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  1. The problem we have with network issues is that we might have great ping at our location but we have no way to know what is happening at Sony. As far as I know all the network traffic is directed through Sony's Networks. That rubber banding you see in those videos is definitely network latency, I have tested it a lot as I was having a lot of problems with that before I upgraded my internet access. Lately I have had very little issues with that. Still happens from time to time tho. For my issue it seems to be more related to the frame rate or something like that. I started playing WT a long time ago and it was always very good on the PS4 but the last few months is seems "Sluggish" for a better word. I have been playing Horizon Zero Dawn a lot lately and it runs perfectly with only slight frame rate drops when there is huge amounts of action going on. If you have played HZD you would agree that the graphics are absolutely stunning and there are huge amounts of motion happening in the back ground with tree leaves moving, rivers, machines walking all around. So if HZD works fine I don't think there is any issue with my PS4 itself.
  2. No mine is different. That is what I refer to as "Rubber banding" and happens when I have high network latency. The Server sends the tank location back to the client but because of the latency the client is already in a different spot so it is readjusted on the client to match the server. On mine that does not happen (as long as ping is good). On mine moving the camera is very choppy, tank stays in the correct position, turning, firing etc seem not too bad, but moving the camera is painful. Edit: I will see if I can get a video of how it is behaving ...
  3. Agreed, it has gotten worse the last couple of bigger patches. The GF Korean map was always bad for me but now all the maps play like that ... stuttering and mini freezes through the whole battle. My hits etc on enemies seems fine, it is just the frame rate that seems way slow, things feel unresponsive, like a little delay from when I make a camera movement until it is displayed on screen.
  4. Although it can be very frustrating remember that it is a game, strange things happen all the time. The physics are not perfect. It is almost impossible to perfectly model real world physics in code. The good thing is that it will sometimes happen to you too, you will land a killing shot where you think, wow that should not have happened. You could create a bug report but unless you can reproduce it there is not much they can do.
  5. I think it is a Sony rule that they are not allowed to display Network stats or FPS. For me it does not feel like Network lag, when that happened you usually get rubber banding, I am not seeing that. On my PS4 it is more like the graphics engine is having to work too hard and the FPS drops way down, the screen is jittery, like it is skipping some frames to catch up.
  6. Hi all, WT on my PS4 has been hard to play for the last few patches. While playing GF it seems very shaky and stutters a lot. Like I am only getting 20 FPS but I can't see that of course. It makes the game hard to enjoy. Has anyone else on PS4 has this problem? Is there anything I should try? Uninstall/reinstall?
  7. We have to remember the premise of the game. Buy GE with money. The whole reason for modules. You have to make the player feel like they would do much better if they just spent some GE on those modules so you can have a better tank to do better in matches.
  8. That will probably create a big problem for 5.7. Currently 5.7 will not be pulled into the matches with all the Russian 7.x tanks. The way this game is designed as soon as you mess with one BR you create issues will any surrounding BR's. The whole thing has to be extremely tuned, and given the number of tanks it is probably impossible to balance anything really. Especially given the fact that tanks are modeled on real life values, this means there will be holes in various BR 's and they will put in tanks that don't belong there to full those holes because there is no other way.