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  1. Merhaba @_DELTA_FORCE_, burası global forum ve İngilizce paylaşımlar yapmak gerekiyor. Ana dil olup bu tip konular için lütfen topluluk alt forumumuzun Teknik Problemler kısmını ziyaret ediniz. İyi günler.
  2. Hello @Plem67, this section is for players to introduce themselves and finding some friends to play with even. For this kind of discussions and threads about ground vehicles, please check Ground Forces Discussion section where you can get better assistance and discuss with other players at ease. Directed and Locked.
  3. Answered and Locked.
  4. Hello @warcrawl, as far as I know, crew training cost in Silver Lions is determined by the cost of the vehicle. Maximum Silver Lions cost for training crew is 280.000 Silver Lions, which is for the crew train cost for top tanks. One can try to get logic behind crew training costs by checking train costs on same Battle Rating vehicles. (E.g KV-1 L11, T-34 1941 and T-34 1942. They are at same tier, same battle rating, but their vehicle costs affect their crew training costs.) I hope this answers your question.
  5. Hello @Rafianda_Putra, when you invite a friend, they receive 50 Golden Eagles. You receive rewards only when they have achieved specific ranks on any nation. The "Invite Friend" section on in-game menu sums it up pretty much and clearly as you can see below: But if the issue is about invited players not yet receiving their proposed 50 Golden Eagles, please contact Support.
  6. Hello @Keksius_Maximus, this section is for newcomers to introduce themselves, maybe find themselves friends to play with even. Please, keep complaints about game off from here. You can use Constructive Criticism Corner to address your issue logically with detailed multiple subjects that would stay within Guidelines, otherwise, you can use General Discussion. Locked.
  7. Welcome to War Thunder and War Thunder Forums @Byrrah. Have fun exploring the content of forums and be sure to take actions according to the guidelines, rules. You can find rules for both the game and forums in here and forum guideline for newcomers in here. You can also check and seek assistance about general gameplay questions in The Academy or F.A.Q and Tutorials, a place where you can find training topics, flight courses, tank training, training pictures and videos for newcomers. If you have an issue that concerns aircraft, you can check Air Force Academy and Army Academy for tanks. As always, take care out there and see you on the battlefield!
  8. Taarruz sınıfı uçaklar görüşümce en çok ve rahat şekilde Tank RB maçlarında iş görüyor aynı senin yazdığın gibi. Hava RB'de olan tespit etme sistemi olmadığı için oyuncuların düşmanları kendileri bulması ve takip etmesi gerekiyor. Bu ise bir nevi taarruz uçaklarının işini kolaylaştırıyor, tabi, deneyimli olan oyuncular her zamanki gibi tehlike arz ediyor orada da. Ayrıca Hornisse'nin U4 versiyonları mükemmel donanıma sahip, çift görevli olabiliyorlar. BK 5 sayesinde hem büyük ve ağır uçaklara saldırabiliyor, yeri geldiğinde ise yer hedeflerine saldırabiliyorlar. Tabi, tek tip kemer seçebildiğimiz için MG151'e Hava Hedefleri ve BK 5 için ise duruma göre Hava Hedefleri / Zırhlı Hedefler seçmek gerekiyor. HVAP-T mermilerin olduğu kemeri kesinlikle önermiyorum, hem hasar az ve uçağın olduğu BR konumundaki tankların zırhı aşırı delmeye sebebiyet verebilir. AP-T yeterince deliyor, üzerine birde HE içeriği var ki bu tankları yok etmeyi kolaylaştırıyor.
  9. Please do not derail from topic.
  10. Yes, you do hear them. You can even hear them missing you sometimes.
  11. mods

    Answered and Locked.
  12. Hello @Yul_Brynner, sadly, currently only Vy speeds have been documented and they are left half-way done. We can gather or one can gather data about V-speeds by testing every single aircraft thoroughly in-game, but that would take forever to finish documenting them and uploading to somewhere. Only clue about V1 speed we currently have in-game is the takeoff run shown in statistic card of aircraft's. But you probably would not need data about it since the aircraft will eventually lift itself unless you pitch down, no matter what landing gear design used. Hope this helps you. Answered and Locked. PS: If any known/existing thread, site, document about V1 speeds of aircraft in-game, please contact me via PM so I can unlock the thread.
  13. The thread has been answered long ago, no need to revive this thread since it is solved. Locked.
  14. Thank you @Dr_Eggnog for helping. Also @Yul_Brynner, for future assistance seeking threads, please use The Academy and choose the right section depending on your vehicle type you are going to need help with. Answered and Locked.
