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  1. Even though I would like Gaijin to actually think really hard before adding the Centurion Mk1 and Ru-251 in any particular event. Why does it make sense what you said if the IS-6 did get added in the events? ( the Wrong event, though, it needs to be placed higher. )
  2. Cry about APCR shells being too powerful? Well, they were just as powerful as HEATfs shells are right now. People justifiably complained about the shells. And thank god Gaijin listened. Too bad they never actually tried to solve the ripple effect after nerfing two particular ammo types. I still think they should add it as a ''Heavy'' in the Panther D event. Come to think of it, I think Gaijin should experiment more with replacing and adding tanks in a certain event to see where their place is.
  3. Well instead of just going back and forth arguing about who is better, I think you are wrong and I don't really think I could change your mind about it. So let us agree to disagree on that part. Let's just see when they add it in the event. I think for me it would be one less event to play in SIM. Let us pray to god that I am dead wrong on this one.
  4. Well to put it in perspective. Allot of excuse my language ''average'' players are going to buy it and going to delude the stats compared the to the people who are playing the Object906. My personal opinion on this tank, that it is better than the Object906. You have the fastest tank in the game with a better gun and low profile and better ammo than the Object906. If you put in the event you want I think it is going to be spammed because for the simple reason it will outclass every other German tank in that line-up. Armour still somewhat matters in that line-up putting the new p2w RU251 in that lineup means they will always be first at the known sniper spots, heck they could even cap and get out safely before any Russian tank will be at the spot, and not forget to mention they don't even need to aim at weak spots just aim anywhere and pen. This is what the Object906 simply cannot do. Personally, I would put it in the rest of the CheatFS events where it belongs.
  5. Comparing it to the Object 906 made me cringe.
  6. I actually want to see what would happen if you put it as a heavy in the Panther D event.
  7. panfilovs

    Sounds good. Hyped.
  8. panfilovs

    BTW. There is going to be a new mini-series coming up from the German perspective of WWII. I believe the same who worked on Das Boot is going to work on it. Also, Steven Spielberg is trying to create a new mini-series about WWII American bomber pilots. Good stuff is coming, and to recommend a decent movie I would suggest watching Stalingrad. It actually tries to be historical accurate unlike the movie in the thread title.
  9. panfilovs

    The story is just as real as "Saving private Ryan" is. Too bad the bias in most WW2 movies is to real not to ignore.
  10. Bad example. Players that decide to drive the Tiger cause more harm than they do good. They usually rush in and die in the early stage of the match. And they can't respawn for a second time. Before they added the Panther in that event German teams got their arses kicked.
  11. lol @ this thread.
  12. Oh, Cham. This reminds me of the good old times I had with Althix, and Icedeath. It also reminds me how pointless and futile it was and degrading towards topics it became.
  13. Too many maps are too small and not really enjoyable if you play them too much, people tend to sit on predictable sniping locations and it gets boring and repetitive after a while. I would love to see Gaijin actually expanding maps and making objectives more random placed. I wouldn't even care if they would make a random map generator for multiplayer, I mean I already gave up that this game is going to be historically accurate, so they might as well make it a more challenging and a little less like a standard FPS. (first person shooter) So in short, I want bigger and more challenging maps.