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  1. Yeah I wish they'd revert this change and make crew replenishment only possible on a point.
  2. Its not realistic for a KTH to take a hit to the turret, have 3 crewmen turned into meatloaf and have the radio operator clean out the turret, throw out 3 dead people and replace the gunner faster than it would take an ISU-122 loader (working in a large compartment with plenty of space) to reload the gun. Thus, none of this matters anyways. The game mechanics are clearly not made to be realistic, the tanks are merely authentic.
  3. No other shells do that so I don't know why that's necessary. Also the spalling should be proportional to overpen just like with APFSDS. If you barely pen = few fragments
  4. I figured it might be enforced, I didn't notice a total deluge of KTH's when I played 5.7 again although I almost always got a few. Back in the day it was possible to roll out in a 5.7 against 10 KTH's
  5. Uh requires a lot more skill than RB which is just camp & wait. For skill, active gameplay > passive gameplay Also overtiered at 7.0? lol
  6. I remember getting some incredible splash damage with the Panther D's 75 mm and I recall the filler in those shells is very minimal. I was actually surprised when I realized that the Tiger H1 does about as good on post pen as the panther D, when you compare fillers they're nothing alike.
  7. There is no better high-level brawling tank than the panther 2, period. Evidence:
  8. Does the 25% cap actually still work? I was under the impression it was only for top tiers. It was originally intended to stop a team of nothing but Maus fighting a bunch of 6.7
  9. This is actually one of the major issues with RB. If you played the game a year ago 6.7 AB would be 70-80% German KTH/Panther II's fighting each other, in RB the Allied factions would just be screwed and that'd be all there is to it. Nowadays 6.7 German is a joke for pretty much the same reason... now allied 7.0's are clubbing them. These BR holes are pretty much why I only play AB, at least then OP nations have to fight themselves and its more fair. But yeah the magic numbers are stuff like 5.3 and 4.3, .3 off of the X.7 which stops full uptiers more often.
  10. The thing is that with the T-34 you can't pen any tank anywhere but with the Panzer IV you generally can which reduces your reaction time to see-point-click rather than see-point-adjust to shoot at weak spot-click. The latter is slower so the IV has better overwatch capabilities.
  11. Pz IV E I had 10+ for a while (9 right now) until I started shoving it into my 3.3-3.7 lineups where its still viable. The T-34 is very powerful but I wont BS you and tell you that the German faction isn't at least equivalent. I played KTH+Panther II for 2 months straight with like a 5-6 KD and 70% WL, the only soviet tier 4-5 I ever had that much success with was the T-44-122 My stats aren't very accurate to tanks btw. T-34 I mostly played in a squad, germans I play mostly alone. So yes my average German stats are worse, but the tanks are not worse, its just I don't have back up. I also don't play RB because I find bushes/ULQ/spamming planes after capping/spawn camping/edge driving/sitting around doing nothing really annoying and a waste of time. AB has some of that annoying crap but its not as bad, if RB was the only mode far fewer people would play this game.
  12. Your goal shouldn't be to use distance but get good overwatch which can be found on maps quite easily. You also don't take into account gun depression which is a major problem for the T-34. These tanks are just played differently. This is why I really like the German 4.0 line up: Pz IV for sniping, T-34 for rushing, Churchil Mk 3 for urban assault. My overall favorite BR 3.7 vehicle currently is actually the M10. It has good armor and a good gun. I would say 3.7-4.0 is actually the best balanced spot in war thunder since every nation has strong tanks there with complimentary strengths.
  13. Large guns in general need a serious look, 122's and 152's are no where near as decisive as you'd think so you trade a lot of reload time for essentially nothing. I have had ammo racks absorb a 152 mm shell before. I would say Tiger H1's can survive a normal 152 mm pen center mass about 25% of the time (3-4 crew dead, all ammo racks and fuel tanks blacked out) so yeah anything with a large caliber needs a total re-evaluation in terms of BR and how its shells are behaving. They also bounce way too often which is just physically unlikely. Also , Soviet casemate designs like the Object 268, ISU-122, ISU-152, SU-85 need a drastic reduction in reload rate, these had excellent conditions for the loader, more room than any turreted WW2 vehicle.
