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  1. The hell are you talking about? Germany has one of the easiest grinds in the game, pure relaxation. I have major issues with the T29/T34 at 6.7 also. I played the KTH a lot and it almost never dies from a single hit even if its a 122 or 128. It has trouble penning a T-54-47 but the 54 also has trouble penning it so 6.7 is insane for the KTH considering its armor.
  2. Are you sure you aren't describing the KTH? It has glitchy hard to pen armor with a relatively small surface that can penetrated by non-heatfs. It usually takes 2-3 hits to the turret to kill and he's unlikely to stand still to allow you to land the 2nd and 3rd shot perfect. Side armor regularly glances shots. Yeah even in an IS-6 or T-54 a KTH is a serious opponent despite being only at 6.7, meanwhile many tanks it meets it can just shoot in their general direction for guaranteed damage.
  3. The Chi-Ri 2 is meant to be a gimmick tank, it'd be too strong any lower than where it is right now. The Chi-To is a little undertiered as is.
  4. Yeah it was, as was the decision to not use HE in general. It was a boon for german AT crews. Germany ran out of manpower, not vehicles to put people into. Wrong strategy. Also, contrary to popular belief a single pen would not make people bail if its possible to return fire as staying inside is safer than crawling out into MG fire. Firing pure AP's probably got numerous crews killed from return fire. HESH is useless, slip bands wear out the barrel rapidly. Reasonable for 1960 but stupid for 2017.
  5. You know it really depends on which data you use. Reports on shermans are horrific to say the least, 88 APHE's were acting like grenades and just fragging the crews. I am personally going to play it safe and say that a shell with enough explosive to carve a rock face will F up a crew big time and the damage mechanics are accurate enough in game. Maybe spall has to be buffed but then it has to be buffed for ALL shells (i.e. make APHE even better) Agreed. Spall depends on the amount of overpen , less armor= more spall. No. More armor = more energy bled into the plate, less energy to release into the compartment. They did tests of this in the T-62, overpen vs spall fragments was practically a linear dependence.
  6. Its been rolled back, hopefully Gaijin never touches it again. Just silly.
  7. client update

    No this is all incorrecte. APHE is even more effective than a grenade because its in a trapped compartment and the fragments bounce, its just the fragments are caught by more people. 10-20% death rate is accurate as thats about the area of the body where immediate death will occur, fragments anywhere else might do horrible damage but wont kill someone. This only proves that medical science was advanced by WW2, not that APHE was ineffective. Just a misreading of the data as this data only includes the dead, not those who could no longer operate a tank which id guess might be about 50% per APHE hit, maybe even more.
  8. client update

    An 85 into a Dicker Max should be completely filling it up, unfortunately currently its still possible for a hit on the front plate to only take out the driver and radio operator, the fragments are still too short ranged.
  9. Clearly it hasn't had any effect, the only way to get them to act is to keep throwing it at them until they wake up.
  10. If you go through the calculations the TNT filler approximately doubles the energy released when compared to just the kinetic energy left in the shell post pen. For smaller shells it might triple or quadruple said energy, so yeah it is like a bomb detonating inside of the compartment. "Only a few grams" of TNT (a stick is 200 g) is enough to cleave through stone, attach a jacket of metal to it and put it into a closed compartment and you have a super grenade. Anyways, I am amused that this is now labeled as a "bug" when they realized this change was disliked. Just don't touch it any more Gaijin,most people don't want play with nerf guns and pea shooters.
  11. client update

    It's not going 800 m/s its only going a fraction of that, the explosion velocity will be a lot more significant and the fragments bounce thus it will work like a super grenade. Please stop trying to "fix" this, as it is right now its actually a little bit too weak since the fragments have a limited travel range when they should actually completely fill the crew compartment regardless of size.
