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  1. Ridiculous? They are sound arguments that you simply cannot counter! The fact that you agree with me on the point that the attacker will finish you anyway if you put the fire out baffles me to be sure! First you are arguing for a point and then you counter your own argument. Weird! Anyway... I look forward to your Moderated post. Why did not you post the link yet?
  2. It is not really a problem and I understand your viewpoint because I too have been and am currently going through it. However this is a Free to play game and if that sort of frustration is too much for the average person they do have the option to 'PAY' for it. Now since the grind for FPE only really gets difficult for Tier 5 tanks, then I doubt that 'one' free FPE will be coded in any time soon if at all.
  3. I do believe it was you starting with the insults. You really are not all there. I was simply responding to your childish remarks. Your Argument: I need FPE because I cannot stand having one or two games without it! I need it because the guy who was a bad shot who only set me on fire should not get the kill! It is not fair! Whaaaaaa! My Argument: It only takes one or two games to get and you are welcome to use your golden eagle wagers to get FPE for free.
  4. lol... too funny... the RB players could not play nice so they took their privledges away from them! No more team killing for you... now you have a 'time out'! Markers removed from RB Air would not be a bad thing. You would still have Third person view and you would still have the computer flying the planes for you... but you would have to get close to ID the plane you are on then shoot it down. It would reduce the 2KM shots that your computer lines up for you, and you would have to actually dog fight. It would also make it more dangerous for bombers. Fighters could sneak up on them and they would not know for sure if a friendly is coming up or not. They may actually hold their fire until too late! But again... all this is a mute point because RB is the forgotten middle child of Gaijin. AB is the spoiled youngest little girl, and SB is the prodical first born son. RB gets nothing but hand me downs from SB and they get nothing they ask for because they are always divided 50/50 on any hot topic.
  5. You are not all there are you? You do know this is an adult forum right? You do know that this is a game where you do not get a trophy for just participating. You do know that it only take a couple games of sacrifice (unless you are a incredibly terrible player) to get your FPE. I understand that you need to be hand held, but seriously... I really do not care if you get it. I know you will not. Gaijin will beable to maintain the salinization level of their tropical fish tank by collecting your tears! Now that your tantrum is over... I am sure you got a daiper change and good powder. Feel better?
  6. I am sure that will work. But as you said it is a mute point. As with all RB suggestions.. 50% are for it 50% are against it... so it will never get done.
  7. I can... and all the players in my squadron can... and 90% of the players I go up against can. There is a difference between can't tell the differences because you are too lazy to learn them as opposed to it being difficult.
  8. Well considering I only play SIM tanks where there are not as many 'New' players and there are not any real easy kills... your assumptions would be incorrect. Considering I help many players improve their gaming experience in SIM, your assumptions would be incorrect. Considering my Higher Tier tanks have my largest kill scores and you have to 'earn' those tanks and go through the grind to get them (which means those player are more experienced) your assumptions would be incorrect. Your Arguments are worth riducling because they are lame at best. As for your Post Script... really? I never knew that! In all the time playing the game people can flank you? Hit your from all sides and set you on fire instead of OHK you? And because they are a bad shot (as you said) you should be given a bonus FPE instead of burning to death. You see Luminoth... you are simply a poor loser and cannot wait 2 or 3 games to get your FPE because that is all it is and all it takes to earn them. You research parts... another mod and then FPE and you are done. Only Tier 5 tanks take an extremely long time. I am sorry it makes you sad... but if you put in a moderated suggestion (you know in the sections that Gaijin actually looks at to invoke changes) I am sure you will get a lot of support and have your suggestion rejected along with all the others. GL with that!
  9. Added a little Billy Joel for you. It seemed appropriate for this post. The OP thinks that if you are a bad gunner if you do not get a OHK and wants free FPE because he does not want to go one or two games without it for lower tiers. 5 or 6 games for tiers 3 and 4. It is a terrible burden that he must face but he has not added this post to the moderated suggestion that was posted long ago and rejected, he has not made this a 'poll', or really done anything except counter his own argument. So I am not sure what the point of this post really is?
  10. OK... If it makes you happy.. sure... if you hit them in a spot where it will not start a fire. It will not start a fire. Or if you hit him in a fuel tank that already burned up.. .it will not start a fire. Sheesh. But the fire has always been burning since the world's been turning!