  14. Yeah this kind of thing is kind of weird, it was even going on in the april fools event where HE was more effective than APFSDS or HEATFS because of the splash pen.
  15. HESH currently acts like a 127 mm penetrating HE, it should be monodirectional.
  16. My main issue with the leopard is actually the optics. Fast movers are ridiculously difficult to deal with because you spot them, zoom in and then have to figure out what you are looking at. You're often zoomed in so far that tracking the motion of a fast moving object is very difficult. Fortunately unlike in real life you can "hip fire" . Once I actually got to try it out and see the drawbacks playing against them in soviet tanks got a lot easier. Nowadays my largest concern is brit tanks with their HESH nukes that kill you even on nonpens by a down splash (stupid)
  17. This is the real easy mode of the game. I have 10+ KD in these things and people are going to complain about the Russian faction. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool The Pz IV F2 does have pretty crappy soft stats/protection but if you find a sniping spot you can easily rack up 10-20 kills in it.
  18. There's tons of holes in all high tier tanks. The KTH can be killed with a 50 cal, T-10M is one big hole in the armor around the turret.
  19. I always find it interesting how its always the people who are bad who don't care rather than those who are good. Its almost as if analyzing your weaknesses and trying to improve your performance is an innate positive human characteristic...
  20. 1.0 stuff is crap, but the crusaders are wonderful tanks (and easy to grind to) . I even got featured on Thundershow when using one:
  21. Do not like. Big, not really all that fast, no armor, gun doesn't make up for it all
  22. My T-62 shells always bounce on shots like that, I gave up on it because of it.
  23. Realistic has a lot of major issues that make it pretty unappealing to play but this is probably the critical issue that made me stop playing it altogether. In AB at least you can immediately identify a spawn camper. The lack of markers is a serious problem in this game mode.
  24. I don't think it was actually very good in that role tbh. Most of the killing shots ended up on its incredibly thin side armor because of its use as a medium while it was a massive target for a medium tank. It probably would have been better used as a heavy.
  25. After WW2 these classifications kind of lost meaning. Was there any other WW2 mass produced medium tank that weighed 45 tons? For the time it was a heavy tank. But ok, lets say it was a medium tank, it still wasn't engaged as an equal because it had the armor of a heavy
  26. Transmission got significantly better over time , the Pz IV's only got worse because more and more weight was directly put onto it, you're comparing a mountain to a mole hill there. Brittle armor was something that was again, not in Germany's favor: "In November of 1941, high ranking engineers, industry representatives, and armament directorate officers came to my tank army in order to familiarize themselves with the Russian T-34 tank. Frontline officers suggested that we should build tanks exactly like the T-34 in order to correct the unpleasant position of our armoured forces, but this position did not receive support from the engineers. Not because they were opposed to imitation, but because it was not possible to rapidly set up manufacturing of important components, especially the diesel motor. Additionally, our hardened steel, whose quality was dropping due to a lack of natural resources, was inferior to the Russians' hardened steel." H. Guderian, "Panzer Leader", page 268 There were pre-war tests of German steel also where it was compared to the same thickness soviet steel, cracks even from a 45 mm gun... As for cramped crew compartment: again, this improved drastically during the war for the T-34, it never improved in the Pz IV. The loader of the T-34-85 had the same space as the panther for loading. Only in Germany's definition of a medium tank, it was heavy anywhere else. Soviet heavies were not allowed to exceed 50 tons...
  27. Who writes this crap? T-34-85 wasn't noticeably better than the T-34-76? Of course it was, anyone who has looked at these matters in a serious matter would realize that. It was also way better armored and could resist shots in a hull down position. And yeah it wasn't meant to counter the panther in frontal combat since the panther was effectively a heavy tank, incidentally the T-34-85 had an excellent record against King Tigers despite not being able to penetrate them from the front. Don't know who you're talking to. Some straw man you made up I guess.
  28. How about: There was none because no one can even demonstrate there was one? I don't care who you trust. If all you rely on is authority then you have a serious lack in critical thinking.
  29. The source on this is rubbish. Stop using it. Seriously, look it up, its not a soviet report its a hearsay CIA report. Its also not a war time assessment, so even if it is an actual report its still a second hand report and written in a time when there was serious self-diminishment going on in the same style as 1 Tiger = 5 Shermans in the US.
