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  1. You are firing at the 200mm part of the amor. 200mm cast = 188mm RHA PzGr 39/42 penetration: Also keep in mind +10/-10 penetration and the fact that every shell is just one pixel. So yeah it can pen.
  2. You don't even need HEAT anymore,HESH does the job well and it is almost 4 times cheaper than HEAT.
  3. No, don't buy a rank iv vehicle yet.
  4. Which T-34?
  5. The IS-3 is great when downtiered but it suffers a lot from the fact the shells are just one pixel, for example shells will go through the turret ring, the drivers optics and where the front and the side armor plates are connected and that is very annoying and unrealistic.
  6. I have problems with the M82 too, it looks like the fuse fails to detonate some times.
  7. Don't go to Tier IV Immediately, get some experience first.