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  1. in AB: I have tested US, USSR, GER and GB, since 1.59 "stronk planes n useless mgs" I practically didn't played US because they were useless, I didn't felt competitive and guns dmg was just laughable. USA: Now they are good really good and I'm okay with that, I feel competitive at late tier 3, early tier 4. USSR feel better since practically every jak-9 have 12,7 and they feel good. (in realistic ground forces I've killed 3 enemy planes with 2.7 jak at 6.3 battle...) GB well spit is spit they were always great and now even better because 7.7 now do something GER well they are good as usual and mgs also do something. (and Really F4 was and is better than P-51, except D30) And I think people whine only because till now they could just ignore US planes, dmg vs G2 for example was so laughable that next he outturn you and you are dead. ba dum tss I was "king of assist" now I have similar results to other nations. BUT I have one issue because after 1.59 US received many br changes ( due to completely fake performance of guns) and they have to be changed again mostly on low brs, tier 1-3 practically every fghter will/should receive +0.3 and sometimes 0.7, you know like kitty is not 2.0, hell even buffalo is great now (mostly due to bug report changes and new guns). Summary if same player have similar results it means ok, I agree, USA tier 1-3 need needs changes in next br udpate, but "mimimimi murican can kill me" is pathetic (please don't do this), "murican" can perform only at altitude with speed, without it is brick, a very dead one...
  2. Italian Premium Marcolin's CR.42 CN for all players! Just win one random battle between 12:00 GMT on the 26th of May and 07:00 GMT 29th of May with the aircraft of any nation with an activity of more than 65%! molto bene!
  3. maybe it is not exactly 1.71 news but this gentleman can bring few new people to WT
  4. probably client crashes or device issues in bug reports section of forum ps. try some software to check temperatures of CPU, GPU etc
  5. GF changes: any unlisted changes for ammunition?
  6. well looking at my personal ratios and experience so far, USSR is dank (PT-76 excluded ) and USA have some useful tanks but grind is hell... and we have "few" other sources of this issue: -completely unhistorical performance of compared to know data: (dozens of still unsolved bug reports...) apcr, ap actually every 90mm ammo (maybe except HE) is wrong, wrong pen in many tanks etc etc... -slope modifiers are completely broken and apbc is the king of overperformance (btw apcbc is also overperforming) Just test T-34 with 76 vs T14 frontal armor, really don't look at pen values in game they are fake, mb8 ammo can pen 50mm at 60degrees of armor up to 600m when in reality it would not pen it from point blank distance . (TESTED) -few armor issues and some are related with slope modifiers again... -basically lack of difference in suspension and power transmission game just take torque, weight and speed The biggest issue in my opinion is current state of mm after 1.67 we have 7.3 or 7.7 USSR in almost every 6.7 battle: hello gaijin time for changes !! and there is a simple solution: -battle rating spread 0.7 -br split, nothing 7.3 and above don't fight below 7.0 Simple right ? just 2 things... I mean really I don't want be totally destroyed at 7.7 battle when I play "Super Pershing" (I don't have pen, mobility or enough armor for 7.7 battle) for the same reasons T29 or T34 should not play at 5.7 it is just stupid. It is a major issue and part of the problem why we have not enough players, people just lost interest when they are new they unlocked first 5.7 and they were added to 6.7 battle as a "placeholder" (I wanted to bring few of my friends to WT but they don't play anymore because of current state of matchmaker in ground forces) Battles of tanks with similar capabilities will help us all. I mean at least for me it would be much more fun.
  7. when we will see "full" change log from 1.69 ? like vehicles with added smoke launchers or gf changes ? This week? next ?
  8. agree, details of procedures related with bug reporting is not for this topic, but specific issues listed are about update, we just want to know what will reach "prod" servers in 1.69
  9. Dear Pacifica partially it is about update People are waiting for updates for different reasons. MaybeMaybeNot is waiting for plane fixes I'm waiting for tanks fixes, (and ITA beta test ofc ) so you can't say that it is off topic (and I really don't care about new tank content if old is broken) so bugfix section of any update is the first thing that I'm looking for in update notes. BTW. do you know WHEN list of changes related with tanks will be published ?
