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  1. They did in real life too (hit until destroyed) however a tank would pick another target if they say the crew abandon a particular tank. If it did not tell me critical hit... or that a tank needs to repair.... then they would need some sort of animation to show that they need repair or.... something like... no repairs are allowed when under fire (for any module). So each hit or near miss, no matter what was damaged.. the timer would re-set.
  2. The issue with that is that we have no crew animation. Crews would bail with a critical hit. Hatches would open.. people would run for cover. If repairs are needed... again hatches would open and crew would be on the outside 'repairing stuff'. Road wheel damage is not animated or shown (suspension damage)... and for engine damage, the engine deck would be opened which is only animated on destruction of the tank.
  3. The kill cam is by no means game breaking. They already removed the 'death cam' which was (where you could follow the guy who killed you and report his position as you went). Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator, and commander always call for fall of shot. If the damage was not reported that would be fine but with so many eyes watching for fall of shot when the gunner yells 'On way'... I do not think it is too unrealistic to see if a shot penned or bounced.
  4. You can hear the Arty coming... and you can see the ranging shots in SB. With Arty... the safest place (if you cannot get out of the area due to other issues) is move into the first or second ranging crater made by the Arty strike.
  5. The 'Ping' is already enabled in the game. You simply have to hit the 'Cover me' button to show where you are for the other players on your team to see. The fact is.... tanks were only in constant communication with their own troop. A troop was 4 to 5 tanks of which Gaijin allows us to squad up and Mic with 3 other people (pretty realistic). "Lone tanks' who do not squad up could simply be considered to have faulty radios (which would also be true to life). For those tanks Gaijin has provided Flag communication and signals (Press and Hold 'J' to activate). Tank radios were set on receive during battles for updates from HQ. The tanks on a march order or that encountered the enemy were not always in position to communicate by Radio as there was too much noise and the Radio operator was most likely doing his other job (manning a MG or helping the loader). After the encounter was over... they would most certainly radio in with 'Battle Reports', usually during a break in the fighting with the engine off.
  6. The Ring of Fire was aweful... but the AAA were easily killed by tanks if you knew where they were. Once dead, bombers had a much easier and safer job. Tanks did not even have MG's modeled yet. Anyway... GF SB was released May 15th 2014. On June 3 2014 you will find a post complaining about Aircraft in SB GF which was only 18 days later.
  7. I tell you... I wish I saved the recording of a game I was in on Kuban.... I was the last tank on our team and my last Panther got offed. There was only one player on our team left so I thought... 'no point in flying in because they will have the zone capped before I get there. The enemy team (Russians) had 9 players left. The the guy on our team came in with a DO 217 and dropped on the zone and killed all 9 enemy players with one drop and won the game for us! A 9 player multi kill... I would have loved to see what he got for RP with that multiplyer added to the kill count! If his plane wasn't spaded... it was for sure after that drop!
  8. I agree that I talk like a stuck up xxxxxxx but you would too if you heard the same arguments over and over that have no basis for fact. The OP for example arguing for markers for friendlies because it is more realistic his argument based on the fact that tanks had Radios.... of which anyone who has read a history book about the realibility of radios, and what they were actually used for would know that they did not have friend or foe SAT/NAV identification in WW2 (they did not even have a satilite yet Werner von Braun was not captured as of yet). It is simply hard for most people to believe that the most secure and reliable communcations right up until the 80's was a wired phone line! Wireless was easily intercepted by the enemy and would not even work in a valley or in mountains.
  9. I am typing on a Apple ultra light keyboard that has survived many a drop, launch from lap in anger, several steps on (by a 200 pound man) and is Cat certified comfortable. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Apple-wireless-keyboard-aluminum-2007.jpg
  10. You know.. it is foggy.. but I was sure that I had a tank and a plane in my lineup on Day 1. I will check with the guys I squad with to be sure. You may be correct but I just seem to remember Bombing tanks and helping my friends with identification of enemies on the first day.
  11. There was the AI Stukas and IL2s you are correct. Of which, after I did my bomb run in my JU88 and wiped out 10 AI tanks and AT guns, I would fly my Ju88 into the midst of them and shoot the ones in front of me and let my AI gunners go to town on the ones at my rear and sides. Ash River, Kuban and Karelia all had what was known as the 'ring of fire' which were AI AAA guns around the battle. We in tanks knew where they all were and would pick them all off before our planes arrived so they could go to town on the enemy tanks with much less to fear.
  12. When tanks were released... they were player controlled. If you are talking closed beta or alpha testing... I did not participate in those. German and Soviet tanks were released and I spaded my Ju88, Ju87s, Me410's, Do217's by doing tank battles. You do not need to be good... and I certainly am not good. However, if you fly in, the enemy has a choice, keep ordinance and possibly die to you or drop ordinance and kill you(assuming you are not good). Either way... you just saved a lot of tanks! My point is that the game mode has done quite well for a long time. Many players who got fed up with dying to planes, learned to fly to play all aspects of the game. I fly generally as a last resort, but often just by being in the air with a points lead and being the last person on my team... that was all I needed to win the game. Gaijin provided players who do not want to learn to fly another game mode that could be considered 'old sim'. RB! If you are a tanker only, you know the limitations of being a tanker only and accept that in SB. Why should Gaijin change the mode to be ... well RB with no markers at all... and dumb down the game mode for people who are too lazy or not equipped to fly in SB?
  13. Birds of Steel is a PSN community. You will be able to find other SIM players there. Also if you decide to make the great leap to a Joystick... Thrustmaster is your best option, however, do not get the one made for the PS4 (Blue) get the one that was made for the PS3 (Red) as the one for the PS3 is more easily customized. The 16000m and the Hotas Warthog also work on the PS4 with War Thunder if you have extra $$ to spend... they are both great options. When you get your joystick..(if you go that route).... save yourself the headaches and PM me in PSN and I will help you set it up. Takes about 25 minutes if you know what you are doing, about an hour if you do not. If you do not have one now... I suggest you get a Keyboard. If you are running low on USB ports you may want to get a blue-tooth keyboard to save a port.
