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  1. Just imagine how fast you could get to your favorite BR if you played only tanks
  2. Well that's as it should be, good. Boy it must take quite a long time to research tanks if you fly a lot in GF. That makes me feel better
  3. Too bad, I play Germany so we will always be on the same team. Was looking forward to making you crash and burn. Maybe sometime in the future. If you use planes in GF does it not generate RP for a tank you are researching? I know you can only get modules if you play a tank/plane.
  4. Yes, because I made air defense my top priority. Did I do a lot to help my team win, not so much. I get a few kills here and there but mostly I try to hide from planes if they are in the sky. Is it fun playing like that, well it beats dying. I do it because the current meta of the game forces me to do that. The other thing I could do I guess is play a lot of SPAA right from the start of battles so I can get very good at shooting down planes, make that my game play and just use tanks as a kind of backup. Hmmm maybe will try that, make the skies a lot less attractive to the fly boys. Coming for you warrior.... I have been practicing with the Flak I Gepard in custom battles a lot lately, it can be quite helpful and fun. Warrior, maybe we can meetup in come custom battles so we can practice taking each other out. When I start out joining a custom battle there are piles of planes but for some reason by the 4th battle the planes don't come back lol, I guess they don't like being shot down over and over again by the same guy hehehe, Is quite enjoyable tho.
  5. I look at it as taxes. If you want to play WT GF you have to pay at least one life per 4 battles to the Pilots. The pilots need SL/RP too so don't feel too bad, you are supporting their cause "WT Domination". With your continued support they are well on their way to attaining that goal. Thank you, that is all. Sorry, it is just hard to take these threads seriously now, we have had so many and it is always the same. 20 pages of arguments and then we start an new one. Or if the word "plane" and "powerful" are anywhere in a thread, that tread is then high jacked to make it about Air vs GF.
  6. Well given the fact that getting killed is the hardest part to get used to in WT it is understandable. In most games you get killed, wait a couple seconds start back a little short of were you were and continue on. In WT it is quite a bit more time and energy to get into a new battle. Some BR ranges and nations are not too bad, some have to wait quite a while. Then there is also the loses. Although income evens out over many battles the fact that you can be killed in the first minutes of the battle by a plane and end with actually loosing SL is part of what makes players so upset.
  7. Events like that are a good way to test the waters so to speak. If there is indeed not enough demand for a tank only mode then that is ok, I just want them to test the waters to be sure they understand what players want.
  8. You need to be careful about stating this. You do not know if there is demand or not. In fact there is demand or we would not even have these threads right. Maybe in the future you could just state "So far they have not created such a mode". you know they easily could and they have been creating events with tanks only. Just sayin'
  9. The Puma is a beast to control, until you get to a hill then you don't have to worry about moving at all. It is interesting to play but not at all easy. It could work for cap & fly buy you really have to practice driving.
  10. Ya do we have anything in 4.7 to 5.7?
  11. For sure. Germany up to 4.x it feels great, can have some fun battles. As soon as you try 5.7+ the entire games changes completely. Everything becomes a constant struggle and "fun" is all but gone. Hmmm lets see, I will explain in code: var game = new Game("WT"); game.setMode("RB"); game.SetNation("Germany"); game.SetRB(5.7); var result; do { result = game.PlayBattle(); } while( result == "fun" ) { if(game.GetPlayResults() == "Frustrated") { game.Uninstall(); }
  12. I agree, Germany was quite good for a while and the US was weak. Now it is the opposite but the players did not get dumber. It is actually very logical. US/UK players do not want anything to change (nor would I if I was playing them). As always blaming the player base is a way to say "Hey guys you need to L2P, everything is good as it is".
  13. Agreed. It is like saying people that drive Ford's spend more on furniture that other car drivers. Makes no sense at all.
  14. So you have barley played Germany. I see you do have the Tiger 1, that is a good starting point. Please play 10 to 20 battles in it in RB and then come back here and tell us what you think.
  15. So now your challenge is to actually find an enemy to shoot at before they are all dead. lol.
  16. That is one thing about a low tier cheap tank in a high BR, you can play super aggressive. As long as your gun has enough pen you only need one or two kills to do really well.
