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  1. You do know that Huertgen Forest is in the Ardennes Right? I mean it is only 120KMs away from Bastogne. Malmedy is even closer... and it is basically the jump off point for the Battle of the Bulge. That is probably why it looks more like Hurtgen Forest as opposed to Eastern Europe.
  2. Man.. you are unlucky.. .my last 5 battles were Kursk, Mozdok, Advance to the Rhine, Poland, and Eastern Europe! Of which Kursk, Mozdok, Poland, and Eastern Europe are all bigger maps in SIM than they have in AB or RB.
  3. It is amazing how many people think that they had laser sighting equipment, and Sat/NAV GPS in WW2 and Korea.  You know, long before Sputnik was launched in 1957! 

  4. I am just agreeing with you really. I mean AB and RB are essentially the same except for wing rip. I do not doom and gloom bombers... I just work to shoot them down and fail or not!
  5. Well... I cannot really judge on flight models... because I have never flown a real plane let alone the real versions of the 400 planes that we have in the game. The main thing is know your planes. If your Joystick remains constant... then you will discover the limitations of each aircraft based on your input. You will be more gentle on some planes than you would with others and that is simply learned. If you change your controls constantly for each aircraft... how will you remember what is what?
  6. Agreed... bombers in SIM have to fly in cockpit mode which means if they try to maneuver and fly the plane, or are on final approach and are lining up a base or AF to bomb, they cannot see the enemy fighter and what it is doing or how it changed its approach. You can in AB and RB though (while still mouse aiming no less)!
  7. I cannot get that one off the ground either! lol... works well off a Carrier though and looking forward to getting Carrier take off and landings back very soon once the testing is done. As for flight controls that fit all aircraft and compared to other games. Well they could take away most aircraft in the game and whittle it down to a couple of dozen planes to make it much easier like some games do. Or they can copy and paste and make all planes essentially the same except for their 'looks' like World of Warplanes! Just saying!
  8. All the SIM players adjusted their game play for changes made for other modes. It really is not an issue. Bomb nerfs happened because RB guys could just fly in a tank game with the third person reticule and drop one small bomb on a tank and kill it. They would not miss even if they were turning or doing maneuvers. They took away the third person reticule and people were outraged and said that RB would suffer and people would leave the game if that happened (like some are suggesting here if markers are removed). They however did not leave the game and are now complaining that the bombs need to be buffed because they cannot kill anyone anymore. etc etc.. As for the Vya-23s... they fire from a different angle that negates most armour or hit parts of the tank that have minimal armour.
  9. Well I do not have issues killing them in SIM... sometimes they get me... sometimes I get them... sometimes we trade. If you are not having an issue killing them in Arcade then why the post? You kill them the same way in RB.
  10. gameplay

    You are talking about AB right? I mean RB and SB it would not work. It is nice that you have pictures of maps and people in tanks looking at them, (of which you have a map in the game) but you want the computer to mark the target for you because you cannot read the map or may misjudge the distance (like they do/did in real life). Is that what this is all about? Just curious because I can bet that the person looking through the Binos is not looking at his map at the same time. I am pretty sure he puts down the Binos and then marks on the map (which is what we have in game). He then will call in CAS to deal with the target and if CAS reads the map incorrectly or if the guy who called in CAS marks the map incorrectly, you get what is called friendly fire or FF. Blue on Blue if you will. Essentially you want Gaijin to put a better system of ID'ing tanks for pre- modern tanks than modern tanks have today! Is that correct?
  11. You can ID a target from way further than 1KM in SB.... 1KM is pulling you into firing range on the target that you already identified clearly from maybe 4 or 5 km away. At 0.8Km a marker will show up if it actually turns out to be friendly. However admittedly it is a learned behavior. Knowing what aircraft and aircraft profiles look like is key. Most Grade School children in war time England were able to identify aircraft from flash cards of aircraft profiles, so it should only really be difficult for one person really! He will simply move to AB.
  12. Hey I agree but it is still easier to kill a bomber in SB than RB. Simply stated... they do not shoot at you if they do not see you!
  13. That is all fine in SB where you can actually sneak up on a bomber from underneath... but in RB.. they can see you coming from more that 8 KMs out. They have more than enough time to pull the nose up, gain more altitude, and shoot down on you with deadly accurate mouse aim.
  14. Nope it faces B25's, B17s,Halifax's and PE-8's. All of which can maneuver to get their best guns on you long before you can climb to catch them and simply spray bullets until their hearts are content until one of them hits you from 1KM+ to kill you, set you on fire or damage you so you cannot continue the pursuit.