  15. P-47's are fantastic indeed, but only if you know how to use them properly. I actually have fun with them in GF RB and they do excellent work in any way. Even after firing any available ordnance on them, MG's still do wonders. Be it engaging aircraft or strafing ground targets.
  16. Answered and Locked.
  17. As far as I know, that maneuver is literally impossible to pull off, at least not that quickly. There are many incorrect things in that movie, one being this maneuver.
  18. Thank you @Baka_9_Cirno, @*ChameleonLord for helping and @TheElite96 for directing user to appropriate sections, also for guideline thread for future topic creations. Answered, Directed and Locked.
  19. Thank you @*ko102crew and @*marc_1974_ for helping and directing @*Unsightedraptor to correct section where he can get better assistance. Directed and Locked.
  20. japan

    As @Optical_Ilyushin wrote above, you already have access. Just launch the game and you should have access to all Japanese vehicles without any restrictions when researching one after another.
  21. Thank you @ChewyBarry and @Sarin for helping. Answered and Locked.
  22. Hello @AVI_S, you can bind controls for head movement in Menu-->Controls-->Aircraft Control-->Camera Control-->And below Cheers.
  23. Bonjour @*sdebooser, je suis désolé, mais la plupart des gens ici ne parlent pas français. Je suis sûr que vous serez en mesure d'obtenir beaucoup plus d'attention et d'assistance ici. Directed and Locked.
  24. Multiple answers were given but sadly, the OP is no longer playing the game. Thank you for helping whomever did. Answered and Locked.
  25. Removed inappropriate and unnecessary tags, also directed to correct section by @TheElite96. Directed and Locked.
  26. Your last sentence is kind of an insult made against players who have to bail out, be it being unable to reach the airfield or having critically damaged to pilot the aircraft efficiently or urgent and unexpected real-life events. I would rather just let it go than coming into conclusions and making comments about the player. Same applies to this.
  27. Ho-Ro is 1.7 in every game mode. And it has a 150 mm howitzer, it has to be able to one-shot-kill tanks it faces. Wow, I never knew that.... Thanks for that video, it will surely be useful in future when facing one of those.
  28. What you request will make Panther's even monstrous, are you aware of this? Also, with a tank series that are equipped with 7,5 cm KwK42/44 cannon, you should not be having any problems when engaging the tanks you have listed, even frontally but except T95 and T32. They have thicker armour than your cannon is able to penetrate. But if you still think they need a BR reduction, you can make a detailed writing with reasons why they require a BR reduction in this section of forum. If I may add my opinions about this subject, the problem is the knowledge and skills you have in-game.
  29. AI tanklar için sanırsam arkadan ve yandan 2-3, önden ise 5-6 tane isabetli atış yapmak gerekiyor. Oyuncu tankları için ise bilgi gerekiyor, ve tabi kide yetenek. Örneğin, T-34'lere ve M4'lere karşı geldiğin zaman önden 60-70 derece bir açı ile taarruz yapmaya çalış, çoğu İngiliz tankına karşı ise tek çare 75-90 derece arası bir açı ile saldırmak oluyor.
  30. Dropping payload indeed makes the aircraft more agile since there is a weight loss. But I should point something out for you @Zarken_Ventreth and others, currently and for a long time, the payload on an aircraft can not be detonated by aircraft and ground fire. Such mechanics have not been implemented but there is a chance in future, a hope. Also, OP seems to have stopped playing the game since October and I assume there is no longer need for this thread to remain open. Locked.
  31. Thread has derailed from its purpose, also the player is not playing anymore. Locked.
  32. Holldung Granate.38/C was not only issued to StuG's. Any German tank that was equipped with 7,5 cm Kampfwagenkanone/Sturmkanone 37 that saw service between April 25th, 1942 and April 5th, 1943 was able to use these shells. Which covers Pz.III Ausf. N, Pz.IV Ausf. E/F1 and StuG III Ausf. A.
  33. tank

    As @TinyTinyDwarf wrote above, nothing was promised about Type 62, especially it getting HEAT-FS. Whatever happens, spending 10.000 GE was your choice, you were not forced to do it. Gaijin is not at fault here but you. But maybe, maybe in future Type 62 can get fixed as developers are recently coming back from holiday. Also countless threads have been opened about this, as well as submitted bug reports. No need to create one thread after another concerning same subject just because of the dissatisfaction about Type 62.
