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  1. Even without a turret, turretless tank destroyers still have some gun traverse and this modification increases amount of º per second the gun mantlet and the gun traverses by 18% Because the traverse it's so limited this modification it's not very useful on turretless tanks I actually never though if secondary weapons were affected by modifications, and with a simple test I can tell you that: Yes, modifications also affect the traverse speed of secondary guns I just tested it and with the Horizontal Drive on it takes 9.89 seconds to go from the left traverse limit to the right traverse limit Without it it takes 11.52 seconds (9.89 X 1.18 = 11.61 seconds so close enough)
  2. for ap that's less than 120mm of caliber you need to hit different plates various times with the main shell to hull break this works exactly like tracks that can take more than 1 hit until they break, like the IS-6 tracks the problem is that ap-he fuse take into account the effective armour (unlike before were you always overpenetrated the m18 hull) so the shell penetrates 1 plate and then it explodes which doesn't trigger hull break (Unless you hit him from the side/rear were it's 12.7mm unagled and the shell does overpen), if the shell was solid shot it would go until it reached another armour plate so the M18 would get hull breaked Nashorn has lots of layers of armour and it's even thinner without slopes so m18 apcbc fuse won't explode and if his shell manages to different armour hit enough times he will hull break you or at least this is how I think it works
  3. M56 was just a example, of course tanks with high power to weight ratio will win on that test because it's off road and you didn't say any details about this test before But on a straight line on any city map with a road (which is exactly where the IS-6 excels) you will get different results also in that test the IS-6 took so much to turn because the automatic driver had 8th gear selected, the IS-6 turns better on 2nd, and the driver took his time to change from 8th to 2nd and tanks like the IS-6 with high amount of gears struggle to make a fast turn after they reach their max speed because they have the highest gear selected at that moment and the driver takes his time to lower the gears someone should do a turning test to see how fast the IS-6 does a 360º turn in the best gear for turning (which seems between 2nd and 4th) Did I mention how little angle the IS-6 needs to make his upper sides as strong as a late T-54 UFP? IS-6 doesn't need a whole lot of turning speed anyways because he can angle his extremely thick side armour so easily it doesn't need the fastest turn of the game to be invincible to conventional rounds in a matter of seconds after the IS-6 spotted you Not that much angle to make the Lower sides as strong as late T-54 UFP neither + the shell eating tracks: Also I just found this extra part behind the mantlet just to make sure 90% of the conventional rounds fired at it don't go through/make less damage
  4. The important factor in battle is the acceleration and max reverse speed not the forward max speed, for example a M56 wouldn't be between the first 5-7 tanks on that list to reach the end of that course because it only has 45kmh top speed, even with one of the highest power to weight ratio of the game (More than a M18) The IS-6 might only have 44kmh of top speed, but that doesn't means it doesn't accelerate quickly Also that list shows that it's much faster than a IS-3, which is a very similar heavy tank, all the other heavies (except for the T-10m which is 8.0 and Russian so it doesn't count) have no armour in comparison with the IS-6/IS-3 (Weak sides, weak LFPs and other big & easy to hit exploitable weakspots with soviet 122mm shells in comparison with the small IS-6 weakspots has versus conventional shells etc) IS-6 definitely has more mobility than tanks with similar armour (excluding "heavies" with big hull/turret weakspots easily penetrable by long 88mm and 122mm) and with the mobility of a slow medium but with lots of heavy armour instead
  5. For me this is the most pay2win part of this tank, you can't even track him with a full caliber 105mm shell You know those massive tracks tiger II chassis tank have? the 105mm can destroy them in one shot, but a soviet tank with thinner and smaller tracks? nope, no pay2win biased bs here xaxaaxxaxaaxa ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) The worst thing is that before they were trackeable in one shot but not anymore: )))))))))) After some testing the IS-6's tracks """can""" be destroyed in one shot if you manage to hit the tracks 2 time with the same shell:
  6. America added those plates because in early shermans there are parts were there's it only reached 50.8mm thickness: As you can see here the inner armour was cut out to allow clearance inside the turret for the power traverse gaijin basically combined both the minimum turret armour of that part and the rolled add on armour (50.8mm + 38.1mm = 88.9mm), but they only put the minimum thicknesses, in the prior photo you can see how there are thicker parts on the the middle (With the cast add on armour it should be up to 76.2mm + 44.45mm = 120.65mm) They incorrectly put the add on rolled (38.1mm) armour which was less thick and on top of that they put the cast modifier into it when the cast add on armour was 44.45mm I made a bug report months ago about this:
