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  1. So am i wrong in saying its like a slightly worse/better Matilda at a higher br? It seems to be given the 75 mine as well be useless and its a 2pdr at 3.3....
  2. good work bellezza +1 hopefully someone can make a bug report out of it
  3. Its where they found the maus hull and turret, its possible prosche outsourced work to other places that had machinery to handle making it better Their was tiger 1 hull plates and other armor pieces also found at their factory so
  4. I feel it should be noted Thats the only doc that claims it has a stab i have one doc from 48 that also agrees it doesnt and another that only mentions the T26E4 as having a IBM one for testing Regardless i intend (if i can not to sure rn) to order the national archives on "90MM GUN STABILIZERS" at some point in the future which should shed some light
  5. okay im sorry? regardless then you should know (if its somehow relevant you where in the army you didnt really explain why thats relevant here) you should understand a round is going to keep going after penetrating. not blowing me and the others here who have tried to argue and show you that your wrong and why your wrong
  6. i dont think you understand how much Kinetic energy a 50 pound shell moving at 3150fps is making and how much its going to do when it hits? thats going to rip through a thin metal transmission and create a lot more spalling which if anything should have more fragments than just from it breaking the UFP. its not us being "us fanboys" as you call it its called simple xxxx physics of how kinetic energy works even if we assume after penetrating that shell lost lets say 50% of its velocity in penetrating, thats still going at roughly 1575 fps and now its striking a thin transmission its going to rip right through that mind you even if it lost 50% velocity its still making roughly 2.5MJ of energy still and your telling me a thin transmissions going to stop a shell still going that fast? your delusional if you believe that. and inb4 us fanboy ill have you know my favorite tech trees the USSR