  34. İleride geçer bu durum merak etme. Tipik bir olay bu, yeni bir araç gelince her zaman spam olur.
  35. Etkinlikte IL-2'ler destan yazıyor bildiğiniz. VYa-23 topları mükemmel.
  36. And what is the connection of this with the sound mod thread?
  37. Today's event is a total disaster in my opinion. Neither historical nor balanced line-up and setting. Finnish side literally compromises of only planes, mainly Fw 190 A-5 and them rocketing T-34's right in their spawn. When Soviet side tries flying aircraft, they are encountered by a swarm of planes in air, a number of 5-6 fighters minimum. Which means insta-death. Most people tend to play soviets because of plane spam. KV-1B (actually a KV-1E) is literally invincible from front unless you get T-34-85. You can only see your team compromising mainly of planes when you are playing Finnish/German side. SPAA is rare. No limitation for Fw 190's and Bf 109's. KV-1B gets a first spawn. This is by far, slightly worse than Sinai event.
  38. Thank you @Siouxwarrior for your thoughts and contribution to "Army Academy". Some cleaning has been done, however, this section of the forum is the most and probably the only appropriate place for this kind of guide thread to stay. Have a nice day.
  39. Also as @Drop_Kick wrote above, in the midst of battle, you can not differ sounds from each other easily since they are too loud. The sound mod indeed makes locating enemies easier, no words on that. But this also means your friendlies will have much higher volume when firing. Result is like listening to someone who speaks too close to their microphone and high pitched, too loud and can not understand what is going on.
  40. How come? I clearly pointed out it does not grant player an extra advantage since what it gives can be achieved by simply tweaking your sound system or in-game volumes.
  41. You are definitely not forced to make something. It is your choice to whether install that mod or not. Simple. It offers nothing, just makes sounds even louder for many things. Think about this as ULQ setting players use to have advantage over others, but this offers no advantage.
  42. Panzergranate 40 was issued to most German tank guns. Pz.IV's, Pz.III's with long barreled guns always had them. Meanwhile T45, was not issued and was only in small numbers since it was not developed. Sherman's can destroy Pz.IV and other enemy tanks they face until 4.3, at and after that point, it gets harder for them. That is why I wrote "T45 APCR shells were given only for balancing purposes", which clearly says M4A2 has T45 because it also can face a 5.3 opponent or an armoured target and short 75 would not have any chance against them.
  43. A reminder, Tier/Rank is irrevelant in the game for like a year or more. Only the vehicle's BR matters. Also, I can not imagine you or anyone having a hard time against KV's, Tiger's, Panther's and T-34's with a 76mm M1 armed Sherman. 76mm M1 offers an APCBC shell with nice penetration of 106mm at 1,000 meter distance and 63.7gr TNT equivalent explosive filler. About T45 APCR, these APCR shells were given only for balancing purposes and are not required at 3.3-3.7 BR Sherman's in my opinion. On a side note, as far as I know, T45 was not developed further since 76mm M1 was quite effective with its APCBC against what it faced.
  44. I do not think 75mm is better in any way when compared to 57mm of British. 57mm has more shell types and they offer better penetration, also a faster reload time. Also about your point on these shells doing little damage: if an armour-piercing shells has HE (High-Explosive) filler in it, that shell will have medium-high levels of post-penetration damage as expected. But since British and American cannons relied on standard AP shells without HE filler as they were effective, and they are effective in game too. Just do not expect them to ignite ammunition storage in an enemy tank, they have less chance of doing that than a APHE-- or APC-- or any armour-piercing shells with explosive filler in it.
  45. I know I should have written this in suggestions section but this section seemed quite fair to me. Anyways, on to topic. Many players may have been encountering the numerous Panther's, ISU's and will encounter more tanks in future events that are superior in terms of firepower and armour while they are in their barely competitive tanks, be it M4's, Churchill's, Pz.IV's and early T-34's in events so far. And accessing those better and much more favoured tanks by players is rather easy as they require a SP cost that requires little effort, or just using a plane to kill a player and spawn on the specific tank. I suggest increasing their SP costs a bit, like multiplying their current SP costs by 1.5 and making them require more SP cost when spawning in another SP required vehicle, just like how it is in RB Ground Forces. Also limiting their numbers just like some aircraft and tanks were done since they do not have any number limit and this results in a numerous advantage over enemy that has inferior tanks. This will, in my opinion at least, allow players to have more fun and fight in a much more fair manner. This system should be considered at least until when both sides get considerably competitive tanks. Thank you for reading.