  10. latest 1.69 dev server changes for planes mg and cannons, so you can stop rant and go home
  11. latest 1.69 dev server changes so you can stop rant and go home MG 151 15 will be also dank and every cannons API are changed. PS. THANK YOU @PainGod85 and @Rapitor
  12. I don't play arcade tanks for 3 months and I've only checked RB stats and I played M46 mostly in RB, grind of this thing is stupid... especially that I played it after glorious update usually against 7.3 USSR, on 6.7 you can make 2-3 but not on constant uptier (I researched most of this tank in one weekend vs 7.3 all day long) And I'm not that bad in RB... PS. and I've stopped with AB because grind of US tanks there is horrible. (except few...)
  13. actually THANK YOU dmg output after 1.59 for mgs was horrible... well br adjustments will happen probably... I play RB from time to time and mostly AB, (I only use spaded planes in RB) Currently there is a major issue with German and USSR P-47 in AB with br 2.7 they can reach 1.7 battle where they rekt everything (ofc I will mention it in next br update topic like I did with US captured Bf 109 f4 because this plane was ridiculous at 3.3 ) BTW. guys not only .50cals are better but Fw 190 with 7mm is also better so it was not ".50cals buff" but this change affected all nations.
  14. so you are partially responsible for recent 7-13mm changes ?
  15. since 1.59 "stronk planes" update damage output of all guns was ridiculously low and it was listed in update notes: "Kinetic ammo (7.5-13 mm) energy loss" was changed So it means ALL guns for ALL countries are better so don't "mimimimi .50cals" and cannons are ok
  16. ou my... does it comes with black painting?
  17. bad idea, I think soon even number of smoke ammo will be limited (I think it should be limited from the start) because after 1.69 we will have hordes for idiots that will shoot smoke rounds only just for "fun"...
  18. well they are missing tier IV premium and probably it will be ST-A4 and maybe they will find some "sikret dokumintz" tanks
  19. "mimimimimimimi..." if I remember correctly in 1.63 update Germany received: Leopard A1A1 FlakPz I Gepard RakJPz 2 HOT So stop it ! Currently Japan could use late tier III and tier IV tanks. you want rant ? rant for E100 it is already in game I don't even know why they made it unique to the level of ridiculousness
  20. if this one is one of better "ouu my..." Like I said average performance you have very high stats on everything and you play a lot BTW. you made this ratio lately or you have it for longer time ? because few updates earlier it was useful but grind of stock M46 after 1.67 was horrible for me.
  21. @WaveLengthRR well nice research Actually with current list of tanks I would like to see also E100 in tech tree. (I know this is fantasy tank) but in WT configuration which is: MAUS turret + E100 hull I don't see it as a boogie man. Actually I had best duel with E100, it was on the Kursk map, I was in M103 and my opponent in E100 we were shooting ~1.5km or more and I won this duel, heavy tanks cost a lot of points in RB so people would be able to choose between these two: better armor or slightly better mobility. And I disagree with turret traverse if it was 8degrees per second it should be but relation between crew skill and turret traverse is jsut part of WT mechanics and it should stay this way. PS. about turret thickness I remember from suggestion: Someone explained that MAUS should have 236mm of armor on frontal plate (4mm lost due to steel bending) You can check it here
  22. nope it is... and you have ratio 1.6 on M46 Tiger which comes spaded I have on tree version k/d ratio 1.1 so NO it is bad... When I look on ratios excluding people that play one tank over and over again I think something between 2-3 makes tank OK M46 is not ok... T34 is, T-44 is, FV4202 is - hull armor is underperforminng - there is a hole instead of optics - rate of fire is wrong - 3 types of ammo are wrong/underperforming SO no my dear, M46 is rubbish
  23. if they fix rate of fire and place module on different lvl... (currently this is one of the worst US tanks from my experience)