  14. #3.. Keep value of disabled Axis is what you are missing. #4.... Yes.. all buttons and extra buttons can be mapped out. As for all mouse aim features and changing them... I have no idea. I have never used them. I only play SB so they are simply not needed.
  15. Well.. .most of the guys I play with have no issues. Some that did have issues had many other games loaded up on their console of which they deleted and no more issues. Others who had issues it was their own internet WiFi of which they simply used a Cat5 cable and wired in to correct their issues. Others who had their custom controls re-set every time a new update came out, actually created conflicts of which those conflicts were the most likely source of the re-set since so many others did not have those issues. So people are quick to blame Gaijin for issues yet I strongly doubt that is most cases, it is Gaijin's fault. Me personally I had a issue just like the OP where my plane kept pulling to the left. It was not Gaijin's fault because it was a worn out controller that was causing the issue. Anyway... the OP has 5803 games at the time of quitting.... we will see if the number stays the same or not.
  16. 5803 games played at the time of quitting.
  17. Well you can go through the archives for yourself. The information is there. Also since tanks has always been combined arms from inception... you can pretty much get your answer from that. As for agreeing with me... .I could care less if you agree with facts for not. You disagreeing does not change the facts. The following is a taste of what you will find in the Forums. http://warthunder.com/en/news/2848/current/
  18. The point is people want Gaijin to change the game so that the air threat can be countered. However, Gaijin has already provided us with an excellent method of countering the air threat (Aircraft). Of which most of the guys in this post who are for adding SPAA or changing the game are ones that simply do not, or cannot fly in SB. They want the SB game to be changed to basically RB so that they can brag to friends that they play SB when really there is no difference between RB and SB tanks. It really makes no sense other than a EGO thing really. I simply do not understand why the do not simply learn to fly!
  19. Yes RB is combined arms... but you have the skill set to be able to fly in RB but not in SB apparently. I am not the one that dictates.. Gaijin is. YOu simply stated that this was a tank game of which it has never been. You can play SB all you like but why? You have RB which there is no difference in the tank game. SB gets a difficulty modifier for the air part of the game. So I am so sorry you are unable to fly in SB. They may have a course at your local college that will help you! There are also many tutorials here in these forums and on REddit and youtube that will help you as well. The one thing that makes you better than so many others that have posted in the forums, is that at least you try to fly and keep trying. Good on you!
  20. Please.. you have no idea what you are talking about. Anyone in SIM in any bomber doing CAS is not in his bomb sight. Tu2's are vertually dive bombers and can do it from an altitude where a Wirbles would not be able to hit. Lancasters can fly like heavy fighters with 14000 lbs of bombs. As for mini map.. .sorry nope again... please read up on how tanks used their radio. The did not call out positions of enemy or themselves every couple of minutes except to the tanks in their troop (4 to 5 tanks in a troop)... they updated HQ every hour or so. How long is the average tank game? Your mini map, markers and imaginary radio communication (which people argue for but really do not understand) are all in RB which is old SIM. Enjoy!
  21. So what? In a couple of more games I will have my parts and FPE... It does not take long.
  22. If you have the money... get the Warthog... you will never regret it and any flight game that comes out in the future is almost guaranteed to support it!
  23. Absolutely not! Yer 2's with 11500lbs of bombs reeking havoc on the battlefield! Do217's raining down 4000KG of bombs! Heck with that added nations we would have Lancasters and B29's in the higher tiers! No one would ever cap a zone because as soon as you entered there would be a rain of death! No thanks!
  24. Hmmm... let me see what is wrong with this statement. Well.. .Aircraft were out over a year before tanks which makes it a aircraft game. Gaijin clearly stated that it would be a combined arms game from inception and Aircraft were a part of SB GF from day one. So... the RB and AB guys who could not handle SIM simply stayed in AB and RB where it was nice. Then Gaijin took aircraft out of SB for a short while (turned into a long while) so that they could figure out how to implement Aircraft into SB GF in a manner that would be challenging and fare. I think they did a good job. So this is not a 'tank' game mode and never was so if you do not know how to fly in SB, and refuse to learn how to play all aspects of the game, why are you bothering? I love AB players because they come to SB and try to learn everything and try to get better. RB players... whaaaaaa it is tooooo hard to fly.... planes have it so easy... Gaijin!!!!! Please!!! save us from the people who have learned how to play your game as intended!!! Sniff Sniff!
  25. Ummm no.... RB is old SIM and they have markers. You can simply play that. If he does play captured tanks... it is not very often. I see him in games a lot but I have never seen him in a captured tank yet.
  26. I think it should be the other way around. Gaijin's previous games RB was a true middle ground between AB and SB however in this game... RB is so close to AB that when a AB person is asking about SB and what they should do to 'ease' into it... it is unanimous that all SB players say... skip RB and just jump into SB immediately. You would have virtually the same learning curve as a RB player jumping in for the first time. The other odd thing is... when Europeans, South Americans, Middle Easterns, Russians, SE Asians are on line... SB games are full and instant in those time zones, but when North American times zones are on, it is way more difficult to find a game (even though there are more players showing on line). North Americans (with the exception of Mexico) do not play SB. They Get Joysticks, and other peripherals cheaper than any other continent, they have cheaper internet pricing and more... but yet they will not play SB like Mexicans, Euros, Russians, etc... will!
  27. In SIM ... I love it when someone sets me on fire and leaves me for dead. I simply just dive, shut my engines off... starve the fire of fuel and often put the fire out so I fly back to base to re-arm.
  28. lol... all good. I have disagreed with too many people lately.
  29. Yes it does.... also if I die in spawn, I report the camp. If someone dies then immediately dies again.... I know we are camped even if they do not report it. I then try to do something about it. My personal record is 3 out of 4 spawn campers dead (I died to the 4th) however not before he lost half of his crew and died to someone else (because I reported the camp). Lonely? Only if you want to be! Panther424 was in the air... I was ramming a tank with my gun knocked out but called out my position..... he came in and dropped a bomb behind the tank I was ramming... the bomb killed him killed a crew member of mine but that enemy tank blocked most of the blast. Cudos to him... I repaired and finished the match. That only happened because of communication (and his really good bombing skills). Even if he killed me, he did the right thing... I was essentially dead anyway if he did not kill that tank.