  7. Remember when T-34 UFP ricocheted 128mm unangled sometimes? Same RNG bs with this, because obviously irl 120mm 23kg shell randomly ricochets like 37mm 1kg shell and this is not broken at all What are we even firing, water droplets that randomly ricochet on slopes or a specialized 23kg shell for defeating sloped armour that irl NEVER ricocheted? This rng bs is why I don't find this tank fun to use when facing soviets, you need to aim for the turret which requires 2 penetrations at least just to kill a T-54
  8. I wouldn't really recommend using this tank in AB because enemies will target you with kamikaze rocket planes and because the repair price in RB it's only 5467sl spaded But if you are lucky and don't get rocketed It will probably preform pretty well in AB, also get the T13 APCBC-HE, it oneshots pretty easily Tanks like the tortoise (Back when it was OP af and when it was at 6.3) and the maus (Back when atgms and heatfs were less spammed) had 15K sl repair cost in AB before But really there's no reason some heavies have this high repair price in AB because literally anyone can jump into a rocket plane and easily OHK you
  9. You are probably using the AP solid shot round which has more pen BUT it doesn't have any High Explosive filler, you should use the APCBC(HE) round instead because it has HE filler (You will need to grind this shell first) In WT from Tier II to IV using shells without HE filler it's NOT newbie friendly (British tanks don't have AP-HE shells so they are the hardest tank nation) In case you don't know what having HE filler in your AP (Armour Piercing) shells means, it basically makes a explosion inside of the tank after a successful penetration that kills crew members and modules, way more effective than a Solid piece of steel that simply goes forwards (aka AP), HE filled AP shells are like a hand grenade explosion after they penetrate armour Just grind the APCBC-HE M61 shell: (This one) And now with that AP-HE shell the enemies will go boom instead of taking more than 2 shots because the little damage And with all the Shermans you should play hull down (Showing only the turret to your enemy and hiding the hull behind terrain) because most of their armour it's in the turret and they have REALLY good gun depression (M4A1 has -12º of gun depression ) Not to mention how they have vertical stabilizers that makes your gun completely stable if you are going at 15kmh or less And how fast the reload it's compared with your enemies And that sweet .50 cal that has 26mm of penetration great for light vehicles and for planes (Americans tanks are the only ones that get a Anti Air high caliber MG at low tier)
  10. yes
  11. Thanks so cool how my stupid replay turned some WoT players into War Thunder now talking about cupolas, it seems AP-HE shells can still explode on the T95 cupolas if it has ricocheted first on another part of the armour: Before the death there are 2 failed attempts at bombing my T95 as a extra (yesterday I ate a 1000kb bomb thanks to the frontal armour)
  12. So the problem is that hull armour gets ignored if a shell that has ricocheted from the gun mantlet hits the hull? Normally when a shells hits armour the part that was hit glows in white in the damage cam, but on the deathcam of the OP when the shell ricocheted off the gun mantlet into the hull the 305mm part it didn't glow, so the problem seems that the hull armour gets ignored if a ricochet off a gun mantlet hits it btw tell me the map where you were when this same bug happened to you so I can find the server replay
  13. Take at least 1 APCR shell and it will work
  14. Welp, I guess this is now a "post damage model/death cam bugs that got corrected ages ago" thread instead of a thread about current bugs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. I literally just fired about 300 122mm APHEBC rounds to this spot on the T95 gun mantlet on tank polygon but this didn't happen even once (Sometimes it ricocheted into the 305mm frontal armour like in the video but it didn't penetrate) So I wouldn't bother to bug report it, because they don't accept anything that it's unreproducible Maybe it's a bug on the death cam and in reality it went between the gun barrel and the gun mantlet like it happened to me 1 year ago in that video I showed earlier MAYBE, just maybe
  16. Here's the death that happened to OP but on a video: (Yes, I found the server replay)
  17. Reminds me of what happened to my T95 1 year ago: and the bug report: And as extra I found armour holes on the T95E1 armour model (I discovered this when arty damaged my turret ring from a explosion far away from me) ahhh you gotta love the WT damage models, armour holes are fun until you get killed in a real match by .30 cal MGs
  18. You see, explaining to gaijin how it shouldn't ricochet like WWII heat even without fins and somehow getting a document that explains how the fuse doesn't ricochet like WWII heat (which probably doesn't even exists) would require far too much effort just to fix one shell that I'm not even going to use once I get the atgm which it's better in all regards except for velocity. Doing normal RB Tier V grinding with that heat shell it's worthless, slow and painful anyways, just use this method until you get the atgm:
  19. M103

    I found a odd weakspot on the gun mantlet: This whole area it's only ~150mm effective Yes, I've been killed through here by a IS-6 so it's definitely a weakspot Is the gun mantlet modeled right or it's missing thickness/angle on this specific part?
