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  1. Do not want. Anyways, none of this "realistic" stuff is needed (I don't want to have a chance of my transmission failing every time I spawn in a panther D, for example), this game needs better gameplay to attract people not to cater to a small subset of the population.
  2. Its not hard to be stealthy in arcade, you just get far less time to execute an ambush as you will be detected faster once you've sprung it. Only thing id change about arcade is id remove the aim assist, I find I get a lot of amusement from sniping at 1.5 km because the opposition can't even dial me in, much less score a hit.
  3. But brits are supposed to be hard mode!
  4. This, you can get lucky and club but more often than not you will be just picking up assists and getting one hit fragged by any of the tanks mentioned, even fellow T-34-85's wont have much trouble eating you. The real problem with this tank is unreasonably slow reload along with disappointing shell performance, everything else could be tolerated. Still, at 5.7 its not bad and can still wreck, its just a lot harder to wreck with than something like a KTH
  5. Its ok, I don't really like it that much. I played realistic, pretty boring game type imho, everyone uses bushes/ULQ and spawn camps/edge drives, caps take forever, ticket bleed is painfully slow, people still kamikaze.
  6. Here's an easy solution: give US and Soviets KTH's also, then 6.7 can be nothing but KTHs. Perfect balance.
  7. No, the KTP is a lot better armored, takes a hit a lot better and fires a lot faster while only somewhat sacrificing killing potential, you will still get a lot of OHK's Overall the tank is pretty good for 5.7 but the 122's have seriously gotten worse over the course of the last few patches and just don't have the bite that they once had
  8. 3-1 for me is bad, I had like 2-1 with the PT-76 until the latest patch. You can win a lot with even the worst tank just by going full PTFO, most people tend to play too passively to stop you.
  9. T-54-49 is already unplayable so I don't really care. KTH is not under-tiered, if it was it would have gone to 7.0 with the panther II so the 6.7 is intentional design, thus T-64 at 8.7 or 9.0 is 100% fine
  10. You keep believing that and feeding the KTH's KD.
  11. What can pen a KTH from the front at any distance beyond point blank, and even then with massive luck? That's right, NOTHING and even if it angles a little the tanks you are thinking of (Panther/Tiger/IS-2) will autobounce every shot. Seriously guys, don't BS on here, I played the KTH enough to know that nothing at 5.7 has a snowball's chance in hell when facing a KTH frontally.
  12. Are you kidding me? Play it. No its not, it can outmaneuver any of its main opponents, especially the diesel version. Its not sluggish at all. I flank in it frequently and am almost always first to the point.
  13. Do you actually play this game? I have gotten shots where I destroyed every ammo rack, fuel tank and radiator and the enemy was fine 8.7-9.0 would be a decent BR. The KTH can't be frontally penned by anything 1.0 below it either so by that logic the T-64 is A-OK.
  14. Sounds pretty bs, especially the avoiding killing civilians part.
  15. Because the implementation of cold war/tier 5 tanks in this game is a failure. Even late T-55 models would have significant resistance to HEATFS so Gaijin's refusal to add top notch armor while putting in top notch weapons is questionable and has made every tank a cardboard box at tier 5
  16. The panther isn't a straight seal clubber like it was at 6.7 any more but its still more than capable of stomping.
  17. Nice research. Well that's what I mean, at 5.3 it mostly saw 5.7 and 6.0 so they didn't change anything except forcing it to face 6.7's which it was protected against at 5.3. It pretty much already was a 5.7 tank just with protection against 6.7. Now ~43% of matches its going up against enemies it can't do anything to frontally and has trouble killing from the side (a KTH even angled a bit is not penable by an 85, that's besides the fact that its skirts are really buggy)
  18. The T-34-85 at 5.3 barely ever saw anything but 5.7, its BR really only protected it from being uptiered to the T29 and KTH, at the current rating its purely support for the IS-2-43 which is feeling really good at its natural 5.7 rating. We need another free 122mm equipped tank at 5.7 though, the German side gets 2 Tiger's + a Panther, so the soviets should at least get two turreted 122s there.
