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  1. gameplay

    The player, I did not see the point of your comment in the first place hence why I made my comment.
  2. gameplay

    You said the players were shooting at tanks.
  3. 1.67

    It does exist.
  4. Sorry about that.
  5. gameplay

    That does not mean you can exclude them from being in the game, I use them at times and when I do it's for AAA work. A lot of AAA platforms have a second role.
  6. Not the PB2, they were designed for ground attack.
  7. Flying with no change in flight path?
  8. I thought cut off dates were based on technology now.
  9. aircraft/loadouts

    Ridiculous paint scheme?
  10. There are countless numbers of threads about this, please you the search function.
  12. I have the P-40 for IL-2 Battle of Moscow and you can tell the one in War Thunder is pretty bad.
  13. B. Soviet (a premium) P-40E in the game uses the American bombs. At the same time, quite often supplied under Lend-Lease P-40 put the Soviet bomb racks and hung Soviet bomb, with boot options used 2 * 1 * 100kg + 250kg and even 500kg * 1. Are there any plans to introduce a similar bomb load options for the Soviet "Kittyhawk"? A. The family plans we have remodeling the P-40, when we will find details on the references of these suspensions for the Soviet version we will implement them.
  14. The P-40 is being reworked.
  15. What?
  17. Total IMC in War Thunder sounds fun.
  18. Seeing you're from New Zealand it might be your ping. I know it may not make sense but that is all I can assume.
  19. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\War Thunder\Replays Upload the .wrpl files here.