  17. With my own game play I have noticed a trend. The more I get killed in head on encounters the more I try to avoid them. In a heavy there are not a lot of options. So if I start to avoid head on engagements what is left. Heavies have a hard time flanking. So camping/ambush not too far from the spawn is all that is left. This might result in one or two kills but it does not help the team win. The same with capping, if you get bombed/rocketed to death every time you try to cap you start to avoid capping because it usually means "battle over". So little by little you get more and more cautious and you help the team less and less. Then there is the constant Allied CAS bombing/rocketing. If you get killed enough times from the sky you start to avoid open areas or any place that you think a plane can see you. So you try to stay in the shadows. You can't see any enemies in your hidden position but do you take the chance to cross that open area to get to a better position, the last 5 times you tried that you got bombed. So you decide to stay where you are, again not much help to the team. Then on the other side the enemy has a harder time finding targets so they get more and more aggressive trying to get to enemy locations before they are all gone. The hellcats etc know that they can easily get the caps first and the cap & fliers also want to get up into the sky as soon as possible, they know that after the 3 or 4 minutes mark the enemy will be thinned out and targets are harder to locate. I tried a few AB games last light in the Panther A, it was a completely different game. I have not touched AB for two years but now I think it might be time to go back. The games were fun, never once did I feel like I was at a disadvantage. All the battles seemed balanced and fair. Air power, although present did not seem over powered to me. If the enemy team had IS-6's, T29's etc then we probably did too so it was no big deal. AB has some very weird and child like mechanics but it does have one thing that RB never will, balance.
  18. It is probably near impossible to balance all of RB when you have nation vs nation and so many different BR ranges. There will always be some nation that is stronger at some BR's. If they tweak any tank BR then everything shifts around and some other nation becomes strong at some other BR. That is one + for AB, it is kind of automatically balanced as there is no notion of nation.
  19. Funny I never see "Russian bias" or "German bias" statements anymore lol. "Hamburger bias" and "Tea bias" now?
  20. That was that "White Light" that people say you will see just before you die lol.
  21. Seems to me you are right on the money. I was in the Jagdtiger, the rest of the team was ... sleeping or something.
  22. I am starting to think you might be right about AB. After reading this post I decided to try AB after two years of not touching it. Played the Panther A. Wow it was like a race car lol. AB is a bit weird with it's mechanics but the balance was there. My first battle I got second place ... ya in a Panther lol. I bounced about 10 hits, although those were from German guns. It is much faster paced and kind of goofy but I never once felt like I was at a disadvantage like in RB. I think it might me fun to jump back and forth between modes. When uptiers and Allied CAS get you down in RB jump over to AB to blast around and just have some fun for a change.
  23. Changing how you play after thousands of battles is not easy. At the Nation & BR I enjoy playing the enemy air power is very strong. So I can try to adapt and see if it helps or just get mad a quit. So far changing my view of air craft has helped me a lot. Now if only there was a way I could win more lol. Germany 5.7+ is a bit lack luster these days.
  24. Hi all. The attached image is of a battle I just had in the Jagdtiger (I was the top BR). I don't understand what is going on? There were not a lot of Allied planes, in fact only one that I shot down. How is it that my huge terribly slow Jagdtiger is the only tank on our team to get any kills at all? I don't see how the US/UK players can keep staying there is nothing wrong here. The 3 matches before this in the Jagdtiger I was very quickly taken out by IS-6's and the new US Heatfs. It is very hard to keep going this way, I am not sure what to play anymore. I can still have fun around BR 4.x+ but once you get to 5.7+ it is hard to have fun. We have battles like this one and then we will have a couple battles where we just stomp the enemy. Has anyone seen a battle like this where you loose this bad when playing 6.7 - 7.0 US/UK/RU? PS, how can I insert an image in the message itself? Does it need to be a link?
  25. Ya those are very versatile tanks. Don't forget Germany has a good counter to them, the ... Ummm, Hmmmm, never mind.
  26. Ya, knowing what most of the players want is a hard task. All they really have is numbers and their vision for the game. Giving players what they "currently" want can be hugely successful tho. Look at Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4), it has been a huge success and is quite unique, it seems to be something players were "currently" looking for. Time will tell, we can keep the hope alive in the mean time.
  27. I have played those a lot too and I do agree that they are a bit harder to play in the full uptier. They would be fine, and even fun if they could play mostly at 5.7 but that is just not the case right now. Someday it will change again, but probably not in the near future.
  28. There is one overriding factor to all of this and that is players. Lots of players = money (the reason the game exists). If most players enjoy ground pounding in GF mode and more new players are coming in to do that then that is the best way to have the game. If players are leaving the game because of the air power in GF and new players are not coming in or not staying then things will change. One thing that many of us forget, the game is not really a game alone, it is a business. Businesses need money and customers supply that, in this case players. It seems to me that there may not be enough players for a tank only mode, or I believe WT would already have one. Business models change with the times so in the future it might become viable.
