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  1. The Jumbo can be penetrated by a tank a whole BR above it? Wow, how unfair! I guess the fact that it can club the crap out of 3.7's that can do little against it is ok by you right?
  2. Its not bad but it doesn't belong any higher than 7.3, it's just that the T-54-49 also belong in 7.3 due to its bad armor. Ok, panther 2 is a lot better. Crap Compared to T-54-47, crap. Crap, not even sure how its this high in BR. Premium, what do you expect?
  3. 5.7 has always been a hard cut off for me. I basically don't play 5.7's unless I really want a challenge.
  4. Its a premium tank, what do you expect? If it was just 150 it would be shortly forgotten about.
  5. Even the KT-105 has issues killing this thing, I find even when I penetrate the mask the second plate often acts as a spall shield and only paints the gunner/loader orange.
  6. The HEAT "stream" acts more like an expanding solid object than a gas or liquid so very little energy is lost from having to move through empty gaps.
  7. Yeah when I played it I also had a guilty pleasure in using it. Its pretty bad but when you do well with a bad tank it feels more so satisfying.
  8. Why are you driving this crap?
  9. Penetrating it isn't hard, but given its massive crew, bouncy armor, super fast repair time and inert ammo rack its always a massive PITA to finish it
  10. Its a total scum tactic, ruins the game.
  11. No thanks to all of this. Maybe people in SB can "enjoy" these lame features but this is a game, not street sweeper simulator. What are you even talking about? The shell explodes, its a grenade. The white stuff is the part that's going to shotgun the crew after the yellow part goes boom.
  12. Have you actually ever seen these? Defensive grenades can kill people 25 meters away easily, its why they're defensive: you throw them out of your cover and kneel down. Something like that inside of a tank would do serious damage. The fact that not everyone died is more of a sign of how medical science had progressed at that point, not how weak a grenade inside a tank would be. You're misinterpreting the data. The vast majority of casualties in WW2 were explosives and specifically grenades, grenades were one of the most effective weapons of that war because they are very powerful and can easily cause multiple casualties.
  13. Tiger 2 was ridiculous for 6.7 but the solution wasn't to make an IS-3 with a spall shield and sell it for 40$ at 7.0. At this point I am wishing for a "no premium vehicles" filter. As wonky as 6.7 was before this patch at least it wasn't outright garbage like it is now.
  14. Pay to win games always sink , always. While the P2W whales initially give it a boost in revenue everyone else feels no incentive to keep playing and leave. Once the non-whales leave, the whales have no one to play with -> they leave -> dead game.
  15. Most likely an issue of improper comparison/bad sampling rather than a factual conclusion. There's just no way that an exploding shell would deal the same damage as a slug. If they made AP stronger id make APHE stronger by even more. No more KTH's surviving 122's to the turret.
  16. The velocity of the explosion will be a magnitude larger than the forward velocity of the shell post-pen. An APHE shell is basically what would happen if you threw a grenade down the hatch. Post-war armor became too effective and they had to squeeze every last drop from a gun's performance thus the necessity of no filler.
  17. APFSDS long rods =/= APDS slugs. APDS not engineered to optimally fragment post pen should be doing about what its doing now: hole puncher with minimal fragmentation.
  18. Sounds to me like the SU-76 is underperforming then
  19. I don't know how this , the T29 and RU-251 fair against each other and don't care, I just know that free vehicles had become incredibly non-competitive at 6.7-7.0 and that's unacceptable.
  20. Oooh how mysterious, it's almost as if energy doesn't depend on velocity in a linear way. Its probably about right. Also factor of barrel length, 9 mm fired from a pistol vs smg will retain energy in significantly different amounts.
  21. I dunno about everyone else but I feel the T-62 has one of the worst guns. The 115 mm feels extremely inaccurate, on the level of the KTH 105 which makes the high velocity useless, on top of that when you do hit it bounces most of the time and when it pens it does practically nothing. I have had no enjoyment in this tank, I feel its one of the worst in the game.