  30. You trust the CIA? Really? lol The source IS BS, if anyone had checked before hand instead of me they'd already know. It was just uncritically accepted.
  31. Yeah it is, because its literally not founded in anything factual, you're defending something utterly insane/stupid. Sad. I am done with you.
  32. Oh great not only are you writing insane conspiracy theories it's also not even your's originally. This is actually very logical and in line with the community's wishes. People have been asking to separate WW2 from post war for a long time. I predicted pretty much all of the BR shifts btw. I wrote IS-2 should be way lower, and it is , IS-1 should be lower, and it is, Dicker Max/88 mm flak/Panther II should be higher and they are, Tiger E should be lower, and it is, etc etc. If Gaijin wants to make people play 5.7+ they need to get rid of heatfs spam against non-heatfs equipped vehicles (SPGs can be an exception) and force heatfs to meet composite armor. Maybe you're mistaking this for your fast food management position but I am pretty sure there are admins here to deal with that.
  33. Yeah which doesn't matter because HESH are behaving unhistorically like nukes and splash like an HE shell that pens 127 mm so as long as you hit the gun mantlet the splash will go into the drivers compartment. This is total BS.
  34. Tanks/Vehicles

    Bump. Still a problem despite the OP having 91 likes, please fix this sooner rather than later.
  35. Its a shame I didn't grab it, I actually quit trying for gift vehicles after I got a KV-220 and it was forced to fight KTH's a month later... I thought the Type 62 would be crap because it initially didn't get heatfs.
  36. Yeah HESH are way too nuke-like and appear to affect tanks the same regardless of armor thickness... They currently act like HE with 127 mm pen which is insane.
  37. Look up the source on that table, its rubbish. The PZ IV was a mediocre medium tank, overburdened transmission and final drive, brittle armor with no angling , extremely tightly packed crew , it was nothing but gun. Only on these virtual circle jerks can you find these kinds of claims.
  38. I would put a hard ceiling on anything HEATFS with over +300 mm or good HESH and a turret to be 7.3 minimum. The top tanks obviously need to go up to compensate. Stuff like the IS-6 too
  39. I did all of my German grinding at 6.7 AB 6 months ago. Panther 2 + KTH at 6.7, easy life, it was so blatantly OP I was at like 70% WL playing alone. Anyways, if you don't want to get steamrolled don't play bad BR brackets in RB, its so unbalanced its not even funny. There's a lot of BR holes between nations which forces you into constant team-wide overtiers or undertiers .I sometimes play RB for laughs, it's pretty terrible though.
  40. because the german 5.7 line-up is already super strong? 2 Tigers and Panther. I wish I owned the T-V personally, soviet 5.7 is a lot less fun than german 5.7
  41. Forget the current meta 5.7+ it sucks, let it die. When HEATFS becomes only moderately useful chances are it will become a tier 2 unlock on most tanks and everyone will benefit.
  42. I don't care, it will be put in and when it is the game will finally be playable at high rank like it was on April Fools. You're the one who posts conspiracy theories about the company gimping japanese tanks for some bizarre nonsensical reasons. Also, I don't care if my comments upset you. Someone disagrees with you, what a disaster.
  43. your guess is wrong.
  44. and if you hit the part full of diesel, jack **** happens. The wet stowwage containers were last to be drained. Wrong. The process of vaporizing produces local cooling which is why unless you're compressing (like in an engine) or if its already gaseous (like in a half empty tank) the diesel will be inert to being hit by fragments/bullets/shells. lol...This is high school stuff. The Diesel is injected after compression, its vaporized by the heat produced by compression.
  45. This is probably never going to be modeled right.
  46. Its probably not accurate honestly. The truck AA's don't have this problem
  47. Replace HEATFS with HESH and this thread is still relevant. Composite armor should have been put in years ago.
  48. This kind of wet storage is used in western tanks as well... It doesn't matter if its water or diesel because as I already pointed out diesel is effectively inert if the container is full (the storage is the last container to be drained). Its one of the design flaws of the Leopard 2 because even the Leopard 1 had it in later modifications. Also the real insult to intelligence is your original comment on putting fuel and ammo together without properly understanding why it was designed that way.
