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  1. Germany had Jagdtigers they had no one to put into. The fact that they had few tanks doesn't contradict the fact that they ran out of experienced crews far before they ran out of tanks to put them into. Killing the crew was key. It was indeed a bug so this thread is now obsolete/outdated since the developers rolled back the APHE nerf. Now what the hell did they do to HEATFS? Those are the real nuke shells now.
  2. You can play for the game but still want decent vehicles to play with in which case a long grind is really annoying. Personally I think they should double all RP gain across the board permanently or else tier 4/5 will never fill up properly.
  3. The easiest way to extend it is to make 5 spawns and increase the starting tickets by 50-100%. Problem solved, game still moves fast but lasts longer. The only issue might be finding 5 vehicles of the right tier to fill up your line-up.
  4. The best way to avoid it is if you're overtiered die fast and queue up again, your chances of being at your own tier or lower increase. This works best for higher BR's where not many people are playing to begin with.
  5. Among my friends the most common reason to refuse playing the game any further was kamikaze planes.
  6. Its difficult to kill but not impossible. The Tiger definitely has an advantage against it so the current BR is perfect
  7. Bad hit detection is probably the main reason I don't play air. There's many things I can tolerate but bad hit detection isnt one of them
  8. Short darts don't normalize very well and thus slip off angled armor quite easily besides that they have no filler so they act like a hole puncher.
  9. Considering its hard to time it exactly to the flight time I think 2 minutes is more reasonable. As humorous as a comparison to COD is, the planes really are killstreak rewards, how else can you classify them? The only real issue is there's no counter-streaks.
  10. Here's an idea: Since planes are essentially killstreak rewards make an alternative line of killstreak rewards. At 2 kills you get 20 mm AAA coverage (they spawn on the map corner around you) and at 3 you get 88 mm flak plus the 20 mm. Make them very accurate and deadly (by saturation) so that flying close to the person who activated it is pretty much suicide. Have it last 2 minutes. Problem solved.
  11. Might be thinking of a later modification, but whatever, T-55A doesn't fix my main problem with this whole line: I hate the soft stats of the T-54-51 and the T-55A looks like the same crap. I don't have issues penning anything with HEATFS I have issues getting in good positions and playing fast.
  12. This whole patch is mostly just adding newer modifications of the same vehicles. The only vehicle I actually care for is the Puma, everything else is just boring repeats of what we already have. Grinding for extra HP (Chieftain) or better ammo (T-55) is lame.
  13. Reloads as slow as T-54 despite having an autoloader, another failure by Gaijin. Also absurd BR, 8.3 for a tank that has 7.7 performance? No thanks.
  14. If the 115 mm did more damage it wouldn't matter, its the crap damage model that kills this tank.
  15. Might be interesting. Although the soviet tier 5 tree right now just needs something with decent soft stats in the style of T-34-85.
  16. The fast pace is the whole point. One of the better design decisions for this mode.
  17. hull break

    Are there any photographs? By the way a 152 mm HE shell will be 6*4 = 24 MJ from HE ~8.6 MJ from the 40 kg shell@655 m/s ~32-33 MJ in all.
  18. hull break

    The main losses will be from the blast to the sides, but point taken, it's still going to be a lot more than penetrating shells. After all it first impacts the turret before exploding so you add the explosion and the actual collision energy together. I doubt penetrating shells will actually, most of the energy will go into heat/shearing. Its why I thought it more likely for HE to do it since HE pushes over a large area.
  19. hull break

    Its a 30 second calculation, so feel free to check it. Unless the shell goes straight through its a rigid collision where pretty much all energy will be transferred. AP spends a lot of energy on shearing the armor while HE will straight up transfer it all into a push which is why the claim that a 152 mm HE can knock the turret off any tank is accurate and almost certainly true. The claim I was answering was that 700 g of TNT wouldn't rip a turret off, the conclusion is that if it was an HE shell yes it would.
  20. hull break

    Because this was probably common knowledge that this worked. Other sources say it was a M8 that did it so they'd probably only have HE's
  21. hull break