  30. Trophies for everyone is the concept of the RB and AB players. They love to take credit for their computer's abilities. 'I shot down 15 aircraft last match'..... well... no... your computer did! It steadied your plane automatically and you simply just pointed your mouse over the enemy plane and pressed the fire button at the appropriate time. The computer did all the flying for you! Heck you can put your convergence out to a ridiculous distance because you can snipe people from over 1KM out and kill them in AB and RB. Anyway... agreed in tanks markers are certainly hand holding. They are certainly not in any way shape or form 'realistic' like the OP wants you to believe. The OP wants to say he plays SIM instead of RB for what? Bragging rights? To look down on RB people? If he flies in SB GF, then maybe he can, but if he only tanks, there is really no difference between RB (Old SB) and SB. If he feels 'lonely' out there, it is simply because he has no situational awareness. Althix can be on my team in the complete south of the map, and I on the complete north with no visual but I have a very good idea of what he is doing. I also know that unless he dies, the south is safe from flankers and more and I do not have to worry about that and concentrate on what I am doing.
  31. It does not show any RB battles in the last 30 days... I checked. Gatenomes has not played AB in the last 30 days either. I will double check on that. There was a time when I had to play AB (no harm in that) but TheGun31 states that he has not played AB in the last two years and that would be believable if he did not show stats in the last 30 days. So he still plays AB and flies in AB but will not fly in SB. The question is WHY? You simply do not fly in SB because you do not know how and are unwilling to learn. At least that is an honest answer.
  32. I am searching for reasons and all is shear speculation. However, the facts are.... 20000 people on line during Russian and European (non prime time) and it is full games with 0 wait. 25000 people on line during North American prime time and you have small games and longer wait times (and still it has a tendency to be a lot of Euro's and Russians who work odd hours).
  33. I checked my stats and several of my squad members stats and none have any Arcade stats in the last 30 days. However TheGun31 does. I checked the stats of some random SIM players that I meet with all the time that I was sure do not play Arcade... and they do not show Arcade stats in the last 30 days. Odd how people who do not fly in SB, but have flown in other modes seem to get 'random' arcade stats put in their stats in the last 30 days when SIM players who do fly in SB do not get 'random' arcade stats showing up in the last 30 days! Weird how the game only 'picks' on the guys who do not fly in SB!
  34. And if those are only the repairs I need... it is done in 20 seconds. If he kills me in 20 seconds.. crap he deserved the kill. In reality... the gun barrel should not be fixed at all in game!
  35. Catch 22...... or Irony... who knows? The guy wants more events and will not play SIM until there are more events.... but Gaijin will not add more events unless the player base if up. What to do? I am sure we all would be happy with more events however, since North Americans do not play SIM they will not be forthcoming until they actually do. The only reason (that makes any sense) why we do not have more North Americans playing SIM is because 'Trophies for Everyone' is only a North American concept. They do not like having to work to win their trophies and take some beats. They have to be instant good or will not play! I guess? Maybe it is the education system? Mexico, Central America, and South America have more SIM players on line than North Americans (I understand Mexico is part of North America but they are the exception to the rule so I include them with Central America for this particular observation). Maybe it is their better education system that makes the difference?
  36. Why? My tanks with everything damaged get repaired in 40 seconds! A long time ago it used to take about 4 minutes. What does it matter? 40 seconds is not a long time to wait.
  37. To the OP... FYI.. in SB you get a lot more RP than you would in RB. Therefore you are running out of SL because you are getting expensive modifications and new Aircraft sooner that you would ever in RB.
  38. SB is more realistic in that respects. Tankers did not know where their other units were only that they were operating in the same area. Tanks were in a Troop or 4 to 5 tanks of which they were in communication with those 4 to 5 tanks (in game a squad of 4 can be on MIC'd together). Tanks left their radios on 'receive' when in combat and only checked in with before and after battle reports with HQ. Maybe every hour or so. Radio chatter was frowned upon because the enemy could be listening in and HQ needs to have the channel open for changes to plans and enemy movements. They did not have SAT/NAV with friend or foe identification until the late 90's and (could be wrong on that ... it may be even more recent), even then SAT/NAV is not as reliable as markers over friendlies represents in this game. Case and point... the only Challenger 2 ever destroyed in combat was done so by another Challenger 2 because they did not know that another unit was operating in the area and assumed enemy. That was in 2003! The fact is FF incidents are an embarrassment to any armed forces and most are unreported! Vietnam... conservative estimate of casualties for the USA is 25% of all American casualties were from FF incidents. The Americans simply did not know where their own forces were most of the time! Fog of war! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=tank+troop&&view=detail&mid=66362977434683B799D866362977434683B799D8&FORM=VRDGAR
  39. Not sure about Arcade but in SB in the Game controls, you can turn off Auto reload on the airfield. Then you have to hit a button to reload. This gives you an opportunity to taxi into a aircraft hanger and be relatively safe from enemy bombs and strafing.
  40. Never put something off until tomorrow which can simply be done the day after that! Procrastinators unite!!!!!
  41. My take on FPE for higher tiers.... You really do not need it. Even if you had it, by the time you put the fire out, you are dead from the second shot. As for free parts and repairs..... I always consider it lucky to be able to repair cannon barrels, breeches, engines and transmission in the field (since in real life that would equal the tank being abandoned until the battle is over and a recovery vehicle takes the tank back to base for repairs). Also you should note that Gaijin does give you free repairs in the hanger for a new vehicle (to help compensate for dying to no FPE or Parts) and Gaijin gives you an opportunity to earn free GE (GE wagers) to use towards the purchase of FPE and Parts. Fires.... I consider it very lucky that I get an opportunity to drive my tank after a fire since most crews abandoned tanks that were set on fire even if they did have FPE... they came back to the tank later. Repair times... I consider if very lucky that I can repair a track, suspension, and more in under 30 seconds since in real life those repairs took hours in some cases. However, all that being said.. it certainly would not be fun if you had to repair a track for several minutes in a 25 minute long game. In that respects, I just remind myself that it is just a game will all the limitations of 'realism VS fun'.
