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  1. simoly in final report before we can see every team what tank used in battle (until 3), now, we can see only name of team.... and it is not little thing....
  2. Dear colleagues, Gaijin makes a lot of disappointing actions. for example from my long experience (more than 2 years) I think Gaijin make the groups in a precise system which a certain type of players will be facilitate, and another certain type of players have things much more difficult. I'm talking about Arcade. I can lose ten battles consecutively and ever ... EVER! can't win more than 3 battles consecutively. This is objective, is an average I see from my statistics. Sure, I can be a bad player but it's no possible statistically lose 10 battle in ten times.!!!! consecutively and this not happened one only time....... This is a clear proof which Gaijin manipulate the system to compose the groups for the battle. The criterion and the precise motivation are not clear to me, but it is more than objective that gaijin manipulates the creation of groups for battles. I'm more than sure that the results of each battle are distorted, especially and above all for the +1 / -1 system talk, all this is a sign of how everything is flawed. Then I've brought more and more spectacular trials that in certain battles there are 3 or 4 teams with wagons 5.7 and all the other top-level (and not least !!) verifying that sometimes I have found to check that in front of 4 tank 5.7 there were another 4 6.3 and the rest of the level 6.7 (8!!!) rules results to me will be different, right? Obviously what some people have called a mistake (THAT YOU NEED TO SEE IN THE REPORT what every TEAM CARRIED IN BATTLE ......) If we put everything together that could be a theory of conspiracy becomes a real system of managing the game so to say the least questionable. It is not a mystery that many people after a certain period of time go away for not to be seen again. Also me in fact I'am on the starting foot. I want to excuse me for little english and the long discussion. But the argument must be remembered and thoroughly explored... you can in certain cases recognize the signals. I must excuse again, perhaps part of the arguments can't be understand, I hope you will know what I have pointed out a noi! p.s. it's not diificult find some proofs also if gaijin try to hide some of theese (in the reports why we can't see how groups are composed)
  3. Fredericus, you must try to fight for long time, when shot apcr you can shot only one time, after, the gun can't shot AGAIN!!! try, please!, if you try you can see the problem occur again, and again, and again!!!!! ... and this isn't a way to fix a problem. I worked in a software house for long time, and when there was a problem the problem must be fixed, customers don't pay for a joke. customers pay only when a software goes WELL and when there isn't problems, bugs, or whatever can't make the software fine. every other words is out of question. problems MUST BE FIXED, in a day of battles I can find EVER some, if not, many problems. enemy which can't be seen, ammunitions which don't go, shot of enemy very very very impossible, and other types of problems, which gaijin seem don't want to fix WHY? PERSONALLY I LIKE MORE ONE BUG FIXED than a new thing or tank or whatever else
  4. yes is a known issue... for too many time!! why don't fix them? same problem occurred months ago, after 1.59 update (If I'm not wrong), but after long time the problem was fixed. Why not fix the problem again? even lose time all of us? Why we can't use T92 because the gun? perhaps because T92 is gratis?