  22. I think even without the D shell the IS-3 is obsolete. The armor profile is way better and the soft stats are much nicer
  23. Well, well... They put an extra 50 mm on the front turret plate, made it the only soviet heavy that doesn't have that xxxx shot trap and gave it assisted loading. Damn Gaijin is getting greedy, random arcade is now nothing but IS-6's, I only face 7.0 with heatfs now. This tank basically makes the IS-3 and IS-4 obsolete
  24. When is this going to be fixed? I am not going to buy any dumb more prem vehicle until gaijin makes progress on stuff like this.
  25. 6.7 is getting polluted now. And none with the 251's excellent driving characteristics and soft stats...
  26. I don't really care, I just enjoy killing stuff but if gaijin wants to balance this game maybe they should just forget the word "history" and admit the game is an arbitrary collection of vehicles that are usually somewhat accurate, but aren't when balance dictates.
  27. Why does history even matter? Some of the most popular tanks in the game didn't even exist , at all.
  28. Put it at 6.7 with the RU-251, charge 50$ for it, profit.
  29. *Looks at his line-up of Panther 2 + King Tiger 105* lol
  30. It does if you are at the top of the scoreboard too.
  31. Bad modeling. Try to bounce anything off a KTP or Panther's shot trap into his hull, never happens.
  32. Yeah I am aware, I drove the KTH a lot, you have to really be careful not to let your barrel get knocked because that always takes a while.
  33. Maybe its not broken in that its working as programmed but its still broken in the sense of ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
  34. Haven't had this issue, at all. Just don't hit the troll spots. This tank is no where near as awful as playing against tanks you outright can't pen like when you get in a 5.7 against a KTH, now thats a joke. You guys are blowing it out of proportion.
  35. I played this thing nonstop for a month. Its too good for 6.7, no denying it. T29 is not 6.7 material either
  36. Its a lot of money anywhere for something so non-essential, people who have a lot of time to spend on games just tend to be more affluent. The working class in the US wont just drop a 40 on a whim.
  37. Agreed, they finally got 5.7 right, now if they shaved 6.7 off completely and isolated the T29/KTH to 7.0 we'd be perfect. It probably will once they realize no one plays it. A hull upgrade is not worth a .7 uptier.
  38. 4.3 , doesn't meet IS-2, no idea what your point is now. The 122 is not that good, it doesn't always OHK a Tiger or Panther and it has the severe drawback of slow reload. 5.7 is perfect for it. When the 122 is brought up to its realistic capabilities then I might agree with you.
  39. If you -have- to spend money to be competitive with a faction most will just say "nah", its bad business.
  40. Most of the people that have a lot of $$$ to spend will be thinking the way I am thinking, its why pay to win games die fast. Paradoxical but true.
  41. I need the groceries, I don't need a tank I will drive out 10 times before getting bored. Maybe when you're younger it makes sense, but as an adult id prefer to make only reasonable purchases.
  42. Well I wish everyone who buys this dud great fun when they are being shot with the Ru's 320 mm HEAT shells through the hull.
  43. This is going to destroy the game, only hardcore players can justify paying 40(!) bucks for a single tank. Most people will just go "no thanks" and move on.
  44. Backsliding is what Gaijin does, its the effect of greed. Or be more reasonable and just don't buy anything because there's better things to spend money on. Screw paying to be competitive, pay them for good business practices and retract the support when they're being bad.
  45. Yeah unfortunately way too many overly good premiums coming in lately (besides the IS-6, but I am guessing thats just to make it look "fair") this game is going way too p2w for my tastes.
  46. Because even against KTH's and T29's it will only be somewhat competitive due to its bad gun (currently decent at 5.7, bearable at 6.3 but total crap any higher) . Whats not to understand?
  47. You guys are setting yourself up for disappointment. 7.0 with B shells is gonna be trash, its not even that well armored.
  48. There is no way that the IS-2 can be rated the same as a king tiger there is simply no aspect of it thats better.  Armor? No. Gun? No. Mobility? No. So it cannot possibly be rated the same. This tank is OK against tigers and panthers where the AP ammo is effective frontally, against a KT you just have to get lucky and hope that a HE shell hits one of the "cheeks" and racks the ammo, id rate this at a chance of 25-30% of happening even at close range since the gun's accuracy isn't great either. Basically knock the BR of the first one to 5.7 and the one with the DSHK to 6.0.