  42. Then why do you have Aircraft stats (Lots of them) in arcade and have Arcade stats in the last 30 days? Anyway, the point is, if you fly in Arcade why not fly in SIM?
  43. Well that is easy except you will run out of SL because you earn way too much RP and unlock the jets too quickly. Just play SIM. I have all jets (except for Italian) and I am really not that good! Thanks for your honest reply Green Fury.. .maybe in the future SB will be more popular as people learn that you more RP and that the player is actually flying the plane instead of the computer with 'instructor' on.
  44. Actually I just checked your stats and you have Arcade stats in the last 30 days. So you still do play AIR AB. Good for you! So why do you not fly in SIM? ;). GG game on your part.. but once you died... you left the game instead of flying in! Why is that? Your girlfriend left too!
  45. You know I appreciate that however load-outs for tanks can be changed as well and do not reflect what they use in 'real life'. It is actually nice that Gaijin let us change our load-outs really. One thing of note though. The AP shells in German SPAA were actually quite common especially on the Eastern Front where the armoured IL2's were one of the biggest threats on the battle field. What the historical make-ups were... I simply do not know and will take your word for it. For me... It does not matter what load-out I take because I always end up regretting not taking more of the 'other'!
  46. Kind of why I like the mode the way it is. There is not much they can do to alter tanks from mode to mode because of the 'multi-crew' factor. I am not a good pilot in SB, but I appreciate the people who are and the time they took to improve and be 'masters' at that aspect of the game. Some guys do make it look easy but, that is a 'learned' ability (whether it be carry over from another game or even a 'natural' at this one). Even the best of players in the Air game will constantly try to improve their skills. What I am trying to avoid by completely objecting to the very idea, is the amount of team kills that RB and AB players being able to bring a SPAA instead of a second medium or instead of a plane, into the game. Part of the learned aspects of SB GF is Aircraft and tank identification of which... AB and RB players have no need to actually learn that because Markers for friendlies make learning tanks and aircraft pointless. I do not want to see that talented SB guy on my team get shot down by a AB or RB guy who just got killed by a plane and will spawn back in with a SPAA and shoot at everything that moves in the air for revenge (including team mates)!
  47. Then why did you bother correcting the OP in what you 'assume' he wants? Why are you even arguing the point if you do not want the mode to change?
  48. I was responding to your interpretations of the what the OP wants. You want 'Flexibilty' but currently do not use the 'flexibility' Gaijin has provided for you. How does that make any sense? Unless of course you are an advocate of dumbing down the mode instead of playing RB so that you can say to people that you play SB and actually look down on the RB and AB players? SB tanks is no different than RB tanks with few exceptions however SB aircraft is very different which gives SB GF argueably a higher learned skills set.
  49. So you voted against it?
  50. Exchanging your second Medium for a SPAA. When you can simply just fly out to kill the Air problems... but you currently do not do that. You want Gaijin to hold your hand and give you a SPAA instead of your Medium tank because you do not want to fly in. You want Gaijin to change the game because you currently refuse to use the resources available to you to counter the air threat. Oh... so sorry btw... I should have said 'Flexibility' instead of 'Tactical Choice'. You currently do not use the flexibility that Gaijin has provided in the game to fly out if you lose your first tank to counter an Air threat so why should there be a need for change if you currently do not use all options available now?
  51. How so? You mentioned that you want tactical choice.. and you do have it but currently do not use it.. why would changing the game make it any different? Why not just fly in SB and use your choices available to you now?
  52. Well that is definitely true for the PS4 players however PC can change and save their control layouts for the different modes with relative ease. I suck at FPS games too and I suck in the air in all modes in this game... however I still try and when I do get a well deserved and 'earned' kill in a fighter (I do not count rear gunner kills whether it be AI guns or me manning the guns as 'earned') it is all the more satisfying!
  53. Sure I do... you want a 'tactical' choice but why bother really... you do not use the ones that are already there (like flying out). So you currently have a tactical choice of Tanking or flying.. but since you do not seem able to fly in SIM (but will in other game modes) you want Gaijin to change the rules of the game to accomodate your needs. Why do you not take advantage of the tactical choice of flying to counter the air threat now? I mean RB tanks is really no different than SB tanks except for the flying part of the game. The flying part certainly makes SB more difficult and adds a really good challenge to the game, however, you do not want to play that way! You want Gaijin to change SB so it will be more like RB instead of just playing RB or just using your planes in SB. 'TACTICAL CHOICE' is what you want.. but Gaijin has already given you the 'TACTICAL CHOICE' of flying or tanking so that obviously cannot be your reason for change since TACTICAL CHOICE already exists in the game mode as it stands.
  54. But I do! You see you will not fly in SIM (but will in other modes) to counter the air threat and want a SPAA instead. You want to have the game changed because you simply do not want to learn all aspects of the game. Anyone can see that and understand why you have the point of view you have. It is the same premise why some people change the rules of monopoly. They change them to accomodate little children who have not actually learned how to play the game properly as of yet. I completely understand where your points are coming from. Agreed... no Air Spawns at all... and that new air reload has to go! Why was that even brought in? You see... changes are made to the game... sometimes just random and sometimes at peoples requests and other things get messed up when the changes are made. There was a request a long time ago to make the runways longer... they did on some maps and now all of sudden there is this air reload icon on maps. Coincidence? Not too sure! The game is pretty balanced as it is right now. You can take a Medium... die to air... then fly in to counter the air threat... and then take out another Medium tank again. Why do you need to take out a SPAA instead of a plane or instead of another Medium? KH_Alan flies in other modes but does not in SIM?!?! Why would he not just take out a Fighter and shoot the enemy CAS down then return to his tank? Why would he want to make SB tanks more difficult in one respect but the actual part of SB GF that is more 'SIMMY' (aircraft) he refuses to take advantage of the added realism over other game modes? Weird really!
  55. Which is cool and all yet he does not fly out in SB? So why will he fly in other modes but not in SB? Now certainly he can 'PAD' his numbers for winrate and winrate does not actually mean that he is winning the games, he may just happen to be on the team that does win a particular game. So... He flies in AB but refuses to fly in SB. I just do not understand why.