  46. @GaussFrigate, I assume both problems have been solved and would like thank both of you for helping about this issue @Gallonmate and @relliK. Answered and Locked.
  47. As far as I know, speech and FMV (Full Motion Video) volume only covers the videos.
  48. @GaussFrigate, make sure you have "Radio Chat Volume" on a reasonable level, so you can hear the crew talking in specific times as can be seen here:
  49. Bir zamanlar aimbot var idi, ama bir zamanlar. 2013 civarı görmüştüm sanırsam. Ama evet, oyunda hile yapılması artık baya zorlaşır bir duruma geldi. Zaten hile programlarının kullanımı için pek te tercih edilen bir oyun değil. Yetenek olduktan sonra hile kullanan bir oyuncuyu bile bu oyunda yok edebilirsiniz.
  50. Thank you @Zaxu_ and @NuclearRain7777 for helping to solve problem. @Renamed10322, please visit here to get your answers. Answered and Locked.
  51. Do not believe that. You know, if that said person who said such a thing about a vehicle might being added to the game before an official statement by Gaijin, that person will risk his position. Also, what is "a guy who is maintaining French Tech Tree"? Totally an invalid source that is just made to hype people for nothing.
  52. I would like to have a source on this as well.
  53. This was supposed to be the bug report actually, and problem is solved after I set speakers to default. Thanks for that mini guide
  54. Burada bahsettiğiniz tankın topu 8,5cm ve (çoğu kişinin BR-365A kullandığını varsayıyorum) mermi 164 gram TNT barındırıyor içinde. Panther tankı zaten önden hariç tek seferde ölmeye mahkum bir tank. Burada OP olan tek şey araçları incelememeniz ve sonucunda normal bir olay yüzünden "OP" kanısına varmanız.
  55. This is already a submitted error. They will eventually get fixed in future.
  56. Bir şey diyemeyeceğim. Kendisi yazmış "arzu ederseniz buraya da koyabiliriz" diye.
  57. @TR_sToRm, Lütfen direk hakaret etme yoluna başvurmayın.
  58. There is a small chance of shell not exploding, that chance varies from the damage caused on breech. In Arcade Battles, you can fire but in Realistic and Simulator, this is a risky choice and many would rather repairing the cannon breech than risking the destruction of the vehicle. Answered and Locked.
  59. Thank you @Geebus for helping. Answered and Locked.
  60. Answered and Locked.
  61. Arkadaş sadece yok etme sayısını kanıt olarak sunmamış, video olduğunuda belirtmiş burada görebileceğin gibi: Bazen önemli noktaların altını çizmek gerekiyor yazı yazarken, istemsizce gözden kaçabiliyor.
  62. I do not recall neither of us mentioned Tiger II's. You pointed out Tiger 1's and Panther's, not Tiger II and I shared my opinion about it. Tiger II is a different story.
  63. Hi, My problem has been present for a long time, like for a year. I was fed up and decided to make a bug report about it. The issue is simple, whenever I plug in an USB, the sound of game totally goes off and it is never fixed unless I re-start the game. This sound problem occurs only in War Thunder, in other games everything is fine. Client Log: 2017_01_08_15_06_13__3356.clog
  64. What you just wrote was truly nonsense. T26E1-1 will totally dominate them. Panther's and Tiger 1 could be fast, but their armour and guns are inferior to Super Pershing. And I also think that if one has managed to research and decided to use T26E1-1, that person at least should have enough skill and knowledge about game to not get clubbed by those tanks.
  65. @TheElite96, thanks for directing @BhuddaBelly to correct section. Re-directed and Locked.
  66. If the issue is not caused by miscalculation due to higher magnification Jägdtiger optics have, I suggest making a bug report immediately.
  67. Olay @legitimate_90 arkadaşımızın dediği gibi uçaklar ve tanklar için ortak kullanılan bir özellik, ayrıca tank mürettebatı için bedava bir şekilde fazladan puan Bu özellikğin tanklar için savaş alanında pek bir özelliği yok, daha doğrusu hiç yok. Tanklara olan tek artısı şu: her oyun sonrası para sıkıntınız olduğu için otomatik tamir etmeyi kapattığınız zaman, bu özellik tankın daha kısa bir sürede size paraya mâl olmadan tamir olmasını sağlıyor. Uçaklarda olan mantığın aynısı yani.
