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  1. You have my support on this, just like any other person here. With this implementation, we could get Ram II (M4A5) to its original home, Commonwealth Tree.
  2. Deliş güçleri oldukları BR konumlamalarına göre iş görüyor, ve eğimli zırhlara karşı sıkıntı sadece 37mm, 47mm ve 57mm toplarda oluyor. Zırhları konusuna pek girmek gerektiğini düşünmemekteyim. Tarihte Japonyanın İkinci Dünya Savaşında direk olarak donanma kuvvetine odaklandığını bildiğini varsayıyorum, bu yüzden tanklara fazla önem verilmedi çünkü donanma hep ön plandaydı. Kaybedilecek topraklar için daha ileri tank geliştirilmesi gereksiz geliyordu ve daha güçlü tanklar üretecek olsalar karşılarına daha güçlü tanklar gelecekleri düşüncesindeydiler, haklıydılar da. Japon tankları genelde pusu taktikleri uygulardı, ve araziler bildiğin gibi engebeli oluyordu adalarda. Zırh ve büyük toplar düşünülseydi etkililikleri daha az olurdu. Bu kadar bilgi yeter diye düşünüyorum. Bu sizin düşünceniz, az bir araştırma yapsanız böyle bir olay olmadığının farkına varacaksınız. Amerikan ve Alman kırması denilebilecek tek tank görebiliyorum, Ho-Ru. Ama o da oyunda yok. Direk o ülkeye ait araçlar var syndrome'un yukarıda yazdığı gibi. Ama sayıca az oldukları için böyle bir varsayım ortaya koymanız saçma.
  3. Let's watch our manner in this debate, shall we? I assume you guys can contemplate about the consequences.
  4. Still, does not change the fact that the discussion is not concerning the main point of this thread. I wrote Nukes instead of whole debate, just that.
  5. What about just leaving that Nuke matter and getting back on the topic? I am sure it does not belong in here.
  6. Deneyimlerine dayanarak yazıyorum, I-Go hariç diğerleri iyi.
  7. İleride farklı ülke araçları gelecek, kesinlik vermek gibi olmasın ama gelebilir.
  8. That is just an update, nothing much to worry about. Also, it is not uncommon nowadays.
  9. More diversity, the better in a way. But I am not so sure about China since it has a separate server, it might be unlikely due to that.
  10. If we were to go by whole Axis nations, there would be more to come than just Italians. The game had major countries, and of course, by time, the others will come.
  11. ITT cannot be completed in such a short time, as you can guess by looking at the detail of the vehicles.
  12. No from me. I would rather see that in ITT rather than in GTT.
  13. Yep.
  14. Don't forget guys; this is a rumour round-up and discussion thread. Stick to it and leave things that are not even close to the idea of implementation as long as possible, as well as turning into pure US tank discussion.
  15. I guess so, fits the drawing.
  16. It's a Panther G turret on Panther II hull; actual one was an enlargened version of Schmalturm which could fit KwK43.
  17. I know there are many interesting prototype vehicles out there, but still, doesn't change the fact that they are not needed unless a nation lacks specific vehicle and has a gap. i.e No successor of G8N1 and Ki-83. For Entwicklung series, it was a clear no. E-100 was an exception though.
  18. I still can not manage to see the point of adding more paper and prototype vehicles unless there is a need for them in order to fill a gap in a certain nation.
  19. I would not rather see this game turning into World of XXX and alike.
  20. I would also love to see these: Type 2 Ka-To Jiro-Sha
  21. It would have been worse than M56 regarding armour, almost non-existent and vulnerable to anything you can think. Also, where we would have to place that? I can't think of much options.
  22. I do not really think it would have any place in the game when there are many other vehicles that would fit better.
  23. Please try to stay on topic guys, avoid any derailing as long as possible. Keep this thread clean of any discussions that are not connected to this thread in any way.
  24. tanks/vehicles

    Sadly, no news about this.
  25. @BloodYiroN , B-36 "Peacemaker" gibi bir uçağın eklenebilmesi için diğer ülkelerinde bunun karşıtı bir uçağa sahip olması gerekiyor. Kısacası, cevap şimdilik hayır.
  26. Son anda meydana gelen teknik aksaklıklar yüzünden güncelleme ertelendi. Yeni tarih problem giderildikten sonra tekrardan duyurulacaktır.
  27. Hello @Deathicon123, You can try your chance in the section General Questions to the Team. Though, getting a response might take some time, be patient please.
  28. Hello @mouse_man, The top speed issue of Type 94 SPAA has been reported and information was addressed to developers. ID: [0052559]
  29. tanks/vehicles

    Hello dear forum members, Today I will make a suggestion about a SPAA, Sd.Kfz. 7/1. A potential Tier II-III 3.7 BR SPAA for German SPAA line. It may have been suggested before but I will give more details about this. The Sd.Kfz. 7/1 was a standard Sd.Kfz. 7 half-track mounted with a special superstructure to allow installation of a fully traversible 20mm Flakvierling 38. The Flakvierling mounted four 20mm Flak 38 guns and had maximum rate of fire of 1800 rounds per minute. Though intended for anti-aircraft use, it was also effective against ground targets. The vehicle was designated as "2cm Flakvierling 38 auf Selbstfahrlafette (Sd.Kfz. 7/1)". The guns were fitted with "Flakvisier 38" and later with "Flakvisier 40" gun sights and could be traversed 360 degrees by hand. They could be elevated from -10 to +100 degrees. The crew was composed of ten men. The gun commander, eight gunners and a driver. The vehicle carried 600 rounds of 20mm ammunition. An additional 1,800 rounds were towed in a special single-axle trailer, the "Sonder Anhaenger 56". Some vehicles were fitted with small gun shields, while others had larger gun shields. The first 100 vehicles were produced from April 1940 to mid-1941 and continued at a rate of ten per month until August 1942, when the monthly rate was significantly increased. Some 750 to 800 vehicles were produced by October/December 1944. From 1942, the majority of vehicles was fitted with lightly armored driver’s cabs and plate protecting the engine compartment. The armor was 8mm thick. They were issued to Flak units of the Luftwaffe and Panzer units of the Army. There were 319 Sd.Kfz. 7/1 in service with the German Army as of March 1st 1945. Sd.Kfz. 7/1 units were used to protect armored units against low flying aircraft but were also often used against ground targets. Technical Data: Combat Weight--> 11,500kg Overall Length--> 6800mm Overall Width--> 2500mm Overall Height--> 3300mm Ground Clearance--> 400mm Armour--> 3mm thick body + 8mm thick driver cab and engine cover plate Propulsion: Engine--> Maybach HL 62 TUK or Maybach HL 64 TK (1943~) Power Output--> 140bhp at 2600rpm Transmission--> 4+R Performance: Road Speed-->50km/h Cruising Range on Road-->250km Cross-Country Speed-->20,7km/h Cruising Range on Cross-Country-->100km Gradient Crossing--> 24° Fording Depth--> 0,65m Armament: Main Gun--> 2,0cm Flakvierling 38 L/112.5 Ammunition--> 4x40 round magazine on gun, 600 rounds on truck and 1800 rounds on Sd.Ah.56 (Which is not necessary) Armour--> 7mm thick gun shield, shield type varies from no shield to wide shields Gun Shield Types: Other Photos: Sources: http://forum.valka.cz/topic/view/11838#454789 http://www.achtungpanzer.com/2cm-flakvierling-38-auf-selbstfahrlafette-sdkfz71.htm https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sd.Kfz._7