  24. in RB T29 I never played it, and I don't have issues with this one or playing against this one 1x88mm from Ferdi thru lower frontal plate and "burn baby burn" (they fixed ammo rack bug, "IT WAS A BUG" ) IS-6 Well this one is hard but it is huge, 4rpm so I can live with this one on 7.0 but T-54 47 which is a real hero of 6.7 battles it have to be moved to 7.7 (give him apds or something) AND still missing key feature: 0.7 battle rating spread, IS-6 at 6.0 is just ridiculously stupid thing. (also devs could review glorious mantlet of this tank: armor and optics that eats ammo after penetration ) RU 251 in RB well... 90km/h or something like that 8rpm HEAT-FS with 1200m/s (ammo speed makes aiming quite easier and heat-fs negates the armor of slow heavy tanks ) Summary: this is hellcat with heat-fs, br should be 7.3 or 7.7
  25. Another power creep is what USSR needs, really... ? Well game spoiled them because they got downtiered from 7.3 to 6.7 all the time (I mean really T-54 47 is almost in every 6.7 in RB), apbc is currently the most overperforming ammo in game due to "funny" slope modifiers, (APCBC is also wrong but overperformance is smaller) and next at tier 5 when others have something with good pen and they got rekt by tanks that have side armor so weak that tier III AAA can kill it.
  26. I agree that lack of basic knowledge will affect tests but rubbish like conscript testing stuff? yeah because there was no single professional military in red army... about T-62 rate of fire well maybe my Russian is very rusty but "скорострельность при стрельбе с места... 4" in T-62 manual explains it (and they made pretty nice manual, from page 13 to 27 we have only tech specs/values ) Tank crews probably had they ways to achieve better result and we have 5rpm in game for T-62. (I also agree that tanks are not using top rate of fire... and it was already explained by gaijin, because it would be stupid, human is not an autoloader, except I don't understand the rate of fire for 90mm guns, "Chief" and few other tanks...)
  28. give this guy a beer Actually it would be a good idea: War Thunder update 1.71 "MAJOR BUGFIX" (they can even make a logo: major with machine gun in right hand and toolbox in left hand) Ps. in 1.69 dev 1GB update today ? any known changes ?
  29. I saw some videos from dev server and HEAT ammo for 152mm is pretty bad I mean it would work but not with this rate of fire (so far I've bought M551 and tested it against Jagdtiger frontal armor, 8 round to take it out )
  30. @Smin1080p this^^ I you really can't say that "US is not an exception" We play this game a while we see the situation, I've checked ~160pages of archived bug reports topics. There is a difference between "exception" and two years old bug reports like "AP" issue
  31. yes, and we here to help (if needed) we just want to see it done We don't spam bug report and waste hours of our lives because we hate WT, we do it because we love this game (it is already best game in this genre) and I don't see community so determined to "make it right" in any other game so Gaijin should use this/embrace this/marketing this because like I said this is the best game in genre and this is the best game community ever (game just have issues, issues that have to be solved) thank you
  32. no but it hurt game creators if you think that new nation and smoke system is "nothing interesting" except unfortunately US have a huge number of unsolved issues related with tier III - Tier IV (at tier V every nation have something "dank") but tier IV due to MAJOR performance issues makes US a "placeholder nation", grind is sooo bad and painful that many of my friends left WT (because we started on same nation) I mean Alt + F4 while playing US is something completely normal (other way you will loose your mind sometimes) I just want (and probably more people) to see MAJOR BUGFIX and we can all move on and cover other issues/nations... I really want to re-learn алфавит and cover USSR bugs (surprisingly, we have quite a few of them and I haven't spoke Russian in 10 years so I forgot A LOT) But I can't... I can't because I'm stuck with this lost cause called "US bugfix", @Conraire started it and we follow, we just want a real historical portrait, gaijin have free work force... us , bug reporters and data diggers so use us to fix issues and we can close this topic once for all.
  33. can anybody tell me why this tank have different rate of fire ?