  15. Yup.. pretty much sums it up! lol. Maybe they should merge the 2 or 3 posts on this matter that are current?
  16. ground vehicles

    A good idea ... I guess... I mean for the new player it will probably help, however, the reason why I do not use the range finder is because once in Binos or sniper mode and I see the tank, I already know the range. I am usually only out by 100 or 200 meters and if my first shot misses, the second probably will not. Of which I will have shot the first shot, and reloaded for the second shot before the rangefinder calculates the exact distance... but wait... they already have that in AB with the little 'Green Plus'! Basically, you are asking for the computer to do the 'eyeballing' for you because players are simply too lazy to learn the distances (like a real tank commander had to do). A real tank commander had to estimate the range the same as we do currently in game...... educated guess... but you would rather have that replaced by a system that modern MBT's have now, so that you can fire at the correct range for your first shot. Just like you would in AB! Wait... are you asking for Gaijin to turn RB into AB? http://www.theshermantank.com/tag/commander/ This is a link to the commanders job and what he did in a Sheman tank. The OP wants the Shermans to have the same capabilities as a M1A1 Abrams when it comes to the commander locating the exact range of a target. https://books.google.ca/books?id=3WIzCHS0YpEC&pg=PA39&lpg=PA39&dq=how+did+tanks+acquire+targets+in+ww2?&source=bl&ots=JWWUxoCx_2&sig=I3INucuxeAqA-GB1Tt8r9stD710&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjY9rf0wffSAhWm64MKHQyzAiQQ6AEIJjAC#v=onepage&q=how did tanks acquire targets in ww2%3F&f=false Page 39 is where you will find the information that relates to this topic. What the OP wants is Laser Range finding Binoculars in game. This is exactly what he is asking for. I am pretty sure that is a 1980's invention but I could be wrong on that!
  17. Attacking bombers in RB is dangerous anyway. They can see you approaching from 8KM+ away and start shooting at you from 2km+ away of which the Zero cannot take a hit and can be easily set on fire (compared to other aircraft). My suggestion would be to not attack a bomber until they are distracted by a bomber run so you may have a chance to close the distance as they are dropping bombs or about to.
  18. I think the Third person view idea is bad for RB simply because that is the one thing that Arcade players... oops I mean RB players need above all others to keep track of targets. With no markers (even in Third person) it will make target tracking more difficult especially in a rolling scissors or split S. Markers being gone will make people work harder for the kill and enjoy the kill even more. They will actually have to close the distance. A marker friend or enemy can show up at .8km (friendly markers in SB show up at that distance) to help the RB guys determine friend from foe (because they do not know the difference between a Spitfire and a ME109). As it stands... 8KM+ away you can move your mouse over what you know for sure is a enemy and start shooting at 1.5 km away to hit and even take it out (which is air to air missile distance). Removing Markers will also cure one other issue of mixed battles that seems to pop up on the forums. If there were no Markers the battles would have to be faction specific so that you know (if you are playing British) that a 100% chance of a Me109 Profile in the distance is an enemy plane (assuming there are no captured aircraft on your team). Removing markers however will increase the quantity of team kills in RB. For example, a Bomber pilot will continue to shoot at planes from 2km+ away but will not know until .8km away whether it is a friendly escort or a enemy plane. RB guys will shoot anyway though because that is what a lot of them do! Team killing be damned, just spray unlimited bullets at everything that moves and hopefully hit something! As for issues with the Horton.. Meh.. the people who are really good with them are good in other Aircraft too and they make the plane look better than it is. I for one cannot do what they do with that plane.
  19. Few drive it because it is no longer a seal clubber and the tank itself actually sucks. As I mentioned before, it is a easy kill for most German tanks that it goes up against. I doubt I would drive it even if it did get the two spawns back. I would rather take a much better WW2 tank like the T44.
  20. It was removed pretty quickly so why would it take 1-2 years to be 'Fixed' if they are going to do it. People have been asking for this since 'Absolute SIM' came about and that was Jan-Feb 2015.
