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  1. [server] [update]

    I was playing when the update came. And there did happen something strange before i exited the game an updated it. 1.) There had gone months since i had last played with the USSR ground forces, and i had played the game many times afterwards. Now i was playing with the Japanese planes. When i had finished the mission and had looked at the stats and how much i had researched the next plane, i did click "OK" in the bottom right corner. The next window was that i had researched a USSR spg, and could now purchase it. 2.) I had again played a mission with the Japanese planes. I had got a new modification unlocked and purchased it and repaired the plane at the same time. When i clicked the button i did looked at my silver lions, first they did go down approximately the right amount, but then it jumped 500 000 up. :/ For me it was of course a nice surprise, but i thought that if somebody had the same problem number 2, but reverse that he/she would really be pissed off. I hope nobody haven`t. Are there any explanations to this why it might happen, or where this just some rare bugs? Sorry for my English.