  34. if this is not listed (and not every change is always in notes) you have to wait for unofficial notes based on files "comparison" or another iteration of dev server
  35. Will we see fixes ? M48A1: -wrong APCR (only HESH was added still not correct APCR) -armor values M46: -M348 HEAT-FS ? M103: -armor (minor changes in cheeks armor from 14xmm to 158mm, but I received info that in dev server it is fixed so THANK YOU GAIJIN SO MUCH) -correct M358 penetration ALL 90mm m3/m3a1 and later versions guns - APCR performance -AP profile and performance -APHE explosive filler T32 -lower plate M26/M46 -underperforming armor T34 -wrong AP penetration (40mm difference is not a small value) from latest: (I know these are fresh) M47 - 5 different issues 90mm guns -rate of fire and many, MANY MORE... Really, how many YEARS we have to wait for simple fixes ?! I could undersand delay with M103 armor because some things had to be remodeled to receive current "output" (and I'm very glad that this tank is not JOKE anymore so thank you gaijin) But "properties" fixes like ammo type and ammo values are fast WHY it takes so long ? 1. You check the sources/data, if it is "dank" you process 2. download source code 3. edit file 4. commit changes to dev branch 5. test on local environment 5. merge with main branch 6. deploy on "prod" Looking at how difficult it is M46 heat ammo fix, it can be fixed in 1 hour and wait for production deploy/game update. In WT realm we wait since August 2016. WHY ?! Gaijin made beautiful, fine game. They use C++ I'm sure they know thing or two about programming, just this "ignore bug reports" attitude have to end, this is not beta anymore. Why you add new content to USA GF tree if old content is still horribly broken ? Thank you.
  36. @Smin1080p do you have any info when tanks changes/bug reports will be added ? Later this week? Next week?
  37. every topic made by this guy is... terribly stupid (And the nicest thing I can say...) Strategic bomber hunting ground units... (and I know that this is game but good great snail )
  38. with this number of tanks folder would be recommended but we don't see it so far at tier 5 just to make longer grind :/
  39. anybody have a status of ? 10 degrees per second for T-54 47 and 15 degrees per second for 49 and 51
  40. I have found T-44 manual if anybody with language skills want it (I don't know if this already posted, you know 11 pages)
  41. never bought a single module (or maybe 1 when I started to play WT 3 years ago) For my buying premium account AND premium machines is form of support BUT it should not work like p2w what we have now, even in WoT premiums are only alternative constructions to grind without advantage but in WT it is disease lately
  42. first of all spaded tanks should have -0.7 MAX to minimum br so in perfect queue where everybody have spaded tanks we have -0.7 OR 0.7 should be standard, also for some machines br should be related with unlocked modules (especially equipped with HEAT-FS) next thing HUGE MESS in brs... for example people claim that ASU-85 is bad... well just had first battle... Caernarvon ONESHOT... so bad... so people like power creeps or they are stupid not to see that 85mm on that machine have better muzzle velocity and flat trajectory compared to ww2 cannons SO it is easier to aim (which makes difference) imagine anything US made with 230mm aphe at 6.3 yeah... first with 200mm of pen is at 6.7 (superpershig and it is useless because it is so underpowered) and it have slow reload but every wehraboo will say that it is better than Tiger 2 P so it should be at 6.7. #LOGIC T34 with decent dmg and armor but slow reload I think this tank is ok ? No already nerfed ammo on dev server gg... because you can't have fun playing US in this game... T-44 and T-34-85 share the same gun, T-44 have 4 crew members and same reload speed 7.4 or 7.5 top, M26 and everything with M3 cannon 9.1 top and it is very underpowered... only 500HP and more than 40tons. #BALANCED. We cloud go whole night what is wrong... but common sense in battle ratings -0.7/+0.7 mm and separation of 1-7 from 7.3 8.3 this would be a start...