  21. I say never because you have only played SIM tanks and only about 20 games. Great that you have flown a 'real' plane for about 10 minutes. I am sure your mouse moves your plane just like your yolk. Instructor corrects all the stupid things you can do and auto trims your aircraft. The topic is about markers being removed of which it would be the best thing to happen to RB Air and would be a heck of a lot more 'Realistic' than what RB is now. Heck RB now has a better spotting system and SAT/NAV than modern aircraft do with Awacs in the air! To say that removing Markers has 'Ruined' SIM when you have played less than 20 games in SIM means that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about! You have no idea what current SIM is like let alone what it was like before. In fact (in the Air) markers have not been there for a very very long time if at all! (It has been so long I cannot remember if they ever had markers). Oh and the instuctor is a 'Super Hero'. You can fly a damaged plane forever with it and getting out of a stall or spin is a snap in RB compared to SIM.
  22. The guy is judging SIM yet he has never played SIM. Overall he is also judging flight models yet he has never even flown a plane. (moved a quite a few with a mouse.. but not flown) .
  23. Personally I think you have set up your joystick incorrectly altogether. You can trim out and/or use Trimmer's Fixation to correct any aircraft imperfections. The Joystick and how you handle different types of aircraft remains the same across the board. If it works for you by all means but for a new player you are simply grossly over complicating the process. I fly with about 40 PS4 guys who I helped set up their joystick and they do not change their settings for different types of aircraft because they simply do not need to. The joystick is set up for how they use the joystick. A heavy hand will have different settings than someone who is more gentle. As for the DS4 settings... the default controls are simply Garbage for anyone who wants to fly SIM. Pitch and roll on different sticks? Throttle on the same stick as roll? Those controls do not make any sense. Pitch and roll should be on the same stick at the very least.
  24. Sorry... 10000 comedians out of work and here I am trying to be funny! Poor attempt to be sure! I completely missed the mark on that attempt! Not even close! Way off! Swing and a miss! ....... OK.. I will stop now! Sorry!
  25. Point taken. If it gets its spawn back or not is of no issue. For those two battles, the Tiger 2 P or the Panther 2 will take both their spawns out at ranges that the M26 would be lucky to fight back. They are simply easy kills. If they give it two spawns again, I may try it. Doubtful, but I may.
  26. How do you know that they have not put the houses in properly? Houses properly compared to what?
  27. That is because the people who fought to have the second spawn removed did a great job! The BR was equal to the Tiger 1 (Panthers had a higher BR and were not included in the events that the M26 would go into) at the time of which the M26 would only see the Tiger 1 in battle. So 1 Tiger 1 vs the 2 M26s which has equal gun, armour, mobility (give or take) was a very distinct unfair advantage. We are now event based and it is rare for the M26 to meet with a Tiger 1 anymore and it certainly can get the second spawn back. The M26 is in all the events that have the M46, so why not take the M46 out instead?
  28. All this is inaccurate!
  29. What the heck are talking about? Adjust your Joystick per plane? You simply do not have your Joystick set up correctly is all I can say! To the new player... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SET UP YOUR JOYSTICK FOR EVERY AIRCRAFT!!! Also Gatenomes has custom controls for the DS4 that work extremely well. If you are playing AB or RB though.. I recommend Mouse and Keyboard because most other players are using that method and simply (for the most part) the computer or PS4 can fly a plane better than you can (exceptions to every rule). You do have to set up your joystick with custom controls which is not an issue especially if you ask for help. I have helped many PS4 players set up their joysticks, however if you are purchasing the Thrustmaster one, I recommend getting the one for the PS3 (red highlights), over the PS4 one (Blue Highlights) especially if you are planning on playing SIM. T16000M is a good choice and of course the WartHog. For PS4 try to stay away from Logitech joysticks. You will run into issues.
  30. You are on my PSN friends list... you are always welcome to join my party and ask questions. I may not be the best pilot but in GF with tanks and Aircraft, I can certainly help. I have killed a few enemy tanks in my time.
  31. This must be an Arcade problem were players actually park side by side. or one in front of the other. I am not sure why they do that but I love it when they do! I have killed so many because of that habit because you simply do not even have to adjust for range! Over and above that I have killed on several occasions both tanks with just one shell! Anyway.... it does not matter if people can help others repair. I think they should implement it so that the wounded tank can call for help and people will come right into the range and view of the tank that is killing them! Works for me!
  32. Europeans and Russians play SIM a lot and it is full games during the day EST because of that. North Americans have a limited player base unfortunately. I am not sure why though. Joystick and any other peripherals available that would help in SIM are certainly less expensive in North America.
