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  1. Year of Introduction I assume.
  2. Bence mantıklı bir seçim yapmış olursun. Tecrübe kazanarak kendini erkenden hazırlamak ve eğitmek her zaman iyi bir alternatif seçenektir.
  3. It is on the list. Remember, any vehicle with armour that has thickness below 25mm is on the list and can be damaged critically or destroyer by 75mm+ HE shells.
  4. Well, still better than nothing. It's a light tank chassis after all and was probably intended to be an ambush tank with low profile, also lightweight.
  5. Ho-Ru is a nice tank in every aspect. Low profile, decent gun for Tier I,decent speed and armour. But since it is a prototype vehicle and is really unique one when we take a look at it, I would love to see it as a Premium vehicle. Anyways, +100
  6. Yeni filo hayırlısı olsun arkadaşlar. Umarım ki ileride popülerliği olan bir filo olur, hem üyeler hemde başarı olarak. Tebrikler yeniden
  7. Merhaba @Alperen07, yer birimlerinde seviye artık Turnuva maçları ve araştırma sırası konuları dışında pek bir sorun teşkil etmiyor artık. Çoğu kişinin bildiği üzere bayağı uzun bir süreden beri araçlar seviye durumlarına göre değil, Muharebe Puanı durumlarına göre maçlarda eşleştiriliyor. Fakat araçlar konusunda birşeyler yapılması gerektiğini düşünüyorsanız İngilizce yazarak buradan bir öneride bulunabilirsiniz (detaylı ve açık yazma şartı ile): Öneriler
  8. I totally agree with you on that. I would love to see some old planes getting remodels just like Spitfire Mk.IIb. They are beautiful, but they need some makeup.
  9. Hello @Ta_Kanata18, T26E1-1 is a normal M26 Pershing but with welded-on metal slabs for increased armour and protection. This is why T26E1-1 has structural steel around most parts of the tank. On the other hand, T32 does not have any welded-on armour and is a place for radio as Panzerwerg wrote above.
  10. As far I know and saw, these vehicles are Chinese Server exclusive. But yeah, since they are not that much unique vehicles, I think we won't see them in-game.
  11. Merhaba @Turkeywings59, eğer Otomatik Giriş aktif ise lütfen kapatıp yeniden deneyin. Eğer sorun hala devam ediyor ise başlatıcının sağ üst köşesindeki ingiliz anahtarına (Ayarlar) tıklayarak sonrasında dosyaları kontrol ediniz.
  12. I honestly do not think we will have Italian Tech Tree anytime soon considering we just got Japanese Tanks also Navy is in works. What we need right now aside Navy is some ground attack aircraft for Japanese since game lacks them, be it high caliber gun mounted ones or rocket/bomb armed ones. We also might see an ATGM and top-tier SPAAG for Japanese Ground Forces Tree according to the recent Q&A saying Are there plans to continue supporting expanding the Japanese Ground Forces tree with new machines in the future after the CBT has concluded? Such as ST-A3 and ST-A4, Heavy tanks (O-I Family), Armoured cars, ATGMs, SPAAG and perhaps more Premiums? « Yes, we plan to expand the current tree for Japanese ground forces, primarily the addition of ATGM’s, which are missing in Japan, and of course, a top SPAAG. But yeah, this is just a speculation of mine. Would be nice to see a top-tier TD also.
  13. Hello @Spectra21, and thank you for another amazing work. I will pin this also, please keep up the good work.
  14. Answered and Locked.
  15. Glad I could help. Answered and Locked.
  16. Thank you @Kanay for helping! Answered and Locked.
  17. Hello @Wispo, in my experience, to get more SL with a bomber in Air AB, the only thing we could possibly to do is keep climbing until we reach an altitude that makes us literally invincible against fighter attacks since most are staying low and most fights are happening there. You are an old player like us, I believe you can manage that. The other solution would be, of course if you would ask for my opinion, keep destroying ground targets with an agile plane.
  18. Hello @GenPackrat, if you want to train another crew for TBD-1, simply click the arrows on crew slot and click Send to Holiday. This way, you can equip the crew that has SBD-3 on slot with the TBD-1. But if you meant directly transferring the experienced crew from an aircraft to another aircraft, that is impossible.
  19. Merhaba @JCortazar, bilgim kadarı ile günlük ödüllerin oyuncunun araç tipi seçimi ile bir alakası yok. Tamamıyla şans ile alakalı bir durum görüşümce.