  49. Yes it is..It stops a chain reaction. This was known to seriously help Sherman ammo racking as well.
  50. You clearly don't actually know anything about the topic. An object moving fast through a liquid doesn't atomize it... I think this is stuff even a child would know. Also, foot-tons? Are you living in the 19th century?
  51. It's like that on purpose, genius. The T-55 has ammo INSIDE of the fuel storage because it will effectively protect it from HEATFS ammo racking. Not modeled in the game, incidentally. You're not smarter than the engineers. Also quit trying to be cute/clever, it's
  52. No, it wont. There were war time tests that showed that only near empty diesel tanks are possible to catch on fire with any ammunition. Let me explain what happens since a lot of people seem to think "a lot of energy=fire" 1. Heat does not "atomize" diesel, it vaporizes it. Combustion is only possible in gas phase, which is why diesel is difficult to burn. 2. Once you've vaporized it you have to ignite it. Generally, there wont be enough latent heat to do this, sparking is a lot more likely to ignite it. In our case, by the time vaporization occurs (its not instant) the spark source is already gone. It might still be insufficient anyways, its very hard to set off a propane tank, for example. The reason for this is that you need a minimal local concentration to induce combustion. 3. So basically ignition is only possible if you already have a sufficient amount of gas present to ignite without vaporizing first. 4. HEAT rounds will probably be the least effective at igniting fuel. This has already been discussed in a lot of detail in this thread:
  53. The T-62 is an awful piece of junk that needs to be removed until they can get it to work right.
  54. Yes! There are many weak spots in this game that would not be weak spots in real life due to shells having infinitely small diameter. This would greatly help the game be a lot more consistent.
  55. It has never been stated to be within game rules. An exploit is an exploit until the game developers clearly state its intended design.
  56. RNG

    Over time you'll learn where to not shoot due to excess detail creating a black hole zone. Some common ones are MG ports, driver ports, some gun mantlets, some turret faces, some MG mountings, some cupolas, most tracks, some upper hulls, some spaced armor . As you can see this can be quite specific to each tank, you just have to know what's wrong with each tank model to avoid this issue.
  57. I think you might be too late for German grinding. I did mine before the T29 and IS-6 came out and just drove KTH/Panther II with Talismans, took me like 2 weeks to unlock everything in tier 4 and 5. With the meta as it is now I wouldn't bother personally.
  58. They 1 shot each other with the leopard being a lot faster and having HESH which is more reliable than any other ammo type. So yeah, Leo should have 8.3 at least.
  59. This is well known. 6.7 has always been a black hole that sucks in lower ranks, its why 5.3 is generally the last competitive BR to play at, anything above is a stomp or be stomped match up until 8.3.
  60. I would recommend everyone to report it any time it happens so that Gaijin cannot ignore it any more.
  61. Then they can't ignore it, then they have to change it. We win.
  62. Just look for BRs where your overall package is viable if you're uptiered 1.0 all of the time, never assume you will not be uptiered. 5.3 is good, 5.7 is bad. 4.3 is good, 4.7 is bad , etc, etc. Always think about the worst case scenario and if you could adapt to it.
  63. Just report it. Gaijin never said it was ok/intended.
  64. I think it has to do with BR lag. HE rounds used to perform a lot better which is why the IS-2 was so high up, same case with the KV-2 and SU-152/ISU-152 anything that relied on HE should have its BR reconsidered.
  65. They need to keep anything turreted and with heatfs >300 mm pen at 7.7+
  66. 9/10 times it wont OHK and the few times it does just feels like luck, nothing that can be repeated reliably. KTH has all the advantages against an IS-2-44, they should have never been in the same BR bracket, they don't even deserve to be 0.3 apart.
  67. If bouncing inside a tank was in the game APHE would perform the same way as they do now with correct fragmentation patterns. It's a non-issue. Its not overperforming, APHE is like a grenade inside the crew compartment, you shouldn't expect to survive being penned by it. In fact, it's too weak at the moment, KTH survives 122's to the turret 9/10 times , what a joke! This game and "realism" aren't even in the same universe.