  11. Keep telling yourself that and maybe it will come true. The Fire is by a well placed shot to stop a m18 at 2400 meters so your next shot kills it.
  12. Same ludicrous point Luminov made... the fault is the attacker for setting the enemy on fire instead of getting a OHK. Of which.. getting a OHK... FPE did not matter for that tank.
  13. It is the exact same as your point. OHK ... does not matter if you have FPE or not... and the defender who does not have FPE should have done a better job and ensuring he does not get set on fire!
  14. I do feel bad for the person... I have been there and still go through it, however if you like you can check the archives for similar threads since the beginning of tanks (about 3 years) and alter this thread to be more effective than any of the previous ones. I have confidence that this will be the thread that will change Gaijin's mind and they will implement this once and for all! If you read those threads you can use them to come up with new ideas and arguments to convince Gaijin instead of the ones that are canned and already stated by others long before! GL and HF! PS: Luminov.. you may want to delete that last part of your statement. 'Poor job as an attacker' There is a flip side to that... if you as a defender do not have FPE then you did a poor job of defending yourself. Too funny!
  15. Because it is not needed and Gaijin needs to Generate monies to keep this game going and expanding. I did the grind and spaded over 300 tanks at one point (before they added crew replacement). It was not that hard. Maybe it is more difficult in other modes like AB and RB I would not know. What?... it will take you 5 matches to get FPE in a tier 3 or 4 tank? SB you earn 3 times the amount of RP over AB. You get more RP for an assist in SB than you do for a kill in AB. It does not take long to get FPE for tier 3 and 4 tanks! Tier 5 is difficult so my suggestion is save up your golden eagle wagers and use them for parts and FPE. Problem solved. I know how demoralizing it can be to be set on fire... so.. I suggest that you no get hit!
  16. There is no problem... if you do not have them... you burn and die. If you have them... you do not. You are more than capable of paying for them (which is how a Free to play game makes revenue) or you go and kill tanks and aircraft and earn them. Pretty simply philosophy really. I mean seriously... only tier 5 is a pain and in tier 5... if you got hit and are on fire... as you put the fire out the second shot is on the way to finish you off anyway. Tier one.. in SIM with a premium account you will spade your tank in one match with 2 kills and a zone capture. Tier 2 you will almost spade your tank in one match. Tier 3 and 4 you will either have your FPE after one match or the second will earn it for you (SIM). The horror of going one or two matches without it! Why? Why would Gaijin do that? Ohhhh the humanity!!! I hear that most prisons in many countries, as a form of punish, will not be making inmates research FPE without a premium account for all tiers and once they get it.. they have to move on with the next tank without it. They are not allowed to use the tank they just earned FPE on ever again. I am not sure how that will work out though because the United Nations and the Geneva Convention will be voting on that very soon and may vote against it as cruel and unusual punishment!
  17. The FPE is already there.. what you are researching and paying for is the maintenance on the system for it to be in good working order, just as all modifications. You might as well assume that your crew inherited a old tank that was not properly maintained.
  18. Do not worry about that player getting upset with you. As mentioned before you should try to squad up and you are welcome to add me in PSN. I will gladly help you as I have done many others. I will also introduce you to many more players. You do not need to be part of our squadron to play a 'GAME' with us. I can help you with a lot of game insights. If you feel up to it and want tank controls that out perform all PS4 players and are on par with PC players... I can help you with that too. The fact is: it is a game but some people (including myself on occasion) take it way to seriously! It is nice to win though!
  19. I thought I agreed with you! The fact is.. I do not care if they folder tanks or planes so that people can skip over them. I mean why not?
  20. Yes and no.... I mean I earned my T54 51 before the T54 49 came about. I had my M60 long before the M48 came out. Etc etc. I have everything in game unlocked but if players that I play with are able to skip over a few tanks to get where they need to be to play in the same line-ups I do... I am all for it.
  21. Sim tanks is my usual cash cow... SIM tanks has earned me about 200 million lions and an average of about 40000 to 50000 per match profit (after repairs and re-arm). The issue with SIM tanks though is that you earn more RP too. You end up getting expensive modifications quickly and new tanks unlocked faster, so you burn through the SL faster.
