German tree at BR 6.0 to 7.0 I am now teamed up far more often with the Russians. Wow, played the Tiger 2 10.5 BR 7.0 RB last night and every time we were paired with the Russians we were totally unstoppable.We won every time and stomped the enemy. The combination of IS-6, RU-251, Tiger 2 & Panther 2 is very hard to beat.
  53. Also if your tank has a Ranger finder module (like Panther 2) then it will be able to scan up to around 2k I think.
  54. You know your in trouble when 15 of your teammates head to the west of the map and you are the only one going east lol. Happens to me a lot.
  55. Time will tell I guess. You know how players are, cry like crazy in the beginning and then just get used to things. Look at the T29, she is still in the same place and still played a lot, we have all just gotten used to it (I still hate it but nothing I can do lol). Something is going to have to change a little for Germany at 6.0 - 7.0 tho or the German tanks of War Thunder will be retired to the pages of history just like the real ones. All battles will be RU vs US with the odd GE, JA or BR thrill seeker mixed in. So far the RU-251 has just made things worse, maybe will get a little better when players learn to play it.
  56. Cool thanks I will try that. Often you want to peak out, measure then get back into cover.
  57. OK I have always wondered about the rangefinder. Does it measure the cross hair position when you first click the button or at the end of the wait? What happens if you move the gun?
  58. Ya I searched Google to see when the Russians started making optics out of clear titanium, could not find anything about it tho.
  59. I don't think it would make much difference, it would still be light, fast and have a decent gun. It would still play against 6.7 a lot anyway. And being fast does help against ATGM rockets when uptiered.
  60. Good IS-6 sales make sense as it is a good all around tank that most payers can enjoy without much to learn. The RU-251 on the other hand is a very light tank and players that play Germany are used to heavy tanks and lots of armor. It takes a special play style to be good in the RU and not everyone enjoys playing that way. I do not think we will see any changes at all until sales fall off. It would be a big business mistake to change it if it is still selling well.
  61. Except your shot has to be exact, if you are a fraction off she will bounce.
  62. I had an RB battle on the Port map last night playing The tiger 2 10.5 cm. Was a smaller team with about 10 players. All Germans against Brits, couple US and one IS-6. The IS-6 and I were the only 7.0 tanks all the rest 6.7 or lower. Single cap mode in all the train tracks. About 5 of us rushed up around the outer edge and headed to the cap from the side. We were doing very well and I thought finally we might win one. BAM, I blow up, IS-6 had gone way around the outside and somehow got in behind us. Then he just sat there taking out my teammates one by one. They all returned fire but he just laughed. After 6 kills he just drove over, capped, then headed for our spawn. Game over. That one IS-6 decided the battle.
  63. Funny how that GIANT bunker is not as effective as an IS-6 lol. Just have to laugh at what has been going on, it's the only way to keep playing the game.
  64. Sure you are gonna get killed in the T29 sometimes. We are mostly talking about averages and on average the T29 does a lot better than most tanks in the game. I have bounced off that turret many times with the 88 and the 75 as well. In battle when you have that 105 mm gun pointed at your face you often don't take the time to try and land the perfect shot and if you do take the time you will probably die.
  65. The 105/128 mm German guns are useless too. To me is seems like a way better IS-3 yet has a lower battle rating. I would rather face an IS-3 any day.
  66. That is already happening at (6.0 - 7.0) The US got some great tanks and that is a good thing (I play Germany). But now with the US having great tanks, Russians having great tanks and now the IS-6. Britain having the high pen APDS and decent HESH. And the Panther 2 was moved to 7.0 so many stopped playing it. Things are getting rough at 6.0 - 7.0 Germany. The so-so Japanese tanks being always paired with Germany does not help matters. One good thing is as players leave the German tree we will start to see Germany + (other nations) a lot more and that would be a massive help.
  67. True but you always have that glimmer of hope, maybe I can kill one of those **** before I die.
  68. Well 1000 was an example, whatever makes the most sense.
  69. I think they learned from the T29, create a slightly OP premium tank and it sells like crazy. With the IS-6 they went even further. Makes good business sense, then after a month or so tweak it back down to where it should be.
  70. I believe that is 100% the reason. It is a double edged sword, keep the BR range high for short queue times and people get upset and quit playing. Make the BR spead smaller and queue times get long and people get tired of waiting and leave. What is maybe needed is for the MM to take an incremental approach. Try to find a battle at .03 spread for 30 seconds, then move to 0.7 for 30 seconds then to 1.0. something like that.
  71. I think German teams are the same as there always were, but other nations machines have gotten better.
  72. Good luck hitting that cupola at distance in a fire fight, and if you hit the optics in the cupola you will do very little damage.