  29. The 6.7 hot spot and the current Allied air power is the biggest factors. I have been playing the Panther A again just cuz I like the tank. At BR 6.0 it is quite competitive and fun. Of course the 6.7 hot spot means upteirs will be common. So in those battles I change my play style, knowing that I can't take on any enemy head to head I need to play cautious and be sneaky. Patience is the key, let the enemy come to you. Same with Allied air power, we know they are very strong so adjust your play style to be basically invisible from the air. I know it is hard to change but I have been forcing myself to adjust lately and it has mostly worked pretty well. Something will be done in a patch that shifts the power again, it always happens. We just need to adjust for a while until the next big change.
  30. I agree totally. If a player takes out a tank and gets a few kills they have earned the right to a good ground attacker. Players that want to rush the cap in a T1 tank can still do so but they would only earn enough SP for maybe a fighter that can help clear the skies but it does not have a huge ground pounding ability. These fighters would then also help keep one team from getting 8 heavy ground pounders up in the sky at once. It could maybe work.
  31. Oh ya make no mistake, I think air power is still a little to strong for a Ground Forces focused game. There are many things they could do to change that but until/if they do I want to keep playing the game. So if air power is very strong right now (Allied's) then I need to adjust for that. If I can adjust and still have fun playing then great. If I can't adjust then it is time to play something else. Pretty simple really.
  32. It is about how the average player handles the situation, it is not about skilled players. Skilled players can handle the T29, the average player has trouble. Same with the IS-6 and the same with Allied CAS. It is about the average, and the average of Allied CAS is very strong. The are counters to Allied CAS but the average player does not know them or is just unwilling to use them. This same argument can be used for everything in the game. If the average shows that one tank or even all Allied CAS are too strong then things need to be adjusted so the "average" levels out again.
  33. It really did make a difference. I tried it again last night on Eastern Europe, Playing the Panther A against Americans. I was the lowest BR in the match so I decided to not be too aggressive and not stray too far from our spawn. We are fighting against the Americans 6.7 so you know they will be swarming the spawn at some point. Right from the start I stayed in the trees. Sure enough two T29's did try to storm our spawn but I was waiting in the trees. One of them almost drove into me lol, I was lucky to get a shot onto the corner of this lower plate and he exploded. So about half way into the battle the entire sky was full of US planes. All the enemies around our spawn area had been taken care of so now what. I want to cross the open field to get closer to defend the single cap, but .... so many planes up. I decided to slowly relocate to a spot where I could at least provide some cover for our team. I move a little watching the sky, oh incoming, stop dead beside a bush, he flys right over without noticing me. Over and over I did this, stopping anytime an aircraft was near. I was able to get to my position and get another two kills. So all those planes up loaded with rockets and bombs and not one took notice of me. And we did win by the way, about two thirds in our air support showed up and they were able to clear most of the sky. My goal now in battles is to not be interesting to planes. If they do not see me as a juicy target they leave me alone. I will say that the battles are far more intense now because I view air threats just as high or higher than tanks. Before I would just kind of ignore them. So now every map is new again to me, the old paths I used to take cross the open areas are now forbidden. The entire dynamic of the battle is different. Is it better than before, I am not sure. On the one hand I rarely get attacked by planes now, one the other I can no longer play aggressive and much of my attention has to be diverted to the sky instead of the battle happening on the ground. All in all it is ok, the game is designed to be a threat to you from both the ground and the air so now I decided to play it that way.
  34. It is true that the guns are very good. At least until you get to around BR 7.0, the old WW II ammo is a bit lacking compared to all the newer stuff at that level. Then 8.0 is pretty good again. Germany could really use a good fast Non-Premium counter to the Hellcats. Almost everything in the German BR 5.7+ seems heavy and slow, the exception is the Panther 2 but that's at 7.0 now so it faces some very tough enemies. I had a few battles last night playing the Panther A and I did quite well. They were mostly BR 6.0 battles (rare I know) and I have an Expert crew and all spaded.
  35. Players in tanks can revenge kill too but it is much harder to do. Usually by the time you get there they are long gone. In a plane it can take less then two minutes if the player knows the map well. The last few game sessions I have been making an effort to stay out of areas that are easy to attack by planes. If someone if going to revenge bomb then I will at least be in a position where it is not easy to hit me with bombs and even harder with rockets. It's the only way I can see of combating revenge bombing when you can't really relocate fast enough (happens all the time when I play the Ferdi lol).
  36. Ya it is always a decision when respawning, should I or not. Even more of a debate: Is it better to take one tank and maybe one spaa only and just leave when they are dead. Or is it better to start with a full lineup and fight to the very end with as many vehicles as you can? I am starting to think "one and done" might be a better way to play. Most battles are decided in the first few minutes so is it worth respawning to feed the enemy team more food in the hope that you might kill one. Also most of the planes are up by that time too so you are far more likely to be attacked from the air while trying to even get out of the spawn area. Also the spawn camping problem completely disappears. Hmmm I wonder.