  43. NO ! reload was 3rpm you can put your balancing factor... Luckily it is in Detroit documents so this tank will not be #gaijined They already messed up game with idiotic things like 6.5 (ACE crew) for US 90mm even if sustained rate of fire was 8rpm somehow there was no issue to give this reload to "short" 88mm or USSR 85mm OR max rate of fire to other tanks
  44. it make some sense especially since Gepard with this funny animation scream "kill me" from distance ps. but I don't have idea how it worked in reality
  45. tanks/vehicles

    no thank you, 105mm is backbone of other nations and it should stay this way also USSR have enough domestic tanks, and really where is T-55 ? probably the most iconic Soviet tank (except maybe T-34)
  46. yes, my mistake 9-1730E is correct id, it was late...
  47. not open, just updated and someone checked files (ofc we don't know if this will reach "prod" but still :/)
  48. the case is... in my opinion split is needed 1.0-7.0 and 7.3-8.3 fantasy panther should stay where it is 7.0 or they should review this engine... because it is better than cold war mbt, yeah right...) RU should be between cold war tanks so at least 7.3 (which solve issue related with this tank) It would solve biggest issue... 7.3 downtier to 6.7 over and over again...(I have one particular Nation in my mind... ) with this cut off they could move T29 series to 7.0 because it is not fun to rekt 5.7 tanks with T34 cannon (we will see how bad it will be nerfed in 1.69, due to dev server changes: power same but frag angle lower... I don't see why but "beta" still alive... )
  49. I think APHE with 170mm of pen and HEP (hep = hesh) with 203mm, rate of fire 3rpm don't remember other ammo types
  50. soviet tanks only... "tankie" have spoken @_Catweazle_63 Could you close this ridiculous topic? because I can't even understand what it is
  51. m4a3e2 (76) w

    wehraboo jokes not allowed. 5.7 will be a start for this one current 6.0 in RB is ridiculously I don't mind IS-2 or Cent mk 1 on 5.7 but what this one is doing at 6.0 ? basically no gun and "broken" armor
  52. Hello I would like to report BR. Affected vehicle: M47 Description of issue: Current M47 turret depression/elevation is -10/+19 degrees This is incorrect. Due to sources: TM 9 718A "90mm GUN TANK M47" -9/+19 TM 9-500 "DATA SHEETS FOR ORDNANCE TYPE MATERIEL" -5/+19 "STANDARD MILITARY VEHICLE Characteristic data sheets" -5/+19 So real depression of M47 was -5 degrees Gun could move in 24 degrees range. Recommended solution: Change M47 current depression/elevation to -5/+19 Sources: TM 9 718A "90mm GUN TANK M47" TM 9-500 "DATA SHEETS FOR ORDNANCE TYPE MATERIEL" "STANDARD MILITARY VEHICLE Characteristic data sheets" Thank you (This one is last in my M47 bugfix series In all report I have used only PRIMARY/ARMY sources)
  53. Hello I would like to report BR. Affected vehicle: M47 Description of issue: Current TOP turret traverse with modules and experienced crew is 24 degrees per second or 4 rpm or 15 second for 1x 360 degrees rotation Due to sources: TM 9 718A "90mm GUN TANK M47" quotation: "Minimum time required for power traverse of turret 360 deg... 10sec." 10 sec = 6rpm (6x 360 degrees) Also it share turret traversing system with T41E1 (or M41) and due to: TM 9-1730E next let's look at M41 series turret traverse rate "STANDARD MILITARY VEHICLE Characteristic data sheets" ALL M41 series tank have same turret traverse rate 6 rpm. Recommended solution: Change M47 TOP turret traverse 36 degrees per second, 6rpm (I believe that M41 have same value in WT) Sources: TM 9 718A "90mm GUN TANK M47" "STANDARD MILITARY VEHICLE Characteristic data sheets" TM 9-7030E Thank you