  22. I have to disagree with you. My Aced Panther 2 is quite capable of taking on the T54s and IS6s. I am more scare of T44's to be honest!
  23. ps4

    The Wizard is causing a lot of your current issues. However you can re-set to default and write down the controls for your Right Stick. You will have to look both in the 'free look around' and Roll section to see how Gaijin has it set up. Then L3 and delete everything and put it all back in manually. It will help immensely!
  24. ps4

    Did you use the Wizard to set all your controls back up?
  25. ps4

    Everyones controls are stored server side. When they do an update to fix a bug for the majority or add new content or in most recent cases add new functions or split the controls.... If a conflict arrises, the server does not know what to do so ... my educated guess is the server resets them and automatically resolves the conflict. Gaijin has provided Default controls that do work. They have provided PS4 players the ability to set up their controls exactly like the PC players and their default controls. What more can you ask for? If Sardinha08 keeps having the same issues every update but others who set up their custom controls properly (and I can name a lot more people than the ones I mentioned) are not having those issues.... what does that say? Gaijins' fault or user error? Just saying max.... Sardinha has had issues every update. You can check his forum posts to verify. If you or others use his controls one can assume you will have the same issues. If there is a solution to a problem, maybe not the most ideal solution, why would you not do it? Why would you give yourself cause to be frustrated every time? Sardinha chooses frustration... you can too if you wish!
  26. My Panthers had MG's pretty early (if I remember correctly). It was so long ago to be honest. Even today.. I forget that the Panzer 2 has MG's over and above the 20mm auto cannon. Oh well. Getting old I guess!
  27. It is amazing that most of the American tanks had MG's modeled before the T-34's when they first put MG's into the game. I had to purchase the Russian Sherman to get a tank with a MG for my Russian line-up because none of the T34's had them until long after they were put into the game. I won't use the 'B' word..........
  28. ps4

    They do work... The way you like them does not. Sorry but there are a lot of issues that you are having. I would highly recommend that people do not use your control layout at all. Marc's, Muzz's, Gatenomes, and mine all work and do not get reset. I strongly suggest that sardinha08 just goes back to default or file a proper bug report. I have a very strong feeling that he has set up conflicts and it is user error that is creating most of his issues.
  29. Seriously... you know all your tanks.. .you have gone up against them often enough. Now you just have to pay attention a little more. Instead of looking for the 'Blue' marker... you have to look for if it is German or not (depending on what you are playing). The lineups are all clearly listed for what you can use or go up against. They are also faction specific. There is the odd captured tank that can be on a German team but.... If you see a Churchill, and you check the stats and you do not have a Churchill on your team.... that is an enemy Churchill. Kill him!
  30. ps4

    It has been that way forever... Gaijin has not been able to re-create the issues because they have a clean slate for controls. They can modify at will... just like I can now... I have not changed my controls in 4 years except when I switched to Joystick.. of which it was just replace and go because I have never re-set back to default and I cleared all my controls (clean slate) long ago. As new updates came out... I never had any issues. When they added new control functions... (bomb bay doors, suspension controls etc..) I was able to add them with no issues. 95% of the guys I helped set up their Joysticks, DS4's and keyboards for both flight and tanks.. have no issues. Of the ones who did have issues, it was because they deleted their controls and were too embarrassed to come back to ask me for help and they created conflicts (unknowingly). PS... I have helped one on one over 100 players get their PS4s set up. I have helped them because when I first started there was no one to help me. The controls for Aircraft on the DS4 did not make sense! When I changed my controls to 'Wireless controller #3' settings that I had on Gaijins PS3 games, R2 and L2 would not release their bindings. I will still shoot and track targets even though the buttons were re-assigned. I tried and tried.. and was frustrated beyond anything you could be feeling right now.. there was no help.. there was no tech mods (Thanks Muzz) there was no way to properly make a bug report and if there was.. .what would I make a report on? One day out of sheer frustration I deleted everything (not just one function at a time) and viola! Everything worked! I had all my friends do the same... and it worked for them too! Work around confirmed!
  31. ps4

    Controls can be a touchy subject!