  68. O zaman buradan bir bug şikayeti yapmanı öneririm: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/592-general-gameplay-and-balance-issues/. Oyun ile alakalı bir sıkıntı olabilir.
  69. Now, that is odd. Would you like to try to make a bug report about it? Maybe it will work.
  70. Hi @skyshot, you are high likely talking about the default shell of Jägdtiger's KwK44, the APC round. That shell is a blunt nose shell and as a result, the shell has less aerodynamic capabilities when compared to an APHE or APHEBC shell, leading to loss of momentum since air resistance is low. In other words, hitting ground much earlier. Note: APCBC hitting losing momentum earlier is a mystery, or just I can not explain any further.
  71. Eğer son anda değiştirilmiş ise olabilir. Çok karşılaştığım bir durum. Fakat durum tam tersi ise, aktivasyon süresi son anda değil de önceden ayarlanmış ise, bir bug şikayeti yapılmasını öneririm. azen böyle küçük ve fark edilmeyen problemler çıkabiliyor.
  72. Ben şahsen bir oyunda hilenin kesinlikle olmayacağını savunmaktan kaçınırım. Sonuçta bu bir oyun, dijital ortamda kodlamalar ve zaman ile üretilmiş bir emek. Dijital ortamda olduğu sürece her şeyin bir kolay yolu bulunur. Oyunda hile olabilir, herkes en az 1-2 defa denk gelmiştir böyle olaylara. Ama unutmayalım, bazen hile yapıyor dediğimiz oyuncular oyundaki deneyimlerini kullanarak da böyle bir skor alıyor olabilirler veya bazen "legal hile" olarak tabir edilen minimum grafik ayarlarında da oynuyor olabilir.
  73. In my opinion, EC for ground forces will become available much later, probably after naval forces are released or went into CBT stage at least. I am actually more curious about what will the Japanese boats top out with. Momi-class DD's that were later converted into No.31-class Patrol Boats? Or actual Destroyers from WWI for each nation? This will be an interesting wait. (Slightly went off-topic there)
  74. Same. And because of that much less number of vehicles they will ever have, I think adding Chinese Tech Tree is not necessary or will ever be. Major factions should be in this game, but other nation vehicles can be premiums maybe.
  75. Hi @POOYA, for this kind of problems you encounter, please use this section in forums: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/597-crashes-connection-update-problems-and-advice/ Locked.
  76. As far as I know, Chinese Tech Tree exists. But yeah, only in Chinese client. Also as Kazumi wrote, they lack a high number of original aircraft to be placed on tree since most of the vehicles Chinese were copy-paste with minor modifications.
  77. Jet uçaklarına geldiğin zaman memnun kalmak ister isen sadece İngiliz git, uçakları bence her türlü güzel. Spitfire, Typhoon, Tempest...... Sadece bombardıman uçakları sıkıntı ama onlarda bomba yükünden kurtarıyor.
  78. G3M Rikko. That thing was a key plane and sank Prince of Wales and Repulse.
  79. O zaman cevap belli. İngiliz veya Japon. İngiliz tercihim olur bu konuda.
  80. E kardeşim o zaman ne arıyorsun bu oyunda? Pervanelilerden geçmediğin sürece o çok sevdiğiniz jet uçaklarına ulaşamazsınız. Güzel bir şekilde para yatırıp en iyi premium uçağı alırsın bir ülkedeki, öyle kasarsın. Pervaneli oynamak istemiyorum demek yanlış olur, eninde sonunda oynamak zorunda kalacaksın.
  81. İngiliz veya Japon deneyebilirsin. Her iki ağaç görüşümce Alman ve Rus uçaklarından daha iyi görünüyor.
  82. Reason could be not many people showing interest in researching the vehicle that is a new addition, or Ju 88 C-6 being a wanted plane by many I assume.
  83. Both PBJ aircraft in game are missing their 5" HVARs in the game for a long time which is necessary for both. I will write about PBJ-1J and her 5" HVARs that could be installed with bombs at the same time in this bug report within my knowledge. 5" HVAR: Aircraft Characteristics & Performance Sheet (ACP): Pictures: No .clog or dxdiag attached since not needed, same as game version.
  84. tanks/vehicles

    Unless other nations get their halftracks if there are that could be added or more halftracks are added, I will vote no until that time arrives. Do not get me wrong, this is indeed a nice vehicle, just like any other halftracks modified to fit weaponry on them. Or an even better idea, this could be a reserve for TD line if that thought was considered for future plans. Note: Could you please add "I voted no earlier" or something like that in second poll question? Thanks.