  12. Terrible, utterly terrible, who thought this was a great idea? Yuck.
  13. Keep telling yourself that. Once it explodes in a confined area the fragments will be even more effective than a grenade because guess what? They bounce. You guys can't even figure out basic physics, thanks for ruining the game. Here let me fix your statement: APHE is not a grenade, it's a super grenade. APHE is not a grenade, it's a super grenade. APHE is not a grenade, it's a super grenade. Yeah this doesn't matter once the fragments start to bounce. Gaijin modeled it as a sphere to avoid having to model the bounce, if bouncing was in the game APHE would be even more nuke-like than they were before this heinous update.
  14. Anyways. This is bad design, part of what made the game interesting is that you could actually snipe a tank out in a single well placed shot. Now with this stupid RNG on everything we might as well just have WoT hitpoints, there's no point modeling anything if the effect is you have to keep sinking shells into the same target for anything to happen . This is all because one nation made the stupid decision to use plain APs. What will they do when they put in modern tanks? Will they nerf smoothbores because britain is still using rifled barrels? Maybe if everything has to be nerfed to give brits a chance we shouldn't have them in the game at all?
  15. Yeah in reality that tank would be a firey inferno, and if anyone got out they wouldn't be fighting any time soon. Maybe but the people who told those stories were the lucky ones. Many either died or ended up losing a limb. Also spall damage is insignificant if the shell is both less than 100 mm in diameter and only penetrating the armor by less than 100 mm. Spall damage doesn't really start happening until you either have a big shell or are overpenetrating by a lot. Anyways casualty reports that only include deaths = pointless.
  16. Not really. AP = kills one person. APHE= everyone is dead or maimed. According to WT mechanics case 1 = 1 crewman taken out, case 2 = 4-5 people taken out. It doesn't really matter because fragments bounce and thus the spherical approximation is correct. The fragments basically have nowhere to go but modules and crew members, the walls might take some energy out but relatively insignificant. That thread doesn't really convince me of the APHE nerf and I think if it convinces anyone they are being really uncritical. British design wasn't smart, sorry but that's really the truth. Until modern APFSDS shells without HE component were at a serious disadvantage and acted like hole punchers, little more.
  17. I am aware and I don't agree with their conclusions (based on very sparse data for casualties) nor do I really care for AB (which is all I play). Its neither realistic nor is it mechanically interesting.
  18. I was going to try to get the matilda for chronicles but its honestly painful to play when its hard to even pick a T-28 apart because 75's/76's don't do anything half of the time. There is no evidence for this other than people frequently survived APHE the same way people frequently survived grenades, but they were soldiers no longer and were unlikely to ever fully recover. APHE shells in real life was like dropping a grenade down the hatch, if you think that's no big deal you've lost your mind. Also, thanks for linking but this discussion is for arcade ground, if they want to keep this nonsense for RB/SB I am fine since I don't play that junk anyways.
  19. Seriously. What the hell is this? A 122 side shot into a KTH now frequently just makes everyone orange, APHE shells often act like duds, all sorts of nonsense! Even shells with high filler are doing negligible damage, you can't even reliably kill gunners any more. This is unplayable.
  20. Well they finally managed to make this game into WoT, GG. Sucks real bad. An APHE shell is a defensive grenade effectively, defensive grenades kill people within 30 meters, if you're trapped in a compartment with it everyone in that compartment is going to be too wounded to continue fighting. Thanks for ruining the game by convincing gaijin of this nonsense. As if kamikaze planes weren't bad enough now we have to play with nerf guns.
  21. Its' OP but its at a BR that already has serious balance issues of club or be clubbed. I think 5.7+ really needs to be rethought completely.
  22. What claims? That a grenade down the hatch would kill or maim all of the crew members? Why don't you go test it and find out if you think that's controversial? Seriously, WTF?
