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  1. 1: Comet I uses Christie Suspension but it's not modeled as armour even though it's modeled on other tanks with Christie Suspension like the Cromwell or the Avenger You can clearly see the suspension it's visible in the model: But it's not modeled in the damage model: The Cromwell has the same suspension which you can also clearly see: But on the Cromwell the suspension it's actually modeled as 20mm of "Structural Steel of Chassis" when on the Comet I isn't: 2: A34 Comet I 3: Give to the Comet I's damage model similar suspension armour model as the Cromwell mk1/5 or the avenger have: Instead of the current "nothing" armour wise: 4:All gamemodes 5: Already did ^ 6: 2017_05_23_02_14_49__3280.clog
  2. I love this change I tested it with the tortoise and now it can easily oneshot a panther through UFP (Before you were lucky if you killed more than 3 crewmembers) and it created a lot of spall (kinda like american 120mm AP but not so much) Also the AP shell definitely keeps going instead of getting easily stopped by internal modules, even if you pen a really thick plate and it doesn't create spall the main shell will keep going forward And I hit like 5 ammo racks and 5 out of 5 ammoracks exploded
  3. orders

    Here's a poll (the in forum one doesn't work):
  4. No, This doesn't have anything to do with premium, I specifically played on a AB match because it's easier to do better because you can predict what are players going to do thanks to the minimap and markers, in RB ANYTHING can go wrong really easily because you don't know where the enemy is all the time and that means they can easily flank you (And even more with M18 spam), also in RB you will probably get less reward because it's not easy to get that many kills Also the Tiger I P (free premium I got on a summer event) has the same gun as the Tiger I H but at 5.3 which assured me I wouldn't get uptiered with tanks I can't (Easily) frontally kill with short 88mm like Tiger II H, T29 and T34 This is the combination of planning, playing smart and a bit of skill your accusation of luck because premium it's completely unfounded
  5. The kill cam is bugged, that AP-HE exploded inside the copula and the explosion killed the whole turret crew x AP-HE being able to kill x tank that has a copula happens to ALL tanks with a copula: For example You can frontally kill a T-10m with a 37mm ostwind if you spam AP-HE into the copula I have oneshot T-62s with the short 90mm M82 (APCBC-HE) by shooting at the copula and I have killed one frontally with a ostwind thanks to the copula Even easier with the T-54 copula, which it's only 100mm and it's bigger, you can oneshot the turret crew with any M82 You can kill the whole Tiger I H Turret with a american 75mm gun by shooting APCBC-HE (90mm penetration) into the 80mm copula Or the 150mm chieftain copula, you can kill the whole turret by shooting any AP-HE that can pen it It's extremely easy to one shot a hull down conqueror by shooting a AP-HE to the copula AP-HE nukes can kill ANY tank through the copula which is nothing new, the problem is how HEAT-FS, a shell that can pen you ANYWHERE can also do AP-HE after-penetration explosion damage
  6. It's the legacy from the prior tank in the tech tree, the T95 btw that 100mm of structural steel it's not a spallshield, that's the gun breach which means every time they shot you there they will break your gun
  7. orders

    I did got a Tier V talisman 7 months ago from that roulette And these are the "good" things that roulette gave me the past 7 months: (525K sl in total and a Tier II talisman) The orders basically decrease the chance of good things
  8. Let's call it HEAT-HE-FS
  9. It would be cool if that limitation were removed from war thunder but with a BIG down side: if your turret is aiming to the side and then you shoot your tank would flip because of high recoil (Didn't the KV-2 had this problem on slopes?) The recoil would need to be high enough so when you are looking at you left or at your right the recoil it's like a automatic KV-2 but it would actually flip you: Don't take this post too seriously
  10. You wouldn't believe how many times I have been shot in the engine from the side and then because my turret it's fast enough I been able to oneshot the the guy that shot me because he was reloading and then survive because I have FPE Really adding this feature would bring a lot of new players that currently think that this game is Pay 2 Win because they either need to pay real money or they need to do a long grind to increase survivability
  11. orders

