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  1. balance this game snail... Currently I'm soooo done with WT, I was active AB player, I moved to RB and after 5 months its over for me I have enough... last week I returned to other games and there I have missing key value... FUN ! WT due to idiotic and unfair mm is so frustrating that even my 2 years hardcore habit is gone... Today I played 3 battles and I don't want more... so thank you gaijin for showing me other games... I will check news from time to time to verify the situation but my time and money are far from WT... And it's not my fault but people behind this game that refuse to fix this horrible matchmaker and few other things... (like historical issues or dmg model etc)
  2. nice meme Like trees are the only issue with ulq... Because sharped textures tank model on terrain with 1999 quality + much less detailed surroundings textures or environment quality don't change a thing... yes someone really should face reality...
  3. finally... ULQ not an exploit not at all... the funniest thing is that you can see videos on YT with ULQ gameplay but 1920x1080px Btw. boris sound mod should be banned or modified... you can hear tanks 3 buildings away Dear great snail... "FIX" this finally...
  4. I wanted to post my thoughts about Today's test but I don't have access to forum section of Naval forces, any ideas ? I have my but I can't access related forum section
  5. dude... I already finished with you ... I base my conclusions on experience not on assumptions which is fake argument for me... to obvious issues of game I can add too many downtiers in this game, bad br system and bad br spread therefore mm is broken badly in my opinion. The funniest thing is how many fake weakspots US tanks have, weakspots that can destroy tank by blind shot in general direction but to see that you have to actually play specific tank. So for me it is: (So everybody agree that IS-6 could be the most op tank now you, can see it, yes? but I'm still not 100% sure... for me it is KV-220 because I know exactly how it perform) why wehraoo ? well no we were not talking about EVERY gun vs T-44 were talking about T29 and T34, playing almost exclusively one nation and complaining about overperformance of others is what makes you wehraboo in my eyes... When I play GER I see different issues... completely different... I really don't have anything more to add, you have questions or "opinion" because opinion != argument you can send me PM. PS.T29 angled lower plate don't help vs long 88, 100, 122, 128 or anything with 200mm+ of pen never... thank you and goodnight...