  32. ps4

    You cannot set them back to 'Default'. You have to write all your controls down (including non linearities and percentages) and wipe all the controls out completely (L3 I do believe) and then put them all back in manually. Once done.. you can modify at will. DO NOT USE THE WIZARD! If you accidentally reset back to default at any time.... you have to clear everything out again
  33. The Essential Tank Identification guides are better than any Janes book. You will also notice that most of the decals available in game are shown in those books. Markers are only a distraction and a crutch. You will get over it soon enough. AB and RB only teaches bad habits. AB for example... that little green '+' will show as black or red in areas that are known OHK. Therefore they will not shoot or will hesitate for a shot (which can be fatal in SIM). Word of advice... not only learn your tanks visually... but learn their sounds too. MG's for all nations sound different... Main Guns for all nations sound different... engines for all tanks... sound different!
  34. ps4

    They do have several testers on the PS4. I feel the issue is they get to work from a raw slate (essentially what I do when I set up controls for players). They may not be able to re-create the bugs that others have from modifying from 'Default' because their controls will clear out and not leave any residual effects that sometimes pop up. The other issue is that a lot of people create conflicts unknowingly. R1 being set to drive forward for example... when they put the event selection menu on R1 for ease of use it created a conflict for those people who did not either delete the event selection menu altogether or simply did not assign it to a free button. The Wizard has never worked without the odd glitch rearing its head, but again.. how do they test for that? I fix the issue for any I have helped and there has always been work arounds that fix the issue permanently. My suggestion (and I cannot stress this enough) is to eliminate as many 'two button' functions as possible for both your air and ground controls. The more you eliminate the lesser your chances of 'conflicts' arising with a new update.
  35. There are many casual squadrons out there. Many advertise in the 'in game' chat rooms. You may just want to try there. In the mean time... you will be messaged by every organized squadron that did not read your message!
  36. There is a lot more to just the aircraft... Your crew for example needs to be upgraded to get better guns and bullet spread.... You have to change your convergence as well. Also some game modes are simply point and click with a mouse. AB and RB you are not going up against a player, but that player's computer or PS4 which is doing all the flying for them. They are just putting a mouse over your plane and shooting at the appropriate time (which can be over 1KM away).
  37. It is two torpedoes but if you get hits... the torpedo failed to arm itself. Essentially it was a DUD. (At least that is how it used to be).
  38. You know.. I harp on the OP a lot but if you check his stats he is actually giving the air game a go. He has his first air kill and a ground kill now. Cudos! I am sure I had no influence over that decision to fly what so ever but, I am glad that he is taking the risk!
  39. ps4

    Personally.. if you have a keyboard available... I recommend that you use it to free up some 'two button' controls. "R" on my keyboard is for Reload, Replenish Crew, and Repair which frees up the need to use the event wheel and saves time. Shell selection for tanks is on the number pad for 1,2,3, and 4 for the different types of shells. Gear you could put on your keyboard under 'G' since you only need it two times a game (if the game is not doing it for you). Chat (instead of the event wheel) can be easily set up too on the keyboard by setting both general chat and team chat to the TAB button. This in effect creates a 'toggle' between the two. Also Smoke, wheel brakes, and (if you feel up to it) MEC can all be set on the keyboard for a more immersive experience. Even in Arcade.. shutting down an burning engine and diving will often put that fire out and the enemy now far away assuming you were dead. You limp back to base and repair!
  40. You are a mod now... SIM does not need the 'policing' that other modes have! lol
  41. A very very long time ago I put Reload, Replenish, and Repair on 'R' on my keyboard. I press 'R' if it needs one or all, of which all three start at the same time if I do need all of them!
  42. Squad up with someone who can show you the ropes. SIM is the best mode by far. The killing of any tank is the same in all three modes. SIM is always better with a second, third or forth pair of eyes!
  43. ps4

    AB was fun.. I was forced to play it until SIM was released for the PS4. Mouse Aim simply ruined all the fun possible and once keyboard and mouse became available for PS4 players to level the playing field, there simply was no incentive to give the game mode a try again. What Gaijin has given us is a great game with the ability to (if you do not like the default controls) customize your controls any way you like. To compare the default controls to the PC default controls is like comparing apples to oranges. The OP is not satisfied with the default so he has opted to change them. Other free to play games do not give you the freedom to change your controls nor do they really care to. The OP was able to find a solution that will work for him. It still may not be as good as mouse and keyboard but who can say?