  54. Hello I would like to report BR. Affected vehicle: M47 Description of issue: WT M47 speed: 47km/h = 29.20 mph Due to sources: (I will post cover and data in same place, it will be easier) "STANDARD MILITARY VEHICLE Characteristic data sheets" 37 mph AMCP-706-355 "AUTOMOTIVE SERIES AUTOMOTIVE ASSEMBLY" 37 mph TM 9-2800-1 MILITARY VEHICLES (ordnance corps responsibility) 37 mph "US ARMY HISTORY AND ROLE OF ARMOR" 37 mph The correct speed is 37 mph. 37 mph = 59,55 km/h = ~60 km/h Recommended solution: Change M47 speed to 60km/h and recalculate all parameters related with torque and speed: urban, terrain etc. The only "conflicted" source is tank manual but here we have later/younger sources so 4 VS 1 (I believe that manual have mistake or so called "safe" value and we don't have to care about safety in WT ) Just like with M48A1 armor later sources should be used as more important/primary. Also ALL sources talks about V12 Continental engine and we have this version in game. Sources: "STANDARD MILITARY VEHICLE Characteristic data sheets" AMCP-706-355 "AUTOMOTIVE SERIES AUTOMOTIVE ASSEMBLY" "US ARMY HISTORY AND ROLE OF ARMOR" TM 9-2800-1 MILITARY VEHICLES (ordnance corps responsibility) Thank you
  55. Hello I would like to report BR. Affected vehicle: M47 Description of issue: Current weight of M47 is 45.8 metric tons (YES ALL TANKS in game are using metric system it was covered in BR:) 45.8tons = 50.49 US short tons Due to provided documents: "90mm GUN TANK M47" 97200 lb "STANDARD MILITARY VEHICLE Characteristic data sheets" 97200 lb AUTOMOTIVE SERIES AUTOMOTIVE ASSEMBLY 97200 lb MILITARY VEHICLES (ordnance corps responsibility) 97200 lb "US ARMY HISTORY AND ROLE OF ARMOR" 48 tons (in US documents tons usually means US short tons) Summary we have 2 values 97200 lb and 48 US short tons 97200 lb = 44.09 metric ton 48 US short tons = 43.54 metric tons But in this case I think 97200 lb is more accurate So the correct weight is ~44.1 metric ton (WT is using rounded values) Tank is overweight by 1.7 ton (Also "combat weight" is tank + ammo + fuel +crew which is the most accurate value.) Recommended solution: Change current weight (45.8 tons) to 44.1 metric tons. If there are any other parameters related with power to weight ratio they should be updated/recalculated, it will slightly increase M47 mobility. Sources: TM 9 718A "90mm GUN TANK M47" "STANDARD MILITARY VEHICLE Characteristic data sheets" AMCP-706-355 "AUTOMOTIVE SERIES AUTOMOTIVE ASSEMBLY" TM 9-2800-1 MILITARY VEHICLES (ordnance corps responsibility) "US ARMY HISTORY AND ROLE OF ARMOR" Thank you
  56. Hello I would like to report BR. Affected vehicle: M47 Description of issue: Current reload of M47 is too slow. In game we have: for stock tank crew: 11.8 with experienced crew (skill +5): -expert: ~9.65 seconds -ace: ~9.1 seconds Which gives rate of fire: 6.5rpm Due to TM 9-500 "DATA SHEETS FOR ORDNANCE TYPE MATERIEL" Reload/rate of fire was much better for M36 90mm gun Like in document: Rate of fire Sustained speed 8 rpm Rapid 16 rpm This is not only historically accurate but it will bring some balance to game, 90mm gun is backbone of US tanks since tier IV but it have slowest reload of all nations GER 88mm: faster, USSR: 100mm faster and GB "fastest" Currently there is no reason to maintain this fake performance because 90mm is not better compared with other cannons. @Conraire already covered this topic well in BR: Recommended solution: Change rate of fire from 6.5rpm to at least 8rpm Rate of fire:(reload time) -stock: 9.8 seconds with experienced crew (skill +5): -expert: 8 seconds -ace: 7.5 seconds Or since due to provided data fire rate was between 8-16 round if devs decide to give M47 9rpm I will not be angry Sources: PRIMARY SOURCE TM 9-500 "DATA SHEETS FOR ORDNANCE TYPE MATERIEL" Thank you