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  1. yeah they get a D9.... at 5.3.... or the 109G10/14/K4 at 5.3.... the N1K1 is at 5.7 and the K2 is at 6.3 with the J2Ms at 5.3... many planes the us gets to fight are at a higher br. lets look what the us has at those brs oh yeah 2 premiums meanwhile the 51Ds are at 4.3 and 4.7 the F-82 is somehow 5.0 the 38J and L are 4.0 and 4.7 and the 47N is a 4.7 Many of the planes the us fights are at higher brs and the us planes still steamroll if you fly them right also sources on only a handfull of D9s running those settings, it isnt like afaik those higher settings got approved or anything..... also do you actually play stuff like those late 109s and the D9? you get destroyed if the us team has half a brain most the time in my experience oh and lets not forget the british the americans end up flying with 9/10 times with there high engine settings... i do get what you mean US planes have gimped engine settings i guess but do they really need them at there current brs? no they dont need them