  68. Lately I am getting intense apathy towards the game because of this nonsense. People often cite that only 10% of kills in the game are by planes but I would say 50% of my deaths are from kamikazes. Why? I frequently stay alive long enough to be revenge bombed. The chances of being suicided rise exponentially with your life time, if you won tank combat your reward will be to hit with a sky fly swatter that you can't do anything about. Combine that with the fact that there is a RP ceiling and I frequently just quit the game after being suicided into and I just don't find that fun. I WANT to play all 3 of my spawns but the game often makes me too upset to do it. I am totally fine about being killed and outplayed by other tanks, doesn't bother me, but when a suicider kills me...I am just not having fun any more. This game is fading away, I might just find another shooter to play.
  69. IS-2-44 is a laughable opponent, even when it does pen the KTH turret it only kills the 3 in the turret. The KTH has a man inside the turret before the IS-2 even reloads...
  70. Maybe on paper. It was never used in combat so who knows? You can get one result on a test and a totally different one in actual combat conditions. What did go into combat was shoddy, riveted junk which was laughable even against a 75 mm Sherman or 76 mm T-34-40. What Japan gets right now is extremely gracious compared to the real life trash that was their armor.
  71. arcade

    M26 is better than the IS-2 and Tiger H1/Panther D, so no way, maybe 6.0. M46 is overtiered, agreed. M47 and M48 have HEATFS, I wouldn't allow anything with HEATFS/HESH and a turret bellow 7.7 personally besides total crap like the pt-76.
  72. WoT crowd.
  73. No, it doesn't. Remember that the crew members are unconscious, not dead. While APHE might not kill everyone in reality it would more or less knock out the whole crew if it hit the crew compartment.
  74. I haven't seen anyone use this thing in arcade since it came out. Can we get a termination of this thing? Or at least move it to 6.7 and halve the RP cost? Its adding a massive stone in front of the IT-1 that people don't deserve to go through.
  75. I don't care about "realism" or "historicity" at all I like that the tanks are pretty authentic but beyond that I don't care. I don't even mind that they put in sci-fi stuff like the panther II, its just that other nations need that sci fi stuff to balance it out also. I was just noting that it doesn't matter if the stats aren't accurate because Japanese tanks were in reality simply trash and their stats in game are already liberally interpreted.
  76. arcade

    The only thing that matters is whether tank A can face tank B in direct combat in WT. The T29 and Panther II are evenly matched, T29 should be 7.0. Sure you can flank better in a panther and do direct assault/hull down better in the T29 but they are complete equals. Personally I hate that they're p2w for any period of time. I would rather they not release the T29 or IS6 at all, or at least make them free.
  77. arcade

    Far worse armor especially turret, fewer crew men (longer repair) , smaller fighting compartment, worse side armor, worse post pen. T29's pen is completely adequate for dealing with the panther 2 as an equal
  78. Even 20% better is too much better in a competitive multiplayer game where every shot and every moment counts. The KTH + Panther II combo was a bit too powerful for 6.7 but the solution wasnt to just jam the whole rating up with even more powerful tanks. If a 6.0 struggles against a KTH what chance does it have against the premiums?
  79. Barely bothers me. If they made things historical I am not sure if the Japanese tanks would even get to the battlefield.
  80. Currently playing US 4.3-4.7 and finding I frequently get 15-20 kills a match.
  81. Sounds like conspiratology to me. They could just not have added Japanese tanks to begin with and its kind of well known that their tanks were sucky in WW2.
  82. arcade

    Its good but its the T29's equal, not superior.
  83. It's legitimately annoying how many repeats of the same tank there are in the game and almost none of them are foldered to ensure the grind is even worse. Such scum tactics.
  84. It SUCKS. It has KTH armor at 7.7 and no turret and a really dubious gun.
  85. There are frequently teams of nothing but T29 or IS6, they are objectively P2W. Sorry if that offends all the owners but a good game that does not make, the game balance matters more than your feelings. I hope Gaijin wakes up to that.
  86. arcade

    Some premium tanks aren't good/average but id much rather premium tanks as collectibles/extra spawns than something that is objectively better than its peers, so the BP is ok by me . Agreed. Getting an average/extra tank with all modules unlocked is totally sufficient in my opinion as you still greatly speed up your grind by having a module-complete vehicle with a talisman. It doesn't need to be OP on top of all of that...
  87. Wait it actually works that way? Seriously? Wow this is a total failure in design, you literally deprive yourself of points by playing normally. Wow...Just Wow, can this company get any worse?