  56. Hey I get it. Since you do not fly in SIM... you fly in every other mode... but not SIM... you want to be able to compete against the guys who do fly but without actually having to learn to fly yourself. You have flown maybe a couple of dozen times in SB but have 100's of tank battles but instead of using your aircraft to combat the guys who are good at CAS... you simply want Gaijin to change the mode just for you. You fly in RB and AB but not SB. Why is that? Why can you not just take your fighters out that you earned in RB and shoot down the enemy aircraft? Why do you need a SPAA? You have the planes!
  57. So this 'New' system would be no better than the old one that has been tried and true for 3 years or more now. So what is the point of changing it? Gaijin could use the resources for other things that would be more beneficial to the game than making so that the players who are too poor and refuse to ask Santa for a jet for Christmas (164 sleeps away) can play in tier 5 SB GF tanks with a SPAA instead of a plane. Or the players who are simply find SB aircraft way too hard and do not want to spend the time to learn how to fly in SB.... well it is ok.. poor babies... we will get Gaijin to spend the money and change the game just for you so you can play too! Awwwww! Muffin!
  58. Combine that with another post going on to have a SPAA used instead of a plane (for the people who do not know how to fly in SIM) and there is no difference to RB.
  59. Well put and my argument all along. You see what this post is about is letting the poor players who do not have the money to get a jet or if they got it, they do not know how to use it in SIM and will simply crash it on the runway. They want AB players who simply cannot be bothered learning to fly in SIM to have the ability to counter the SB guys who did take the time to learn how to fly and play this game mode. Trophies for everyone... no need to actually learn how to play the game... here... you can play with this SPAA instead of learning how to fly... there there... feel better now? The good old pacifier in the mouth!
  60. AB players and RB players will be able to shoot all the talented SB pilots down (if there are any who would actually play in that kind of environment) where before the SB guys would rack up their kill counts if they even attempted to fly. Seems like a win win! Now the SB guys in the air will have much less people actually flying and the AB and RB will simply be able to point a mouse on their plane diving in and let loose 100's of rounds at them as they attempt to rocket or bomb them... or the other SPAA beside them... or the other one close by on their left... or the one close by on their right... or the one behind them a few meters back... or the one that spawned to the south...... all the while all those other guys can shoot at the SB guy too. That would make thousands of rounds! One is bound to hit! (that is all it takes).
  61. Very true.... they have that in RB right now with the spawn point system. Which I guess is the same level of difficulty as SB really.. and since no one would really need to fly, why bother having SB at all? The few guys who would fly into a barrage of SPAA... would probably never see another plane.. be really pointless for them to even bother to queue in SB GF. This would also be really good for Russian and German players who have a lot of SPAA available in any event that can actually kill tanks. The American and Brits may suffer a little (or a lot). They would have no aircraft to shoot at really and are useless against tanks. Heck it would almost be pointless to play those two countries in some events since German or Russian SPAA can kill their tanks and their advantage in CAS would be null and void by all the AB players shooting at anything in the air. Heck P47's have a tough time if there is two SPAA on the ground... imagine 7 or 8? All for it... but I like the idea of swapping plane for SPAA the best! That would leave EC for the guys who prefer flying in the game as really the only game mode where they would be able to actually fly a plane. PS: Does anyone know how I can change my vote? I voted no but need to change that to 'yes' and it will not let me!
  62. But what about the guys who want to actually use a SPAA because they want to use a SPAA (and get 3 spawns now)..... why should they not be allowed to cap points and defend them? Why should those guys be denied the extra RP and SL just because some people do not want to fly in SIM?
  63. You can use a keyboard, mouse... gamer pad... you can even use a Thrustmaster Warthog or Saitek XP 55 Rhino with rudder pedals on the PS4. You can set up and use your phone as for your maps as well.
  64. I believe that but could the jet hear the prop engine? Some jets are pretty quiet. However a B17 flew over my house (very very rare) last weekend, and I heard it coming and knew it was something special (air to ground is not a good example) would you not be able to hear a different type of prop over another prop for the simple change is 'note'? I do not know? Really just curious!
  65. I am for the idea.... what is the point in me flying if I could use a SPAA instead. Normally I would just fly and take my chances... if you got the better of me... good on you! You deserve the kill... but if I have a option to take out a SPAA instead of a plane... I have a much better chance! The BEST SB pilots could be easily neutralized by AB and RB players (and myself) using a SPAA instead of a aircraft! That would also mean that the SB player would have way less chances of dog fighting in SB GF. It is not as if they enjoy dog fighting opportunities anyway so that is a mute point really!
  66. Once they lose their tanks... all the AB and RB players (who cannot fly) will spawn in a SPAA instead of leave the game like they do now. Why would they not if that is their option? Sure the other option is for them to give up a second 'Medium' spawn and still have a plane but what if they drove out in a Heavy and cannot fly. It would not make sense to go that route for game change. It would make more sense to be able to choose a plane or SPAA. That is the idea I will vote for for sure. Stahlvormund101 ... I might actually have a chance against him if I drive out in my SPAA instead of flew out. That would also deny him a potential air to air kill. I am all for this! Bring on the changes!
  67. You can go through the archives and see for yourself. This has been hashed out long ago. However you guys have convinced me. przybysz86 is in the air and I lose my last tank. I cannot beat him in the air... but I can shoot him down with a SPAA if he comes for me. Once he is dead I can turn to kill tanks easier then I can with bombs or rockets and have what would seem like unlimited ammo to do so (I would have to fly back to the AF to reload my bombs or rockets). Then I can go and cap a zone (I certainly cannot do that in a plane). AB players all lose their tanks and spawn back in with SPAA instead of leave the game as they do now... imagine 8 AB players shooting at aircraft with their SPAA. Heck.. it would be dangerous for friendly aircraft (AB and RB players have a tendency to now know what friend or foe look like). Then that SB player (who has skill and talent) gets shot down by the AB players shooting wildly lose the game because once the skies are clear they move to cap zones to win the game! Oh BTW... once this change happens it would be over a year before they would change it back. SB air guys would have a hell of time.