  73. I have always found the German 128 mm to be bouncy, If it pens it is wonderful but it seems to act like APCR a lot of the time. So what are those of us that are die hard German tankers going to do? Do we come up with strategies on how to best run away from an IS-6? Do we make a rule that no German tank is to ever drive alone, everyone must travel in wolf packs of 3 or more? Maybe a rule that every German tank must be escorted by a plane with bombs big enough to kill IS-6s? Geesh I don't know how we deal with this and the good 'ol T29/T32 at the same time. Sigh, maybe it is time to wake up and realize the war is lost.
  74. Well once enough players leave the German tree (people do not like to loose a lot for some reason) we will only see battles of US vs Russians with a few Germans, Brits & Japanese thrown in.
  75. Use the points system they already have in place. If you have had at least one death and a minimum of 1000 points crew lock is disabled.
  76. And the T29 repairs way faster than any other tank in the game.
  77. Hellcats I'm looking at you lol, And now the RU-251.
  78. Ya seems if you are not firing high pen heat-fs, hesh or apds you better run when you see one. All the German WWII tanks are out of luck I guess, even the mighty Tiger 2 10.5 cm is useless. I have not tried the German 128 mm yet but I am sure it will be useless as well.
  79. It was quite different before. German tanks in the BR 6.0 - 7.0 did quite well. US was the worst (before Britain came in). Then APDS, HESH and HEAT-FS, ATGM Rockets was added to the game. Then more and more very good Premium tanks/planes where added. So here we are at the mess we have today. More and more power added but the BR system stayed exactly the same, ok so be have 8.3 now big deal. Things are only going to get worse until the point that they realize that the BR system needs to be expanded or the BR fighting range reduced to something like 0.7.
  80. Ya it seems like everyone is being uptiered a lot but that should not be possible, cuz that means someone has to be down tiered. Maybe one nation (Like Russians) is being down tiered more than the others? When I play Germany at BR 6.0 I always see 6.7+ and yet when I play 6.7 - 7.0 I often see 7.+ how is that even possible.
  81. See that is the biggest problem with this game. All the frustration that happens. It is not one thing it is many smaller things. Killed when spawning in, Bouncing shots that should pen, Revenge bombing, Constantly being uptiered in some nations and BR ranges. All these things add up.
  82. Same with the Tiger 2 10.5 cm (Pzgr 39 ammo) . Damaged his barrel so I had time to take 4 shots (he missed me on a return fire). 20 meters away, all 4 shots to various so called weak spots. Nothing at all happened, not even scratched paint. If they fix the optics eating the shot we might have a slight chance to damage it in the future. Have to sell more of them before they fix that tho. Light tanks must be hard to play in AB I bet, I have never tried it.
  83. That is true but it also leads to every quick lopsided battles because after the first few minutes of the battle there is simply no way to recover. I for one will not respawn into a battle where it looks like we might be loosing, there is no point as camper will just take you out anyway. So then you just sit there waiting for the battle to end or you suffer through crew lock. After a number of battles end that way you might decide to only take one tank into battle as respawning in many cases is pointless and then you will not need to wait for the battle to end, just jump into a new one. Maybe thats what the Snail wants, fast short battles.
  84. Also moving the Panther 2 to 7.0 has not helped the matter. If things don't change I think we are going to see many battles at 6.7 between US and Soviets with one or the other having a few Germans, UK or Japan mixed in.
  85. Says a player that enjoys attacking the spawn area.
  86. Being that it is a premium it will probably be a very long time until it gets fixed (when sales finally drop off).
  87. T 4/5 is just a mess, no easy ways to fix it without making other things worse. Even just changing one thing (like moving Panther 2 to 7.0) sets off a cascade effect. 6.7 battles have almost all Tigers now except for some of the new RU-251s.
  88. Hey anyone in our forum family reading this have the IS-6? I have the Tiger 2 (P/H) & 10.5 cm. We could practice trying to destroy each other in a custom RB battle if your game. Would be fun and we might learn something.
  89. Video Please. Backup you words son. Well said Mr. Picard, I second this.
  90. What? I drive the Tiger 2 from time to time, are you saying I am brain dead? Who do you think you are? Tiger 2 can kill an IS-6 from 1 km? You must play Arcade.
  91. I have not played it but from what I have seen in videos it is surprisingly mobile too. Thank god it has no gun depression and a longish reload.
  92. I would agree except for the weak turret face on the Tiger 2/Panther 2 that everyone knows about. If not for that then I would say that the Tiger 2 = T29/T34/T34. At close to med range the Tiger 2/Panther 2 are tricky to play because of that weak spot. If you keep moving it can help but have to stop sometime to shoot lol.
  93. LOL, that's true. I guess it is probably impossible for all BR's to be balanced in every nation all at once. Things change so many next month Japan will be the kings lol.
  94. Ya I am hoping that if all nations have a good 6.7 - 7.0 premium things might even out a little. Still if you want to play 5.7 - 6.0 life will be hard for you no matter the nation.
  95. Totally agree except for one fact. If you are on a team with a lot of T29s etc and you lay low for a while in your BR 6.0 tank, you do have a good chance of then capping, getting a kill or two and finishing the battle cuz the US win a lot of matches these days.