  37. If only those of us that do play a SPAA (there are many) could learn to aim correctly. It is the single hardest part of running a SPAA. Some players are good but I think most are probably like me and basically only take down a plane when they get lucky. Fly boys, do you find that most SPAA players do not lead enough when firing? As a pilot coming in for an attack run, if you see anti air fire coming directly in front of you are you more likely to call off the attack or do you just ignore it and continue on? I am wondering if it is better to always be ahead with fire even if you don't get hits instead of behind and sometimes get a hit?
  38. Lol, ya the revenge bombings are probably the hardest thing to take about air vs ground. It is not always easy to relocate if you are in a slow heavy or pinned down by enemy fire. I think it is one of the biggest reasons ground players feel helpless against air attack. I play Germany and the tank MG's are quite useless against air attack. I might not feel so bad if I had a nice big .50 cal mounted on my roof. Maybe we can change the game so that every heavy tank automatically gets an AI SPAA assigned to them . Or if a player covers a heavy with their SPAA they get an extra high reward for doing so.
  39. LOL .... hey there is a tank ... oh now it is a bush, I will rocket it anyway... I don't have any bushes, seems like a waste of time to me.
  40. Ya it is strange when the Jagdtiger scope is like a telescope.
  41. Ya ya, I know lol. "Told you so". I have been fighting the game because I don't fly planes. Now I just decided to "accept" (like death and taxes). So basically planes are now there as an added "challenge" to make the game more interesting and dynamic for me. I can either quit and go play a nice easy simple child's game or I can suck it up, learn and actually enjoy all the facets of the game play. Think I will do the second one.
  42. The other thing about the Maus it the gun. I have not had such strange bounces from any other German gun. The 128mm seems so unreliable even with the good ammo. Sometime it is god like and then other times it bounces off hits that you would think would pen for sure.
  43. Well I decided to put all the advice that I have seen in these threads about defending against air attack to use last night. I was surprised. 8 battles and not one death from Rockets/bombs. I was careful to keep an eye on the sky before I did anything. Ok the sky seems clear so I can move across this open area to the next cover. Oh I see/hear air craft, better stick to the trees/building/rocks. Oh an enemy plane headed my way, stop, make like a rock and don't move. All in all it worked perfectly. Towards the end of one battle there must have been 5 enemy planes up and I managed to avoid them all and I got 4 kills and a cap too. The other thing I figured out was to wait until they have mostly all dropped their bombs/rockets before moving across the open. I was in the Panther A and with only MG's there was not much they could do to me. 3 of those battles were on the large Sinai map, mostly open but even those large rock were enough cover. Maybe the trick is to just be one of the least visible targets from the air. I am sure I will still get air killed from time to time but I think that will happen less often now that I am "Air Aware".
  44. I decided to endure a few battles last night in my Panther A just cuz I like the tank so much. The first 3 battles were as I suspected, we got pounded into the ground and all were 6.7 matches. Sigh, I was ready to give up again. Then something changed, I got a battle were 6.0 was the top dog and we stomped the enemy instead, then another and another ... then more stomping even at 6.7 to 7.0. It was actually fun. So I guess you never know what is going to happen. I think the main reason we won those matches as Germany only or Germany + Japan is that the battles against the US were all max 6.0 and the uptiers were against the Russians. in all the battles I did not see one T29/T32 etc or even an IS-6. One strange thing happened in one battle. Usually if I see that the Tiger I is at 300 SP I know it is a major uptier. So I start the battle (300 SP) and check the lineup. We had all max 6.0 on our team? Whats up? Did the enemy have a higher BR than us? Maybe we had high BR planes, although I never saw any. Maybe a lot of players have no idea how the MM works with the max BR in your lineup and +/- 1.0? If a player does not come to this forum they may have no idea, the game does not tell them anything. Hmmm I wonder.
  45. Thanks for all the input. I think I will try flying again (will try and reset my PS4 controls first). I don't have to be the best at it but maybe can take out one or two now and then. Besides after thousands of tank only battles maybe time to mix it up a bit . Thanks for the info. It is all pretty much what I already know. I just need to pay more attention to sky I guess. If I start flying a bit then I might be more in tune with planes and have a better understanding of how to defend against them. I have years of WT ahead so might as well learn to fly too I guess, can't be that hard.