  33. Do you use a joystick or mouse and keyboard? Joystick I can help you with (I am not a good pilot... but I try). Tanks... there is no difference between the modes except SIM the player base is made of better people. You do have to know your tanks and aircraft. There are no SAT/NAV markers in SIM. Those markers in the other modes are more accurate than anything they have IRL even in modern times! Oh and you can still team kill in SIM. They took that away from AB and RB because too many children would shoot each other in the spawn (and still do).
  34. If you know your tanks and you are interested in SIM games... I suggest that you dive right in and skip AB and RB. AB will teach you a lot of bad habits that will get you killed in SIM. RB aircraft are essentially computer controlled and they only have to point and click on your tank to target you. Even though RB is very similar as for the ground game, Aircraft mechanics (and how easy they can kill you because of it) may frustrate you.
  35. The most fun tank in the game where I have done some amazing things with is the Panzer 3N. I was waiting in Queue for a SIM game and fell asleep (was tired and I am an old guy). Woke up was in game and spawned in already... So I shook some cobwebs out got two kills then died. Spawned back in they were capping our point (Carpathians) and I checked the Stats, they still still had 8 players left and I was the last person on our team. 8 kills later to score 10 for the match and I won the game. (I say I won because not one person on our team was left in game to witness that feat). On another occasion in Jungle, I took on 5 tanks at the same time that were surrounding me and killed all 5 before they could finish me off. 3 second reload is awesome and devastating at close range!
  36. I squad up with about 4 guys every day and we have fun. Fun is getting those long shots in SIM 2000 to 3500 meters. Shooting down an enemy plane after a good dog fight. Bombing a enemy plane as a last ditch effort to get one off your tail. Shooting down a plane with a main round from a tank. Bombing and getting multiple targets with the same drop. Taking on 3 or more enemies at the same time and getting them all. Dodging the bombs or rockets that were meant for you. Winning a game as the last tank on your team having to kill all enemies because you are down on points. Giving cudos to a enemy team that simply out played you. Etc etc etc.
  37. Yup.. not liking it at all. I thought it was just an error like last time but they have certainly not changed it back as quickly as they did last time!
  38. lol... I understand... My basic rule of thumb... if you can earn the same or similar tank in game... do not buy the premium one. Most of the time the premium does not give you any benefit over the 'Free' one. You can always add a talisman to the free one if you like the tank and need the RP! Now the threads have been going on about this subject since 2015 so I suggest that you buy some neon lights and a inflatable tube man to make this post be noticed where others have failed!
  39. The normal one did have two spawns back in the day... however it went up against Tiger 1's at the time and it has the same armour, same gun, and better slope and about equal mobility. It was killing everything but against a Tiger and the fact that it was actually classified as a Heavy tank for the Americans in ww2, it was argued to reduced the spawn count. Now... it could probably use the second spawn but then... why not drive the M46? 1947 the M26 was reclassified as a Medium tank (as heavier tanks were built or in development) but then all M26's were later converted to M46 standards and the M26 basically no longer existed... so... the dilemma! You are welcome to add your comments to the 20+ posts that preceed yours and that have been in circulation since March 2015!
  40. Language barriers may be part of that. However I find that new players and AB players are more likely to apologize than RB players. Different attitude I guess? AB players generally have an interest in learning more and learning how to be better in SIM including how not to team kill in the future (general observation nothing more... exceptions to every rule).
  41. I am with StirnPanzer on this one. Unless you have big RED stars on your tank I would find it hard to think of that tank as T54 or T62. Laziness or simply AB and RB players not seeing your marker on your tank would be your usual suspects. Check the stats of the guys killing you and just help educate them on SB.
  42. Not too sure about that... You can saw wings off buy coming from underneath them where they have no gunner protection.
  43. I do not own a Logitech, it is just that I have tried to help a few people set up Logitech joysticks with no success. Thrustmaster, Saitec, and others I have set up for people on the PS4 with no issues. Including Warthogs, XP55 Rhino's and more. The people I have set up do not have the issues that you are having. I set up my joystick 3 years ago and have never had an issue in any update. My recommendations are to not purchase Logitech products for PS4 due to issues. As for the technical side as to why Logitech does not work... I really have no clue and do not care really. I actually do not think it is a War Thunder issue. I think it is a Sony issue, but I cannot prove that. The fact is they did not work well in the past (issue free). Maybe that has changed?
  44. Many do. However I only play SIM tanks and there is a lot of communication (even if it is hot keys). I am told that the communication is better in SIM by far than any other mode. I certainly cannot verify either way. I just know that for the most part, especially late game, players in SIM do a good job of working together.
