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  1. ok great thanks, i will add the Change to Ausf. F because if the ingame Jagdpanzer IV is only a proto we don`t need it in the regular tree.
  2. The differences between the Begleitpanzer and the ru251 was that the ru251 was developed more or less for the german army. The Begleitpanzer was developed as an export-tank so technically for use in armys of other countries. And the VTS-1 was only a experimental vehicle to test if the marder chassis can hold a stroger gun. I mean both would be cool to be ingame, but i think also that if they come, they should be at least prems and not in the regular tree.
  3. I tried to create a German tree with all the vehicles officially used by German forces (Wehrmacht, NVA, Bundeswehr) and which COULD fit into the game. (I know there are some Protoypes too). This is only a regular Tree so no captured tanks or other premium stuff. For bigger view: Premium Vehicles ingame, that should be in the regular tree: In this tree vehicles have functional MGs if they really had some as secundary armament and as a researchable module. Some threads that inspired me: I know there are still some more vehicles and I would like to know what you think of my tree, what I forgot and where they should be placed. A list of all the other vehicles, which were in service of a German army or are prototypes, that I know (basically a list of possible Premiums and Event-vehicles, that are way better than regular used tanks in the premium-section): more Postwar Copy&Paste tanks: Beutepanzer: Modified Beutepanzer: Prototypes and others: WW1✠: will be added in the future: