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  1. I hate all volokolamsk maps with one cap in ground AB.
  2. Actually even the Jagdtiger's and the T-10M's APHE will fail to go through its UFP.
  3. It's not.
  4. Nope, 80 RHA + 105 STEF(thickness efficiency 0.41 VS APFSDS) + 20 RHA for the upper glacis on first Ural model. Now the turret...
  5. The KaJaPa never used APCR,the devs are just too lazy to give it its historical ammo.
  6. ∼143mm at 68° for UFP and 350mm+ on turret for basic T-72 Ural.
  7. ...After the test all tanks acquired a 16mm HHS addon plate which made them immune against M111/DM23,i don't know about M735 though, those numbers you have stated might be incorrect.
  8. I was talking about L7 APDS vs T54-1. BTW Soviet tests showed that M111 Hetz(same as DM23)could penenetrate the T-72 glacis at only 650 metres.
  9. No it is true, 115mm APFSDS outmatches all APDS rounds in terms of post penetration effects. Not the L7 APDS though. *cough* I stated that too *cough*
  10. No, cast steel only.
  11. For me vehicles that are not for arcade mode are: ASU-85 , ASU-57 , ISU-152 , ISU-122/122S , SU-122-54 , SU-100 , Jagdpanther and both Leopards.
  12. Yeah unfortunately some Rank V battles are full of IT-1s, for example I played a battle yesterday and almost all tanks from both team were IT-1s.
  13. In arcade Leopards aren't as good as in other game modes. Also how can you be level 100 with only 714 battles?
  14. I think this is what you are looking for:
  15. I got a talisman for my IT-1 today
  16. There are tanker icons too.
  17. IS-3 is very good when fights vehicles below its B.R but it is useless when when fights 8.0 - 8.3 vehicles with high pen APDS/HEAT/HESH rounds.
  18. Germany needs a 7.3 - 7.7 vehicle to fill the gap between Panther 2 and Leopard 1.
  19. Here is a much more detailed one: https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.gr/2017/01/t-54.html