  68. Coelian has always been useless against tanks. The Flakpanzer 1... why bother when you can use the Gepard in the same event! The fact is it can kill tanks very effectively where that same player may not be so effective in a aircraft. (hence why they push the issue). As it stands right now... they can tank in ... and once dead.. they can choose to fly. If they choose not to fly then they are out of the game. You might want to note that my K/D ratio in my SPAA's are much better than my K/D in my aircraft..... actually... you know what.... I will change my vote. Skill be damned and rules be damned. I can kill way more tanks with SPAA than aircraft so... yes.. lets have the option for AB players to play a SPAA instead of fly in. Lets make all modes the same level of difficulty! Why not? In fact.. might as well do away with SIM tanks altogether since there really is no difference between RB and SB except for the skill level in flying aircraft out. Since we do not need to fly anymore with having the option to drive a SPAA... why bother having SIM tanks at all?
  69. That is a totally different argument. Mind you it was one of the biggest arguments for people who could not fly wanting to have a SPAA instead. They would not actually shoot aircraft down but be a tank instead.
  70. Check out my stats for Ostwind, ZSU 57, Crusader AA, ZSU 37, Kugelblitz, Gepard (early tier one), and more. Way more tank kills than aircraft kills! I am not the only one either that has stats like that. Sorry but children eventually have to learn how to play monopoly properly. They have to learn the rules of Soccer, football and more if they want to play. They also have to have the proper equipment, but because some people do not have the equipment they should change the game so they can play too? Trophies for everyone!
  71. The game has been this way for a long time. This argument comes up often. The argument always comes from players who simply refuse to fly. There have been many poles on this. Players who earned all planes and tanks the hard way will have to just let players who did not or will not work for the equipment needed because it is either too difficult or too expensive play the just they way they want. Again.. Gaijin has provided 2 other modes of gameplay for players who find SB too difficult to fly in. Why do we need a third? Why do we need to take away the motivation of a player to actually learn to fly? Most people who are tired of getting bombed... learn to fly! But with this suggestion.. they do not have to learn anything. They can just coast along because there is no need to actually try. As I mentioned before... Should IL2 or other SIMS be forced to dumb down the game or change it so that people who find it difficult can play too?
  72. You see.. that is the thing... SPAA can kill tanks and cap zones and shoot down aircraft. So what the OP wants is another tank because he cannot be bothered to fly. How is that fair? The enemy team did it's job and eliminated all player tanks... nope but wait... this guy does not fly in so he is allowed to drive a SPAA instead to cap the final zone. The guy who took the time to learn to fly is the last player on a team and their last guy is capping in his tank. He flies in and bombs him to win the game or at least make for an opportunity for a Dog Fight to see who wins... but nope... that player he bombed cannot fly in SB so he gets to drive a SPAA out instead. How is that fair? Seriously? One person who in game earned the planes to play in that match-up has to go up against a AB player who does not know how to fly but is allowed to have a another tank instead (that he can actually use in game)? The guy who flew in cannot go an cap the zone to win but the SPAA guy can! The guy who flew in does not have any more bombs.. but the guy who refuses to learn to fly or plays in a lineup where he does not have a plane can cap with his SPAA. The guy who flew in won that game.. but because we have to cater to people who do not want to learn how to play the game, the player who flew in now loses the game.
  73. Just a thought. If you were listening to your own engines and knew that sound whether you were throttling up or down, if another plane came closer (under the speed of sound) would you not at least hear a difference in sound? I do not know? I mean in a car with the windows closed I can hear another car coming at a certain distance away. The last flight I took, I could hear other planes' engines on the runway even though my engines were obviously much closer.
  74. Not really... the OP wants Gaijin to spend money on developers, updates and more to accommodate his needs. My opinion costs Gaijin nothing really, and actually gives Gaijin an opportunity to earn valuable income so that we all can continue to play this game.
  75. Well they have two events going on all day. If you do not have aircraft for the one, then you can play in the other event. If you do not have tanks and planes for the one, you simply cannot spawn in that event at all. So it would be better if that player simply played the lower tier event that he has both tanks and aircraft for. Or he can go into a few EC and earn the planes that they need for the same event next week. Or they can play RB until they earn the aircraft they want to fly out... or they can spend some money and pay for the aircraft they want (which would be Gaijin's motivation I would imagine).
  76. Many would love to see it in SIM events including myself however, it is not available in any event.
  77. Here is the original quote: No mention of actually using your aircraft spawn to counter the 'ace bomber' like the game is designed. So back to my original question... Why do you need to get a SPAA spawn when a player can simply fly in to counter the 'Ace Bomber'? The best answer I have is "Learn to fly Carl" https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=learn+to+fly+carl&&view=detail&mid=DF2D7E59C9EDCCAEEBF5DF2D7E59C9EDCCAEEBF5&FORM=VRDGAR
  78. The concept was simple early on in the game. Heavy tanks cost more to manufacture and were used as breakthough for major operations. Look at the quantity of KV1's and 2's vs T34's or Panzer 4's and Panthers produced vs Tigers. Gaijin set up SB originally to sort of reflect that and to give some motivation to drive something other than a heavy tank. (Light tanks originally had 3 spawns). The system worked really well but in some people's view it breaks down when you get to the higher tiers. Mediums now have guns that can kill Heavies just as easily as heavies can kill them, but the Medium still gets two spawns. In some respects this is true to life because in the 1950's and 1960's in the real life battle of armour vs gun.... the gun actually won. This forced most nations to do away with the 'Heavy tank' concept altogether. What was the point of making a heavy tank that cost 3 times as much as a Medium just for it to die as easily? It was more cost effective to make 3 Medium tanks instead! It is not until the Brits introduced new composite amour in the late 80's that the gun started to be 'challenged' (pardon the pun) again.
  79. I agree with the PC.. but do not use these examples as a motivation to do so. There are a lot of reasons why a few PS4 players get lag while most others do not. Sardinha08 has his controls laid out for all to see and in his controls he has so many conflicting buttons and options that it is no wonder he has issues with every update. Also all the players that I know that do not have 20 or more games loaded up on their PS4 using up available space on the HD, do not have these issues of lag and stuttering (of which some PC players were having similar issues). Some PS4 players use WIFI instead of plugging in directly to the router and therefore have lag. PS4 is also treated differently and we do not get all the 'Gaijin' Store specials that are available... simply because it is 'SONY's' store not Gaijin's website. I recommend PC for sure.. .but if you like the idea of watching War Thunder on a 50"+ HD TV while sitting on your couch or favourite chair free of a dedicated computer station... maybe the PS4 is for you!