    POLL HERE Orders are that magic thing Gaijin added so they don't have to give you useful stuff Like Silver Lions or Talismans on those random "roulette" thing that happen from time to time when you leave/end a match Do you use them? Because I don't, pretty sure I used less than 10 in total so to this day I have accumulated 164 in total
  12. You gotta love what happens when you active 500% + 300% + 150% SL at the same time...
  13. Who said that the chieftain mk5 it's not going to appear in this update? I don't think gaijin is done with the dev blogs yet, they only showed 1 tank dev blog for this update
  14. I get it, the fragments are the same amount but they don't spread as much so the damage it's more concentrated towards forward, it's more realistic this way The current spread it's like a short shotgun And the new damage it's more concentrated like a longer barrel shotgun
  15. Because it makes sense that the small explosion fragments can't penetrate the transmission but that the full caliber 120mm solid shot with more penetration can? As you can see the BR-471 HE filler (3) is covered by REALLY thick casing, that means most of the explosion energy it's wasted on breaking that thick casing and then you are expecting it to PENETRATE a GIANT transmission AND kill whatever it's behind??? The 120mm it's solid shot with A LOT more penetration, of course it's going right through
  16. This has nothing to do with the tiger II, ALL nations have overpeforming AP-HE because the damage model it's the same for all nations: Explosion: Ingame it explodes like a grenade 360º fragmentation everywhere when irl it was like this Damage: In game the damage of AP-HE shells with really low amounts of HE filler (let's say 50g of TNT) can easily kill 5 crewmembers when irl reports stated that these kind of rounds killed only 1 or max 2 crewmembers, even 128mm penetrations didn't kill all the crew, and In game you can kill the whole tiger H1 turret with a American 75mm APCBC-HE through the copula AP-HE fuse delay: In WT everything regarding to this is overperforming, irl these shells didn't had a fixed traverse-x-meters-and-then-explode after penetration, irl the travel time until the explosion was set by time and remain shell velocity (can you tell me how WWII shell technology is supposed to know how much meters it had to travel until it exploded?) AP-HE fuse sensibility: You know when you shoot something with really low amounts of armour with AP-HE in WT and the Fuse doesn't explode? In War Thunder the fuse are too sensible, irl they were a LOT of "overpenetrations" because the fuse weren't sensible enough
  17. AP-HE is also massively overperforming so it's fair that AP also overperforms at least until they both get fixed (if that ever happens)
  18. Both tanks could be 6.7/7.0 if HEATFS it's not researched/Activated (I suggest a option to turn HEATFS on and off so you can change BR when you get HEATFS) Really the armour of both tanks are a bit better than the Panther II armour because cast armour can be really trolly I'm one of the few people that ACTUALLY grinded HEATFS on both the M47 (162 matches from stock) and the M48 (112 matches from stock) without premium/talisman or without paying any money and that was possible thanks to speedgrind If it wasn't for this method I would NEVER do this HORRID grind (Apparently it takes 300 matches to get heatfs on the M47 by playing normally aka wasted effort with lots of rage) No wonder NOBODY wants to play these tanks, the KE shots of the 90mm are simply to horrid for 7.3/7.7 And the fact that you need +100 matches of suffering and despair doesn't help either, playing these tanks stock with effort it's worse than a medieval torture This BR by unlocked modules NEEDS to be implemented, this is the type of thing that makes players leave the game and that repel new players
  19. I just hit this part on vs a IS-6 side: And this is just one of the many small reasons of why this tank it's so annoying to kill it's not the optic it's this sekrit part: Edit: Another match another bs: M82 on IS-6 copula = Commander dead and as a extra on the same match M82 on the rear turret of T-54-47 = loader dead all our team was 6.7 tanks vs 7.7 Russia
  20. I hope they make a new general br change soon
  21. misc/other

    There are already some inner parts that we cannot see how much armour they have (Mostly those plates that separate the crew from the motor) These are 2 examples of inner modeled armour that we CAN see:
  22. Add the T-26E1-1 Superpershing to this, it also has his Upper Frontal Plate wrongly modeled as 43º (Should be 46º) And the ventilation bulge is also missing the extra armour to compensate the loss of slope (Should be 140mm instead of 101.6mm)
  23. Ok, TheHalfSlav started the bug report, if you want to add any data about how the armour is under performing add it there:
  24. I found this And it's saying this plate it's in reality 140mm is this true? Because it would make sense irl because this part is less sloped with the same thickness as the more sloped part, basically making a weakspot, exactly what it is right now in War Thunder If this is true can anyone find documents that say how the armour was on M26 & M46?
  25. If you have Knight of the Sea or Way of the Samurai group under avatar it means that you HAVE access to the sections. If you have Member group under avatar please log out and log in, wait few minutes and relog again. If you still see Member group instead of test group, please post in this thread. Stona The page says Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1 Even though I have access to the beta: I got access by being randomly selected on the raffle (200 participants, 0.5% chance, I got lucky) of the twitch stream from a while ago, maybe it doesn't detect me because i don't have any packs?