  46. OK, so we are pretty sure they are not going to change much in RB relating to tanks vs air. There is only me and a few others reading this thread that are tankers only. So fly boys share a few secrets with us. I think most of us know all the basic stuff like fighting back with a SPAA, not going out in the open when planes are up, not cap when planes are up not using German machine guns to tickle planes and say here I am. A few Questions: Can you tell what plane it is from the ground by the sound? I have never been able to do that but I think it would help if I could. What do you look for on your first ground attach run? Are you just looking in open areas for movement? Gun Smoke? Is it worth trying to relocate after very kill, just in case they take to the air and look for revenge? What about if you are in a slow heavy, is it worth taking the chance moving and exposing yourself to other tanks? Any other tips, besides the obvious stuff? Also what Nation BR do you usually play warrior? I think it would make my day if I could take you out of the sky at least once lol. Ya I really enjoyed the F back in the day, rarely look at it anymore. Maybe will dust it off and play a few rounds, good to run the engine and get the spiderwebs out once in a while.
  47. Panther 2 is still a good tank but you need to be able to get the jump on the enemy. If you can surprise them and then get out to another spot you can do fine. Once your seen then it gets hard. Same with the Ru I guess. I have been playing the Jagdtiger more lately, not because it is so good but more for a challenge. I can do well if I get into the right spot, getting there is the hard part.
  48. What always hurts me with the British tanks is there super fast reload, if one pens you anywhere your finished because you cant even think about repairing before the next shot. Even if they miss they can often take another shot before you can even turn your turret. It is one of the reason I like the A better than the other Panthers, pretty good reload/mobility and the fastest turret of them all. The D has a horrible turret traverse.
  49. lol, that made me smile. We can all argue day and night but I think we do agree WT really is something special. Sure it drives us up the wall sometimes but there are times when you have one of those good battles that just make you say WOW, that was fun. (Mostly when there are no planes in the sky hehehe).
  50. Around and around we go, the battle here is more intense than in game. I suppose that does mean we care about WT though, or we would just stop playing and leave.
  51. Actually the Panther A is one of my favorite tanks in the German tree (I have em all researched). The problem is that now it just can't compete anymore with what it is forced to face. And at the 6.0 - 7.0 BR the Allied air power is insanely strong.
  52. Yep and BR 6.0 Germans very often get dragged into BR 7.0 battles. For me playing 5.7 to 6.0 I get maybe 1 out of 10 battles that are not 6.7 or above. The Germans do not really change or get any better until you get to 8.0. Big slow lumbering German tanks are an excellent food source for the US Sky Hero's.
  53. Ya and since Germany and Japan are mostly together it is double bad.
  54. LOL, oh would not like to see low end then.
  55. 15.6% win rate with Germany 6.0 sounds about average in the current meta. You doing fine, It is probably just a L2P issue as all the American/British players will tell you with their 70%+ win rates.
  56. Germany 5.7 - 7.0 is probably one of the hardest places to play right now. In a stock tank I bet it is a total nightmare. BR 6.0 - 6.3 will get upteared a lot and there is nothing you can really do except feed the Americans/British your Lions.
  57. True is is combined and that is ok, Having both keeps you on your toes and makes the game quite interesting. For players like me that don't care about flying it would be nice to have slightly less air dominance but alas we will just go around and around arguing about it. As most players I have more or less come to terms with the way it is and I do look for ways to combat air power from the ground and try to avoid them as much as possible. It is what it is so might as well just get used to it or move on to something else. You have more fun in Air RB, interesting, I have heard many say they enjoy GF more but I guess there are players that like one or the other more. I might try some flying again if I can get my stupid PS4 controls working for planes again. Adjust it for tanks and plane controls gets all messed up.
  58. Weak spot used to be the cupola but not so much anymore I guess. Both can be easily taken out by atomic weapons of mass destruction tho, should be in game in a few months.
  59. I suppose you are correct if the Sky is the destination. Myself I think there are already too many Sky Warriors in most "Ground Forces" battles. The whole issue really is that most pilots would way rather fly in GF RB because it is WAY more fun than any other mode. Sad that GF is way more fun for pilots that the actually Air mode developed for them (no ground forces allowed to play in that mode).
  60. LOL so because of the US/UK plane spam we should all drive out in a Pzr II H in a BR 6.7 battle, sure makes sense to me NOT.
  61. I have been killed that way quite a few times however it may have been mostly HE. Will keep an eye out if hesh does it, I would think it will if it hits in the right place. Maybe someone with larger hesh could try it in the test drive?
  62. The fly boys are going to cut you to pieces for even mentioning this. Get ready.... Although I do not touch planes at all I do think they add to GF but (forgive me fly boys) I think they should have less of a role than they do now.
  63. Ah ya that is true, unless it splashes down, most large HE will also easily kill the Maus that way
  64. I think 7.3 would help. One word, Rockets & HESH, oh two words
  65. Every tank needs a little weak spot, excluding the IS-6 of course because "reasons".
  66. Most ammo at that BR and up does not care about armor at all. Sure if the Maus is the top BR it can survive some hits from stock ammo but that is rare.