  80. The point being is that people are trying to fix what is not broken simply because they are unwilling to learn all aspects of the game we have. You do not have to be good (I suck at flying for example), but why should I demand that Gaijin change the game mode because I suck at flying? Why should the people, who have taken the time to learn to fly well in the game and use all aspects of what is available to them, have to let other people who cannot be bothered have a extra SPAA instead of a plane? Trophies for every one is really only a North American concept. Most other nations and continents have winners and losers and therefore actually give people a motivation to improve. Would you want people to come into a SIM game like IL2 and make them 'dumb' it down so they can play too? Gaijin has already provided not one, but two modes for players who do not wish to acquire and learn the skill of flying in SB. Why should Gaijin provide them with another? For the people who are complaining that they want to fly in but have not earned the aircraft... well... earn the aircraft! You did, I did (and it was not easy for me because I am terrible). Gaijin has already provided them with the means to purchase the Aircraft they need if they so choose. If they do not have the money, Gaijin has provided them a way to earn the planes for free! I want to go to Austrailia to visit friends and family but I just have not put the funds away to do so as of yet, but maybe Gaijin will give me the $$$ so that I can because that is what people are expecting of Gaijin.. more charity!
  81. Actually yes.. there are a lot of destroyed tents on the airfield. I have many in'tents' moments when taking off or landing. As for kills in EC.. sorry but I rarely stay until the end... but the kills are still there. In fact I can leave a game and immediately they show (easy for me to keep track because I get so few) As for the difference between controlling a tank in each mode... How about we compare what it actually takes to train a pilot to be good and a tanker. How about we compare the education level of what a tanker would have vs what a pilot would have. A grade 3 educated driver could drive a tank but probably would get washed out of any flight programs. Does there really need to be a difference big difference in how you control a tank? One thing I petitioned for was to make RB air a little more difficult so that it would be a stepping stone between AB and SB. As it stands... a AB player wanting to learn to fly in SB might as well skip RB because RB and AB there is very little difference. What makes SB tanks a little more challenging is the air side of battle. Of which even as I am getting rocketed I appreciate the skill they learned by playing the game.
  82. One thing that should be noted about your wait times in the highest tier event. People do not play that event not because it is a event based system. They do not play that event because few like ATGMs. That event used to be extremely popular but then ATGM's came out and many lost interest and will play the lower tier event (no matter what it is) instead.
  83. 15 minutes to find a match? Well you wanted to play Allies only then and would not flip to Russians where it was instant queues all day long. The fact is you were probably playing during North American prime time of which, North Americans have a much lower percentage of SIM players compared to Russian, European, Middle Eastern, African, SE Asian, South American, Central American, and Mexican. Do not blame Gaijin's system (which works really well in all other areas) on North Americans finding SB too difficult, or not entertaining enough, or whatever the reason. 20000 people on line during Euro and Russian prime time and you get instant full games in SB GF. 29000 people on line duing North American prime time and you get wait times and smaller games. (of which you find that a lot of the players are still not from North America)
  84. I know you were referring to only friendly markers... of which.. you have RB. The only Challenger 2 that has ever been destroyed in combat was done so by another Challenger 2 because they did not know another unit was operating in their area. Now if that can happen in modern times.. What do you expect from WW2, Korea and Vietnam eras? Do not combine SB GF with EC to judge your wait times. They are two completely different modes. EC has the community divided and since I am not the best in the air... I do not offer my opinion. I will play whatever the community decides on that. The drop off happened people (who could fly in RB) found out that they had to fly in SB and were unwilling to do so. Not for the reasons you are suggesting. Also, the numbers were still way up even with SB players moving to RB and AB because their heavy tanks got bombed by people who could actually fly!
  85. Thank you... I upvoted your post. It is nice to see we can agree on something. Thank you again!
  86. Now since you have not played in a long time and obviously RB is your mode now (which is actually old SIM). The wait times are way down and they added an extra event because of it. Screen shots please on your imaginary wait times. You may also want to time stamp your screen shots for time zones. Markers were removed and the game has been better and more realistic because of it. Because markers were removed they had to make the game faction specific. Of which you have RB to play if you choose to have markers. Radio Operator realism did not give SAT NAV locations until the late 1990's and early 2000's. Radio operators put the radio on receive during combat and only reported in to HQ every hour or so (games only last 25 minutes). Mics were used for a troop of tanks of which you can squad up with 3 other people and be on Mics for that. They did enable you to ping locations of enemies or whatever on the map. FYI... even in modern times friendlies do not always know exactly where friendlies are, hence why there have been so many FF incidents in recent wars. So please do not try to pass of markers as 'realism' based your opinion only with no facts to back it up. The M26 is far from being the 'top' tier tank in the events it able to go into. Sure it is good in the right hands but it is as easily killed by most tanks it faces. Specific tanks on specific days... well you only have to read the RB and AB forums about BR compression and over tiering and under tiering. There is usually a new post on the subject every day. You may want to actually do more research before you make a post such as this... You are also welcome to go through the Archives and read the multitude of posts complaining about wait times way back when (which there virtually none in recent times) and you may want to check the archives searching 'Absolute SIM' and see the overwhelming response to the event based system and how popular it is/was.
  87. No new news there. I have maintained all along that I am not the best in the air but at least I give it a shot because that is part of the game and I try to do my part. Others in the game do not and they petition Gaijin to give them an extra spawn or special treatment (take out a SPAA instead of a plane) because they cannot be bothered trying. You will see player after player complaining about aircraft in SB GF but when you check their stats (as Althix says) they have many hours in aircraft in other modes. So why should we change the rules of SB for these people who are too lazy to sift through the multitude of tutorials and learn how to fly in SIM? Also... You should file a bug report on your aircraft stats not showing for EC. Mine are. For example: My R2Y2's have only ever flown in EC. I earned them in EC and have never flown them in SB GF because I do not have Japanese Tier 5 tanks. You will also notice that if you crash on the runway... it does not record a lot of flight time. That may be some of the disparity of hours (or days) spent in the air.