  20. Thank you @*marc_1974_ for your answer. I assume the issue has been solved. Answered and Locked.
  21. Answered and Locked.
  22. Answered and Locked.
  23. If you would ask my opinion about this, I think there is no such tank that can be labelled as "Ace Friendly", if there is an ace around, that player can do well with any tank. But if we were to say a or some specific tanks, I would go for powerful ones for their placement. They would be: T-34-85 Tiger H1 Chi-Nu II Pz.IV F2 or G Panther D Comet I Cromwell I
  24. As the title says, I suggest a simple change, the change of vehicles we test against in Test Drive while using Japanese tanks to US tanks since Japanese tanks mainly confronted US tanks throughout WWII, thus they would suit much better rather than USSR tanks. The new lineup should be like this: M2A4 or M3A1 instead of T-26 M4A1 or M4A2 instead of T-34 M4A3E2 (76) or M26 instead of T-44 T26E1-1 or T29 instead of KV-2 T32 or M103 instead of IS-4M Thanks for reading and please share your opinions below. Thank you
  25. Hello dear Japanese Ground Forces CBT'ers and forum members, I would like to make a suggestion about Japanese purchased two Panzerkampfwagen III's, Ausführung J1 with 5 cm KwK 39 L/60 and Ausführung N with 7.5 cm KwK 37 L/24. Which are possible premium vehicles for Tier II. Backstory: Japan had been dependent on European influence in designing new tanks. In 1943, Japanese sent 12 IJA (Imperial Japanese Army) Officers to go to Nazi Germany to conduct German armoured tanks and vehicles. The head of this group was Imperial Japanese Army's Colonel Ishida Shoici, an experienced Officer in the Japanese tank corps. These troops purchased 4 vehicles in total, being the Panzerkampfwagen VI "Tiger", Panzerkampfwagen V "Panther" Ausführung D, Panzerkampfwagen III Ausführung N, and Panzerkampfwagen III Ausführung J. Purportedly, this was for reverse engineering purposes, since Japan put more emphasis on the development of new military aircraft and naval technology and relatively little on the development of new tanks. Japan spent a month in Nazi Germany conducting testing trials on these tanks, however, aside Panzerkampfwagen III's, Tiger and Panther was never sent to Japan. Due to the war situation, Japan sold these tanks back to Germany. The Panzerkampfwagen III's were not delivered to Japan until 1943, by which time much of Panzerkampfwagen III's technology had arguably already become obsolete. Thanks for reading and please share your ideas below. Sources: http://www.ww2f.com/topic/54984-german-tanks-in-japanese-service/ https://books.google.com.tr/books?id=xJmPBQAAQBAJ&pg=PA100&lpg=PA100&dq=Japanese+Pz.III&source=bl&ots=Uvli0LZeo3&sig=STM_T4ruxe2JvOusA9rnXkkc674&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiwxKu7i_nQAhWL7BQKHcSiAxYQ6AEIZTAN#v=onepage&q=Japanese Pz.III&f=false https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panzer_III#Abroad
  26. Hello, I'm having a weird issue with War Thunder Assistant app. Whenever I try to login, it asks google authenticator code as it should be. But when I enter the code, even copy-pasta it, it gives me the error "Wrong Authenticator Code". This problem has been bugging me for a week and I have tried reinstalling the app, both google authenticator and assistant app. Please help, much appreciated!
  27. tanks/vehicles

    Hello dear forum members, Today I will make a suggestion about a SPAA, Sd.Kfz. 7/1. A potential Tier II-III 3.7 BR SPAA for German SPAA line. It may have been suggested before but I will give more details about this. The Sd.Kfz. 7/1 was a standard Sd.Kfz. 7 half-track mounted with a special superstructure to allow installation of a fully traversible 20mm Flakvierling 38. The Flakvierling mounted four 20mm Flak 38 guns and had maximum rate of fire of 1800 rounds per minute. Though intended for anti-aircraft use, it was also effective against ground targets. The vehicle was designated as "2cm Flakvierling 38 auf Selbstfahrlafette (Sd.Kfz. 7/1)". The guns were fitted with "Flakvisier 38" and later with "Flakvisier 40" gun sights and could be traversed 360 degrees by hand. They could be elevated from -10 to +100 degrees. The crew was composed of ten men. The gun commander, eight gunners and a driver. The vehicle carried 600 rounds of 20mm ammunition. An additional 1,800 rounds were towed in a special single-axle trailer, the "Sonder Anhaenger 56". Some vehicles were fitted with small gun shields, while others had larger gun shields. The first 100 vehicles were produced from April 1940 to mid-1941 and continued at a rate of ten per month until August 1942, when the monthly rate was significantly increased. Some 750 to 800 vehicles were produced by October/December 1944. From 1942, the majority of vehicles was fitted with lightly armored driver’s cabs and plate protecting the engine compartment. The armor was 8mm thick. They were issued to Flak units of the Luftwaffe and Panzer units of the Army. There were 319 Sd.Kfz. 7/1 in service with the German Army as of March 1st 1945. Sd.Kfz. 7/1 units were used to protect armored units against low flying aircraft but were also often used against ground targets. Technical Data: Combat Weight--> 11,500kg Overall Length--> 6800mm Overall Width--> 2500mm Overall Height--> 3300mm Ground Clearance--> 400mm Armour--> 3mm thick body + 8mm thick driver cab and engine cover plate Propulsion: Engine--> Maybach HL 62 TUK or Maybach HL 64 TK (1943~) Power Output--> 140bhp at 2600rpm Transmission--> 4+R Performance: Road Speed-->50km/h Cruising Range on Road-->250km Cross-Country Speed-->20,7km/h Cruising Range on Cross-Country-->100km Gradient Crossing--> 24° Fording Depth--> 0,65m Armament: Main Gun--> 2,0cm Flakvierling 38 L/112.5 Ammunition--> 4x40 round magazine on gun, 600 rounds on truck and 1800 rounds on Sd.Ah.56 (Which is not necessary) Armour--> 7mm thick gun shield, shield type varies from no shield to wide shields Gun Shield Types: Other Photos: Sources: http://forum.valka.cz/topic/view/11838#454789 http://www.achtungpanzer.com/2cm-flakvierling-38-auf-selbstfahrlafette-sdkfz71.htm https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sd.Kfz._7