  67. Ya sorry, I should list the BR range lol. I very much enjoy playing Germany at T2, Sad cuz I invested so many hours to get the whole tree.
  68. Germany BR 4.0 - 5.0 seems very good to me and I don't see anyone complaining there (I really enjoy playing Germany T2, even with the pesky planes). The problems mostly start at 5.7 to 7.0
  69. I have been killed many many times with an angled turret, HEATFS/APDS/HESH/APDSFS has no issues at all. Oh and rockets of course. So basically any tank at 7.7+
  70. Ya it does make sense tho. You have to remember that players that play the current top nation(s) (US/UK) at their favorite BR do not want anything to change. I bet no player that plays a lot of Germany is going to say everything is wonderful and all other players need to L2P.
  71. But you have to turn it to face the enemy to fire at some point.
  72. It was but it might not take too many changes to get it closer to balance. Ya that really is the issue isn't it. Actually many of the maps already have large versions they are just not putting them in the RB rotation.
  73. And I have more than all three of you. Yay I win (was it a contest?) There are issues playing as Germany right now mostly around the 5.7 - 6.7 range. The enemy tanks are very strong and the CAS even stronger. I don't think it will take a lot to even things out more, just some tweaks here and there could be enough balance things out. Sometimes a few small changes can make a big difference.
  74. I know you keep trying barial but we both know that the players that enjoy flying in GF (and there are many) will never admit to there being an issue because in their eyes there is no issue. They would be correct. For players that enjoy flying in GF it is all good right now, there are only a few players that don't like flying in a "Tank" game mode.
  75. Ya all nations at 5.7 are suffering. The dreaded uptier disease. For the German tanks themselves they are fun to play, if you can face a team near the same BR. Planes are another matter, I won't start another flame war on that subject here.
  76. Miles makes some good points. It is good that the US gets a better IS-6 killer, nothing wrong with that. Trouble is that now the US is so strong at 6.7 that everyone wants to play them there. So we have huge numbers of players flocking to US/UK 6.7, and at the same time players are leaving Germany at 6.7. So that means Germany 5.7 will be pulled up into even more 6.7 battles and more and more against the US. The only time Germany does ok is when combined with Soviets or Americans. Alone or with Japan we have no hope at all.
  77. Yes that is correct, I understand German. However my point is that I have never seen Germany win with 1 death and the other team have only one kill. Never out of over 4k battles. The US/UK will never ever loose like that at 5.7+. No it is not the players fault.
  78. Ya and everyone is spamming the M46 to try out the new HEATFS.
  79. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpcvJc9BSes This pretty much shows the state of Germany 5.7+ (German). Reiboon sees it. A 5 minute battle (less actually). Germany 5.7+ against US + Britain. Guess how it ends? 1 death on the US/Britain team, 1 kill on the German team. Those Tiger 1's had no chance at all. Something needs to be done.
  80. No time for the Russians, they are too busy stomping on us Germans. I wish they would allow Germany + British, we would probably start winning again then.
  81. I used to enjoy playing the Maus, not because it was OP but that I could do "ok" in it and make a little SL above the repairs. Now tho it is a different story. you are very lucky if you can even cover repairs and the fun is all but gone. Most battles now are "Brrrrrr" engines noise for about 3 minutes followed by a loud thump and explosion of fire, yup another hit to put her back in the hanger for repairs. Not much else happens as you spend most of your time crawling along listening to the noise she makes.
  82. But she looks so perddy, all them bright colors, like a rainbow. OMG why did I just get killed again. I am not playing SIM anymore, just too hard. I have been trying all kinds of things. Please private message me if you have time. I would like to get this straitened out.
  83. Very good advice. I can't stress enough about watching the mini map as well. Keep a very close eye on your friendly blue dots, check every few seconds. When you see dots disappear you know where the enemy is and get ready. Once a flank is void of blue dots you can be sure there will be enemies there and they will be heading for the cap or more likely your spawn. There really is a lot to learn playing GF RB and that is why many of us enjoy it. Not just click, click, it takes a lot of studying the battles match after match. If your not into thinking while playing a game AB is a better mode, fast and fun without too much thinking. Not that AB is bad, just different. But I like looking at my tank, it is beautiful. Look at those wonder shapes down the side of the ... BOOM. Opps I did not see the enemy in front of me hehehehe.
  84. As Stahlvormund101 stated above, try not moving around too much unless you are fairly sure the area is clear. Trying to spot the enemy while you are moving is hard, if you are still and hidden you have a way better chance to see them first. In AB you can move around as you always know where the enemy is, RB is a whole different ballgame.