  44. ps4

    The help was there you simply chose to blame Gaijin for things that Gaijin has already fixed a long time ago. I look forward to your official post in the 'Moderated Suggestion' section of the forum to have the default controls for the DS4 changed to your controls. Take care
  45. ps4

    Sorry... you got the help you needed. GL and HF. Just curious though.. from a history stand point... were you involved in that battle? The Camp Lejeune Incident that your division was involved in? It still amazes me that only one Marine was killed!
  46. ps4

    The default controls are perfectly fine for AB gameplay. They can get the plane in the air, land it, shoot with it, bomb with it and many are competitive with those controls. Now they did not work for me because of my experience with other games, of which I set my controls up to mimic those games. What needs to be improved? The fact is some people are delicate with the controller, some are very hard on it... some like the vibration function, some do not.... the fact that Gaijin has made it possible for anyone to modify the controls easily is more than enough for 'FREE TO PLAY' game! The OP wants to use the PS4 to be competitive in AB... which is fine... but it will never be to the standard of 'ease of use' or user friendly that Mouse and Keyboard is. He wishes to use the DS4 and there are many custom layouts available to him to choose from. Yours may work for him! Again he will have to reset it every patch but it is a small price to pay to be competitive in AB against other people's computers and PS4's.
  47. Maybe he only plays SB and has no intention of playing either Arcade mode? He only needs one tank in SB and just one crew. He does not need to spend lots of SL or GE on extra crews, crew points, and more, to be effective in SB. He just needs to know his tanks (of which he has played WoT for some time). Over and above that... he will earn 3X the RP in SB for each kill, capture and assist he gets. In fact, he will earn more RP for an assist than a AB player would for a kill! Combine that with a Premium tank that is available in at least one SB line-up per day, he will rank up to tier 4 in just a few games.
  48. You can move it up and down the same as the axis. When you put relative control on it changes Maximum value and Minimum value to increase and decrease.
  49. Maximum and minimum values with relative control on and you can assign it to buttons.
  50. So basically.. since you refuse to fly... you want an extra tank that is capable of killing other tanks, aircraft, and cap zones. ZSU 57 kills tanks with no issues. Ostwind.. kills tanks with no issues... etc.. How about this... They let you (and only you) take instead of a plane, a GAZ truck with the four 7.7 mm guns into any tier as your option? You can then not really shoot down any planes, you cannot really harm any tanks. It would be essentially the same as if you did fly out but you would be able to cap a zone!
  51. There is ships in the SIM air battles though! Took the BTD out yesterday and popped a few cargo ships on Guadacanal. However, do not choose Carrier spawn. It is glitched for the BTD atm.
  52. Does this mean he will quit the game? Again after the last time he quit? Or the time before that? Just curious!
  53. Ok.. it doesn't... nor does it have the under the gun weakspot.. or lower glacias or any side shot or any rear shot. Do you feel better now? IT is invincible! (Well for you it is).
  54. HAHAHA ... definitely you can kill and IS4 but not an IS6. Even though you kill them in the exact same spots. No point in arguing with you... gaijin will save you! However, you should try holding your breath until you turn blue! That may be more effective than stomping your feet, pouting, and saying GAAAAAAIIIIIIJINNNNNNN! Come on! PLEASEEEEEEEEE!
  55. You know one thing that perplexes me in all this.... Is that not one person has started a petition, poll, complaint, drawn a concern, canvassed, protested or anything... to the successive Countries and arms manufacturers for building a tank that is better than other tanks! Did they not have the forsight to see that they are ruining ON LINE FREE TO PLAY GAMES AND GAMEPLAY?
  56. Right?!?! OK?!?!?! Sure! So... the big bad IS6 which can be killed is curb stomping (even though its stats are going down) so it should have a higher BR because the people who use the tanks that go up against it cannot kill it. Oh well... it is what it is. M22 and M24 is not a good anology though... M56 is and heck... they can kill the IS6 too!