  23. You'll only die from fragments if its hit you in the head or vital organs which is only about 15-20% of the area of your body. Meaningless comparison, not a fragmentation grenade. Standard defensive grenade can easily kill someone 30 meters away. This whole meme is absurd and is completely discrediting this forum. "Grenades are not that bad" pfwaahaha, its funny because these statements are dumber than someone who knows literally nothing. Its amazing how foolishness can multiply from misinterpreting statistics. This whole discussion is stupid, I am not going to prove that to you but anyone who reads "a grenade down a tanks hatch is not that bad" wont be listening to whatever comes after that. Wake up.
  24. Misinterpretation of statistics. Just because those people survived doesn't mean they were functional crewmen or even functional human beings. Grenades generally maim more than they kill but the maimed are no more functional than the dead. If you seriously believe a grenade in a tank will do the same as a slug passing through you are seriously deluded and blinded by confirmation bias. All the statistic really proves is that medical science had advanced good level when they could regularly save amputees from death. Uh no a grenade down the hatch will disable everyone 99% of the time, they're just giving you a heads up that there can be a 1% not that grenades are ineffective...Where do you people even come from? Play too much battlefield/cod or something?
  25. Exactly, that's why the balance fails at 5.7, you can't have tanks only 1.0 BR apart where one can't pen the other at all from the front with maybe the exception of very , very slow tanks like the tortoise where "just flank it" is logical and plausible, the KTH simply is not a slow tank.
  26. Oh yeah in terms of it being possible at all, agreed. Yeah you can't have any tank at 5.7 that doesn't have at least 180 mm of pen, otherwise it can't do anything to the top 6.7 and the KTH is not slow enough to easily always flank against skilled opponents.
  27. In small weak spots, that still doesn't make it 6.7 material. Technically all 5.7's should be able to penetrate 6.7's somewhere from the front (if 1.0-5.7 balance is to be followed) but that isn't true which is why the game falls apart above 5.7 .Being able to penetrate something doesn't make it that thing's equal. Personally I am not a fan of the T-34-100 at all, I preferred the T-44-122 for its more interesting gameplay. T-34-100 doesn't fit the meta well , its soft stats are a mixed bag, its armor is bad and its only real advantage is the gun. At 6.7 its too high, at 6.0 or 6.3 it might be too low.
  28. Uh so? Statistic was something like for every person killed by a grenade 3 more people got mangled. Just because those people survived doesn't mean they will be operating the tank in the near future (or ever). With AP just one person will catch the slug with APHE everyone will catch it but just one person will get it bad enough to die. However, effectively everyone else is dead too when it comes to actually operating anything, the death statistics are misleading.
  29. Not really, spall damage wont be very major outside of HESH shells, nonpens will likely do more spall damage than penetrating hits since penetrating hits sheer the material apart and very little actually ends up in the crew compartment. The shell having an explosive charge will cause far more damage. You can doubt all you like but there's a reason modern body armor only covers the head and chest: damage to the limbs (which is half of your body) is not going to be fatal and its medical science that will save you from such damage.
  30. This new meme is absurd, an APHE shell hitting the crew compartment is like throwing a grenade down the hatch.
  31. Whats exactly preventing you from doing the same in an 85? KTH/T29 will die from a side shot from either gun. 100 is pointless.
  32. The main issue is this tank doesn't really do anything the T-34-85 cannot and with double the reload time the gain in penetration just isn't worth it, especially since post pen is worse. The bad depression makes it even worse since you're more liable to get shot than in the 85.
  33. Don't buy anything from this company that isn't novelty, it will invariably get nerfed and you wont be happy.
  34. I felt the same way about German 6.7+ after Russian 5.7-8.0
  35. Hull breakable tanks above 4.0 are bad by definition.
  36. Basically what the title says. RB is a poorly designed mess: nations are not well balanced against each other at each BR, plastering bushes on tanks is a P2W joke, using ULQ exploits, rushing a point and then suiciding to drop bombs, buggy spotting mechanics, caps take forever, etc, etc. It's bad. But I feel like AB would be a lot more interesting without the aim assist, thoughts?