  45. There are always exceptions! lol. I do find that generally the AB guys and newer players are actually trying to learn and do well in SIM. RB guys (especially if they try to fly) have a tendency to slink back to RB where they can feel superior to AB guys. Especially for the flying part of SB GF. AB guys generally want to learn how to be better and will ask questions as to such.
  46. The lower tier Games are always like that. Many new players and many players trying SIM from AB and RB. The new players learn from their mistakes. The AB players apologise for theirs and learn. The RB players say 'There was no marker above your tank so I thought you were the enemy!' and blame you for their TKing you! lol
  47. Yup.. if this was an infantry game I would say you are correct. Tanks... there several crew members to help the wounded. Helping tow tanks happened when the battle was over. Anyway ... I could be really wrong on that to be sure but in game, it is nice that you help others repair however, it will get you killed and that other player. If you engage the targets and prevent them from getting to the repairing tank, you have done them a better service.
  48. Not in tanks they did not. Maybe after the engagement was over but certainly not in the heat of battle. Why would you risk both tanks and crew to repair a tank that recovery vehicles would get after the battle?
  49. I understand that.. sure it cuts down the time. I do like that option really I do. It has helped me get a multi-strike bonus often! Example: I am shooting a tank... I damage him for what I know to be a long repair, but need to engage a more pressing target. Once that target is dispatched, I turn back to the original target and low and behold there is someone there helping him repair. Of which, two shots later I have 3 kills instead of the two I was working on. Now if the tank that came to help, by passed the damage tank and engaged me, all three tanks might have survived. The guys I squad with, we leap frog. If my tank goes down for a long repair, they press forward and engage or kill the guys coming to finish me off. I am then repaired and I move forward to help.
  50. It does not matter anyway. Your tank, instead of helping them repair is better off engaging the enemies that are certainly coming to finish that tank off. Helping repair another tank more often than not, gets you killed along with the other tank. If a enemy tank kills one or the other, they already have the range of the second one and the second one is simply a bonus easy kill. Sure the first tank (damaged one) was repairing faster, but what does that matter if you both die?
  51. Well I have only seen one IS6 as of yet and I shot one HESH round into the front plate and it blew up. Maybe it is better from the sides or the rear and that is what is making it OP? Maybe the good players are driving the tank backwards? I do not know.... I have not played enough tanks lately to see the issues. There are certain aircraft that I wanted unlocked so I have been flying. As for WoT, well.. You cannot kill a T29, you are worried about spawning late (which does not happen for me BTW), you do not know how to deal with spawm campers, and you are unlucky to see the same maps over again. I think Hit Points, Magic golden shells, Arty spam, 'Frankenstien cartoon tanks' are definitely for you! Enjoy!
  52. HellStorm, your skill has not gone down, others have gone up. I have personally helped a lot of players improve their game. I help them with spotting, where to hit certain tanks with what, and general layout and habits of the average player and how to counter them. Players in SIM have improved their skills across the board. I do not kill about win rate or kill death rate because I like helping newer players. Unfortunately, helping them gets you killed some times from distractions or their lack of situational awareness (which I also try to help them improve on). Simply stated, you have to step up your game because there are a lot of players out there in every game that are quite challenging to play against.
  53. It does.. if you see Canadian uniforms for all branches of service, they look like the British Uniforms not like out neighbours to the South! Please Gaijin... This is one Canadian man's crusade with a lot of support to get his Canadian tank fighting with his Canadian Spitfires, Hurricanes, and Typhoons! Surly you can see the needed change!
  54. Oops... sorry.. recognized the cockpit but did not think of the USA one. Sorry about that! Anyway... Throttle down? No.. dove and come back up underneath... sure... rolled over the top and dove... for sure... (who am I to talk though.. I suck in the air! lol)
  55. I have never seen that before. Odd really... oh and FYI... you shot down a friendly observation aircraft just before 6:10.
  56. I have seen this many times before in my own research. When this has happened to me it is because the little amount was the left over of completing a Aircraft being researched and the remainder being applied to the new Aircraft that is now being researched. So I am wondering if the OP completed the research on a plane during that match? No for the Lagg screen shot.. everything looks normal as for RP earnings to me here. The player is using a Tier 1 aircraft to research a tier 5 plane. That means his RP gains are being cut by 80 or 90% in research tree penalties. Over and above that, this is an Arcade game where you have to score 2 times as many kills than RB and 3 times as many kills as SB. In fact, SB you get more RP for an assist than a AB player does for a kill.
