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  1. 747 days and counting . still not won any vehicles in the big daily reward login thing yeah. im also a Vet
  2. I would never pay GE to repair any vehicle SL is ok. But not too much of that either. Many repaircosts does not make much sence...
  3. cheked the deals today..they unlocked for e now
  4. Oh ok Because i am currently at 740 days. I did hope that these decals had same requirements as the titles at what year u started to play wt thanx for the info.
  5. When will we be able to use those decals. I know it would be cool to show off on/with some of them
  6. And i have view set to L1 and rightstick... Why does not the throttle go up and down there?? i assigned headmovement to only buttons.. That solwed the throttlething there
  7. My throttle is on rightstickaxis up and down... Delete that? And add it again? if its stored on the server? Why they keep deleting them from me? Ate they testing me? LoL i think it might be that i dont always close wt before i turn off ps4. If that is the case i have start do that
  8. Somehow my controls were reseted to dafault. This is 3:rd time in about 6 weeks it happen. 1 week ago i copied my settings to an usb-device just in case yesterday contros reset and i try to copy my backup. But nothing happen dont we on ps4 have the same opportunity as those who are on pc and save our settings?? thank (you know who) musclememory for setting back the buttons... its harder with all settings for pitchaxis sens... And the rest sensitvities lol can u guys help me with this?: headmovement. Before i had downbutton+rightstick assigned to that. Just up and down. Left and right. Now my throttle rews up when i move my head up... it didnt do that before... Because i forgot some kind of serting thanks (and Tanks) in advance /*Goofy776