  88. You have more choice now than you ever did in the BR based system. In the BR based system you had to switch sides and BR's contantly to actually get a game. You have to go where the numbers were in queue. The wait times were huge! Then Absolute SIM came out and virtually everyone loved it. That is what we have now. Short wait times.. full games when Euros and Russians are on line (North Americans generally do not play SIM).
  89. Sure it is... There is a ton of new blood compared to old SIM. Nobody liked it when Yer 2's and DO 217's came in and carpet bombed half the enemy team! Look at the RB players complain about it now! Nobody liked the super long wait times back then. Everyone trying to queue to the numbers available. Changing sides and BR levels just to get a game. Not being able to play tier 4 or 5 because no one would queue as the Germans. The event based system changed all that and there is hardly any wait times. I personally do not want to see Yer 2's in SB again with 11500 pounds of bombs dropping into a cap zone or spawn zone! Oh and BTW... in the BR based system.. Mediums got two spawns, Heavies 1 spawn, and you were allowed to take out a aircraft or fly in first. Your choice!
  90. Actually I do not check thunderskill because Thunderskill specifically says that its stats may be different from in game and not real. Just so you know the game has Heavy tanks as 1 spawn and medium tanks as two spawns. It was been that way for a very long time but because you like to play Heavy tanks and die way too early in games (I guess), you want a second spawn for your inability to play your tanks properly inside the metrics of the game. You want Gaijin to spend money in re-programming the game just so you can die twice really quickly in the game. You have the power to choose to not take a heavy tank! You can also choose to fly in SB (but you do not for some reason) You fly in AB but not in SB... why is that? You seem to do just fine in your tanks in SB. You seem to do fine with you planes in AB... So why do you not fly in SB once your tanks are dead?
  91. I am so sorry Amyel... I just checked your stats in game for the limited SB games that you have played. My apologies for fighting so hard to keep the game with a difficulty level a little higher than the other two modes you usually play. I did not realize that you want an opportunity to actually do something for your team instead of crashing on the runway or dying 2 times for every kill you get. Do not worry... really... you will get better! Time and practice is ll it takes, just keep at it.
  92. I put your argument into easy to understand terms so that you would be able to understand what you are asking. Unfortunately your teacher last year did not force you to wear your helmet while playing hopscotch at recess and this is the result. Shame really. Your parents should sue the school because they will now have to provide for you for the rest of their lives. You know, you can borrow money from your mommy so you can purchase a jet! Or maybe ask Santa to get you one for Christmas! Christmas is only 166 Sleeps away!
  93. Thanks. I am glad you see it the correct way. Why the comments if you knew I was right all along? That was not a rage BTW... that was simply your argument summed up in easy to understand terms.
  94. Naw... you are simply unable to comprehend the simple things in life. So you are unwilling to put the time in to earn jets for free or pay for aircraft that you can use, so you want Gaijin to provide you with the means to play? Poor little one! Gaijin may just change the game just for you! I mean why would they want to limit you to playing lower tiers in a free to play game! I am sure they will give you the means to play simply out of charity. Gaijin does not need to have a free to play game with no means of earning revenue! They can pay the developers to program in your changes out of the goodness of their hearts! You know what? It would help if you held your breath until you turned blue and then stomped up and down yelling at the top of your lungs "This is not fair!" Then you can throw yourself on the ground an kick and scream and let the tears really flow! Catch that all on Video and send that to Gaijin developers as proof that you mean business!
  95. You are not too bright are you? I guess since you cannot fly in SIM you will simply have to go back to AB or RB. Of course you would take the leo.. over the zsu... What you want is to be able to take out your Gepard when both your Leo's die.. .because you are unable to fly. Boo hoo... I cannot fly so I need a extra tank! lol Sure friend. Trophies for everyone. Gaijin... the game is too hard in SB! I want you to make it easier so I can play. I know you made RB but I want to say to people I play SB (but am not actually able to play SB)... but I want to be able to say it!
  96. They provided you with AB and RB if you simply do not want to fly in SIM. SIM has been this way for .... oh... 3 years now and it is balanced. You have an opportunity to fly your planes out or not. If you do not have the planes, then you made that choice. The OP is asking for an 'Extra' tank in lieu of a plane or sacrificing a Medium tank instead of just flying out in a plane. As for the SPAA killing tanks... well...you simply have not played the game if you think that is BS. ZSU 57 VS leo or M60.. who wins usually? Ostwind or Wirble VS M18. M10, Shermans, M24, Cromwells and much more. Sorry Erwin.. but you will simply have to go back to AB and enjoy the game there. They made that mode just for people just like you!
  97. Of which Gaijin has kindly provided them with AB mode. Very nice of them indeed!
  98. Yes and others have the same opportunities to learn to fly in the game. There are many tutorials and the game has been this way for about 3 years. Gaijin has included other modes such as RB and AB for people who simply find SB too difficult. What is being requested is that instead of a plane, someone who cannot be bothered to learn to fly in SIM should get a SPAA (extra tank) instead.... or for people who choose to take out a Medium tank, they should get a choice to take out a SPAA or a Medium instead of their second Medium spawn. So because people are unable (or in some cases unwilling) to fly in SB, we have to change what is not broken to accommodate trophies for everyone! "Boo hoo... I got killed by someone who was willing to take the time to learn how to fly in SB, and I want to be able to do something about it but .... I do not want to put the effort into learning how to fly!" Gaijin please save me! I want to continue to be lazy and I do not want to put the time into learning how to fly in SB. Gaijin you can simply pay developers to reprogram the mode and let me take a SPAA instead of plane or let me have a SPAA instead of a Medium! Please Gaijin... save us from having to put effort into learning how to play this game!
  99. Rarely do I crash on runways... but hey... I certainly do try. And I do get kills both on ground targets and in the air. Now since I am often # 1 on my team for placement (60% or more of the time) you can simply cry elsewhere. Have you read a book yet?