  57. Lol.. they were all canned responses that are sent to everyone. My suggestion is to apply to FGT squadron. They are primarily French but speak English as well and they are all certainly good guys and good players. Je ne parlez pas Francais. Olife is a member of that squadron and you can certainly learn a lot about the game from him.
  58. This happened last update and I do believe the update before for a couple of maps. The last time it was the Dev's forgot to switch the map back from the DEV server size. Hopefully it will be corrected. They fixed it pretty quick last time.
  59. What shells are you using against the T-54 with your Panther 2?
  60. I guess it would be weird in some viewpoints, however I only fly in cockpit mode (all that is available) so I do find it easy to control the plane. My issue is that I am simply a bad shot (but working on it).
  61. Correct as usual. So sorry. The voice of reason.
  62. Well not really. If you have seen what I have seen in games of guys in a turn fight shooting and killing them in mid turn. Or going into a loop and shooting down on the potential target at the top of the loop. Or flying low under a bomber and pop pop, bombers wings fall off. Or going head to head with an enemy and a sudden dip and shot upwards and boom! Now mind you I am not good enough for that but at least 3 of the guys I fly in SIM with regularly can, and it is so much fun to watch! One thing I can do with it is get under a B25 and shoot it down from a spot where his guns cannot hit me. All my kills in that thing (which are not many) have been B-25s.
  63. There are certainly ways around that. However I have completely revamped controls and have not needed to use the Event selection menu in over 3 years. Hook up a keyboard and move the items in the event selection menu onto quick easy to remember keys. That would be my suggestion. I also recommend that if you are using a DS4 that you trying eliminating as many 'two button' functions as possible. Landing gear or other not often used functions can and probably should be moved off the DS4 to the keyboard. It is just a suggestion but if you need help with the controls (I doubt you do because you have been here as long as I have) you can look me up on PSN and I will certainly take the time to help or brain storm with you to help solve any issues.
  64. Wow! You have to resort to insults because you are unable to present an argument that has any merit. I am not even sure what you are arguing about or what questions you have posed in your rant of rants. If you know that your contributions are completely irrelevant and make no sense what so ever, why even post them? I saw you in a game last night and as I expected, you camped on spot and did not get any kills. You did get two assists though! As for any authority? What the heck are you talking about? What facts am I changing? Unless the facts I am changing are the ones about your gameplay experience of which aircraft you are an Arcade player, tanks you are SIM player. The simple truth is, I simply cannot present facts that would make any sense in the imaginary, complex, and very colourful world that you seem to live in. Here are some facts that might make some sort of sense in your world. You do not fly in SIM but argue that flight models are broken. You do not play any other countries but Germany and are upset that German tanks get destroyed. You have limited history knowledge and feel that every map should be Kursk so that your German tanks can win. You having to resort to insults is a judgment of your character, ability to actually formulate arguments, and ability to defend those arguments. I have read your posts and find it hard to find any direct questions that you have for me. As for being an Arcade player again... well you certainly have more flight time in Arcade than you do SB planes and have only flown maybe a dozen planes in SIM but that makes you the expert of flight models. Sure you have more SIM time in tanks but again since you have only played German tanks your opinions are limited at best. GL and HF.
  65. Yes that is not cool... IS6 in that event? That has to be an error!
  66. Nice post... completely irrelevant. You seem to not be able to read stats if you think the T44 is my favourite tank. I certainly have played it a lot but if you actually were able to read stats (of which in all your psychobabble rant you clearing cannot and live in a fantasy world that even Lewis Carroll would find hard to imagine), you would have noticed that I play German tanks far more than I do any other country! In fact, if you were able to read stats you would find that of my top 10 tanks, 7 out of 10 are German tanks. Now this is a light SIM at best, there are other games that are more to your liking and I am sure that you will disappear to those games. It is nice that you say you have a joystick and you have passed judgment on this game as for flight except, you have really not flown in SIM in War Thunder. Therefore anyone reading your posts or opinions of the flight aspect of the game would have a hard time believing you. You have flown more in Arcade though, maybe that is where your opinions of SIM flight in War Thunder are manufactured in your fantasy land? I do not know really! As for your opinions of tanks.. well this is a shooter game. However, since you have never played any tanks other than Germans you have no idea that the issues are across the board for all nations. You in your limited game play and mind set have the 'Oh woe is me' attitude and that everything is somebody else's fault for you not being able to kill a T44 with your Panther A or Tiger 2 at 2400 meters. You automatically assume that people are cheating if they one shot your German tank at range! You made the assumption that the maps are made for one gaming style or that there is no variance in gameplay. I can certainly understand how you think that because again, I am willing to bet you are the type that likes to sit in one spot and snipe at ranges that you would probably miss the target anyway. Unfortunately the game forces you to be more fluid and forces you to move your tank. So sorry that you cannot think of more than one way to play the game (and it is a game), but again that is probably linked to your lack of history knowledge and ability to think outside of the box that you are in. So in conclusion, in your limited understanding of this game, your limited ability to read stats, and your limited knowledge of History in general. Thank you for participating in the forums and your contribution of almost indecipherable, blabber.