    For sake of simplicity round 700 to 1 kg. That's a 4 MJ yield, if we assume its all converted to kinetic energy on impact a 5 ton turret would fly off at the speed of 40 m/s (this is of course if the turret is loose, but still gives you an idea of the power we're speaking of)
  22. They need to quit releasing 6.7/7.0 premiums for 40$ in general. If its not OP people will get pissed that it isn't worth the money, if it is OP it ruins the game and drives people away from playing it . Lose-lose far as I am concerned.
  23. T-62 is currently real bad and not even close to its RL performance. They need to do a total rework on this one, also animate the shell extraction. I don't even put this piece of crap in my 8.0 lineup. Id rather drive a tank that I have no love for (IT-1, i hate atgms) than something this horrible.
  24. I never leave without at least dying twice, period. Sometimes I just don't take the last spawn because I feel like ill be a free kill. Typically this is because spawn is already camped.
  25. Sure that happens but to break the pattern you should try to personally lock your own lane , it greatly increases the chances.
  26. Its a bug, but its a free tank so why would it ever be fixed?
  27. I have the panther 2 and tiger II. They're both way better in practice
  28. hull break

    If being shot by small caliber shells seriously degrades the quality of armor that's a problem in itself since a massive amount of combat tanks on display (probably the majority) have visible damage. There's images of KV-1's out there with 50+ shell hits (by 50 mm against 75 mm armor, more than comparable to hitting 120-180 mm armor against 75's, 85's and 122's) where the armor still held. Crap quality is crap quality is crap quality. It cannot be explained away except that slave labor building tanks results in shoddy tanks.
  29. hull break

    Yes, it did. Generally the welding technology of 1940 was not sufficient to resist large caliber HE shells and thus spalling would happen, also the downsplash that happens in game is accurate. Particularly thin/brittle armor could even be spalled by surprisingly small shells: the panter's turret side could knocked by American 75mm HE's, for example. The actual problem in game right now is that hull break is kind of weak and limited, I find it hard to believe that a Dicker Max wouldn't be crumpled by a 122, for example.
  30. It really can't, it's penetration isn't very good when you're uptiered which is often. It has worse depression than most Soviet tanks which makes finding a decent position extra difficult. Lower front plate is easily penned by most things you meet (no issues penning it with 88 mm or 100 mm) , turret also so only UFP is really safe.
  31. T-44-100 is pretty sucky actually, besides the awful armor and high BR it has very bad gun depression which is just horrible for a light tank (that's really what it is). T-54 is way better but unfortunately also meets heatfs constantly so I don't really know what you're supposed to do on the soviet faction, buy an IS-6 I guess.
  32. Depends on how well the firing lanes are set up, players spread out with intersecting lanes and good sight lines can stop a rush. It takes much more thought than rushing though thus why rushing works better. Anyways, as for why routs happen I can tell you one simple fact: the opening shots of the game are everything. If I can get a successful 2-3 kills within the first minute of engagement I find that the game nearly always turns to our favor because after that I usually have lane control, then I have artillery to force enemies forward and finally I have a bomber to force any stagnant players out of cover. I force people out of cover -> I kill them -> I get more arty/air support. Even if it looks like artillery is ineffective it actually isn't: it forces enemies out of positions, doesn't allow them to calmly plink away and if it tracks them they become easy targets for the rest of your team. Basically, the more fire power you gain the more likely you are to win.
  33. The major performance differences between 5.7 and 6.7 as well as 6.7 and 7.7 has plagued this game for a while. I don't think matchmaking can fix that issue.
  34. Yeah before the introduction of the T29 and IS-6 6.7 in AB was pure Germany vs Germany which highlighted how badly balanced that BR was for RB. Nowadays its still poorly balanced for RB (premium dependent balance, really Gaijin?) but also annoying to play in AB.
  35. IS-6 had a gun rammer, IS-3M and IS-4 should have one also they just don't because they're free tanks.
  36. With one having the breach slam in his face every time the gun fires? Tiger 105 is pure sci-fi.
  37. Its more like a RB problem. Russia doesn't have 6.7 at all thus why if you're driving 6.7 you'll be facing their 7.0's
  38. What do you expect? Paying customers shouldn't have to wait through all that annoying repair time.
  39. You keep buying P2W crap and this game will die. It wont be the first time P2W killed a game. I am not against paying for premiums which aren't P2W which most are: I bought the SU-100Y, T-44-122, zut-37 , t-35 and Calliope, for example and they are balanced; however, some tanks are clearly too good, the ones that cost 40$ are generally in that category. You can keep repeating P2W is a myth all you like but it isn't and it will kill this game if they don't quit it.
  40. Seriously. What the hell is this? A 122 side shot into a KTH now frequently just makes everyone orange, APHE shells often act like duds, all sorts of nonsense! Even shells with high filler are doing negligible damage, you can't even reliably kill gunners any more. This is unplayable.