  57. Right... So then you either take out a tank that can kill it easily or you work for it. But what you want is Gaijin to make it easy for you because it is too hard! Is that essentially correct? IS4 is harder to kill than a IS6. T29 was difficult and everyone complained about that... then they learned how to kill them... they are not so dangerous anymore. It is ok... Gaijin may listen to your cries for help! I cannot kill it so it has to be set at BR 9.0 or we will pout and stamp our feet!
  58. Of which I labled several tanks that are in the BR range of the IS6 that can and do kill it.
  59. I did earn my God of War Title... did you check my stats for that? The fact is: it is a tough tank but it can be killed easy enough. Sorry Lord Mustang... argue your limitations and they are yours. The IS6 is impossible for you to kill and always will be! I do not own one...
  60. Ok.. any capable tanker using any of those tanks can kill it. Maybe you can't but... others can.
  61. Why? Panther 2 can kill it... m41 can kill it... Tiger 2P and H can kill it. Maus can kill it, jagdtiger can kill it ... Ferdi can kill it. Cent Mk 10 can kill it... Cent mk 3 can kill it. T92 can kill it... M47 can kill it... Are you driving a M19 or M42 mostly?
  62. No you are not a scrub... you just made a choice not to do anything about the enemy air... and therefore that was your choice and your complaint is not really valid. There does not need to be more flexibility. If you chose tank A... that was your choice... then fly next to take care of aircraft. Heavy tanks only get one spawn... If you guys want the ability to choose what you want for your next spawn they have made a game mode for that which is called RB. SIM used to be like that but a majority of SIM players voted it out.
  63. I would not know about 'instructor'. I have not used it in 4 years. I do not mind my PS4 flying my plane for me but... I prefer to do it on my own. Joke in this game! Harsh! lol.... Well Gaijin will fix your issue, until the next time it happens. GL with that!
  64. Then I dive bomb with it... Bases are always good targets for RP earning and if someone finishes off the base you get bonus RP and SL for that too. Attacking airfields is suicidal in any mode so I would not recommend it.
  65. My controls did not change.. but I deleted the event selection menu long ago... I mean why is it even needed? Most of the players that I have set up with control layouts, their controls did not change either. Again (as mentioned above) I am more convinced that most of the people with customer controls have created button conflicts that when the server updates the controls... it has no idea what to do with the conflict... thus creating errors! Oh well....!
  66. Why would they change it? I mean Thunderskill ratings for the tank are only dropping because more people have learned how to kill it. I personally do not have the tank but they are not invincible. Sure they can be hard to kill but so are a lot of tanks. The majority of players bounce their 1st shot off the thing and then CRYOUT TO THE GAIJIN GODS to save them from what is obviously OP and Bias and what ever else they want to make up. There are many individuals who use the fake and not real stats of Thunderskill to base how OP a tank is. The fact is even in Thunderskill, as more people have learned how to kill it, its stats have only dropped. They are below 60% for Arcade and barely holding on to 60% for RB. There are many tanks out there that people do not consider a issue that have much higher stats... Pay to Win? Meh... pay to get more SL and RP to navigate research trees and support the game... most likely!
  67. There are the SB lineups that that particular plane does quite well. It is fun taking that plane off and landing on carriers too! I too spent money on that plane but it has been a great Torpedo bomber in SB. I personally have a thing for Gull Wing planes... I Love the look of them all!
  68. Agreed... I have done my fair share... I have even tried the 'shame' tactic. I mean Mexico and Central America have more SIM players per capita than the USA and Canada. Why is that? It must be the better education infrastructure they have and the fact that I do not think they implemented 'Trophies for everyone' 20 years ago. They simply do not mind taking some beats as they learn to be better. I also find that AB players going straight to SB and skipping over RB fair better than RB players trying SB. The RB player crashes on the runway in SB and slinks back to his comfort zone in RB (where his take off and landing is assisted and virtually done by his computer). The AB guy will ask for help and will announce his success in game chat! 90% of the SB guys in the game then root him on! It is really fun seeing a AB guy get his first kill with a Fighter in SB! It always brings back that awesome feeling when I got my first one! AB and RB the computer does all the work and the AB and RB guys just hit the fire button at the appropriate time. SB.... that player did it all and had to work for it! A kill in SB is worth 1000 RB kills and 100000 AB kills in terms of satisfaction!