  85. Ya it is like the game want you to die quick so the battle can end quick.
  86. I wish I could do that ... on PS4 it is horrible and mostly not usable and looking on the move is not even possible as far as I can tell.
  87. Ya me too, I always play alone and squads definitely have a big advantage. When I get tired of bouncing back to the hanger too often I fire up Horizon Zero Dawn, have some fun killing machine animals then go back to WT later. You need a little break sometimes.
  88. Oh lol. Ya as soon as a tank is kind of fun to play (Excluding Premium) then too many players play it and the opposing nations complain and she will get a bump up in the BR or high repair costs. Happens every time. Drive a premium they stay at a low BR where they club for a long time.
  89. LOL ya it gets old pretty fast. The only thing that keeps me going is that I do manage a fun battle about 1 out of 5.
  90. Wait What? Panther 2 is 7.0 in RB. Did I miss something?
  91. Well that is the number one point I guess. If your not enjoying it then no reason to play that mode. It is just a game after all and is only for enjoyment.
  92. Ya those things happen. You see each other at about the same time, then it is a race to get the gun on target. Sometime you have a great fun but it is slow to get on target other times you have a lousy gun but you can get the shot off very quickly. If you have a slow turret/gun elevator then you need to plan for that. Always try and have the gun pointed in the direction you expect an enemy might be. Not always possible but it helps. Again if you were parked and had the gun ready when that enemy came around the corner you would be the one shooting first. There is no real hard and fast rule, just a whole lot of little things that add up to success. Figuring out all those little things is what keeps the game interesting. I still learn something in every battle (usually how I should not make that stupid mistake again lol).
  93. It makes a big difference how much "repair" your crew has assigned to them. And then if you have the crew set as Expert/Ace for the tank.
  94. Taking/giving hits can give you lots of points too. I have had games in the Jagdtiger and Maus where I was 1st or 2nd with only one kill but I took massive number of hits.
  95. Ya I find this the hardest part of RB and best at the same time. Not knowing where the enemy is adds so much to the game play. Play very cautious for a few battles. Maybe play a TD where you can camp and wait for the enemy to come to you, then you have the advantage. Know who you are playing. For example When I play Germany against the Americans I know they push hard and fast so I setup an ambush on our side of the cap, I know they will cap and then head for our spawn most of the time. Russians are usually slower so I can usually setup camp close or even just past the cap. If you have a hard time seeing the enemy while your moving then don't be moving until you are reasonably sure an area has been cleared.
  96. From his statements I don't think killing the enemy is the issue, like me he has a hard time seeing the enemy until it is too late (and I play on a 55" 4K TV). We all know that getting the first shot is very important in this game. I agree that if your K/D ratio is around 1:1 your doing just fine (not counting air).
  97. You can do well in the Pzr IV F2, that gun is awesome. T-34-85 also. It is probably just that you are not seeing the enemy before they see you. What size monitor? One thing I noticed for my own play style is that if I am parked and looking around (ambush) I can find enemies. If I am moving, forget it, I never see anything until it is too late.
  98. Dying is just part of the game play and normal. For example if you are an average player and get 3 kills in a battle you should expect to die 3 times without any kills. 1:1 Kill/Death ratio would be normal. What tanks are you playing? Are you flying too?
  99. I will try messing with it and see what I can do. I can always restore to defaults if I mess it up too much. I was also message around with the Camera speed but it does not seem do do anything. I was hoping I could get the camera to move a bit faster when using the right stick.
  100. Ya that drives me nuts. Was playing the Jagdtiger last night and it seemed that from a stop if I push the left stick left the tank would try to move right, and same the other way ... it was so frustrating. The stick has to be pushed exactly in the correct direction or it seems like it gets confused and tries to go in two directions at once. I have thousands of battles with the current button layout, not sure if I can retrain myself if I change them that much lol. What would be cool is if we could Export/Import control layouts, then we could share them.
  101. Interesting. I played a number of battles as Germany 7.0 last night and got in almost instantly every battle. Of course I got mostly taken out instantly too lol. Was playing the Jagdtiger and it is interesting against high pen ammo (non hesh). Get hit, gunner dead, replace. Get hit gunner dead, replace. Get hit gunner dead ... until I have no crew left lol.
  102. I messed a bit with the "View in Battle" settings. I can now "look" but only a few degrees left/right, do you know what setting affects how far the camera is allowed to move? So I guess you assigned different buttons for driving/flying than the left stick?