  19. Slow firing guns are totally worthless against the T29, best thing to do is kill its crew with an 88, usually take 3 shots though, even from the side. If all you have is the back of his turret, forget about it, you'll only kill the commander
  20. Well you should be feeling a lot better at 3.7, the heinous flak bus was moved to 4.3
  21. Ive been playing 6.7 a lot and the game is feeding me 5.7/6.0's. There are matches where I am one of only 3 or 4 6.7's on the field.
  22. I see it all the time, I even got multiple hull breaks with an Achilles 76.2 mm APDS against flak 88, hit them in nonvital spots for hull break You need none, even APDS can hull break, seems that HE just gets a higher chance
  23. Yeah and the IS-1 is now 5.3 , where it belongs., I called all of this.
  24. Well I pretty much called it, IS-2-43 went to 5.7 where it belongs. IS-2-44 is somehow still at 6.3 even though its missing the D shell but I am sure they will pull it down to 6.0 eventually. I did and am killing 6.7 in a KTH, but if you like a game the best thing you can do is criticize it for its weak points. What is this game's weak point in ground? Extreme bias at 6.7 for only two tanks: KTH and T29
  25. discussion

    Just spot anyone in the restricted area and keep them spotted until they leave.
  26. I played this tank a lot and almost never saw anything above a 7.0
  27. It probably is, I only ever saw it work when a lot of current 8.0's were 7.7's
  28. It can meet many tanks it cannot frontally penetrate and has issues even penetrating from the side. 5.7 is way too high for it especially considering Germany now gets 2 Tiger's at 5.7
  29. You do not want to be in a lightly armored vehicle any more, its literally a death sentence. Whether its good or bad...time will tell
  30. Dropping the Tiger E to 5.7 has made the German 5.7 line-up way too good. Two tigers and a panther, that's crazy.
  31. The Panther II and T-34-85 are both going to BRs they were at before and where they probably wont be used.
  32. Really? That's stupid too, but I find on side shots often it just gets absorbed without damage. I have had the front wheel thing happen a lot on the T-54/IS-3 myself
  33. Agreed. I am very hesitant to shoot at british tanks in the track area in general as a lot of them have some sort of weird geometry that causes absorption a lot
  34. It already has been at 5.7 before and it wasn't played much until it was brought down to 5.3. At 5.7 it meets too many vehicles it can't pen at all frontally and often only barely from the side.
  35. Panther D IS one of the best 5.7's in the game: great gun, great armor, great mobility, only real drawbacks is bad turret rotation speed and bad backup speed, but you can't expect to have everything at 5.7!
  36. Any ETA on this fix? I see it at least 1 or 2 times per session, shouldn't be a thing, it's a bug
  37. It -could- be 5.7 if all Tiger 1's and Panther's moved to 6.0 and the KTH moved to 7.0. The issue is that the T-34-85 is demonstrably worse than the Tiger H1/Panther D so it can't be at their BR
  38. What? Its one of the best 3.7 TDs in the game, just find a decent spot to park and start collecting the frags. The turret armor on this thing is actually pretty excellent for a tier where everything else is paper and lets not forget the 50 cal.
  39. Having driven both panthers and T-34's quite a lot I can tell you straight up that the Panther D is objectively better than the T-34-85.
  40. I don't think its going to work tbh. Its still going to be fighting KTHs nearly every match except now it wont be able to penetrate them at any decent range. That's besides the fact that the IS-2-44 isn't really that big of an upgrade over the IS-2-43, the game style is the same: you get shot, you die.
  41. This, I didn't touch this tank with a 10 ft pole before 5.3 because of the accursed 5.7->6.7 uptier and its objectively worse than the panther D/Tiger H1 which are way better than it, you only have to play them to find this out. Panther: way better armor, way better gun Tiger H1: way better gun, better armor, competitive mobility
  42. There is no way that the IS-2 can be rated the same as a king tiger there is simply no aspect of it thats better.  Armor? No. Gun? No. Mobility? No. So it cannot possibly be rated the same. This tank is OK against tigers and panthers where the AP ammo is effective frontally, against a KT you just have to get lucky and hope that a HE shell hits one of the "cheeks" and racks the ammo, id rate this at a chance of 25-30% of happening even at close range since the gun's accuracy isn't great either. Basically knock the BR of the first one to 5.7 and the one with the DSHK to 6.0.