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  1. No comment. >_>
  2. Only the old. xD
  3. I love Sailor Moon!
  4. It's generally not going to go well for you when around an enemy airfield unless you're up pretty high, I don't think anything was changed.
  5. Might be a bit off topic but if power was not used in the dive would they both dive at the same speed? If you take a golf ball and a bowling ball and drop it from a building they should hit the ground at about the same time.
  6. ground vehicles

    To be honest I don't think the minigun will do much, it's bark is bigger than it's bite in context with this game, it's just 7.62 NATO. The question is what kind of belt mix would it use?
  7. You don't have to be a premium player to get a premium tank and price depends on ones own opinion.
  8. You can get a GTX 1050 and it will work well. The 700 and 900 series is a good choice also, they are older but will work just fine.
  9. Well your issue is that graphics card, no doubt about it.
  10. Which i7 is it and what graphics card?
  11. ground vehicles
  12. ground vehicles

    It's something that I would actually spend 9740 Golden Eagles on.
  13. ground vehicles

    I don't dislike the idea and to be honest wish I could take back my vote on not adding the minigun.
  14. ground vehicles

    The Grim Reaper, it's a fortress on tracks.
  15. ground vehicles

    Talk about power creep.
  16. If you turn the magnetos from BOTH to LEFT or RIGHT the RPM drop is very minimal, like 200 RPM. (I fly in reality and do a mag check at run up) You can fly on one side easily.
  17. This is a very old thread (2014), due to the introduction of PBR it might not work well. If you want skins go here.
  18. aircraft/loadouts

    If they voted "no" to the first question then why would they even go to the second question? EDIT: Now I noticed, there is 48 votes on both questions. Does not make sense.
  19. I don't know, sorry.
  20. But that is naval which is not the same and is unfinished. I would assume it's harder to sink a ship than it is to take out a tank, which would be a logical explanation why you got a lot for only four ships and planes.
  21. Porklyshikin's P-39 is nice but you're limited to sniping with it.
  22. I play both modes. It's a roll of the dice how long AB will last. Some times they are really short and sometimes really long.
  23. I have asked this before many times and will ask it again, what is the SPAA going to do if they have nothing to shoot out of the sky?
  24. I don't think the P-47 does well at boom and zoom unless it's up high.
  25. What game mode? EDIT: Sorry did not read the title right. Disregard please.
  26. You win the internet for today.
  27. Much appreciated!
  28. Do you know of any documentation about this? I am really curious.
  29. It's fine, I can find that stuff too. Any detailed information you want to know related to content like this can be found because it's unclassified and archived, I just need to know where to look.
  30. Where can I find such documentation? I am curious in reading it. In all of what I read the T-55 is a T-54 just equipped for better survival during the Cold War.
  31. So right off the start of production the T-55 had these features, it's not something that was introduced in a later variant?
  32. I don't follow what you're trying to say.
  33. misc/other

    The reason the prop is turning slow is because the starter is being engaged but the magneto switch is still off. You let the prop turn a number of blades you see from the cockpit and when it has reached that number you flip the magneto switch to both and the engine should fire up, after that you bring the mixture to rich or run. If you don't adjust the mixture quick enough the engine will just quit due to lack of fuel being supplied.
  34. Like what TheGun31 said, they are essentially the same exact tank. What the T-55 offers that the T-54 does not has no applicability in War Thunder.
  35. It would not be stupid, just very hard to do. It would be awesome if this game had a similar concept that DCS uses. A base game that is called DCS World that is built on with modules from all sorts of different eras. Battles really end in three minutes for you?
  36. Yeah I can just imagine how well that will play out, battles will end in less than three minutes.
  37. Thank you for the replies.
  38. whats your build

    B-24, it hurts because I have a premium account and it's still taking a long time.
  39. I doubt they will only use them on bombers, it would be so tempting to use them on other fighters, to be honest I would as well but just imagine AB and RB, it would be a massive furball with missiles streaking all over the place. Not sure if you're aware but with early IR missiles they just looked for a heat source, it does not care what it was, it could be a jet, clouds, sun, ect. The pilot gets a growl in his headset which is the missile saying "oh, that is such a nice hot heat source, I want to go after it, release me!" You can easily kill friendlies like this. With radar guided missiles of that era it can only stay locked onto what is locked on the radar in the jet, if you launch a radar guided missile and the target dives for the deck the radar must look at the ground also. The radar will pick up all kinds of "noise" on the scope from the ground and will lose the lock. The missile will say "well I can't see the target anymore from my parent radar so I am just going to go stupid."
  40. Sorry for not typing in German but this seems to be a more active anime thread, I wanted to ask you guys if you prefer sub or dub when it comes to watching anime? I myself can't stand watching anime that is dubbed into English, it just sounds so bad.
  41. What hardware do you have?
  42. Wanted what?
  43. If they add the Vietnam War then next thing you know people are going to be asking for the 1991 Gulf War.
  44. They are not going to add such an era. It would be a whole new can of worms for them.
  45. Let me just repost what I have a few times already... Missiles of the 1960s and early 1970s were not that great. They had to be ripple fired to even have a chance of a hit. The sidewinder was very easy to out turn and the sparrow was useless near the ground due to all the ground clutter on the radar. Chances are high you will expend all of your missiles and not get a single kill. These are just small examples of what is many problems with early missiles. The chances of fratricide with heat seekers is likely going to be high also.
  46. There are tons of players that want change like this including myself for the sake of accuracy but gameplay wise it would be a mess.
  47. -Disregard-
  48. Is it Ferris or Felix? I have seen both names.
  49. Not heard anything for them.