  67. Yes that is true however the Tiger 2 did not make it to the Russian Steppes and again the biggest misconception about the Tiger 1 is that it typically sat back and waited for the enemy to come to them. The truth is the Tiger was more often used as the Spearhead for an attack or counter attack. It was a 'Break through' tank and its armour was designed to survive hits and continue to advance. The Allies, in order to kill a Tiger had to close the distance as rapidly as possible or ambush them. The same was true when the Germans encountered KV1s, T34s and KV2's for the first time. The Germans had to close the distance in order to ensure a kill. Although the Tigers were able to engage at longer distances and often did, I would say that it was not the 'norm'.
  68. I do not remember that test however, I cannot do RB tanks and have never played them (except for the odd accidental queue from squad mates). The third person view really throws me off and every time you come out of sniper view it auto reverts to third person. Oh well. Here is to hoping!
  69. That would be definitely nice and fun. I will certainly support that suggestion.
  70. Germans held their fire in any battle to ensure a kill. 800 meters is where they usually opened up. Are there any maps that are under 800 meters? Yes a lot of the maps have been changed or modified for fair gameplay but large open area battles were rare in comparison to all the other terrain that was fought over. Even in the Desert tank ranges in WW2 or even in the Arab Israeli Wars are not at the distances people imagine that tank battles actually occurred. One of the biggest misconceptions about this game and the distances and size of maps is that everyone wants maps the size of Kursk where a whole regiment would be attacking on that sort of front. What we have is simply one 'Company' of tanks that can be organized into platoons or troops of 4 tanks (4 sets of 4). People read up on the Large tank battles and ultimately connect that to this game. They do not read up on the objectives that a 'Company' would receive from HQ that is only a small part of the larger battles that whole Divisions would take. A company may be assigned to take a small village/farm or important crossroads or maybe a Bridge. People who have not read books other than the big 'Macro' battles simply equate the job of a Division to what we have here in this game. They expect that our 16 tanks should have maps the size of what 500 tanks actually fought in.
  71. I read lots of books and it is you that has no idea what you are talking about. No disrespect but simply you rarely play the game and you are obviously confusing your Arcade gameplay with your SIM play. White Rock a map for arcade? How so? Please explain! Your perception of the game, although interesting is flawed in so many ways. Yes some of the maps changed but your view of Size changes can really only be applied to Mozdok (slightly) and Normandy. Now the only thing that is historical about the game is the 'Look' of the machines themselves. You are correct that it is a game. One that you simply need to learn how to play because you are apparently having a hard time playing your German tanks in any environment except what you perceive is a real tank battle simply because you have not read a book. You may have read Plato and few inspirational novels but it seems History books are not your flavor. You will have more fun in the game once you do actually read a history book. You know where the Library is. Time to put that card back in your wallet.
  72. They are in my opinion but all the lineups are pretty even including this one with the M18. The Jumbo does not need to be added. If they remove the M18... so be it... there are still Cromwells and then all the German only players will complain about that tank. They will eventually want all the tanks removed that are more challenging to go against so that their 'normal' tactics will actually work again. I mean to actually do something different to counter obvious threats is against the Geneva Convention I am sure!.
  73. Maybe... Could be but the whole point of the floating targeting light was to improve deflection shots.
  74. I am not even sure what you are going on about. I get Mozdok, Kursk, White Rock, Eastern Europe, Poland, Hurtgen Forest, Sinai more often than I do Karelia, Ash River, Berlin, Advanced to the Rhine or Frozen Pass. They have expanded the map for Domination Abandoned Factory for SIM players (which is nice). I prefer the big maps but the small maps have their place in SIM. They are a excellent representation of what 50% of actual tank vs tank engagement ranges were IRL.