  20. At least they should change the HEAT so it doesn't have the same ricochet chances as WWII HEAT, WWII HEAT ricocheted because of the fuse not because of the fins The only thing fins do it's increase penetration/effectiveness, and the 152mm M409 HEAT doesn't have fins but it has liners that serves the same purpose as fins (reduce rotation):
  21. You can't probably call this composite armour, but the T-55A has some kind of inner spaced armour that reduces HEAT-FS effectiveness fired at it: UFP: Turret: Side hull: Anyone knows how thick this inner armour is? Any other tank in the game with similar inner spaced armour? Is this even historical? If so did any other Russian tanks had this inner spaced armour irl?
  22. In case you didn't know about this secret change, if you shoot at the T95 copulas the shell won't longer ricochet down into the tank killing all the crew/ammorack in a single hit. (This won't happen anymore) Now AP-HE shells will either overpen the copula (So ap-he shells can actually enter the copula and then leave it, so the AP-HE will explode outside) making only solid shot damage maybe killing the guy under the copula or the AP-HE shell will be stopped by the other side of the copula exploding inside, the MASSIVE difference with before being the damage because it doesn't explode in the center of the tank because that downwards ricochet doesn't exist anymore, most of the time killing one crewmember, 2 if really lucky (A high filler AP-HE penetration can still oneshot you if they don't overpen the copula but this is rare) Also ammo racks seem to have been buffed since gaijin introduced the new Tier 5 small ammoracks (lots of small ammo racks with only 2 shells instead of a big one with 11-12 shells) they don't get broken by AP-HE explosions nearly as easy as before and they tend to explode less Anyway here's the video As you can see my shells/RNGesus were against me oneshot wise, but at least they needed their whole team to kill me because they couldn't kill me frontally, until they finally got me from the rear Can you count how many shots were fired to me until they killed me? I lost count I love this part of the map because it's a straight line and the T95 it's really great at those, once I killed all the enemies on it and then went straight to cap and won the match by capping
  23. orders

    >POLL HERE< Orders are that magic thing Gaijin added so they don't have to give you useful stuff Like Silver Lions or Talismans on those random "roulette" thing that happen from time to time when you leave/end a match Do you use them? Because I don't, pretty sure I used less than 10 in total so to this day I have accumulated 164 in total
  24. If you have Knight of the Sea or Way of the Samurai group under avatar it means that you HAVE access to the sections. If you have Member group under avatar please log out and log in, wait few minutes and relog again. If you still see Member group instead of test group, please post in this thread. Stona The page says Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1 Even though I have access to the beta: I got access by being randomly selected on the raffle (200 participants, 0.5% chance, I got lucky) of the twitch stream from a while ago, maybe it doesn't detect me because i don't have any packs?
  25. Explanation of a gun stabilizer American magazine from 1944 explaining how a Gun Stabilizer works on a Sherman (Page 82) I'm making this post because you can't really know which tanks have a gun stabilizer or not in WT unless you try the tank, it's not listed anywhere. Also with this post we can know which tanks should have one (But they don't right now) Real life example: here is the first automatic gun stabilizer on the centurion mk.3 tank New stabilization explained by Gaijin's channel themselves How the old stabilization system worked (Comparison between a stabilized gun and a non stabilized one, M4A1 vs T-34 1942) Tanks that we have in game that had stabilizers IRL: (It will be specified if the stabilizer it's not implemented in the game) America: M3 light (Single plane, vertical) M3A1 light (Single plane, vertical) M5A1 Stuart (Single plane, vertical) M3 Lee (Not implemented currently, apparently on the 37mm) M24 (Single plane, vertical) All M4s (Single plane, vertical) Except for the 105mm howitzer version T14 (Single plane, vertical) T20 (Single plane, vertical) M6A1 (Single plane, vertical, not implemented currently, bug report: M26 (Not implemented currently) M46 (Not implemented currently) M47 (Not implemented currently, not 100% if it had it irl) M551 Sheridan M60A1 (AOS) M60A2 Germany: Leopard A1A1 USSR: ★M4A2 (76) W (Single plane, vertical) PT-76B Object 906 T-62 T-55A T-10M IT-1 Britain: Sherman II (Single plane, vertical) FV 4202 Centurion mk.3 Strv 81 Caernarvon Vickers MBT Centurion mk.10 Conqueror mk.2 Chieftain mk.3 Chieftain mk.5 Japan: M24 (Single plane, vertical) M4A3 (76) W (Single plane, vertical) STB-1 Type 74 If you see anything wrong or missing post it (This is WIP and I didn't tried with all tanks) edit: PROPER GUN STABILIZATION CONFIRMED: I updated this post because of this