  69. Well congrats.. sorry for my ignorance of Arcade. I am terrible at that mode so I simply do not play it. RB too... simply terrible! Everything just looked weird to me and I thought that the guy he killed was hacking because how can a tank move at 2700 miles per hour? Oh well. GL and HF.
  70. Just a suggestion Gaijin... make the default controls ... MY controls... I have never had a issue with any update, addition, change, revision, developement, ever.... Nor have I ever experienced any of the PS4 reported bugs. 4 years and running with custom controls and still going strong. What I am finding though when I help people with their controls is that a couple of guys who modified their controls unknowingly created conflicts with buttons. When an update comes up.... the update does not know what to do with the conflict so it re-sets the controls. One person I fixed and has not had an issue since and the other well... he likes his controls the way they are and I assume that he will have the same issue again with a new update.
  71. Not just MG's but shrapenel and HE shells... Again.. I do not disagree with you and a change like that would not be game breaking for me. I would be neutral on that subject to be honest.
  72. True enough... but then you cannot see the crew 'bail out' to inspect the damage. We disagree on this point too... but if your change comes about that would certainly not be game breaking for me. If I only have one target to shoot... and it did not die... I will shoot until dead. Your suggestion would certainly throw a little adrenaline in the mix for me if there were multiple tanks attacking. For example.... on Kursk I was in a Tiger 2P and three t44's were nicely lined up at 2000 meters range. I only had to move the turret slightly left and right. I shot one... killed gun, shot second killed gun, shot third killed gun. Returned to the first.. dead, second... dead, third... dead. Then one of them was nice enough to come back and try to hit me at 2800 meters, of which one shell from my 88mm and he was out of the game. (the other two went to another spawn point or flew in).
  73. Well I kind of agree with that but.... that is the thing... you would see the crew get out of the tank... which you cannot in this game. The point being is that it is a game. In all honesty.. I rarely look at that cam anyway because I am scouting my next target while re-loading. The other benefit of the cam is that the gunner is not the only one calling out the fall of shot... there are other crew members who are watching as well but me personally, I only have one set of eyes and can only man one position at a time. That means that if I cannot see the shot his in Sniper view... you bet the commander saw the shot. So how would a animated and non speaking commander tell me the gunner where the shot hit?
  74. Not really... We cannot use Back up vehicles.. so SIM players do not need to purchase them... We earn 3 times the RP for kills and zone captures so spading and researching new vehicles does not take too long (in fact... a SIM player gets more RP for an 'assist' than an AB player does for a kill). We do not need more than 3 crews so SL spent on crew 4 and 5 is really not needed and there is definitely no need to spend GE on any crews after the 5th. There is no need for SIM player to spend SL to equip the same plane or tanks to different crews... there is no need for war bonds.. extra boosters... or orders... Most decals are x4 or x6 for every kill so a decal that would take a AB player 600 kills would only take a SB player 100 kills. All skins for aircraft and tanks are x2 so it will take half the time to earn than RB All RP and SL bonuses and titles are at least x2 if not x4 (I earned the God of War title in 25000 player kills a AB player need 100000). Ace level status is quickly earned by RP so there is no need for the SIM player to 'ACE' a crew or if they want it sooner... we get more RP faster that the ACE status for vehicles are quickly discounted. There is no need for SIM players to purchase crap 'premium' tanks or planes to fill out a BR range for crews. SIM players who have earned RP too fast can always go into a RB match and bomb until they have the SL they need to purchase the jets they unlocked. SIM tanks... it is easy to walk away from a battle with 40000 to 100000 SL in a match that lasted about 15 minutes... So basically the SIM player never need to purchase SL with GE.. The SIM player does not really need to purchase crew points because we have fewer crews and every battle that one crew goes into earns points.
  75. That is the thing... Crews get out of tanks to inspect damage and if the damage is repairable... you would see them trying to repair the tank. It is not about seeing dead crew members. You would see a crew member opening the hatch to get at the engine... you would see a crew member climb out and inspect the gun... you would see a crew member get out and inspect the road wheels and tracks... Damage? You can see your shells penetrate or bounce... you can see where the shells actually hit the tank. Tank commanders and gunners were pretty good at determining what would be wreaked inside if there was a PENN and not a bounce. There are 100's of videos on the internet of tank crews 'bailing' out of their tanks. So how would an opposing tank 'NOT' know he has hurt the tank (or not) without crew animations being added or the Hit cam? I mean they can and did confirm killed targets more than 2KM away! I do not know if the following movie was staged or not.. but it is what it is.
