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  1. I was wondering if this Russian beast will ever make it into the game? I haven't gone down the Russian tank line,mostly because the tanks I want ( The IS-2 series,the IS-3 and IS-4) are really Grindy,meaning you need to go down another two tank lines,which I don't feel like doing at the moment. But if the IS-7 was added,I'd start grinding immediately. Now,here's some things that need to be assessed before the IS-7 would be introduced. The 130mm gun would be very good.High penetration,good fragmentation,but a slow fire rate.I'd say a 100% stock,IS-7`s reload would be about...26 seconds,due to the fact that it used a auto-loader.I think that this would make it fair,as far as reload rate goes. Another thing that would be required,is a total rebalance of the BR.It wouldn't be fair for a IS-7 to face tanks that were being used during World War 2,when the IS-7 was a post-war tank.I think that it would be evened out after the introduction of the post-war tank lines and separate post-war Battle Ratings. With the eventual introduction of the Leopard/Leopards 1`s and other MBT,I think that the IS-7 could still be competitive,but could be defeated by fast tanks with decent armor and great mobility. The IS-7 does have a frontal weakspot,which is the lower glacius,which any tank that the IS-7 would face,should easily penetrate it.This means that the IS-7 makes a superb hull-down tank,but easily defeated by fast tanks that can flank a unaware IS-7 player. Another problem would be its low ammo load,but that can be supplemented going into a cap zone and 're-supplying. And if any tank with a good fragmentation,managed to penetrate the low plate of the IS-7,would either kill it out-right,or cripple it severely,as some of its ammunition was kept at the bottom of the tank. I would like to hear the communities opinion on this.I think that the IS-7 would make a great addition to the game,and would be a worthy opponent for any tank P.S The IS-7 is my favorite Russian tank.