  103. Ya. There have been suggestions like Search my max BR for 1 minute, then +/- .3 for a minute, then +/- .7 for a minute, then +/- 1.0 Some way for it to at least try and get close to your BR. Many of us would not mind waiting longer if we could be closer to our BR. The alternative is getting very frustrated and finally uninstalling, I don't think anyone wants that. ... Till you hit that 7.0 - 7.3 then the Soviets get strong again. Funny how even within one nation strength and weakness can fluctuate wildly from one BR to another.
  104. Ya I could .. the DS4 controller has the L3 (click the left stick). The problem with look on PS4 is that once activated as soon as you touch the look button the camera moves wildly to the rear .. it is extremely sensitive, was wondering if there is a setting to tone it down. Is it like that on PC too?
  105. That could be a part of it but I still think it is mostly due to the fact that Germany 5.7 is going to face 6.7 FAR more often than 4.7 to 5.7. Germany is fine at 5.7 if it could play at 5.7, When I do get a 5.7 battle is is quite fun and I can do OK.
  106. C on PS4 controller?
  107. Ya we know, Raise BR and change spread. They seem to not want to do that tho. The only thing they will change is small things.
  108. In GF (tanks) what button do you guys use for looking around? I think by default it is down arrow but that conflicts with ammo selection. Also I find that look around very hard to use, any way to make it smoother?
  109. Says some one who plays mostly US. Of course you don't want anything to change lol.
  110. It is true that changing the BR of one tank can affect many others. Tis a pretty delicate balance going on.
  111. See that's the biggest problem with this game, it does not work the way "I" think it should.
  112. That is tricky. If SPAA are too cheap then everyone spams them, if too expensive thne they don't play them and air power takes over.
  113. I have played the Jagdtiger quite a bit. It is a difficult tank to play, mostly because it requires head on fights only and is so slow. If you can get it into a good position you can sometimes do OK. Almost anything will kill you from the side/rear. The problem is that if you do not get into a good position in time you can sit through and entire battle and maybe never get a shot off at the enemy. I am sure the other heavy TD's are the same way. So with that in mind, what happens when HEAT-FS etc renders your frontal armor useless, the only strength you have ... Hmmmm, players stop playing it I guess.
  114. Ok, thanks for clearing that up, I agree. I mostly play Germans and from what I have seen is we seem to get run over quite fast. I can do good if I can take on one or maybe two enemies at a time but so often I will get targeted by three or four because the enemy team does a massive push to our spawn. That seems to work for them as they have fast light tanks to do the capping, everyone else can ignore the objective and head strait for us. Then when we are forced to engage frontally the good 'ol Hellcats attack from the side or rear. Makes for a very good attack plan. Then the light tanks that capped get killed or J out and come back in powerful air support. ... If they are coordinated there is really not much you can do as you are immediately forced to fight defensively and have to forget about capping etc. PS. Panther D turret speed is horrid but the A (6.0 BR tho) is very good.
  115. Might help lol. I would bet they do know what is going on, probably deciding the best way to tweak things. Even some small changes would probably be enough to even things out a bit.
  116. 1. It is easily a large enough sampling to see what is going on. 2. Many players play all nations so that argument does not stand. I also see what you describe in all nations. One big difference that I know you will ague with me on is that US/GB are in far better shape if half their team dies if they can get into the air. I see it battle after battle. US/GB rush the cap, take all the caps then get into the air where they can fairly quickly destroy much of the Axis team, then come back in tanks and defend or recap and proceed to the enemy spawn. Also there is one more advantage the US has, the incredibly awesome .50 cal MG. The German MGs are pretty much useless.
  117. It is quite depressing when you look at thunderskill. German win average around 36% every thing else above 50% and most above 60%. I think there are a lot of things that are adding up to cause the low win rates, One of the biggest is probably air power. All the new tanks don't help either. Hopefully they will do a little tweaking to better balance things out. I know we will hear all kinds of statements that it is the German player base bla bla. However the people saying that are the same people playing other nations and getting those high win rates and they don't want to loose that. Anyone that plays German tanks knows there is an actual issue.
  118. The MM seems to work well for keeping the queue wait times short. What I think it does not do is look at your previous battles. It does not know that you have been the lowest BR in the battle 10 times in a row. Most of us don't mind being the lowest BR in the battle once in a while and most of us would not mind waiting a little longer to get into a battle where the number of battles at the low/high end of the BR range are more balanced.
  119. I used to see up near 100k players online and often 5k battles but that was a year or two ago. Hovers around 600 +/- now. Funny how the US used to be the weakest nation and are now a powerhouse. Maybe we will see Japan move to the top someday lol.
  120. Pretty sure the response would be "Working as intended". Contrary to popular belief they are not dumb, they know exactly what they are doing. More than likely they do not see it as a big problem in the grand scheme of things or they do see an issue but are not sure what they can do to fix it without breaking another part of the game.