  76. Yes and no... I mean if the gun is destroyed and the tank is no long capable of fighting... the crew would abandon it and the tank shooting would see that it was being abandoned. I mean clearly in the cologne incident you can watch both crews, from the Sherman and the Panther bail out. Since we do not have a 'Crew' animations to show damage (that may be repairable) what else would you suggest to show that crew is repairing the tracks, engine, suspension, road wheels, and, yes even the gun would need an exterior inspection, (I am sure the crew would not want a shell to explode in the breech or chamber)!
  77. Kill cam is fine by me... it is the 'Death' cam that was removed.
  78. In a squad (way back when) a player in your squad could be killed by someone then instead of spawning back in... they could watch their killer as he moves and direct his squad mates to his exact location... that I feel was a broken feature in the game. The guy could watch the killer from different angles too.
  79. Yes we have it for tanks... however.. we have 5 (give or take) crew members who (as part of the job of a tank crew) help watch for the fall of shot. Also since we do not have crew animations of people exiting a tank to open an Engine deck or repair a lost track or road wheel... it sort of simulates seeing that. It is just like the kill cam... a tank can see when an enemy tank's crew had bailed out thus giving them the knowledge that one particular enemy has been neutralized. In game.. the crew cannot acutally be seen bailing out. It was the death cam that followed your tank (the killer) that definitely needed to be removed (and was removed) http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=ww2+cologne+incident&&view=detail&mid=4E18B20C4B58FCEC7C184E18B20C4B58FCEC7C18&FORM=VRDGAR
  80. I am afraid that you are wrong on that. AB is the cash cow... RB is middle child... and SB is the prodical son. AB gets everything that Gaijin can make money on and RP is so low that the AB player spends a lot of GE to get to the next stage. RB.. 50% of the community wants something and the other 50% does not... so they never get anything done or any changes. SB.. Flight models, Gaijin turns to the SB community for feedback on those... not the AB or RB community where the computer actually does the flying and the instructor ensures they are not able to do anything completely stupid. Cockpits for all aircraft (it took a long time but) who was that for? AB and RB where they have a invisible drone with a camera following each and every plane so you can watch how your computer maneuvers it? Or the SIM community were spotting and stealth matter? Limitations on Auto gunner target acquisition distances... who was that for? AB and RB where they can fly their planes with no issues and spray bullets at anything that moves, anywhere, at any distance, or for SB where if you are flying or on a bombing run and not actually manning your guns, you can be 'surprised'!? Removal of Markers from everything in GF. SB community asked for it and got it. Mini map was removed as well. RB.. 50% want markers removed but 50% don't so.... nothing gets done for them! Pinging target locations on the map... that was made for the SB community not AB or RB (although they can use it as well but is completely redundant since it is auto done for them) Cover me... designed by a very talented SIM player.. allowed for use in game until Gaijin developed it as a actual option in the game. Which community needs that the most? AB and RB where you can see the targets that others have spotted from 30km away.. or for SB players? Spawn point system removed and given to RB (because SIM players hated it for the most part).... 50% of the RB community have tried to have it removed but... 50% like it so they have it for life. FF restored when it was removed from all modes... RB and AB still have it even though about 50% of the community want it back! There are more examples and as I remember them I just may add them to this post. Basically... SB community gets way more 'wishes' granted by the Dev's than any other community.
  81. My dad is English... he got bombed on by the Germans during the Blitz.... it is Football to me. That is how I was raised! Hit Camera.... meh... a lot of people will complain about that! (not SIM like and all!) Who will have time to look at it anyway when you are straffing close to the ground and have to pull up, or avoid trees, or ground fire, or a 6?
  82. Agreed... thank you! I am not the best pilot... but I do try! At the very least my presence can make an enemy plane dump his ordinance to engage me. If so.. even if I lose the dogfight, I saved a lot of tanks!