  96. Not anymore, at least not T 4/5.
  97. It is. T29's everywhere. IS-6 is brand new, the battle field will be crawling with them soon enough.
  98. Ya IS-6 is not that great. This poor guy only got 18 kills in RB. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFW0JrReYlQ
  99. And now it is getting worse with all the IS-6s, seems like there are always BR 7.0 in 6.0 battles now. It is not that big a deal for me as I have almost all the German tree and don't need to play BR 6.0 (but I like those tanks). Imagine a player trying to work their way up the tree OMG. Imagine a stock Tiger E or Panther A/G, that would be insane.
  100. Yup, the higher up you go the worse it gets. I play T5 till I get frustrated, then move down to T4 then to T3. BR 4.0 is the most fun for me.
  101. I read a new letter the other day that some guy died in the US after do a 24 hour marathon playing WoT. They said they were not sure yet if playing WoT was related to his death lol.
  102. I took my Tiger 2 10.5 into a custom RB battle to see if the "Ammo always in the turret" issue was fixed, it is not. Anyway I was blasting around the town in the new map and came upon an IS-6 at 20 meters. Cool I can test this out. I had the Pzgr 39 ammo loaded. I was moving back and forth a bit so he could not get a clean shot at my turret face. I fired a shot into the lower plate, flat UFP sides, turret ring and turret cheek. Nothing penned. I did not try APCR. He hit me a couple times on the UFP but was unable to pen. Then I managed to get slightly sideways and he penned me in the side. Looks like they are immune to the German 10.5 cm too, except maybe an APCR directly to the turret cheek, still need to test that.
  103. It is probably all of those things. Unfortunately it will only get worse as now that the newness has wore off many players will move to nations like the US to grind out higher tiers as they are doing well. Japan can be made to work I think but you have to be very careful and it is a long road to grind them.
  104. That does show you how popular they are hey. Sad when an entire nation tree gets more or less ignored.
  105. Ya HESH/HEAT-FS will be your enemy. Same thing in the Jagdtiger/Maus and any big heavy really.
  106. Ya same old story, a tank that is some what balanced at it's BR but clubs like crazy when it it top tier. Given that 6.7 is the most popular BR the IS-6 will fight 6.0 to 7.0 FAR more often than 7.0 to 8.0. My Leo won't even look twice at an IS-6 but my Panther A sure does.
  107. I played a few RB games in the Panther A last night cuz I enjoy punishment. Every battle that had IS-6's in them they where the top kills of the battle. Most had 5 to 8 kills. Easy to chick if you look at the log at the end if the battle. I confirmed that the German 75 mm can indeed sometimes scratch the paint on the IS-6.
  108. That 183 will kill almost anything "IF" you can get your gun on target. Don't miss or you will have to go for dinner while it reloads lol.
  109. I still have nightmares from when I used to fight IS-3's with my Panther 1's, there was literally nothing I could do to it other than scratch the paint. I ran into an IS-6 last night in my Panther A, oh looks like the horror is back again
  110. Too bad it is so "arcade-ish" and not fun to play like WT.
  111. I think we all knew they would be a very difficult nation to play even before they were released. Japan was not known for creating heavy fighting vehicles and they had no reason to. The part that bothers me is that it is always Germany + Japan together which means Germany looses a lot too now. Might be better if they would mix nations up more, if Japan was combined with US or RU sometimes they might be able to get a few wins too.
  112. Oh ya it can be done, have done it myself many times. The thing is we should not have to play like that very single battle. I mean BR 5.7 - 6.3 in general for all nations. Being the bottom BR in every battle gets pretty old after a while.
  113. I think they should move all 6.7 - 7.0 tanks up to 7.3 so our fun 5.7 - 6.0 tanks can fight in our own BR lol.
  114. I have seem good players do well in even the worst tanks. It's more about what the average player can do with a half way stock tank and average crew.
  115. You must be special as most of us have a hard time constantly facing tanks 1 BR higher. Maybe you could post some videos of those battles so we can learn from you. And I actually find the Tiger's worse than the Panthers when it comes to the T29.
  116. There is a reason you hardly ever see the Jpz 4/5 just not competitive at it's RB. If you see a lot of something in battle they are good. Players are not dumb, they play with tanks that work.
  117. Talk about crying lol. The British tanks still kill like they always do. Are you expecting 20 kills every battle?
  118. You have barely played the Panthers or Tigers, how would you know? Anything "Can" happen, just not very often.
  119. The Tiger 2 is a good tank but that flat turret face will get you killed every time. The 88 mm is an ok gun but you do have to aim carefully against the T29/IS-6 etc from the front.
  120. What choices do we have at German 6.7/ 7.0. Basically Tiger 2's or Panther 2. Jagdtiger is ok but not much you can do with it but snipe.
  121. Sooner rather than later, come join the dark side