  75. Jumbo vs Panzer 4.... Panzer 4 shoots Jumbo above any track and below the fender from the front... Jumbo blows up. Jumbo vs Panzer 3. Panzer 3 shoots Jumbo from the front above the track and below the fender, Jumbo blows up. Jumbo vs Tiger 1... Tiger 1 shoots the Jumbo from the front above the track and below the fender, Jumbo blows up (through the Hull MG too with the 88mm). Oh and miss with any of those shots while shooting at a moving Jumbo... Jumbo gets track blown off and turns sideways... your second shot is now a side shot on a Jumbo.... Jumbo blows up.
  76. A lot of planes were equipped with the old iron sights in case the new sights were damaged (or in one battle account I read... ran out of batteries). They are usually on a hinged mount and can be moved in place when needed. However that is not modeled in the game.
  77. Hey Goofy776. I would have to put it in context but I think I know the issue. Next time you see me in the game (squadron) PM me and I will certainly take the 5 minutes to help you.
  78. http://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Instructor/How_the_instructor_works You are correct however, there still is some support. Sorry about that.
  79. Full controls in all modes the instructor is still on for AB and RB. Autotrim is simply a lazy button for what you can do more precisely with your Elevator, Rudder, and Aerilon trim settings.
  80. Oddly enough you have only played 5203 game total. Hmmm math? You have played more SIM games though in total. I will certainly give you that.
  81. Wobble and drift is actually solved by TRIM which is auto done for you in every mode except for SIM. You need to set up TRIM buttons to correct those 'imperfections'.
  82. Right... Well since you only play German and of course the smaller maps and any changes that do not favour Gemany are simply not relevent, then I can see how you think Gaijin does not do anything for the SIM community. Also since you have more AB and RB games than you do SIM (especially flight), I believe you started the game in 2015 however, you have not played SIM since 2015. So I guess the question is what can Bluefoot get that you are on? (I do not do drugs... sorry) .
  83. Since you are both new players to SIM I will keep it simple since you were not around to see all the changes that the SIM community asked for and got. Spawn point system that is hated by 50% of the RB community. Well it used to be in SIM but the SIM community also hated it and it was removed and given to RB people. Cockpits for all aircraft. Who was that made for? AB and RB guys? Or the SIM community? Removal of heavy bombers from SIM GF. RB guys cannot get them removed... but the SIM community was successful Flight models... Does Gaijin listen to the AB and RB communities where their computers fly their planes for them? Or have all changes come about because of SB players' input and suggestions? (you may have to read through the archives to find all the input and information but it is there)
  84. I have died to everything and everyone who has ever played SIM... however, I die mostly to AAA.
  85. War Thunder is just fine for players who use a Joystick. SB has always been a haven for joystick users and SB has always been the place where PS4 players are on an equal footing to PC players in terms of customization of controls and use of Joysticks. AB and RB are areas that are ruled by mouse and keyboard and are excellent for PC people who have a large paper weight or a toaster to play and be competitive.
  86. Always check the SIM section of the Forums.... It is the SIM players who do most if not all of the testing and influence the changes in flight models. Instructor in AB and RB put limits on the flight models and corrects for any imperfections.
  87. Yes... I bought one for about $30.00 Canadian... had issues.. returned it and bought one for $15.00 and it worked(s) with no issues.
  88. I had the issue with a more expensive HUB.... I then went to game stop after returning the more expensive hub and bought another one that was less expensive. The less expensive one worked with no issues. Go Figure?
  89. Hi Guys, Canada entered the war just a few days after Britain and almost 2 years before the Americans entered the war. We largely used British Equipment in all areas of fighting. We used predominantly Halifax's and Lancasters, not B17s and B24s. We used Spitfires, Hurricanes, and Typhoons, not P47s and P51s. We used Tribal Class destroyers not Fletcher Class destroyers. We used 25lbr Arty pieces and 2 pounder, 6 pounder and 17 pounder AT guns not 105mm, 37mm, 57mm and 3 inch guns. We used Churchills, Cromwells, Sextons, and yes American equipment such as the Shermans and Stuarts... but the majority of our Armour was of British origin. With all that... why are my Canadian tanks in the American tree? I want to fly my Typhoons, Spitfires, and Hurricanes with my Canadian tanks in SB GF not the P40, or P47. This has nothing to do with our neighbor and long time friend to the south just wanting my equipment used to be a little more historically accurate. Is it too much to ask?